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How we made the Jenkins community

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How we made the Jenkins community
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The Jenkins project has an interesting history. It started from scratch in my spare time, and has grown over time to boast 600+ open-source plug-ins developed by 300+ contributors from all around the world. There are several key ingredients, both technical and social, that enabled this model, and I think those ingredients are useful to other projects. In this talk, I'll discuss how the Jenkins project and the community work, what the ingredients are, why they help you attract more developers into your projects, and why it matters. Basically, my points are that (1) to create a thriving software project, one needs a community of developers, (2) to foster a community of developers, you need extensibility (as a means of not getting in their way and in the way of what they want to do with my software), and (3) you also need to make every step leading up to hacking as easy as possible. I, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, am the creator and the lead developer of Jenkins, which boasts more than 550 plug-ins developed independently by contributors from all over the world. So I'd like to think that I'm qualified to speak on this topic. I have been a speaker at numerous technology conferences.
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those here and. and so with with us in what i'd like to get started.
i first became its today is known as k k which i think it's a bit easier to cite i had actually been as you read the murder of course great that the eco my name is happening but right now he's going to talk to us about the jenkins community ok actor. there are so i'm i crossed a line from beating its product that if i'm the creator of the project i don't know how many of you here and know what they say is that i have.
thank you for it that about the discovery three that have a web application that use for automating deal then pass and all kinds of other things and its software like this is typically cold continuous integration for the thundering might be like us and it's being around about the. years the tolling all it's a pretty popular project managers.
track about fifty three thousand piece lesions around the world and the the emirates the sake of system is the six hundred plus against that's the will buy one of five hundred people are on the war and end up but that's the most up to contest the fiesta for when the market so while in this kind of course of a lot of the.
open source projects side agassi perhaps he might be be aren't the ask ourselves you know why jenkins was able to come this far out but you know those but but yeah i guess i like to think that the thinking is as has has a pain so the month of the box and i'm very proud of.
and there's all the us the the huge of beans and i think contributed to the success fee to thank you know actually probably seen the software that works of its most of the time of war is simply being at the right place at the right time i think sarah become the that aspect of about but the same time i'd like to think that there are seven he. ingredients in the way be created the community that for the ease in my view is broadly applicable the other open source project so my goal here today is to talk about some of the being selecting p.d. water well for us in the hope that the you know people here are presumably running your own open source projects.
that's it be able to pick up some of the ideas. so the i think the whole thing for the my the way we design company piece of the start of this year like this from the start becoming a communication is inherently pain for the fact that i'm struggling the for the good news for inflation the city of proof enough that the company getting spain for.
it got or but you could think about id contribution to open source project typically or it goes something like eighty four after if you're walking on any non-trivial change it probably for the ask the people running the project the sea stare really you take it. unless they have to sell the idea that white awaits useful beyond year and whatnot and us they are ok you actually have to stop walking on the chains and a month according to than us still so deep end up at the jurors different things people can you know the team from at the same thing maybe the project wanted to write the past. and the patients might have to give been southern aspects to the right some of the pats because the existing committed to the next some aspects of it even though it might be walking ok for you soleil if that's the all the war and and know that some people get the shade from all these things that they have the it but they want the.
and beyond that i think the program or a very for the fifty people there's all sorts of things that can go wrong when we tried the uk you like sometimes it's simple things like the indentations and courting conventions and i know some people get media upset when the pats than all of these things but there's also. so lots of things visible people can disagree about winning the design has a anticipate the future extensions that they know that they sting people promises he called on the tram for the cleanest because its own thanking all these things adds up to the additional what had been your fourteen by putting other people continue. any had been negotiating this kind of thing is painful enough even when you know the people had been walking biking the corporate set up but its downside possible in needs of the war in the context of the open source project when you just don't know each other no we don't have any context around us.
i decide because we don't know we don't know what the day that i don't have the basic don't know yet how many tech to the and they might have been sown sometimes don't even have common goals and he might have some route ideas about where the project should be but people might have disagreements over these critically don't have any. month structure us can simply ask me tell someone else to do something even as i believe in the project i don't get that help other people in the drink is completely future the that i have some influence more carefully and on top of that there's all these things that depends on different see them language the pregnancies that adds up to the. the pain of the communication so if i make a bought by may make a bold statement by even dare say that the communication is effectively the border pains or the all the evil in the open source project saying my mind and this the communication is better if you can get the same thing down is this going to gauge and that's that. and so the what media the sort of try to make happen in the thinking for the fees think what can you be to reduce the need for the complications the it's a realisation that we don't want to standing up in the way between people who came up with the i.d.'s to their implementation some of these crazy enough the name. yes their own time to implement some peter on top of taking i'd rather just have been dated at me getting no way for any chance of the code of your the designer the discussion and i think it's also the realisation that the innovation happen everywhere not just existing among existing between the members and so the least we can. these the try not to use i call them by forcing them to the more than they have so tense force i think might my mind the question these sell every still what to the crab rating in the sense of generally heading to the same direction of the scene of the actions that can he do that he said.
