SatNOGS: Crowd-sourced satellite operations

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SatNOGS: Crowd-sourced satellite operations
Satellite Open Source Ground Station Network
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the beginning and an interest in part of the basic foundation in the day and talking about as i know one of her main roads it can also use that leverage its network in.
starting off is the few words about who we are and what we do have to visit him in the european space foundation the buffet foundation is a organisations we an organization we launched. actually for backing up sudden and we started that about four years ago. so we're only when on the foundation pretty much free software activities have the background of the contributing to a position to show through community for many years now and we believe that the value of the shop when officers should be applied to any field and space you that. so i would try to push the boundaries of officers due to the final frontier to the space.
so we started as a four years ago from a local park a space in athens greece. it's like a space that it's a physical space though it works like a space you i guess you'd be do a lot of them so it's a it's a physical space that gathers diverse community with value ski setser without people that are just with developers have people that are ready arm of the space enthusiasts. clinton years so on so the physical space gave us the opportunity that together in one place many people with different backgrounds different skill set and as you can see along the top sudden it is a project that actually get allies now many different skill sets and many different kind of people. so are backing twenty fourteen.
few months after we started the project we want to hack into a prize with this was a us was a member the the first or second a price at the the first in a contest so when we won the prize for the sidewalks and that was very significant moment for us because i know what that the prize was. a big finding someone for us so it can pose role the project but it also made the project very well known and outside the boundaries of greece and although we started from i looked like a species from a look like a space today the project is the global contributors. all over you look most really are a united states you will see later on the ground station on stations very much in the many continent. so why did we get what we did this project and so you know that out there are thousands of satellites most of them are and that number satellites like these when you get and nobody's listening that nobody's communicating with their.
so many satellites and so many teams and displays in academia will be to the lives we launch them to put them norbit but they don't actually talk to them.
especially in the number light in the number satellites. but they don't even know that this is a huge area we know that there are many satellite launched every year only in that we see these graphs for instance the only in the this year alone around four hundred to four hundred. you tube should have been announced that will be launched and put in orbit and. so all of these teams now i would love affair fort and a lot of money in some cases to be their satellites and to put in orbit and sometimes they don't do the same kind of effort in the same level of effort to be the ground station to communicate with satellite will just listen to the satellite when it's somewhere and. of course it's a task that it's not well it's not easy and doesn't stay mean imagine if five hundred different teams around the world beating five hundred different ground stations just for them satellite just to wait for that moment in the data that satellite the process over the head just least three.
so the idea we had back then was what if we try to create a network what if we try to apply on the open source mindset due to the ground station area so big that decentralized cultures network of ground stations and somehow this brown says can.
that man is globally and also be. there's big bag of the other day with the global management place show for instance if i am satellite operator in brussels i can visualize have gone station in the other end of the world then listen to my satellite so views on station that is not be by me it's not going back.
i will take more into the technicalities of the project but the sokaiya build out the much of what network actually means so without the users whether users could be as its satellite operators but they also can be pretty much anyone can be about people with just like to use in the satellite already amateurs and i want. and is using a global management network they can utilise the ground stations that are scattered around the world and these ground stations then observe listen to the satellite to communicate with sunlight and get the data back to the users. so in order to do that we try to which i to actually make the project as a model that is possibly the idea was that.
many of the building blocks of the project may be worthy out there so many people many people have already gone stations but not in a network of fashion or other people make of the want to use their own leanings love to pour into say. for any other software to to listen to satellite so i will try to bring the project us modernist possibly show you don't have to use all the beating looks noted that the space network. we also try to use not to reinvent the wheel and used as many officers projects libraries are out there that make our life easier and whenever there was something missing we actually believe it so this is a a graph that shows a the building blocks of the entire project then we die. more into the money on the more big blokes that the doctor. so the in high level this is not the five most important building blocks of the project the network the client there they do that then isn't going to be.
so starting from there they don't you can see one right here.
and which i do. not just to be everything open source and open card world but it was important for us to want to be accessible. and deep to anyone. so all the parts of they have their data on things that you cannot buy the three the print or you can easily buy very to and store. and that's at least the for me personally child so one of the most important things about options that it actually remove barriers for people to participate mother said the project is modern of so if you don't want to be your own brand security cover gas station project support any other data that these. i supported by family have been a lot the city and. i just said we wanted to make their data and the all the building blocks of the project and accessible show which i to keep the documentation as our to date as possible in in the hardware side of things which i do have documentation that guys you through.
