Geothermal reservoir: modeling, simulation and optimization for district heating in hot sedimentary aquifers

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Geothermal reservoir: modeling, simulation and optimization for district heating in hot sedimentary aquifers
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The performance optimization of a geothermal reservoir depends on the ability of combining available data with the deep understanding of mutually coupled processes over the whole hierarchy of scales, from the pores to the reservoir. These include hydrothermal flows in heterogeneous porous media, mechanical processes, and reactive transport, among others. This work focuses on the geophysical, mathematical, and computational challenges related to the modeling and simulation of geothermal reservoirs, and preliminary results concerning the optimal placement of multi-well systems for geothermal energy production. In this talk, we will overview the results of the ongoing collaboration between LIAG and WIAS, started in the framework of the last MMS days and supported by a MMS Seed Money Grant in 2018. The talk will be jointly presented by A. Caiazzo (WIAS) and E. Meneses (LIAG)
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so I went to thing for this great organization is being really well organized and also has the last MMS days really wonderful Thank you
much also for the new opportunity to percent this work which is actually that collaboration
between the lactase Institute for Applied of physics in Hanover and devices Institute and before we are getting into hot water so to speak I would like to say some words it is about you feminism was we're going away from the song and thus troposphere and so on to the little sphere so inside so wrong what in in in in there on the ground and trying to understand the processes that are going on in the leaders' and actually more precisely in the oprah cross so let's say the 1st 5 K 2 meters in their context of feel thermal energy expectations and is still work from my legal by by me and I've also OK which is also is it is also been to talk after me and this is also the 1st of 4 very interdisciplinary research field it combines a lot of disciplines from sedimentology also kind ontology tectonics hidage oratory except around you want to see so I'm going to focus 2 days
on this collaboration is all was he beta topic and have been done within the framework of a so-called dual
pommelled projects and the EC that is financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy so let's 1st go back to the last as based in Leipzig and because this is what somehow there starting points of for our the collaboration between my they mostly between phone so I mean and term after the after these MMS state then we apply for a seat ground of them phone and the other was somehow minus here and then actually we started being sick timber to visit show so it is a long way to really understand each other and what exactly can we don't how can we and contribute to the optimize the optimization of the thermal reservoirs so I hope at some beautiful get down from there for like we jump to Munich and why to Munich because it's the best place all this is the so-called in order wrong Munich can the so-called barbarian calcium among last basin as a wonderful place for with the most successful plays in Germany for the development of geothermal energy and as you can see on the right hand side there a list of I geothermic plans for heat production and electricity production already going not going on for a couple of years on Cates and this is set in the context of the energy transition in Germany so that you from any should contribute not only various begin to the energy decision but here most importantly through the he'd transition and there isn't this currently actually just the niche is finish this project Dalaman you primal so proud of grammar and basically it's about the this district heating vision immunity and which is basically that by 2040 Munich should be provided completely and 1 in terms of energy by renewable energy so the the 1st big serve German city that it is completely from supplied by renewable energy them that the heat demand and energy money in in general and it involves also wanted them a large number of doing of boreholes of youth among wells that have to be drilled there and this is a vision that have been developed by the municipal energy supplier of the city of Munich in collaboration with lots of universities and research institutes and especially over Institute in Hanover half a long tradition I mean about 50 years in the research of and is there for you feel of their energy into thermal energy development so for you to have an
idea about the impact what you see here is this 3-D seismic campaign that was done in the winter time and in the winter time of 2015 to the Sox of 16 for you to understand the social impact that had all this bible trucks all around Munich to have an enviable the geological it structures in order ground and there was also a lot of work done by this energy supplier in terms of our research acceptance and in terms of people understand in what is going on and it is not about the building thermal imaging a volcano somewhere no but in this big Metropol right and we have seen some some similar developments in Paris and also in whole and and the most anemic development in recent years is here in the so-called great some unique region