forcing communication are high calorie do that be that is as many mobile navigation as possible. ok so that's sort of like what what i'd but i didn't want to be fifteen you'd think it's fraud and i think it started with the mortuary at the scene of a new happy lords piece of software be composing the small the chance that can be individually build and test it and so on and if these things are nice the be easily shielded be kind.
the contracts anything he gets people can walk between their own model that that's not going to be sick when he gets our care and an obscure but this alone is not enough that but the reason i know i favour he said the majority's because he gives rise to the extensive you beauties that the main thing they want to talk about it.
it's so that the majority taking to the next that no vary according to its opened up to the rest of the war and it's so that had the other people coming in and then write stuff be that the that you doing and nation if there's one more that they'd like you to take away from my car that the release extensively i think the c.d.c. own.
only thing that matters because the see the one that enable for kind of force old tricks and engineering tricks that be put in a decrease from a thing as long as your project had some of the city you should be able to just say and we spend a lot of time doing is creating his proper infrastructure at the naval access. uribe the same investment what's happening up the body must defend yourself and as with everything else in the open source community these things can come over time you don't have to do you need money go.
i think they're the many facets the accessories i wanted it for the for quite some of these i think the wonder they think of the farce conflict think of its the program agreed it's the it's being able to use of using the software at the library not just not just by humans that the serialisation that there's always. ways of a year about your program that's trying to drive your program and i think it's obvious for library project that because that's the main use case but for the applications people seems to ten people get the worst offender in my neck now been bad example wow tender example that i can think of it between now and they don't need.
it's year tweak the e.u. i can he have their unity had owns or anything that walking is he now they might have i'm up integration but that's basically another example might be digging for example i mean said that a graphic money facial features and he does have some amount lying paper be your best it's not really knowing.
enough to the point that the gave rise to this for software and the community now in its mother. another important part of the extensive be getting he said b.p. to load code that run that these its basic basically involves seem to find some contract for this expression points so that as other people live in fear and then you know that might be the abstract a strategy that might be set the methods that perhaps not the name.
he's got up whatever other these painting and landed in some like with these the cea you know the skating language slowing product around and inspectors me every call get slaughtered up front that for some other than with the species actually not have the years as it might sound like a safe job or see any idea of the view that they provide. some isolation between these i think the bad the offender that i can think of that does not have already called logging to be viewed via i tunes they have a program of beauty of it you can be tweaked the i tunes u. i backed by being stuck in there i say not since the thing you can the site isn't it.
the another important aspect of the extensive be a thing is to treat extensions that's the first class citizens at the ship user shouldn't be able to distinguish between what is provided by the corps four spots provided by the extensions in fact so much so that indicates project if there's something. in that the court and the that's not possible for plugging study then that's almost concern that has about eight cities and because the cell as the so the pregnancy in of be essentially we have been in the month of it he said he backed the biggest the offender he might actually be. is expected to be a public so they be have the program avoid the eyes they have the and they have the beauty of you load code a run time but the best thing you can be going out there is actually substantiating to point out that can only abstract introduced have been paying not see any other.
we don't bars so you don't have the uk media intel which is a core functionality and which is not an unsafe creates this the screen nation between these and so that's my ninety's the not the media.
and yet another part of excessive he did that make them all that expense reid said b.b.c. because expressions need to be able to store that makes for the stuff just like the cord stimulator logical extension of the previous principle of a mission in a sometimes it's about adding additional data to the existing for them anymore.
else like say in drinking straw their feet and a fee so i didn't have that mean you can associate the gipper have project the the the dinky still so that's example of storing things and also the expression used to be able to find their own name of the main objects and just like what the core and this is kind of really tricky and. in many domains spec especially repetitions and that you're being i see no guy in my phone why i find it can only be useful here because the taxing x. and now is extensively be good at storing this kind of random semi structure of paper and at and i think this is another place the scene. all these telling getting piece of paper based fuel and you no longer have all been your evolution's you have all the scoreboard and then be a brief i mean have their own organs frank to managing be a scheme a consistent these the border into the private been facing major well.