the process of building against this a step by step i have i don't have high instance high for those of you don't know if it's the hardware documentation platform be by he loves but it's an open source web application where you can see step by step and with photos cal to actually be. all the parts that you seen the fate of here and i said be due to greater things. and it's not so he pointed to the at them for size that in order for our data to be accessible it's not enough just to be out but i would just enough to put this magical there was also important for us to try to use open source to eating so which is for people in the country. the but also to design their own with occasional want so we try to defuse officers tools in the entire process.
and then get that can mean. the good because god software.
the design out you could hear.
you've got and in the end to produce i don't and i don't cod were in an open to a spinoff will persuade.
and also to be easy for people in august bases and universities to follow the determination through without any need to pay a licence or any other cause. so that the guard station is not just their data of the ground season also need some kind of software to run it in order to do the observations in the ten but it doesn't show on our reference platform is a a rabbi.
and that an appeal is the other but i just said which model or show someone may do something completely different you make use of no joy to make use of bebo known you may use it into laughter. and it works with any is the odd that supported by the are always the art and i said annie lennox platform as long as you can run by phone and been radio it. should you can see in the photo for business and has more books of the eye. of a ground station with a raspberry by its own it's really there was more important. and that was built by three being our efforts platform so what we provide is also said we used a push to use to show we utilize the power of the club the power of good looks the i specifically to actually and nancy bill to actually.
provide to be to do night the beat of the software that's the ground station and to be on radio images for that has been applied with everything they prepared and all you have to do then is just too small to ration script and the ground station is ready to go. so we have many variations of ground stations from contributors around the world not everyone follows the saying design doesn't necessarily follow our preference for our levels designed.
these are all gas stations that are currently walked in the network from united states from australia from denmark greys and as you can see for instance down here it's in copenhagen there's a transition that doesn't cover of data that's a very simple he said. nobody thought on just the specific content.
and this gas stations are as i said well over the world i get to the network side of things in a bit but as you can see where very roughly split.
so going back to they i mean living for a moment of the of the ground level going to they allowed to speak with a side of things this is their subjects to be this is probably their on the sub project of sadness at the fair. as a huge because exhibit that it's beyond sudden itself so when we started a project we realize that there's no one said their place to find information about satellite frequencies forces the most important thing and the only way to find in for both to the letter was actually do just brow. i was blokes in the regiment a website and try to figure out which is just metres have it's the only satellite so what we did as we did with the whole project we launched a website that works in a car just wait i were people submitted systems about so. that led to know about out that can be that they are the satellite operators so they know what the satellite actually what because she's actually cause or other people but rather have that information and we've got all these all these data in one place so you can easily see on how much you can know. pc satellite some basic information about them and the frequencies a fourth what's the start to show one. i. in in the process of building to be we also an expanded its scope and started to also make it usable two other cases first of all let me say that the because an a.p.i. show and it's a it's pretty much an open that the court also a everything that some did. you can be consumed by an f.b.i. and that was really important for us but also the a.p.i. ease at the time it's a doorstep for people who don't use our ground stations we don't use our network but are still doing observations for satellite somehow said meet the road out of a. generations and out of the world sure right now a.b.i. supports the site alone. i don't software to go to support that but software like to predict the feeling forward into one. when i when i wrote this light we've got about ten million frames for a satellite robots more now. and in general we have about three hundred satellites and these websites with the daily formation. and what we do with these with all these data.
the we tried to what some satellites we know for some satellites that have a specific justification of how the course like the the binary that the show when i go to fill them which i did to go with a doubt that have sold to display that the limit three information about the satellite. we did that for them for a long satellite i would do that for other satellites depending on much knowledge of for specific satellite and from time to time will cooperate with satellite operators to give us that kind of information and the idea here is that eventually want to build some limited a sports for these the. seven. show that it's easy for people satellite operators or any other the question of their too easily look at the data in a form that its human readable not just by that have actually read it with that. so let's go to the network for this is that this is the main orchestration platform of the whole network this is the place where you go if you want to make alterations to see the dollar that other people have got it from television show one so unable to as the primary focus.
