Urban Multi-scale Environmental Predictor - an extensive tool for climate services in urban areas

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Urban Multi-scale Environmental Predictor - an extensive tool for climate services in urban areas
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thank you and i sent him back from the university of gothenburg sweden. i am an associate professor in the sky geography and less and find specifically in urban time intelligence. those of you don't know what that is why we have a crash course forty five seconds in line so you can see what it is as you can see this to that i'm going to percent. the environment a predictor is not only done by me but we are quite a big team not all researchers and on their own appears that there have been worked on this day i had to just like the next.
maybe first start up what is this what we mean by climate service while that could be all kinds of stuff it's can be hollow they are an area effect says things such as heat stress in cold stress energy consumption related to a local time and saying ordinary eyes. this could be solar access some and shadow areas in the city in the solar energy production and nhanes it is a on rooftops and walls for example a contestant way and so it's a bunch of services that could be interesting to me you for these to say.
i saw this is one to the both focusing on research but also in tatters. time and in our research community we have had a long the shoe on communicating between the researchers and the planners and one solution to this is that to enter its day they like maps and they use maps so we have taken focus on this and fights. use this when we have developed out to actually use maps is communication to us. one other thing with tennis is that they can be looking at different scales they can be down to the neighborhood skate or even down to street canyon scale up to six escapees so we have an ambition all been able to look at all these kinds of skating are too.
so the forty five a crash course in urban time mets when you build up a city you shange the geometry you bring in other materials you bring in activities such as traffic a your buildings and so on this creates a different climates maybe have heard about that. urban heat island so usually sees a warmer than its surrounding landscape sin that makes us people living in the city is more troll for example he stressed it affects our energy consumption is on so. is happening also indifference status as a unique to have a knowledge on what skated you will be looking at when you look at different processes and so on. that is just an example of what you can do you can have that looking at the greater london authority up to the less to or you can go down to the since the center or even go down even further to a small park with pain and the city looking at for example thermal com for or.
something else.
so when we started looking at what's how should we do this to the needs of course something with a graphical user interface because that is usually don't sit in do the code by themselves they won something they want and mouse and they want to click get things and so on so they don't want to see any the strange. all i'm in their work. we wanted a g.p.s. based approach of course because this is want to do with maps. want to be able for men before they used to use many different formats and so on and we won something to look at both where we can preprocessing doubt where we can also post process status so prepare our data and then show it in beautiful maps and then we need also of course tips into contention is oh so what. the two to use then of course yes or two genes. and as your no way to g.'s the not sources used to be secured yes i see more comfortable with you yes actually going to see what happens said see that many used to does it was the arab saw my area.
and this after i can use all the mapping capabilities within it to attend you still all the g.o.p. processing capabilities within eight. and you can also and this is very important extend the software as it is a free and open so for you can extend his with their own to use a.
so pretty much what we have done is to create quite extensive try again for cuba us because it does the parts we have a pretty processor way in. a pair of data that we will use in the process so were we have our modeling packages we have different state of the art one and two dimensional models that were wrong with the huge yes and that have the coast processor which is also against where you can an ice and dust the distance from comes to its website. the way you can find information and were court oct on the documentation is really quite extensive the key all kinds of the model also on how to get started and we have to tory all seven test a dozen so on so if you can have a look here.
this is another way of showing at the how this can work so you have the pre process away with you have the metro to date at which is an essential part for this and the surface information whatever it is it could be heated seven small those that cover information and so on you can put it into the modeling system and get something.
now it's a climate service and that you can go back to the process and shane stuff maybe you want to do what would happen if i put in a climate scenario better already got a tie instead all of and the present time for example and that see what happens.
so this is actually what it looks like am pretty much and what you can see all the right side ace separate time gains that is created in a willing to us and then we have divided up as you can see in different sections in the people so process or impose processor but all the things. to the right all our audience small province. i'm add if you go a little bit under the hood and see how we actually did days i actually got to the type of program myself i started two years ago i started with meth lab as all you show natural sciences do maybe start up but i decided to change.
my path and. help specifically from online services and also from people like for example of the nation would grow have me set up the pipe charmers i use as when i do my coding for it to them. here for example he presented a small back fighting window so you can actually use had shown knowing all the library sixes thing with the new to us and the installation and so on time i also you to use it out of the gains that are made to create plug ins or so for example you're sure about and created the.