and here you have an idea of this is around of 170 can readers that have been that this this 3 D seismic campaign in unique as in the city of Munich or and from that they term which is the basis for the geological interpretation 3 D R structure moral was storm but he said this is always when we're talking about reservoir modeling either in all or a gas or some you matters of was is always a team work right this a very said very interdisciplinary and work and some colleagues for instance in this case the universe each took care of this logical interpretation of the 3 D seismic and we can see this is a virtue sperm lauded picture and as you can see some of horizon so basically we are seeing here at the opera drastic formation which store progressive atmosphere in unique around 2 thousand 2 to 3 thousand meters on the ground and what you see here as some horizons that here at these the reservoir and these horizons have ever been transit by or crossed by several geologic features as you can see some falls that are in different directions and this fall's mate basically compartmentalize sucrose a block in terms of hydraulic in terms also for of Fairmont features and this is quite important when you're going to all of that and you want to model on there the other is about performance for many years the most important thing is that this interpretation this is that as a strong sick if it's wrong or is not accurate then you can forget so here where the most uncertain come from and from there are also some for you to have an idea what is hot hot this unfolds why they are important story here we have this concept of free for purpose more right and you're building a model is always have to mine weighted full because now always the school dance in an all in sorry it's fitful at certain pockets right and there's a lot of or uncertainties that you have wide nation also the Mei-ching interpreting also the nation and all sort of the animation what you have triple use and so the and so their ability of state to have significant influence on the mode of action active on should assure and in this case on the left hand side you see a force structure which is spilled by a full of course and also dammit some this is for instance in on the right hand side here and the functional baking their Basin in central Italy and you can see here when this is yet the permeability increases and important but a physical parameters allowing a fluid to flow and here we would come from the holes rock here and then we go through the dam it's on which is again divided into different sub sounds and then to the 4 core and we see how the permeability can violates some orders of managers from 10 to the power of minus 19 to 10 to the power of mean watching so there is a lot of hair to add 1 structure I don't want 1 simple structure how difficult is to characterize and term then we have to make that and this is front-end time underestimated when you have very complex structures that you file that you can build a robust mesh that is fit for finite element analysis and a force is going to talk a bit about more more of that in into detail and in the end people are spending lots of time with the friend mesh generators to create I'm a watertight 3-D mesh of war on those are associated and were you see all this process is going on which our mention before thermohydraulic can become mechanical coupling and that are also very nonlinear problems and with a lot of parameter accomplice heterogeneity and and anisotropy can be really captured the main features of a reservoir another aspect is this sedimentological aspect enter which what would you can see here we're talking about and the opera graphic of a Cabinet reservoir and carbonate environments are just complex they are the so this is that this is the model here geological the sedimentological logical model trying to display Harvard genius it can be carbonates the reservoirs are very highly reactive reservoir so there's a lot of the solution and precipitation by the permeabilities structure the prosody structure is determined 1st by the PAL environments so the pa- the situation was use a few years in this region around Munich and died you can see different variants lab Tyler flat of barrier reef stored deep shelves determined actually to assure the year after 4 or fewer is about which is a game I wanted bad by unit process of in the whole on very history of the sediment so this is also contributing to the whole heterogeneity that you have to interpret from seismic and all the methods and this all this they tap you have data from differences can we have been heard some have some about something about that today so different they don't different skin and you have to integrate all that into a reservoir model so there is already a lot of 4 There is behind all this book killing techniques and whole organization to be that you have to apply to develop such oppressive what here is for instance for this greater Munich this thermal ascent as a Meyer for example these 3 D on thermal-hydraulic model for their the greater Munich ratio that have been on the the to develop under the leadership of the yet in collaboration with all the firms and institutions to develop such a big model so we're talking about 50 commuters and are also 50 numerous small less and to have 5 images that and what you see here for instance this 2 points are just the thermal worlds and all this for false that for this linear structures represent falls we should just let the a thrower jump between some for early years becomes some horizons and there is no such a thing as the definitive on some orders are always changing the more data that to get the better you understand the model the better you understand the hidden unit is and also the barrier to get a grip on the uncertainties of observations of the old certainties of of modeling and with this newly perform 3-D seismic campaign for instance this structure views can be better resolved in the moral and dead and you have to integrate that and also develop tools tool that sailed from automatically to solve this problem that would be a box in a box problem that we have to obtain the structure and also from Premier and distribution this on their own then