one idea of scheduling observations and that could happen in two ways our first of all the satellite operators themselves can go on the website and let's say they want to listen to the satellite for the next five hours so they can see which be on stage until available in these time frame. and schedule these observations in the future. but also for people who are just curious or with their id or not there's a space to see as they can have their own ground station there and they can go in on their own go station is say for instance in the next five hours with satellite i can hear and then schedule these observations in the future. so when the observation happens in the end and a gas station and began system then boss that back that that the back to the network and you get you can actually see an ad hoc with a doctor so what does that are a lot. others say here what if all the model a good deal and demotivated that are what this means.
i have some screen shows so you have a more visual an image of the of the network so here for instance is there is a view where someone can schedule innovation so here we forces we have picked a no nineteen and weather satellite and we can see that the to ground stations that have an innovation window free. for the specific satellite for the specific time frame and for that specific frequent.
and here is the other viewer talked about here is a specific ground station brother example from islamabad where we can see what of the next passes sublet possible of the specific answers and you can easily or schedule of it. also you can see here that on before you actually schedule in a traditional you can see some method that about it showed you actually know we've that price is a good boss or maybe it's too low when he does was getting it so on.
and this is how the observational looks when it's actually done and the ground says and has pushed the data back to the network.
so this is the ideal with the spectacle i'm so you can cover more the visual representation of the idea and on the bottom you can see. the daily mail that that was used for that specific observation which i could keep we keep the early for elevations so historically you can easily know which still he was used for any given an observation and of the left you can see the same way that i was well before so you can see what time. the aim was what was the pacifica properties of these own satellites.
and on the left would have. it's not the what the fall of the elevation should you can have a week look on their generation and on the ride out this is a weather satellites are ways that late. sir sent back images show photograph so here we have a the know our satellite posting bucca and it. one of the time is without a when we with big when their network grow.
and the moment we have about twenty guns stations in production and fully functional around the world without about fifty satellites are in a testing more than about getting production so one of the challenges we have become besides scaling all the infrastructure was also the time. in the stores so the ordeal for instance is fifty six megabytes and i are observational and of course we want to keep all of her patients for ever that's the point even observations that are not perfect so we headed the talents of where to wee stories that are in. here we utilize the power of corporate data as i said all the data are in an open license or distributed free out show. what best to use the already available public infrastructure for storing up and other so we also go to actually getting lies i've been told a.p. at which is a story about the a.b.i. to upload that at least for now just the old you find to the rate of the observations. soon archive the told. at the moment of thing would have around and sixty k. of audio the that artwork at the door. it's about to tell about it.
so coming back to the ground station side of things i said i show that the physical side of the ground station they have data like here and they are the books with a rabbi and the idea but inside the rest but if i would have some software that does all the. things necessary to i do the actual direction. so what the client software does as it used a mistake amounts to the later he collects. the schedule the future because of the observations of the network a.b.i. and a justification for doubly correction and then when the observational and generated out of a waterfall the audio and which is the data back to the net. so we have. we've got to said when we can easily plan is part of their was built by much food may not have to actually studies have shown a stand alone but you can download and install it on your lap. it also comes with a weapon to face or which usually it's easy to see some logs without having to west states little bit by and do some very basic configuration from there. so here is the way the face of they have the client base off with advanced in the gas station.
so imagine that you have a ground station like that on your roof top then the only thing you have to do is powered up do some very basic configuration. and then opening a look at for sport and your laptop or see that where the face you can see for instance hear that at that specific a gas station costs for digital innovation is in the future and on the bottom you can see some real time location of what's happening in the rubble. also on the top right of the screen you can see there's a drop down menu for choosing between network mode and standalone mode when it's not what motive means that the gas station is part of the global network but for many people it's important to also have the ability to win with their own station in offline. wrote in a standalone mode so they can do observational without actually. on the notion that about nobody even not pulling of divisions from. and that's also a a part of fares have a system of they were defaced where for our own satellite will be that on whether the official decline for permanent with all you can use a mobile that in the next the presentation.
so how we can get to the project.
