Keynote: My journey through QGIS

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Keynote: My journey through QGIS
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much welcome all a little introduction we are not doing this together or not alone of course we're doing this together so I thought that everybody who has committed something to Q GIS and they raise their hands I can to so everybody who'll rover documentation in that they raise their hands the everybody who wrote letters getting better OK everybody you did this and have a look and try optical to to contribute because Q years this how he getting there if we all work together there have been the 1st no OK the Joyner join as the open-source Superwoman from Portugal see if the working a lot of other places that for really you can that it FIL the people yourself thank you people the and
some of and the thing is you can think so I am not that he is seen as a member either but somehow my professional judges during the last 15 years has been very much related to
2 years and I would like to tell you about that today so polynomial started make intervals and 4 I was the
chief was close and acute developer and I was yes person so of course it was love at 1st sight and I remember 1 of the things that strike me from the very beginning it was the fact that the key here is most native across platforms so not running in a middle machine or in later but compiled in machine code in Windows mike and links and so on at the time and the version that was out there was a TGA answers
you went for me I don't know how many people remember this version it could you raise your hands OK 1 person at a
time and this was but mostly as the word
for a vector font OK so you could and drove automatic maps but the sign that the callers mentally so I was really really upset by these because they too could not really like plot not seasonally and I remember talking to my friends and were teachers at the university and showing them as they all look at this really cool software and when they noticed that they could enjoy automatic maps easily and they were immediately and put off and at the time you could already right genes but these words syphilis was working huge so you actually have to write a sequel slows library dynamically knowing 2 so how many people can do and 1 of 2 things so that's an intriguing the from the very beginning was this sample datasets from Alaska asphalt way way of us it's a really remote regions from the OS it's really cold why is it here and it was not until many years later and then I realize that the shaman was thought to be the Khot Father of
occasions the creator of was actually leaving Alaska so that was the missing link and still today you can find these simple
datasets hold the keys yeah suppose which I found really really funny so I'm going on a continuum that by mine
air into and sailing around that time was sold the release of yes 0
point I should say years at the time and for me this was a major milestone because it brought to support to grass in old Watford's so grasses this really powerful system
for process analysis also for a better his at which you can use a very sophisticated a things but from the point of view of of user military I just find it really really terrible so of course if you you can always like a dive into the command line and died the the magical gone once but if you are rebel user like me then you are left with this very was user interface which I think is very is in the case wait where you have lots of windows floating around the parameters and these chips it's really really difficult to use so I was very pleased when i so it was integrated into and I could access all this powerful functionality right from the cages that meets user interface it's really really remarkable and yet there when
I'm there was another major milestone for me which was that support to the Python bindings so suddenly like a writing is responsible for a whole community of people who are Python
developers which as you may know is much much wider than the people who right C. plus plus the code so around by the developers we have lots of scientists and enthusiasts which which a proportion of I think a a large proportion of PGS users so suddenly all these people were able to write a to solve their own problems rather than having to wait for push for a new future to be introduced in their cages application and I think this change the look the the dynamics and what's more important they could then share the results with
the rest of the community and through the plug-in repository and still today you can find dozens of of 1 gains some of then very use-case specific but some of them are actually very very generic and this is like an extremely powerful feature because at a loss to extend the application in many many different ways and by the GA is more than just about
creating pleadings so you you have also the particles all within kg areas where you can access folder the functionality from Kyrgyzstan and in many people know that but you can actually use that package's outside his years so you can literally right a a completely new stand-alone application so a completely new user interfaces and still access all the TTS functionality which I think it's it's really great as well so in 2010
as we saw the release of Wanda J. is 1 point 6 coffee up or and this is a city on northern Chile and for me this was being the beginning of a new era because this is when a huge against Martian stand to be named
after CTC typically cities that hosted at 1st and before that the names just seemed really a random so around 2 floors and
11 2012 I started working for a field and at the time or if we all was
very much dominated by the as rebrands in terms of Gs which I found slightly concerning because the recipients of of the projects from a field ultimately and developing countries who might not be able to keep paying the fees after the lifetime of the project but from Chile I was hired to write some chairs training materials from from scratch and I was able to use the PGS extensively for all the
examples and tutorials and and the fact that I I was able to to do this for me it was a sign that things were starting to changing within this international organization and former was still more changes like these from the future in
2013 at PGA is 2 comma decimal 0 was released and there was another big thing for me in this is which was the porting and incorporation of the system to the
framework which was named to processing so this framework as an extremely rich functionality and leverages on 1 of the very very powerful libraries such as glass or side so it's an ounce of power integrated right into his some very very easy to use and I I up made an extensive use of of these thing that GIS training materials from from a few I don't think that I was
using a lot within the cages application was the ability to do diagrams that by sheriff's so I think it's really nice when you can still wouldn't
do not you it's we features of off the mark but something that's really really upset me was the inability to do legends for the by science OK I mean you can't on you don't have a legend is like was Inc 1 part of of the informational 1 but in a very important part of the information and and I remember that people I talked to a few people and they were and doing these legends in external paint programs in all like being poor paints and I fought all of this is not this is not good so again what most people do in my place that I wrote that looking for it and this was the
birth of the diagram Malaysian planning tightly and apparently this was a problem for for many other people because only in the 1st version I have something like 18 hundreds Donaldson and in total I think it came down to 180 under it which I have no idea if these metrics are relevant but for needy they seen this in pretty relevant actually and I cannot even begin to describe the feeling of seeing the dialect
pulling information the block they suffer from someone that I didn't know it's really have the rewarding there and I think the plug-in was still very use and do this functionality was finally Inc. in the case application so this time I was using gage
