Earth observation dada processing in QGIS with a python API

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Earth observation dada processing in QGIS with a python API
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I was in the area west rather from Germany also learned to make all of my balls isn't much this so what is it that but the maintenance is a colleague of mine would also looking at you would and others she's all of our stability you on the boat that I would use some insights they are and how we do it in years past so here this talk is about the observation existing age procedures and as we start
a introduction to the role of the term also by many and that was all in the hands of the fact that John has become say gene and you can see you know it was this all the time so that is so that many years as a beta propositions in all the best from his new tools of how it works and as a result of that those of us images where each pixel on this very detailed spectral line the information so just follow the interest was mean was those datasets however some residents of the genes uninteresting so I
said this is so I have to have the the points for those states that similar kind and transfer the Windows-as-a-Service hot and in phase we have had philosophies of a little in the user forum processing such datasets handling and we want to have a set of sharing and savior young users for now an analyzing such I think sets and 1 interesting community the using of is we will start that the so 1st thing
here is in the days the 2009 and we so it's very our tools into 1 it the not moral codes and
he did so in an hour and that it is the atrocities spectroscopy communities very might use terms of influence and start to lose more processing and utilizing author datasets and the Rasmussen long-ball as any knows sexual inclinations energies this alignments of those are pieces of us so I'm going to use uses the software will use onwards that is very really would like music but others much over and these the license sorry Greece has its own is also the rheology forests show such a solution is a form of the the thing is was I wonder if
you this is 1 of the kind if at that of
experiment then the research
more and more and in the rules which the be in another world so Perelman yes so if you use a the user pays software and I is the languages well past and most of them on a model but to you are also interested in
I did provide the user of the freedom source which can be an idea which energy so this was all of us approach the days but then so you can all the you've crossed Iola visualization and processing tools and here I would like to use the ends of the fact that all developing so we want to rely on and you still have to look at those of lasts it really was a real problem because everybody you know the kind of use at those licenses so the question we should switch on we as we know the database the community you have this idea of and also the mother of all sciences but also really is you what graphical this so so
this is to use a we have us well you prove digitization municipal library and from management tools the the most it was like we mentioned tools and it was of Clarke my use of it's onstage teaching and also scientific the projects so wrong world so but still so so we have had with the you know language of license us so and these days the price UGS becomes more and more of my own community so we you in this light and and
look into it and it was really about and the slow was already here resultant throughout so the geology G and so little virus available through licensing we can delete this would be the idea of essentially in this you know how it
was very from say that it's so we such as there is some was on GUI in all those on this phase relation and trust me and was so 4 me so that was fast and all n-grams at
any stage and you wanna into huge s so 1st years still and then the use of the president of the knowledge to huge free a seizure current easier for I will that use a useful training those spectral pollination move it may accelerate assessed and mention use the datasets and so on so info
sponsored have what combined strength of units and the rest was environments side inside so the strong visualization call just has to go with the variation at Exabyte peaks analysis of and rust because you want to bring those 2 aspects of from yeah and because of you want to realize as I was and that of his existing frame of years the most people in voice about so some
details for the stationary isolation policy I mean you can manage multiple stationary was on displaying the same data sets in different spectral combinations in detail and all there are also other sources and those you say should be and the same and I think it's important for us the world view for example I look at the research into and so then we also have those yesterday leads to the art of use of the parent have done and easier what happens that in this city exerted and the they and been out of the real of us so this is 1 meter the user and the the rest of the nice to see you so that you use for that at some point in time on this date was I
a I is some years not much to offer so we you know things you are all so you're still wearing manager where you can actually see table 2 associates and preference information to select structure which they use a devotion in injuring as part of the rest of us something else on the use of what it is they're profiles that come from different sets it is going to use these you may actually and is very high spectral and what that will roll out a set trust and managing to the and they also keep track of the locations of the progress the communication is long I installations very traditional so
on although it was the size of the very much like a huge is know this this this rhetoric and the right say you want to use as the days to have those and of those about the things you example this is your last name on it faced the the rest of this year and so on they have information may evolve in the 1st step would be to work for us so as to have information on the residents in the sense that explains the main points then the classifier and the latter was this is the highest initiator the full NET Core of you and our hearts and minds in the area of Maryland USA was that so and what
we want to all the from the side on which was this would be for it user access for machine learning on patents year in pricing and created into the interface for it so what here's this guy on this site of because the devices to in the I have noticed that as you say if I violent random follows this time you wouldn't classify despised by will in grip of some the animals and all of those states you will find it with an axiom of you in the eye in our values abroad in fact with the use of this all right you it's so we say that the virus because of clustering of reasons responds and internationally nationally there's you know from initial reasons so analysis I don't think you need more you can easily find entities and those of you remove all while the the things that you can find it so you don't Molière based estimator for example of forest it is the useful addition to think that I am not staying in the region we that's inside of the use of tools and that's it and is we also looked heritage insight was high so this is our years those all the items that you don't like and so
on there would be a lot of is b what it is to use the right and you just a half as much as I from the cell and that and yesterday it seems to be a tool a huge is available lot these outdated is you of some of the the current ones that the ones this will be my emotions follow a community to those of pages of right we OK there are areas of the
skin of mice nice tool of stretching the dual baggage so if you want
to make it easier to work on
process holding on to the meaning of the was that I shall show you some on the
Asian some you know so Bayesian really care about the national entity to us all reactions they applauded there was some coordination and this is this your mind you know which that's
that's the comparisons you just passed it your knowledge also among values datasets and you can have and not so money so it's FIL high single relation as more in spite of presently no place Our
vision with the year of this OfficeVision brought always in some of his poems you something with data going on the way science to subsidize those data possibly excessive I want and which engaged 1 2 plants this by at it's very heavily in teaching new students those additional items of from 1 so I think there long
and I taught you find somewhere
and can't lessons and show me the money you are questions is on I think it's more of a mystery like this in the future this was so so this that and the other would you know usually hack that makes us the so that you have rather in use this figure about it and all
and it all this in you
have eaten at all because
how to integrate into the standout UGS mainly in the room because of the international and half of the course will
be in use the there was
actually those by the use of inside so can have I was to doing the last of the that we use much all the that the rest the message of of for as you read this book with is the boss of based on you it has the you also wish we had we present you was that and not on the set of all these in France feature so there is less than that areas so we assume that there isn't Nederlander formation to the stores as this is the military wing of G of X there were a lot of people said well what's the answer in in in due on here we will never have a review of and is there is a need to you can do all they set up assessed you you used in the