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Understanding 26 U.S.C. 501, and Organizational Governance ... and why understanding all this matters outside the U.S.

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Understanding 26 U.S.C. 501, and Organizational Governance ... and why understanding all this matters outside the U.S.

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Understanding 26 U.S.C. 501, and Organizational Governance ... and why understanding all this matters outside the U.S.
...and associated legal topics
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check-check you want everyone just
can everyone just come really close come everyone oh good all right everyone so let that finish
I'll show you a little video from
Montreal war waiting so there's a little video from Montreal sorry for the can you see it okay you dim the first lights at all all right thank you sir we had kind of a slippery day in Montreal in Canada oh are you taking a video with me okay you have to send me copies otherwise they don't content
alright we're done Oh oh my goodness I got my personal photographer who I don't know right here hey everyone so I showed this video my other talk who came to my other talk don't be shy I see you sorry this is gonna be way more boring I'm just showing this video Oh perfect much better that's good cool just show this video while we're waiting it was a slippery day and the traffic was not prepared on this little hill just killing time so I was gonna give a talk about 501 C 3s and as Richard Fontana in the room oh yes hi Richard Richard is I think now my second favorite lawyer in the world after Pam if you haven't met Richard he's a brilliant genius and if you have a million dollars please give it to him he'll just do magical ring stuff with it hey how's it going hey still doing fedora are you still doing fedora oh
you're a Twitter even cool Remy right yeah haven't seen that kind of oil the
police came and finally our service truck came to salt the roads keep everything safe
so yeah boom
so anyways uh Who am I I am a hacker I
work at this hacker all Aperol company I am actually that's not my title I forgot to change it I write a technical blog called the technical blog of James who's seen it just raise your hand swear you are gonna make the same dick joke as before if you haven't seen it just raise your hand so I seem really popular everyone thank you so much reuse my jokes physiologist by training so if you want to talk about cardiology just to be clear I am NOT a lawyer it should be very obvious by my t-shirt that's a
joke that all lawyers wear suits sorry
so just some bad stuff just a quick
disclaimer so as people have seen in my other talks I sometimes start with some completely safe magician quality pyrotechnics which produce no smoke ash or danger and just to entertain and wake people up but last year I was told by the organizers that I'm not allowed to do this so there will be no magic or fun this year I'm sorry for that my regrets if you'd not like this policy sorry you have to talk to the organizers yeah anyways quick disclaimer I my order is
this legal advice are these the opinions of my employer do I like legalese or disclaimers and will this talk be any good this is the
answer very sorry
this is the nope guy I do bring him to
all my talks so we're just gonna warm up
so I was gonna give this talk this very intricate legal talk about 501 C organizations and I tried to bail on the talk cuz I didn't have enough research material and I wasn't really pleased with the content but Richard said I couldn't bail from the talk so I had some other material that I'd been casually preparing for another conference and decided I'm gonna present that instead so I'm sorry but this is what you're getting last two years ago a
gentleman by the name of red beard see here by any chance no I guess not he gave a talk I actually gave a talk and I made a hip-hop reference right before and then he had this in his slides which I showed you and I'm just gonna play you some music so we're gonna
play name that tune alright everyone ready if you know the tune just scream
it out slowly the speakers kind of suck or are pretty good anyone know this tune and also I'm gonna get to why we're doing this in a second so don't worry just scream it out green buy wu-tang clan that's very good so why am I playing wu-tang for you anyone have any ideas yes I'm trying to get the recording pulled oh actually funny enough that's not the reason but its cover does anyone have a slightly more appropriate legal idea who loves wu-tang just for the record I want to just emphasize I have actually spent countless hours editing all the songs and videos in this presentation to remove remove profanity so nothing should be offensive in this talk if I've missed something I'm really sorry but I'm pretty sure it's good so actually in a presentation like this and it's just
short clips I have it's actually I think
qualifies under fair use and I wanted to talk about that one talk about fair use and REE mixing and sampling which is actually quite common in hip-hop so you heard that tune now I want to play you another tune
sound familiar call it out if you know the name call it out that's the game we're playing name that tune hurry up same beat right yeah anyone know it anyone nope that's okay so obviously Remy got it this is cream I don't know what cream stands for come on cash rules everything around me cream get the money anyways the second was actually where the wu-tang clan actually got that beat from it's by the charmelo's I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly as long as I've got you that's just a little clip from the song but yeah so that's hip-hop takes a lot of things from from other songs so here's
just a little quote from Snoop Dogg anyone know Snoop Dogg possibly so let's play name that tune wanna play again come on oh goodness try to make this
entertaining so if you--if you know the
elements [Applause] what right
that's me censoring the swear words come on in Ames yeah yeah very good