again builder which is very handy when you want to create a plug in so it's a plug in into various to set up everything so you have your planting where you can start coding it and so on with the tagline really no wonder i don't even know we made that talking about that's a plug in that you can use when you want to try to get older and older no word yet instead of closing down. yes and open it again you can use this it seems like to marry a what do you really have to do that well if you if you do when i was five hundred small updates of on your blog in its very handy it's just kind of gotten into a curious and read old employees have to say. there is another clogging remote dabbagh where you can actually do but your coat directly into yes and see what happens in thai charm so say to see actually want is happening also very convenience. i use the p.d. to forget sure about which is set to that helps you to deploy and clean and so on your planting libraries at also a source tree it which is program for bits bucket to where we have our repository for colds and so on so there's a lot of different to send you can have had a few. you do to create to to say.
coming to the modeling system which quite the center part of this one we haven't if and different models but one of the century model is the sioux smaller which he says surface urban energy and what about the scheme so you can model the water about that's and also the surface energy about that so see where the energy that comes in for samples from the. the from and from the sun and partition in too late and t. so of operation and transpiration horrific causing to heat so the sensible effects and so on. stored in the building is on them so this is a modern that has been living for quite awhile now in its say it quite to the extensive am but it can be drawn from within us no planes and that we had that so and india on building and lows is a model to develop.
in gothenburg which is money that you know the simulates radiance short for a radius on building on the globe so both on rooftops and on waltz to actually see the potential all of solar energy production in urban areas so on the left here you have. it is f. is modeled on the right side your hand to the map along the radiance for our four year in gothenburg you'll see on the right side here you see an example from one house and the radiance from that house. i.
what about the big model is the soul of a model which model something called the mean rate in temperature which is an essential part of a new thermal conference and heat stress in cold stress in ordinary s. it's a parent or that it's not like and temperature but it also includes the radiation coming from you so with the radiation from the song that radiation. even from a warm wall for example and the reaction from the ground and so on so it's a different measure did better captured the action on an exchange between the human body and they're shown the surfaces when it comes to us and down here you see on the right side you can you see the surface model. and here's an example all mean radiant temperature my on the twenty third of may two thousand in town outside our department in gothenburg so you can see the blue various are colder from many shadows and then you have other colors where you have higher mean radiant temperatures.
it's a year.
an example of the works well for example for the sort of modern humans because you need the in the daytime station then mesereau to accommodate that and then you need to run the model of the new analysis so you can see that the yet of course off against and i used to create the date that. french won a race where you actually run the model and the red one is for you actually can analyze the data and so on and the grind that the grey won so our data says. how it looks extreme to yes i did some screen does here because i don't think they have to do next on this computer and i didn't want to mess with it so i left the cell as you can see what happened it up in the menu and you can see pretty much the same structure you have the progress the process of the processor and so on.
and and for example we can look at the start of you factor plodding which calculates something called discovery factor which is a measure of how much style you see from a single point in their environment which is an essential apparently to when you look at different kind of like climate aspects in urban areas so you can take your.
didn't the surface small both for all and also vegetation inclusion and then you can get the images like face you can see the light to address the sea lot of sky and the doctor area says see much less status or for example you see the trees hear the green monster you can see that if you run to the treaty of course is much less guys.
and that affects the climate's and the microphone it around. the. this is an open sore throat of course i'm not sure if i am a lot to say open source anymore it so we supposed to be called a free software or free back in.
and this is not something that we have been only for us in the city supposed to be something that should be able to be used by others and we have pretty much the same set up s. and if for example that u.b.s. produce that did that you don't have to be a cold developer to probe participate we have you. serious to report the issues we have people working with documentation that this and we have people working with the matter what i'm doing tutorials and stuff like that so i'm it's a lot all the interesting things and we have are going community. not that the for know what to do. focus is on the climate in the city so that's where we are we have our base so to say so that's where we are working so. a on to sum up a this is sad the plug in pretty much for to guess you know it's a very large plug in a way of many different subplot games.
when it has been constructed to to work it's written in python assist within the plug in all one and two dimensional models state have got models coming from urban time a tall a total climatology research that you can use to estimate different climate aspects in the city and assess. it's a game. we also also course you invite everyone wants to. coming into something with us to this three projects have here are some in full for you want to test this repulsive tory where you can get our long term really still some have called a positive way of development of the spear we were not dates and bug fixes and so on.