as i say this air model a project as many beating lotion there are many different areas where people can contribute and when developers meet up so you can write code for their for the project they language we use depends on the specific part of the project so i most positive. our software is usually bison but we also have some which have seen just let you can contribute of course with other ways we we also need for mechanical engineers only county designed designers and you can also filled with automating things that testing that like that and. we always want people to try especially on the ground station level to fly there has been fined philosophy problems and get back to us. and of course when not be the ground station when you know it's not that difficult i must have to develop and i have my own ground station in of the so how can be so thank you for free. much we've got plenty of time for questions not sound so if you've got a question just raise your hand and we will come to a place with a microphone. up there. i actually the presentation is there any a.p.s. associated with a big have been placed at the letdown for you argue three to redistribute it as you said with a more open on the license you a bit louder just is there anything i intellectual property other he had collected about the writers was set up their data. by the satellite launchers understand that you may can freely available but i knew i'd visited with a date has there been down from the satellite. if a very clean you're asking about the data the intellectual property rights of the data from the satellite not from the senate yet right now. i say we didn't have another fashion show all the data that are coming from the observations and opposed to the network are getting creative commons license so it's easy for people to actually manipulated data and whatever they want that. what about the generator that there are so they said they liked owners known tools to make the data available in that fashion. the middle of their subjects to be for instance you know the data of the satellites the primary data generated by the satellite at what all of that comes to us at least it's ok with redistributed women in an open license and i didn't mention that most of the satellites which started out in their low earth orbit and most of. some are using a metal bands show that those measures are open and it's ok for ever and police in that way we also previously been of them in a modern life thinking. but i think of the presentation wanted about the data the south by sending back in the shed some of the point of the tater you show some of the weather satellite picture is how much with a ticket you able to decode. i'm sure it can hear it on how much of the data you get back from the senseless are you able to dictate was much better know how much of it i wanted but sadly yet how can you take over the data how much of it you able to decode. i can very well but if i get the question right. how much of this sort of the data were given his leg in the colder us to know what the data means all yet when the difference here that the battle much information we have from this for the specific satellite so in some cases it's really easy because it's well known satellite like a show the example of away. the satellite in some cases we know this satellite operators or forceful on to the letter we know the spec that the specific had led of using and we know how that the gold that but that's as an ongoing process i mean we tried to come as close cooperation is possibly with celebrators because it's not. it's not sure that all the satellites used similar kind of respect for that. the question would be under the new regulator limitation in the frequencies can you collect the date that every were on the old frequencies are some that they've and how do you remember those days. and so they make that we collect either collected by gas station show the bonds that the difficulties that you support is what the ground stations so depending on and then you have you can hear specific to have a different then again using way to run for its own. how to collect data in those counties on those frequencies the charity regimented frequency so in most countries of eastern europe it's legal show e bay the bench in the country but in general if it's none of the advances you can. some other no question it's. could the whole do you even take the risk commercial stations. the concept of that he said commit myself to ground stations. ajmi how we don't out so that the ground stations that we don't have heard a commotion markets but with russia could mean the network is right now. anyone who has a ground station on the network can schedule innovation that's the model we have right now at least to visit us incentive for people to be go stations so we know that the schedule ground station in order to get the observation you don't have the baby would you don't have to land a time slot in space ago space center one. as make up any commercial. commercial example. that budget the ground station in their observations are also public so there's no commercial aspect of the network and and we don't even do. and he said earlier in your talk that people should satellites into space and then don't use them and why the hell is that what happened. thank you have to use it is early in the early persevere talk that people should satellites into space but then don't use them to listen to them. why are people doing about it. whenever said first of all interest to try to build a satellite sometimes you don't want you to the ground stations are very important so you don't need much effort to that and also there are cases where even if to be the ground station just have to wait for your satellite. there was a very good that can be one of two per day on if you have a like it may be never. all because of the audit so sometimes happens i mean because there's so many satellites out there and they're not so many gothic. are there any press has had. yeah i can see the good looks not so grand stations here and maybe some in america are there any parts of the world's way you specifically would like to have new ground stations because your coverage is patchy. yet while in general the more the better i mean even in places where we already have a consolation its point of morgan station. sure we can cut as many satellites possibly. but if you look at them are so well year.
that's actually from the thing that's from the this such includes thought that ignorance is not in place the mode but you can see that we lack some ground stations for instance in africa already near the equator joe one show any in north is your relative reserves.
but we also surprisingly spends the old although you can see that you're a preschooler browse stations and i think we don't have many gas stations in the central europe will have in germany or in france justice for the moment or even value. show if you wanted to could be that way that would be very helpful. another and more questions just two way fewer had won. ok doesn't seem says so thank you very much for you talk to a year.