be about that yet another part i'm not sure how to use of the phrase it's nice the i think it's the notion that the you want to embrace the reunion it's something a.t.t. in because if you have a good contract with contracts have been able or the front implementations that studies by the same bar. it's over what people want to be easy enough to pick something up over the just inspect the three peaks behavior fear that case and they make it something new that can be used as the rest of the software and and so in other words they never received at least i see other east in something you like augusta obscene the google. or perhaps i mean this is like the example of the hit their the us that the vote the app we want people to be able to add one more thing scenes here and if it's possible by taking one of the existing staff and slightly more and it's so that's where the haircuts it coming but again this i find it surprising be tricky.
if you get this right in many conflicts that you know for example to read about the comptroller logic normally doesn't d.d. appreciate this kind of its earliest authority polymorphous and seven from riding a different you i poured different concepts and so on it's not it's not very easy so this is one place this is one of the places where i spend a lot of it.
fourteen thinking the meatballs.
and if you take these your principles to the logical conclusions that the extensions are the processes we also need to make sure that the the extensions by themselves could provide additional contract feel a lot of other expansions if you can get in other words we expect that.
the expensive revealed the way that. to the the virtuous seen. so in drinking seen ever that we provide and medium that allies extensions years it that the same medium that the core uses the final session point and i think part of the city's cultural the sort of people aren't used to the notion of the finding these extension points on this so that they are pristine. happy some on fourteen july and i think partly this is that every last thing the factory more. example of a campaign go he's enjoying king's no one of the functionality has been ever when you commit show that been say some burgundy poetry you want to stop a new deal and one day apax show that that said about the have actually drinking is making some commits and it's a field commits three year and maybe all the time. pain in cycles so we want to be able to the north and committee fact come from something you know sounded like a reasonable request so he added that and a few months they don't be another parts came along that about me like this idea of the excess expects the reasons but instead of using username year we'd like to exclude southern part. and next thing you know somebody up somebody else to give up that you have some poking the commitments that's what we want to call and so here is pretty soon we have extremely or four different ways to exclude some comments and in that movie deal a the o.t.c. that be in the expansion and so there are lots of these example that you. believe it could indeed anticipate that people wanted to like being seen and it's so recent we still need to be able to be so after the park and so the continuing just there for to help you create its extensive review trouble because james.
and while i still can't really put my finger from the exactly what texas three years that's why i had to be sorted naming some of these keeping an eye it's also easy to tell what's the sign of the fake extensive review of the fake want you all you have a call. the force on anything p.c.t. said the division of labour alone is not enough of a moderate i see that in a most of the big projects the many the game but they are eating any non-trivial software project you have more people than say they have multiple people involving a project for they have to divide up the labour be.
this means something kind of about the contracted have been mars between those people its boundaries but that alone is does not create getting a point guard because them the what often happens is that the end up creating this contract that actually custom paint our feet just for these. timor deals that does not possibly allow any other interpretations and again i used to work on these one of these large project in my previous life got some microsystems and i was in dispute that that's the bit for receipts and then there are people of the interview july this gene sequence the load up the question could be happy. fifteen p d v about the web services installation be about the be very happy develop some contract but there was the end result is that the navy contract that we created was really just for the reps overseas and it can be used for any other purposes. that's that doesn't need that just doesn't cut. and i think when compass think of it i think one of the thing that fosters that kind of the environment the sort of the implicit assumption that you have been fixed set of modules that becomes the final product that no one else is not doing anything at the run by because if the whole team consists of.
happened those number of more deals and any food in a few know these people and then they are the one that the orkneys then i mean you stop these you fail to see the point that would be finding these general abstract concepts of these the contract that was actually beyond what you might be that he and his so you end up. just creating something that was between you and the other guy and other side before the corridor.
so in drinking is the way we have a court sees the have a core bits of the creates the variable structure of being a sea ice or unfortunately still pretty big play so that's why it could stand back i wish the spot smaller and all but i think these as. the that has these cases most of the other for their initial leaving the spread and particle expense of all right so in these teams came or so by then we had four percent but not about you may say that prevented us from property in proper model like patients but at the same time being family history speaks tank of my. nasa is actually divided up into smaller pieces report molecules and in a typical english speaking these things are the same as the province it's just that they cannot be and install. and then but for at the to revolve around up for our the planet's that's the six hundred plus programs and these are the one that actually provide a functionary piece that's useful for abusers and that's putting me that what makes to say yes.
so i think is acting against a brick night thinking maybe the answer the question that i pull us out here these how can we collaborate as many more communication as possible and be that communication steve feasible and that is to create these all these spiders that's and n. that's the hardest.
by the extensive review want to be by the run up into the small son boxer the decided that they are happy but sometimes it can be put together to form the whole four.