the thing is you saw in that 1 of the 1st slides this numerous wells that have to be don't have to be drilled in the radio in the region are Munich to that say to fulfill this edition of providing community with of renewable energies and in this case you thermal energy by 2 40 and say basically day based this vision this is based on previous work from job Manantial was the say the Chief of it were departments some years ago and what you see here is the so-called do with the extraction and injection wells right where extracting is when DuPont out the user my fluids and injection wells will you come in a game and having such an arrangement here means how can you optimize social which is the optimal distance between injection and production wells which article trolls on on the of for instance and I want you see here is a cross-section of the reservoir here you have an injection water production well and then an injection well what I'm showing here is the injection well will help others who were basically you extract the fluid with a certain temperature let's say 100 degrees celsius and then distract the heat from the full from the fluid and then you pump in a Iganga of fluids caller solitons 60 degrees assignment and then all around the injection well is this call from development with the time so you have in the very beginning than 10 years after that 10 years after that and so this quoting from is some sometimes mission their production well then you reach the so-called thermite breakthrough and their life time the life span of your from a plant is already which so it's not more economically of reasonable to warn extracting these fluids and this is a key parameter which again depends on your temperature field permeabilized the structure that you have and
Here's an example of of the implementation of soft or such social do with arrangement what you see here is that the resource of 50 years of modeling in or sometimes a cross-section actually in the main in flocks of from the 1st main influx of this new from a reservoir and you see here at the injection wells is work this quarter from have developed right and this is the extraction wells and this have a comparison for instance if we compare this to this tool assemblage here and often instruction and an injection and extraction well with just a single goblets we see that for the case of such an rate this there my break through the core from Hassan which yet this structure what well in the case of 1 single do but this is the case so there are ways this 1 of the ways to optimize this different arrangements in this case do with the rates do these 2 would erase
but to can be also the kind of arrangement or a kind of to well configurations that can be implemented and that that have to be numerical modeled in this case thermohydraulic it but like I said this is a much more complex also we know the solution and term precipitation is displayed important role here as well as mechanic ocean terms of accordion and the from can also creates cracks which enhance again your permeability and this has to be dynamically on this so and telephone so we talk about that and like I said the temperature this is the region where you need like I said and also the temperature is not constant of you can take it for granted as the wood when it comes about when it is about where is the ultimate plays to put your next well then the temperature distribution plays an important role and most importantly how they interact with the shoulder so in terms of about management wind you put your next work how they interact hydraulically a family with already existing ones under neighborhood he all around to meet the essential as shows and the the 1st slides there many neighboring wells on this region so temperatures play an important role and older some economic and technical aspects so obviously you would have for Reddy Munich but some district heating networks but you also have so important places you can maps do you were everywhere so if you say well here among the delays in visa or something like that this is that there's a chance then it is possible to move out of their so all the constraints and in the end you have really to by about optimization problem right but so Awesome Iive of summary and some of the like this said key fundamental features is that much more complex issues we have seen that the 3 regional out some hydraulic molecules of important tool for is about management and optimization of the opera Jurassic immunity in the Munich region however find characterization of searches what is key to successfully optimize the spacing for the model blitz and term getting agreed on this heterogeneous and US financial tropic issues that we find such rose fracture and also passed to fight reservoirs is very challenging and I guess I have mentioned this motor variable scale optimization problem and yes this cooperative science to be honest the right approach found in this context OK so there's a 2nd body will be
different focus notably quickening lights his last talking OK so we makes his innocence and we said work together so in this talk was on the the
physics and with my we're to meet someone between
so you will see how we met I read find out new points out this I was assigned with the basics for the model year we have so it is a very simple sketch the system from my point of view is a mix of different that PDE Sniffen which in this form all the for the grandmother flows loose with with socks aggression or DOS question did there's a model for the diffusion and
emission of temperature and they're couple because the fuel the rest of the follows the wondering the mission the other a phenomena like the can go missions and transport opening of the 4th and those the phenomenon the mechanical level which capital all the rest the sources that we started very and not long ago and with the fossils and so what we did focus on this here the