is quite a lot so I was reporting issues and even more of the bloody and so I thought it's stunt to within an activist and in that choosing the right there at 1st was really not that difficult so as to make because of
bright and it's 1 of my favorite foolproof so I arrived there in my 1st day there and I was expecting
some formal structure like an agenda our something like that and so I just follow the room full of people and they were all sitting in their desks like you can see it and some of them were coding most of them were coding and some of them were chatting and I I can see I I actually you know who to ask for information to I approached someone and I think he was marking the BS and he was very friendly and use of them into the hot West but the explaining on there is not like really agenda encouragement just to call them and talk to people which only solution was what I did really I mean I just and use this opportunity to talk to people and then I realize is so much easier to get a simple past sorted like getting a uploading approved for reporting an issue if you can just walk to someone's desk and talk to them face to face it's so much easier the face-to-face communication and especially if you know which stressed to approach in which IT and that time because I had in mind once was just asking me with this person this person and and this was the the 1st act 1st where I start putting names to faces and I
many of the people that I would it's in the following faced like Carlos g and marking the steam southern Geovanni and so on and I met Raymond Mason who is we vitally for climbing doing this at 1st that for the 1st thing and actually you would renew these debated in every office after frightened so after right and there was a
period and that's I was slightly this disconnected from the from the community because I I moved to a different job although I was still using kgs and then attended the GS stock Festinger and this was a major celebration major
events it was a 2nd cages user conference and I think there are 15 key genes access and it was celebrated along the 10 years of your mother signal unit which is a major free and open-source events in Spain so it was a the event's and it was celebrated in them beautiful old monastery in their Dieudonne's countryside 10 on that time I started working the you know metadata company
so I started wondering what the support was for standards-based metadata errors and that's when I realized that there was no not which supports at least not not in the in the core and the end is at best I started talking with a with a lot of people like my thing and I think Alex Louis notes the medical splitting and we started talking about the feasibility to to let's some supports for metadata in yes a core and its OK we create some mental and apparently this was also a concern of more people in the wider community so a couple of months later it
was created the metadata interest Group which then defining the what was picked to become the quantum
GAC Nestle Proposal 91 which is about this about the supports for standards-based metadata in TGA score hence during this we would go along with his group we had a very very interesting and inspiring discussions and not only with the DGS for developers but also leave the metadata URIs like talk radio laser Sokol's so I really appreciate that the opportunity to to be involved in the in defining these road mark and having discussions with these people and since I was a bit more involved in the project so I
decided to look there's and other artists and I pick the 1 in essence in the Linux of them and this is a
great location I mean it's like the best location for an actress and everything reminds you of we know arcs and open source and it's really isolated and although it was also is at this there and finally conducive to to put the book and we went climbing
in the vicinity of field fell actually 10 minutes' walking which is a which was really really events and so in
2014 we saw the long awaited release of keys yeah 3 comma decimal 0 and there were
some major technology improvements with his version so there was there the upgrade to keep the 5 and by the influence and the switch to the Python 3 and I was very pleased to see that there would already some steps of the
metadata development roadmap it in this version so there was already an internal formalized schema for metadata something very similar to the Deligne Corps and also the the ability to store metadata in the project file or a alone file businesses so that there certainly still a lot of work to do regarding the supporting more complex he must like inspired but the seeds out there and I'm I'm positive that we'll see more changes in the future and of course these are very good news for her everyone was working with geospatial metadata and wants to use Q she's so we have come
a really long lying in his last 15 years when I talk to my colleagues from
the University no the ones that were put off by the lack of thematic maps now they are using DGS as their primary tool for geodesic cations also from what I see it many international organizations like if we override cease there the adoption is much much wider than it used to be and Châu recently passed
out working in a company that is outside the here consistent and I was very pleased to see is installed in the laptop of my colleagues regardless the fact that they use to make Windows for Linux and for me it this still holds as 1 of the key strings of Gs the fact that these
native across platforms so looking calamities up at the key aspects which I think gaining explain the success of this project for the popularity of this project from my perspective the 1st 2 I really that smart choices of technology silky t really and then the that we are leveraging on existing mature free and open source projects like grass for 6 months and c and looking the power of writing the worldwide community of Python programmers these are smart strategic choices and last but not least we have the community 10 I'm not just talking about
the years and years and climbing which of course it is also nice but I'm also talking about contributors so if you like the look at the containment
of a graph from when compared to 2 other major free and open source projects genital congested you can see there is much more contributors and much more commits and if you look at the median value of commits which for me is much more elements than the average because it's not skewed by the values of the top contributors the median is caught so for me a person will contributes with 4 commits it is not a core contributor obviously but is also not someone is just fixing 1 bug 1 line of cold so it's someone who bakes an interest in the project and and as a small contribution and another of the aspect that I think is really really interesting is the fact that K Gs there's also work on Sundays which may be an indication that they are doing this in their spare time so there is this trade of enthusiasm of commitments really which I think is really really well that's so to close out I will like to finish we call for contributions so there's lots of
ways you can conduits to the projects I don't in the encoding in new goods I write the commendation do translation even volunteered to organize a local events and of course also with money by giving a donation of sponsoring the future so if you have time you can contribute to a time if you don't have time you can put you with the money but please consulates because this is collaborative project which leads from everyone so it's important to give something back to the projects and I want to make a special call stores women since we are
celebrating International Women's Day on on Friday I see many women using a key GIS not as many in joining discussions or attending the events so if you are a woman at least step out and give some usability to it's your responsibility so thank you very much for your attention and these are my contacts
the if you if you want to get in touch Thank you the the