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Using FOSS4G to Support Polio Eradication in West Africa

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Using FOSS4G to Support Polio Eradication in West Africa

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Using FOSS4G to Support Polio Eradication in West Africa
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good morning everyone. i'm going to have him. i'll be sharing nice parents with you on men. do you put iraq is shown up projects in west africa i was with even offered to lead martine not least. under him. i want to take each school what i'm going to be talking about it so points basically i'm going to be talking in poverty in a jaw aspects of the prison to show beauty put their educational progress johnny the microphone to open source the what a curious of politicians wheel. client wants was challenges on to him so he has to offer a car stopped said in two thousand i was on the lights will people you can cost not thompson on these two people have grown to all cochran the organizations.
was civil unrest across and six countries in africa. you is on the job so of your problems are the engine of the c.d.c. you want as organization new units off the u.s. embassy doesn't the university of nebraska many cars to see on the. so when uncle so i had offices and cano yet the concept of the organization is to the you know pro pro you know design on implemented.
now on. says solutions based on technology to you've societies not too soft and you know life system.
so do what you could just as you know was how close to be one or two three remain in countries in the walls with what you kisses want so it was the you who we have been fighting for so many years and so when we came into the scene we. how to implement on designs pushes not the sort of course you know you're actually been teased him on the project soon of course are crossing wants us national truck a system to have become operational more dough. the our dot northeast on special on their intellectual track in the league chada a vaccine now been a mark in toss for support and the endgame strategy so the world community twenty that same with the ministers also to find out what is needed on it. seasons into projects on to the initial agreement allows of the tortured where we're not tuned around enough so killing her. no let's see we were able to bring to all its soul you know or he also to technology cool how much i have forced to track a cheap trick not want to find farm needed it is processed siddle all for you to wire. virus a fresh soul in we so far we have hot like the two campaigns from to its insisted on we didn't want his campaign's we how to avoid new offering pounds on teens are getting his middle of through ha ha ha. how will now give us and it's on how this was as always the mean son out the moment are often that you know people who are now deployed to the fumes are the world's entire way you go into town of nine cars on the army's you multiply three by two thousand were hardly be more. slightly more for thousand teens to be talking of art out to six all people would use animals or say it's the third is also its is it weight routes were as you throw wants in c o two cases those who always has a history. is there to so does was to his is all ours at euro was declared polio a very free are always is one of the year to include two hundred three four uighurs what's it was mostly in physics in was ordering is what is it in the not amused. was a on serious as all the core issues where you know god knows their introduction of desires it was his way region where you don't want to control in no car is what their own school the case all in all you came home again in god's hands of soul. to was designed for your cheetah adults who would know where the loot his scientists eating whale already once all my responses to to open source which is cool it didn't go over to have one source of food in the arm was all. the islands were working on this is a no one reads an entire childers arb is a viral baines tool was in storage it does have is that you know this is another love all on sea is on its in of our way this isn't enough alone for a vision is his. the odds with the most part the history of what's possible in the details are those living conditions were good enough as in you know you might resent horse soul of what it is fueled worried about their juror the woman isn't something we'd to know as these contrary and we were in school. org school in one instance he intends to moms is its three miles in bind conceived using where we're would be able to model at distances on the fences what. the state's schools is it an essential and italy's destroyed giuliani and please you know i'm in the victory your car sold the the diseases and were wearing the or all on the cross on the virtual in circles in which allows for because all it is obvious. in all for the most positive for bigelow wage or become used wall was when we we do divorces of your is do what we don't you know or divorce was something where we're on our needs to build all china are we were so we have to recall when he started as is. and in the amazon is the question is what we have do the show and in order to reach all the visitors divisions on kinds all our homes dozens or still huge long all we were once inside he is one thing was all week was who i have is all so divisions are no moved on so. google's desertions we want to trust our was all so busy lead you really on his words we even more are really cade's we to judge engine called into the workstations all the joys and the doors which warm these are your kids of his his arms was seen bartering. on that point was in modern because has more mortgages and divorce down schools in seen the to see all these is chooses on his is where does the rate of warming have their own to wrestle the lecture us on it it's not easy when gen risen wise. over the years within the system is on dogs pushes varsity do for their in true because the woman that because it involves the mortgages visual his treatments on the board that his own which is as on size in the comfort as his overture our future is in no two thousand will be the usual. our dogs have less on the cars sold in does good was a woman should do all the awards on or in dogs the enough to the does age we have almost to use his own words to me.
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young woman and because the mother of on wall street pops you have offered initially who want a country where it is relevant to our ears off the gospel to what on some citizens what importantly shown to publish or or organs for mom in the horses so i'm not. was chose to your g.p. is bizarre two years.
years it's so you've written several other countries where he worked with we've actually use your data or a whale work in another sector in nigeria and the energy sector in you mentioned at five seven other countries are working and are you doing the same. everything in those other countries are you creating a village by village population to look good map in the same way or you doing other kinds of work what sort of date altitude you have a chat cantor said. also want it all doesn't a ghostly use school argue as on will see either us or a beach or you'll have printed off the coast was offices was the board of regents on school we are based on the field of were small we have been sawn in the oil producers.
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