listen next week so that is obviously a
mix as Remi pointed of ante up by mo P with you all know the other one Sesame Street right sorry for the VHS quality this is a libra office bug so yeah ante
up with the EOP EPS go check the original video it's looks the same so let's play name that tune I don't one are you anointed this yet you're hating this I'm trying to make this under taining anyone name that tune so so that was actually white noise that in finished copyright by an automatic YouTube takedown so if someone actually uploaded that track ten hours of it to YouTube and the algorithms decided that that wasn't fringing and automatically took that down so yeah it's okay if you didn't get that one the algorithms did yes or not algorithms this quote just a little
hip-hop quote anyone who who said this said jay-z so let's play name that tune
gonna make it a little easier for you what someone says in New York New York that seems right who Sinatra keep listening keep listening that's right juicy notorious b.i.g so it's actually a mix all my goodness grandma you're killing me you know this you are like you're on the money that's very good so I let it play a little bit do you know the story about this so there's this like I actually I think this is accurate I don't very hard to get information on this I'm really impressed you know that I was hoping I was expecting nobody to get this so as you can hear it's a mix up of notorious b.i.g which is a well known hip-hop artist and Frank Sinatra there's this DJ who actually mixed a whole album of Sinatra and Biggie and and tried to release it but the copyright owners of those two copyright holders of the biggie stuff and the Sinatra stuff refused to let him do that so it sort of got leaked on the internet somehow and it's just fantastic whole album is great if you like Sinatra when you're like biggie and you sort of need a like gateway drug into hip-hop this this could be your album so I might have it on a USB key if anyone wanted to look at it for research purposes how did you know that it's a classic who else knew this track like the mix who's shy and doesn't like reading the raising their hand at audiences anyone John Sullivan you know this one right yeah he says yes and if you don't know now you know so just you might recognize the last part are there some snatcher fans anyone [Music] all right so it's this is the name of the DJ it's from this album blue eyes meets heads tui juicy New York New York those are the two tracks Sinatra and Biggie as we said here's another quote
this one's by a notorious b.i.g which might have seen he's dead now but that's that's what he said it was some of his last words let's play name that tune
anyone name this tune this one's gonna be a little bit trickier but I'm hoping some of the older crowd in the audience knows this anyone is actually this is
the music video you got that distinctive whistle it's he says this from a movie but not the one we think it is you want to operate its so he says Kill Bill Hitchcock so who knows this tune this is like a whole mix with that whistle anyone knows what it's called so this is a mix that was based on a movie which
I'll show you in a moment so this is called chill bill and so that was based off of sampled dis which you might recognize what's this from Kill Bill you might have seen that from Tarantino you hear that whistle but it doesn't end there the rabbit hole goes deeper anyone know what that's from not vertigo you're getting closer very good I didn't actually grow up with that original movie but doing some research so it's that same whistle so actually if we go see that fade that was done by PTV this is actually so this movie called twisted nerve from I think 1968 so that's that was just a little there's a scene actually it is a horror movie so Mattia was pretty close so those are
the three songs yeah 1968 it's the composer haven't watched the movie I don't know if it's any good just another quote anyone know
who said this logically it's okay if you don't know those nas nas is for me like where poetry meets hip-hop it's pretty dope let's play name that tune I think
so this is the full track or the full this is part of the whole song it's not a mix what not the Fugees you're close though right that's right white cloth that's right it's white gloves on blue keep listening because that was then so that's actually his the whole mix in there that's actually from track 2 of like left CD song is called one time Tamara very good so white cloth actually has his version of guantanamera which is what you're hearing now and at the start of it it has this actual sample from an older version anyone know this one I grew up listening to this I loved it but everyone's music choice do do different good so that actually there's many variants
of this song here's an older one I don't suppose anyone knows this version no who made this one [Music] no it's tricky that's difficult and actually there's even it goes way back if you really want to go way back people have been mixing and sampling and boiling [Music] anyone know this one but Sanford you know this [Music] anyways so yeah that's one Samara Wyclif
Ron and as you said the Sandpiper so very good actually it goes back there's even another variant which Richard told me about
which was kind of funny coincidence anyone know this one I just had to play
this because it's hilarious listen to the lyrics anyone speak Spanish besides me cool listen what's the song called
he's making a play on words
[Music] you're talking about Guantanamo Bay so kind of a political statement something about I think there's a prison there or
something you have to look it up so different different sort of free use mix yeah so just another quote in case
anyone knows it just for fun well you know if you're a fan
so there's actually this great website that actually has lists and lists of all these samples in the archaeology and where all this came from so you can actually even go and find you know blue tang and find the sample and there's typically links so you can actually hear the difference yourself it's this whoo