you can contact me or professes to be mom from the university of reading which is also one of the main reducing its people. thank you. just for us all as well as that was because i didn't have to do the demonstration from going to a computer that would be taken for its so as well as it was. i. the it. and. it. and you are so. me from sweden. so we have a lot of swedish you set to stitch. one main a big as the solar energy model so pretty much all the many basic realities in sweden and use this package to create online services or so a potential lawn on building so that's one thing that to restock com they have also booked. the heat stress a in the city is especially for the in kindergarten. barry asked for example and so on so that's another use has been the. all the most recent example that you know about so i can show you some man living center honorees you want to get some of the results from this. i think this of course the plan are the. researcher interaction that is quite challenging still but we hold that we can get more interested now we can look the math you can produce much for. such. the us. now it's now you can use whatever to that you like pretty much we have not connected with a bomb play again was connected to the what state the set i don't know if you know what ideas but that it's a big week. and download mansour climate so realises day that meant a lot of the day so you can pick out whatever dates and lengthy that you actually want and when it comes to this to the future day down the in has to get back on you because i'm not the one was working so much with that part. it shouldn't be any problem of taking any. time period all it's just has to be quite high resolution to this we need at least three hours solution data are so we can't work with david eight of so what's the higher time resolution the better. he says. it's. it. yes actually no problem to use anywhere else you could use its seen in. the smaller the village church or something no problem it's just think since we are going climatologist i think we put urban into the name of the planting to attract new uses that we have made that was a mistake to maybe they should be especially no problem of use. you don't wear as especially the six model is actually based first or upon the hydrological cycle on the board about the un's the non-urban areas also featured was perfect. the. the. yeah except a so was so what we have is usually when for example you want to look at the energy balance indifferent to the area so the city you can have a big data set but then you need to had to have the apollo on the palm going green pretty much too and that that we that we haven't. the perfect nice to learn to join us so you can go under the actor in research there is so you can create your own polly gone with the sizes you want and so on so it's very calming and that's so someone that to start using to us that we can use all the capabilities buildings yes we can construct our. gone back to your in. well. now. it's. this. to me or are they. if. yet. there's a way we have been the bombings i hope for about a watch tape is that he said monday the world that has the a mobile bay has a hole in the hall years and then for all mad at us who are in doubt. all the way that it would be assassin that's got to have is that he is also about radiation as. but as a picture community pressure we all know that the media also want to stay should go over to where you have to the the souls of to govern news yes i have covered services and you can download cultivation as the seeking don't know what kinds of rules. connect something is always a target of color or have no notion about his new head of the protocol who got to that program which is to uphold the way they create the that serve as a profession the direct be paying for goods and water. five all the news that holds the v.a. at who they go base all about an hour or an urban more for it. who got its at a preview a staff of walter better. off. i don't know the type i don't know all the observation about to me.
this. i don't know. yes that's right and we have that in the eleven the eye. but it's straight about use tools. for me to find themselves and have asked questions just say water. here. i. it's. a. this. it's a question that want it. so i learnt models have waited that that it's ok. during the they are paying the taxes and for a long time the whole so bad and we have got on the wii so we have the number of publications all. every nation the balls presenting the subject was my point is little bits work was to map the off and on. the on the yankees tell whether they have always say benchmarking says that over hundreds of the city's old ortiz has shane's based on another problem is all about the first that my we have owners all that says. that some warm in homes should be no more room. you are in a problem that has on base homes about that. even though you can create as all that interested as this is what is called without having any kind is all that. but this is yet. on the backs of a side that leverage so what exactly was widely known that all running gag democrats has shown no on us he said that says and us as this is a time when the bank is this as a presentation. it sits on seeds can remember helping. in a subset of cases are so it's hardly reputable on you or you can also cause as well as fast as the balls was on but this figure it's a clever person. it's worth. there's a feeling excited about a decade and the science of the top goals and a three and i should have been so positive work as operative one versus were questions as list or on top of the year all urban fabric dollars from the beginning a day. that all the my that much. both no one on that was all of them. from that it operates under the muscle flows will be that we all are because of its the yes but it does work on this problem. so will and that if the the a friend everything holes about small pretty much with us and that i was appalled at the end. sitting down was opposed to a great job has become a world with got a there is this is a chip on the old vic it you can be done. the second zones income will be solved every four years prolific where every much we're going to have. on the progress everything everyone. her child with jail for all his ideas about the extra ball and you fall on to have the they have that time to put up the. it was or had actually a bomb. it was here all right that was a gap in. what happened. we really getting really are. but recently said start moving to watch the matter was one of the year is due for all his that music has its smart city such as a result of what about the it's so a well thought out more about what we are sentences of that. and yet to find jobs. cable thank you very much points to a doctor.


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