Making Music with Text: Audible Programming with Sonic Pi

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Making Music with Text: Audible Programming with Sonic Pi
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as hears
melina is With because effectively explains talking about sound that his program is here with an emergency program under a new one sound engineer was the to make music as before, built the program and give you a bit of and introduction interesting crossfield battlefield 3 there on the uci road capital to make something like this First of all, the music of the qe2 solid builds trade development that is what you can use or live koring are
but some of you hear live scoring alive Chores okay so left as a crime scene step back and program and at least that
si i think we made you use
[Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter]
[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]
[Music] [Applause] [Music]
[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]
[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music]
[Music] [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
the [Music]
[Applause] [Music] [Applause]
[Applause] could [Applause]
thank you very much better life is coming So only when you are with so distronic plus developers mr here's to work of cambridge this Developer and chest at how to fight certain animals only two how was it at fashion week it does something in order to facilitate children in england program in the program such a water project started nothing to 2012 in 2010 head of development corp over to All which is much more complicated and horst seehofer from [Music] just let you know how you can start clouds sunny at last program and
works and what did just that we have a
last station was like output where she please break the sound of the super collider channel one in the wind that the us is something about is the grand prix super collider runs went great is headed [Music] some of you might not exactly the report
sound engine sample management options and things like this panasonic pcs is the text editor of
chairman of buffalo sabers with places [Music] [Music]
You can also get sunny price sandwiches
interesting the course sunny at paypal are between friso brothers and media and which makes it expendables like that by chf new blue falls as the lonworks 2 lasts was the broadway musical dance
track you believe i can controller software running system superstar dirk nowitzki
the very sorry need to review the world culture of music western music june pitches anytime and disco sound will be like that very interesting was networks this medina must recognize so change the sun Prince part which is medicine in the 6 I have a separate sleeps you can have one which is cool the post and anna code for instance switches in science award is popular so cheers north hessen changes
better as they are
the fans of the parameter aleix and mostly
[Music] [Music] sunny so it is by definition a closed loop aykut ?zer set of dance with something like bpm trend so holds
yes because now the news from newsnetz
family concept say that which means you prefer to excellence as top clubs is a lively synchro transformers So it's like the counting toolbars for instance hammerstein ok as well as next interesting drink is torments melody is just play and sleepy
can do something else can say the bunch for the hacker news not make games Sequans record victory of my last that she
my short [Music]
[Music] take a job
[Music] [Applause] [Music] thanks [Music] packed
[Music] [Music]
great orchestra [Laughter]
he is, first, is [Laughter]
[Music] [Music]
that's the way it is now I'm ordering now like big previews vnc okay let's think this is what we call it the way that music works
now the 22nd changes
so for instance jailbreak okay for him secondly it is ambulant as elvis eifel project exists
if this compliment
the car started this tubas now where the
sun is okay would like to use this is the problem is that temple is the ddiv and jason kidd and spd are our plans Special items special
simple and justice loves musicals became sennen videos at guttenberg heartily from and to it in the area stretch weert be 2 415 trade btm one problem so now the winzling but more interesting is called space camp and the manager and tobago [Music] the packers read anytime sink something the hair color
[Music] had so been had previously last top that you wetzel now
so let's make one exactly how can something like that
would like to have something sam a one little
excited for instance of what you love pass the same thing is set to free x yes but it's ready to set the uniform William Redbrake where the one of the It's the guy sitting on his audience set bat the chalk future news i came from obi now so many interesting program manager and live complicated kot your side and understand it so anita musical working simple solutions second and very much started lenneper's so much to learn to fly quick time event
gives such a further requirement davis is that for a fun as a head of key note speaker like never before sorry welcome do you think
now ask in the morning annoying and how response playtime serviceman escortlady 2 tsv bitzfeld play one time and time to Play again battista witt finish one point 5 to point because needs to be for times march on
[Music] henrik bettels now correct of the man could again new life here so of protection mutu
[Music] ok labs on web world
You can visit the website that will update will not be done one last year
because we know you think
ok then we have how many times you have one
questions europe league an apple tree oltersdorf and the picos at the beginning in order to quickly new drum beats basically you first example software development of the mini create your own drum loops and samples together performance he knows that, for example, his girlfriend cindy track with music fsv witten ii law to co2 frito lay The music for to be able to
report on the fly and danuser sample den
that the interface would have the word
just from the beginning
heroes and it got off the net
looks like this one's very different tablets android device and ipad 2 wifi option record summer play live all differences, the video players became one car velvet hans recording trumps with in 20 provinces red from the beginning of the is
videos so ok how can i kick drum major tom l?thi sample the costa brava ivan in trouble if you have been running
right loops if you have me extra sometimes we do not want to be able to keep a time but you might developers to participate to have people the da you some time slips away i can not sonic youth which went is if the program starts can take place except implementing functions and sanctions which are available soon as if launcher okay okay now a know that people have second problem of Course difference life coaching live bands the mast something more interested in the us to play this special recording bits of life and work for less good to fish for quality battis a start to the alien tour program Sound of the drum sounds of the bass drum scott base drums promptly made it an example
because the knowledge of language of your Choice awards available concerning samples as soon as i this is extremely collection of sales Working on a sunday after three kings samples download is now off too windows to compete because of the diverse [Music] some make you can just click & help you
want to get a very nice tutorial last
post the processes between eating bad want with palpitations now he can not find any francisco lets She jon bike frentzen snacks on the jersey
of mr so construction of the station learned ok last
create alive invited the playdowns of finca
can change made to measure like this last small and the first scenes
built of film [Music] the first one
we already have it worth it you can use effect No
the Scot left [Music]
[Applause] [Music] drag and drop shipping invest in visions
of short
fri a fleet of pcs is likely next week
have the option to be has calls like the dick like alfred grossers tuluba intersect interview the mold core animal one and use this one where then ended the people
July by counter of the user and are watching you tube videos so simple life Coaching on was the name of the program the program kinostart of practice for how come up with the first thing live corinna announces twister from the print out answer Okay now, it's ex that we're called the workflows or condensed may the peace and off score for instance
never did me as
who z
because you do not have
so immediately notation on a word level the image field eating culture about tommy that the quiet face value parameter was before that is okay this is not enough for
something so which is more video and sisters in the beginning so ok malaj flight is happy to spite the dirt morden should At first, that's not all alone Aerial field and especially using effect of sonic 3 loaded was carla to reverse and Compression compressor widely theory Pharmacy weekend channel but the price On the 23rd, the channel becomes one of super
collider everything from sonic pr2 Wissenstest locates an exchange office live sound from the witcher 2 disc collection video get more confident in which statement will create swatch sound init would be Mr. zollitsch is fine raus and max hope you have a lot to do some enemies [Music] in the picture the skyline communication and
reference open source program socialist on skits