FOSDEM 2018 - Welcome

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FOSDEM 2018 - Welcome
Introduction to the containers devroom
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good morning
yay sir welcome to the containers the room at first them 2018
just a few things before we start so
that's the go and schedule a finger on it online we're gonna have a five minutes gap so that between in each talk so that speakers can just switch quickly this is not really meant as a time to answer questions you can still answer questions but please unplug your laptop so the next figure can plug and get things going other things the usual fire safety thing everyone must be seated nobody can be standing in either of the cases or in front hair unless you're a speaker that's almost it this years their rooms organized by surge Hannon and myself I'm Stefan grabber from the alexia- project we've gotten some help
figuring your talks by Tyco Anderson over there and Christian Branagh and hopefully you you enjoy it and we'll get started right now with draw-off from I was going to talk about the state of
containers in scientific computing one
more thing for recording purposes we must make sure that we always talk exactly on time so even though we've got like four minutes right now before the first so we're going to wait four minutes so that people watching online and whatnots are not gonna end up
missing otherwise Oh