term a flows this so we try to model the what the FIL the temperature and try to solve all to their up to us for the solid no authorization problems in this case this is so we want to optimize the goal is to optimize will replace this West so but the money emissions that have the measure where to start with a vicious lies about this topic just there so the mission for us this Fireman's community the admission of error the obtained son a format as a new kind of mission we I used to work with it is the audited NS give for science yeah and it's very hard to was forced to on same for me so where the sets though it's obvious that is about it this challenge the 1st time this year to Lewis' status watertight missionary at to resolve nice weight interaction between intersection between this false and results of then you have to build all of these are reasonable books that this suit doesn't affect all the others services now was here that that year to assume that this SIFIs are actually what so they're always this the use of that kind of the thickness to modify this with their ones now you have to think become the view of reality the data is at the 4 that brought probability that you want to put your mother as this kind of and situation will get there so we can we can go some of the sting separately but the altogether is to an initial that this was but we're we're as the states we are working together with 6 months so was at the so from the modeling to written size of this 1 1 obvious basically for the floors that's being from problems please about submission is being on under can be needed if the flow velocity it's behind it and can be insights and point to the rest of what the B beehive you can take a look on this because forces and we have this where's he has injection and extraction their mothers through single atoms so the we don't need to resolve the very small hold just what kind of the the function in certain extract what the unless the flow this link and fully commission with the Commission efficient aggression what a Palmer disk can depend on the division and can depend on the on the Ross itself or it can be and complex and as a hit among the Commission is given without dissolving the the West is also kind of singular function in and cold water on this so this is my example tested mission we would sure before the summit of the day the Coast formed after the 50 so said we have this equation in the 1 of the next step would be to what the 3-D using this measure with the real permit us to see of the canon a a day or 2 false on off to this section were were just his ability for the is a 600 meters at so we can focus on to the version of this assume that there is no war the ones on top and bottom because of this is very low on others it will wanted always in both in both the emic variant because as he said the temperature is not uniform in all things like if you could this be true but the brawl on the boundaries on the same but in the real case of manage and the temperature contenders because this they essentially sort straight so you when goes down and the the bidders height that's it but new model the lies a woman took 1 but not Mei's edited we can extract from this you made a simplified version so we have given a number of where's a put me we that water we accept what the and energy is this from there's a part which is the production depends on the temperature of the difference in temperature between the water to inject this it is the energy that we for the pump which depend on different pressure the widow and the pressure we talk about the waters and then we can include additional terms which course will positions forcibly bear lies the fact that there were assessed too far away because sometimes and so from this they did 1 hole and then the for the so the from 1 hole they make the 2 was so it can be more costly if you want to for them far away who can include things like you cannot drill sense but apparently no constraints or father there are places where you can actually reach the door there is a visible you can put all this nikes then to so I would dispute on this function J which spends on the on the geometry is on the given Baker of the world the positions of this was our and on the solution of this problem that is the lesson the 5 mathematics from Russian we call this Nablus of this who control so we can they would is there was in this fire was so loud a solution of a for problem which is was sudden evasive away so we do a guide free position which means we solve the problem several times as Bonapaw into space you can do with that things what this is for the beginnings and UK it's OK if this your control space is small so it's Sutherland is that were no was showing the lesson we come with some examples so this 1 case so we have not stature because you know the chorus in some time so the this 1 injection wells and the small 1 clash with this is so this last example for ever so political front on is similar to the case show before and it quiz so here would be if we whatever you we increase the spacing of letters was taking account that the family to can be non-uniform here and the other case will decide is the case of an Excel a structure and here you 4 injection was this to here and to apply was intensity it will be so the so this here is no ambition
of question which is so here you have different rates so here you since we have more
injection and production to the sum of the race must be 0 so you can also play with the optimal injections special right so their mission verbal if your soul he could the temperature various of injection temporal we can make this more complex and so 1 example the position so which of the simple case this to see whether or I would make sense so so with configuration under the red 1 injection the blue 1 accession is the 1st regression the reader to optimize the position of so we move the bottom and the top roles together to see if there is a the a proposition so this is a picture which show that so we want to minimize slowly minus energy for this all the energy completed what each step of musician so well this step the blues this 1 and and the end so what we get is the optimal position is the reasonable 1 which word is editions special are scattered through some of our data this the this works this is the list of this is the standard way to all of these were not yet from is is that result for now we we are able to find this was automatically and that is not to use the court for a complex what of problems conclusions all we were together at 6 8 months was quite have 4 because we didn't find site base 5 this is only 1 of us is the time for the release for time what was sued by addressing and out of quest so that we can address is is that for be a 40 hour stay in the loop it was good to have this city runs because because the kiss frames could progression kind of more official when and we have offered proper tubes and with this this results and also look for application for get in more someone to work on this topic but they differ attention if