2nd Sonoj convention, 2018: Welcome

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2nd Sonoj convention, 2018: Welcome
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hi welcome to the second annual solar convention so I was taught it's too early I should have started at five o'clock or so but yeah let's see when the seats are getting full okay whew I'll keep it short just a few welcome words at first I would like to let I can speak for the cars Computer Club Crone yes nice app my name is Ike I'm from the Chaos Computer Club cologne here who
lends the space to the Samoyed conference let's talk about mildly interesting things first so we've got beverages out in the front you can take there's toilets there if you've got any other questions just ask some of us we will help you and then on to slightly more boring topics where have you landed at this is the as I said multiple times
already the Chaos Computer Club in Cologne which is a local hackerspace here which means we understand ourselves as providing infrastructure for people to meet like-minded people we've got tools a set of tools in the basement for doing electronic stuff we're part of the the regional part of the Chaos Computer
Club which is said to be Europe's biggest hacker community and well what do they do we try to learn and teach about technology that's one of our primary goals and for that we're organizing
events meetings also providing infrastructure on the larger level one of these examples is the KSR communication congress which is a yearly event around Christmas and one of the smaller ones is like
there's a solenoid conference where you're at currently or not if you're watching the streams hi streams yeah but we're happy to host this on our
conference because well what does it have to do with computers there is this thing called hacker ethics which is kind of a codex for the hacker community and it explicitly states that art and beauty can be created on a computer so this matches the goal of the conference this
is what's going to happen here for the most part of this weekend but it is not only about computers it is about
technology as a whole one of the definitions I once heard for a hacker is someone that doesn't mistake once by error and from that point on intentionally which is a nice approach to learning about technology because you learn from mistakes and it also applies to creating music and so in that regard
see and show each other what can be done with technology to produce art and have wonderful we can include yeah
thank you thank you for welcoming us here the convention okay few words for me officially let's thank the house Computer Club again thank you also also I want to thank the members of the open source audio meeting cologne helping organizing or what what means helping for organizing which yeah seeds and preparations and everything thank you [Applause] special things for the camera and audio livestream and recordings from the walk alone and yeah there was some some online donations the event has been nearly funded this year which is very nice so thank you to the Internet [Applause] yeah then some develop forget anybody yeah yeah speaking of the nations we have a small box labeled with donations spendin in German which is next to the
coffee which is free by the way so yeah if you want during the day or tomorrow you can just leave any amount you like we have name batches you have to take the paper out write your name yourself so we can talk to each other there is open slots this if this early evening you can still ya notice notify me if you want to show anything really 5 to 10 minutes should be ok let's see name tags yeah last I hope we will have a wonderful program and I'm very excited about actually every every part in the schedule there's yeah and don't forget in the evening this also meant as a social event so of course open source and open source is a neat point and music production of course not so small but relatively small compared to the world population so this is yeah for me is a very special event to bring these two fields together so it's an opportunity to talk to like-minded people or interested people in general so in the evening there's time and space reserved here just to talk maybe yeah get to know each other and we will have some music and rings and what you need okay last look yeah last thing the open source are you meeting Cologne which I mentioned if you are from the area we do this actually every month not this but it's much smaller and in German so if you are interested just type into Google or look
at the sono web pages link there the open source audio meeting : where you can ya do this every month basically okay then let's have a good convention and thank you all for being here [Applause]