sample calm sort of got this annoying anti ad blocker thing on it but it's pretty cool so yes this was a bit of a
blatant trick to play some some dope tunes for you because I didn't have enough mural retail for my main talk so sorry organizers we're gonna talk a
little bit more so copyleft for me is dead long live copy left so this was the title of a blog post that I they gave recently so I if you don't know me started this config management project called MGMT and I you know try to do the
right thing I thought and release it under the a GPL and there was just so much difficulty in in doing that and so much pushback from people who didn't like the a GPL that I eventually caved and sort of relicense to GPL 3 which is
it's a story that I hope we can learn something from and Richard had suggested to talk about this but I think it's something important we have to to think about because I'm a huge part of a free software and a huge supporter of copyleft because for me I don't want to spend you know the entire time on earth just rewriting software over and over again I'd like there to be a collective Commons that we can all share and remix and build upon so that we can then you know stand on the shoulders and spend our energy doing medical research or other more important things than just free writing you know kernels and text editors and things like that so for me
this was my project I really wanted to
innovate more in software than I wanted to do in licensing so I'm hoping this is an important lesson for everyone who cares about copyleft to try and help innovate in that licensing area because I just wasn't able to do it alone so free software just isn't isn't free it costs money to develop I want to get paid and if people don't send patches to your project it makes it much more expensive so for me I realized and there's a surprising number of groups that just won't touch a GPL I'm ashamed to say it and it's just it's the truth some of them lately put this on their website the OpenStack foundation is like will not touch a GPL Google will not touch a GPL all publicly and there's a whole bunch that will not say it publicly but very discreetly and when you sort of talk to them they're like well this is awesome but we're not going to touch that because it's a GPL and I think that's unfortunate because for most use cases especially something like config management the source is all running privately on your servers and it doesn't really cause the network effect of the a GPL to actually come into play so it's just something to think about most people didn't even tell me to my face a lot of people some companies were sort of interested in my software and engineers sort of told me through the back channels that yeah they just hate the license which is kind of unfortunate I'm good software and I think we need really good software it takes a really long time in years to make so you need investment you need money you need sponsorship and and funding is really getting very concentrated there's more and more I think historically a lot more distributed groups of hackers hobbyists working on software and now more and more there's people that are actually doing the software as part of their day job I think that's a bit dangerous there's definitely an anti GPL culture especially in 501 C 6 --is and others in particular even some C 3 s so as I said innovation is really hard overall I just don't have the resources to innovate in code and in licensing so that's what I had to do as I mentioned so I think one of the only really ways forward if we really believe in trying to do more stronger copyleft licensing you really need to have sponsoring organizations that want to actually invest in you know kind of startups with you know radically different and innovative software projects Hey them and maybe have a contractual part of that agreement that the license should be no CLA a GPL or GPL 3 or something like that so hopefully some of the organizations could be put out there and just to be clear I think the kind of software projects that important to fund are sort of much more niche and less common software projects so the FSF has this high priority software list of projects that they think are really important and those are important but these are not usually the kind of software projects that I'm sort of suggesting people should invest in I think we should be investing in completely different things
so I had a discussion of 501 sees how much time do I have left three minutes so I'm kind of hesitant about talking about this so if I get permission I might skip this part like really sort of little husband I don't want to update too many people and so what I'm gonna say yeah no all right so I'm gonna skip
to the end a little bit thank you very much this is where you applaud so I did
have some recap stuff just to tell you go see some dope hip hop hopefully you can get something that's dr feet dear ah drm-free and yeah thank you much any
questions got two minutes for questions yes did my real license improve my uptake um that's a good question it's always hard to get good data on that I'm optimistic that it will be probably a little bit easier for the project in the future and we'll see it's kind of like hard to compare I could conjecture it but you don't really know if you have way more contributions before or after so I'm hoping I'm hoping yes and if you like it please let me know yeah another question yeah so the comment was sort of about whether its usage or contributions that the AGPL is hurting I I think that it shouldn't be a problem for both and I think the primary problem is Fudd so like fear uncertainty and doubt about licensing I truly believe for almost 99% of contributors or users that the AG BL should not negatively impact you but there are some people that just don't believe that so try and talk to companies explain to them it's not dangerous and so on I think that's probably the path forward time's up