Open Source Music FM Synthesizer Challenge: Awards Ceremony and Summary

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Open Source Music FM Synthesizer Challenge: Awards Ceremony and Summary
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okay I'm going to you talk about the open source music FM synthesizer challenge or rather present
the winners of a challenge because the challenge is already over and people have voted and we have three winners and but before we come to that
I'd like to tell you a little bit about the challenge so this is the first time
we did this kind of thing Crudup grew out of the local open source audio a meet-up here in Cologne and before well now we've talked about FM synthesizers and we said oh would be cool to make a little challenge to make a track with one of these FM synthesizers so ran with this idea and well basically works like this you're supposed to create a track
using one or several of the selected FM synthesizer all open source uploaded it to archive org under creative common license and then enter the competition and then after a certain number of weeks of passed people vote things are slightly more complicated so if you want to read about that just follow that URL oh I'm I'm Christopher what a Christopher I thought this I'm just a programmer and the hobby musician and I come semi-regularly to this open source
audio meeting we have here in Cologne I organized the challenge did the website basically everything except the music of course I didn't enter the challenge myself because I had rather enough to do with programming the website so uh like I
said the process simple you have four weeks to do your track that ended on the 15th of October then there was a ten days voting period everybody could vote people who entered into the competition with their track had to vote that ensured we got at least a good number of votes and the winners will be presented at the sonic Convention which is now and later that day I'll put the windows on the website as well so every all the world can see them those were the FM synthesizers which you were allowed to use in the competition so quite a variety all of them use FM synthesis some of them run as VST plugins' some of them stand alone and check applications some of them as LD to plugins some very simple and some very complex I haven't done a statistic yet yet who used which plugins and which plugins were used the most but I will
try to do that in the following in the coming days so at first I didn't know if
there I had if I had any prizes to give away but then luckily I was contacted contacted by sponsors and so we were able to offer as the first prize a module format device we will see what that is and for the second and third prize a license for synthesizer which is not open source but at least it is developed on Linux and runs on Linux and afterwards after I present the winners we also give one license for cadmium away for one of the voters which we will make the draw here so a module
is a digital effects unit that runs Linux inside I think they retail about 650 600 euros so rather valuable price these were
sponsored by what devices and they asked me to mention the Mott labs not labs is a kind of a community for developers who developed for the model in their minds developers is everybody who is able to install and lv2 plug-in so so if you're interested in working with the mod do have a mod 2 or robbed or even would like to test one get in contact with them via remote labs this is the
interface of cadmium cat miaows calls itself a face distortion synthesizer which is basically the same as FM it's a very new synthesizer so I I'm interested to hear what the people that win a license what their experiences will be
so the results we had 15 entries into the competition so I think for the first time that can be called a success I for myself I I said to myself if we have about eight I'm content so that's hot and nearly ha double that so I'm satisfied we have 49 people who voted on these entries would have been nice to reach 50 but 49 is okay I guess each voter had 15 points to distribute so you gave five points to your favorite track four points to the next and so on until one point so we have quite a span of results the track with the highest number of points reach one hundred and twenty-two points the one on the bottom of the list only nine but we have a clear winner with 34 points in the lead so at the moment you all be waiting for and please all your queue [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]
[Music] [Applause] okay that's 30 seconds of this track which is obviously a lot longer and you can hear these tracks in full-length tonight at the social events the first free and the others you can listen to on the websites so and this track is called see a teenage 2500 and is by Lilith 93 so this entry got 83 points and the second place [Music] did you know you're a text plugin could do that so this is track is called end of the desert and is by Jay Luke next and first place the winner and this track is called bodacious and is by our own and Farah with 122 points so I'm gonna ask you to come here congratulations I have nothing physical to give you no no no actual price but you really you will receive the module by post thank you so much I have the whole process of making this track on video recorded it's like I don't know 10 20 hour 12 hours so I think I'm gonna eventually upload it to YouTube for you all to to check out if you want how much the instances of
the sins did you use I didn't count roughly it can count because I have this session with me I can show it also if people want yeah I'm from rabbit tracks I know I don't know people who have used like 53 instance instances of text and so any of oxy FM or something like that I mostly used oxy FM's and mm-hmm I used exid two instances of the exit one for the lower part of the kick drum and the other I don't remember for need to pay check thanks so much yeah thank you for making this a success so this will come up on the website later as well so here you can see the results in full I've it's rather small because it's an image that's not not not a website but well
again shows very graphically a big lead for antha these small ones are the numbers of boats with five or four points each which one gets so if you get eleven times five points and you know you're in a good position I think so now
we have one more a cadmium license to give away since I'm a programmer where's
that again oh yeah do we have anybody
who's a Python programmer who can who can attest that this is sound so what we're basically doing here is getting the users from the database filtering them who are have confirmed accounts we
have a look if they have actually voted and we can exclude a few users by a command-line so the first three winners they get excluded from the prize raffle of course and there's one other user who asked to be excluded yeah I I don't because I import random here and uh but you have to trust my database
model but I can show you that this is my this is where the source code lives
there's only one other script which is not in checked in yet because it has the names of the winners in it that could be I could have have a random file in my in
my current directory so so if you want
to check that on my github account it's called spotlight kit on github there's an repositories called F M challenge web app you can check the code for this little script and the other script is
basically just a wrapper recalling this and excluding the winners of the competition and KY who asked to be excused excluded as well so all that
remains is can I put this higher yeah
those scripts and anybody wants to hit return okay and when here is Charlotte's which I don't know who he is but I have the email address and he he'll get account of cadmium so this was written into the
file winner text should I commit that yeah I don't have my key to come and
it'll see her okay I can't commit it yet okay that was that what remains the
winners are notified as I said the results will go up on the website later today and now what's left is to ask you to spread the word about the challenge about the entries into the challenge put them in your playlists make podcasts about the FM challenge tweet about it some people have published their whole projects or their plug-in presence presents for the entries so you could do plug in packs preset packs I will upload a zip file with all the entries and a playlist and all that and all the metadata but if you want to create a cover or nice image go ahead please but most of all enjoy the music and hopefully you see you in 2019 for a new challenge [Applause]