ardour2fxp...and vice versa

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ardour2fxp...and vice versa
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so welcome back
this ties into the FM challenge somebody asked me how do I publish my presets which I created for the different plugins especially how do I even export presets from Adler I didn't know so I asked on the Linux musicians for and I got the answer but you can't but other saves it's presents for VST plugins as an XML file under config hardware 5
presets well that's great so if I want to give these presets to my friend who
is still using life or something like that what do I do so I've got me thinking and I had to look at this file which is again some
custom XML so I created order to FXP for
those who don't know f XP is something like the native presents file format of for VST two plugins but it's a binary file basically it's just the five of the header and some integers all in a row so it's you can do a straightforward mapping between an outer file and then FXP file and that's what this little program does it's a Python program so the easiest way to install it is with the command line I just typed in there download downloads the package from pi PI which is the Python package index and installs it into your home directory so how do you work with this let's take this preset file for example and we want to output the results into this folder here that's right as a good UNIX utility if it's successful it doesn't say anything so it creates for every plugin which is in this present file it creates a subfolder these were obviously plugins for text and then creates an FX p5 for every plug-in that was in that add or preset file and this works the other way around so I downloaded some presets from from one of
the FM challenge entries so somebody created quite a few plugins for oxy FM so let me clear that so I choose to fxp our output folder presets test - and this is different because each FXP file contains only one plugin so I pass several files at once and it turns that into one order present five for each plug-in test - there we go and let's try this
Oh before we do that so we don't have a
outer preset plug in 5 for this plugin yet the numbers here they are the sort of likely plugin IG so we copy the output from our fxp to add earth to the our config directory you could have specified that directory in the first place at the command line above but I wasn't sure if that will already was a file for that plug-in so let's start our derp I already
little test project which only has one
track with oxy FM loaded has a VST
plug-in oops
and you access the presets in hardware
with this little drop down menu here
these are all the factory presets I think there's 256 in oxy FMO or something like that but here are all the new presets we imported and in this case the person who created the presets didn't name them rather cleverly but you can see that there's a few different ones in there and they do actually work so concluding
if you create any presets for other for
VST plugins or if you work with a proprietary thw and you create presets
for VST plug-ins there's now no excuse anymore to not exchange them with the rest of the world and also the open source world thank you very much [Applause]