normally the site a i think it's sort of fourteen the context of something bad but i'd argue that the accent signed the papers excess repeat a good thing because forced its for the foresees the contracts that the boundary between fun of the foundation for enabling collaboration with that. i did you can gaze at when you have the money when individual finals of small enough to become somewhat easier to keep the generalised contracts that prevents these custom get what you contract on your feet you guys industries i guess it's a manifestation of the priests. for the company us extreme expect to find stuff he painted or you just read pick up enough and often enough and it becomes a part of your part of the part of your baby that face the defining contractor the finding of sections the painful is just the dollar pan and victory but be every.
possible or by greece and and that makes it easier and of course the smaller could really have us in the business cycle for smaller and smaller code is easier to walk on in these your back most of the drinking spying you'd probably consists of less than a dozen files in each of the pile sound particularly be so for some an e.p..
the twenty six a system that thinking about the king the behaviour of some things it's a little easier to get say no five miles of the pasta must be five hundred mile problem it's just easier the country and easier to be all these if the past it easier to run and so.
i think the another important aspects of creating side of the study of as you be so embrace all these special you species may be bad for the track during the general purpose because i think the one of the reasons that people have to be discussed about the future designs is about there is always the stench.
in between the special purpose special use cases only for of small number of people or from the general things that should be should be should be kept and so this when we could win because accommodate the special use case using a different style and they only know only those who need it is from the year that need the money. it's one of the reason why you need you have to be heated discussion by what's to be added in the future so in a to b. them have be excessive very expensive anything gains having these half a dozen different ways be excluded commits in the subordinate flagging might not be feasible because you know factors a u.i..
hoping that by the line people at the new them off in the supply again you could accommodate them all right so it makes everyone do what they want to be allows us to get out of the way people can do what they want they can still use the rest of the stuff and so you just say that can enable the new teachers and.
i think most of these six hundred plug ins only have a small number of users but for those people using it is a critical piece of the fight and so that's what you want that these any more software you do you want you want people to be able to fill the gap between what they'd like to the process was capable and and to be more t.v.. the you want been able that these i asking them to get trapped or the other right for you.
and the success of a file i think requires less communications because every double forgets his own son box which is their side though it's easier for the back and so there is as long as you know and that that the piece of the land don't pack he asked anyone else for the permission to add stuff you can just go go at it and then you just. the internet whatever you want to do is it is somebody else doesn't like it they can bring this that they can have their own son i second the news that one of the nice the sort of these discussing the crab rate between different people every day if i can do whatever they want to bid that's you know this is not much to talk about.
point and it also helps everyone the work up their own pace you know that people like me i did the conference driven the ball once and like you know the if i wanted to show something in its conference like some feature say might not right testified kind of them like this some other people think it's going to be far more discipline but you know they did.
it might be safe testing and development they might be money that if we had has the corresponding test case again we could accommodate all these people with different opinions because we're simply walking on the fence son. and that a director said the program was perfect the band said if if i have to see someone else's cause it's really not good for my peace of mind because i see something you have been a some kind of this is how is it done this their highs it than that i am sure you have the same experience.
and then leave see the same thing from the other side for some a new to the project they no longer have to feel ashamed of places the biggest the new code base pay anything towards to be fine and and some once the years it's a sum of how the problem is that it's just scored is this stuff on their own.
and then i think the the other important parties just by creating the sale the environment you can actually foster innovation this because every rock the idea that people might come up the state a shot at the moment patients unity as a new guy into the project don't have to sell your idea to someone else.
this and other people or its existing they will point to come in the like myself i don't have to turn down and it's a lot easier to come across as a great guy before you're doing this to encourage if you walk on something yet you planning to the pasta tell them that no i don't think we don't take it because it's not it's not.
general purpose and. so there are many features in jenkins that i recently did invent the state could become popular but nonetheless they did it so i'm used to some fancy just term care and the other kinds i think of the program are safe and maybe this is because of my my agent or it seems that i find it easier to communicate the code can communicate. the english you have i'm sure you have this experience that they have this whole thing up acting head but it's just so painful be serialised this referee david kahn fifteen feet english wars and fantasies and try to convince the other guy that the something states is that the eye. in contrast had been country in the many open source project and i have waited a wallet i always felt that they also you know they're likely to be the baby both right and you should people should by now known for the second high there can be the victim of parties kind of thing. and so and that so i think this allowing people to experiment with being seen for the plodding that sort of navels people to get the job and also allows the project is for the foster experiment and only after they've proved themselves to be cuts will be to start to hide it stings and similarly. you some of these experiments fail you don't have to drag fees the study early experiments were made it i don't interfere or using it can keep using it as it doesn't add on any cost the drug just the right.
the mother for but i didn't like about the sensitivities study highlights these high order problems.
the business side of the things divided up between aside those double or starts recordable parcelforce stopped working against like myself again i walk on number of thinking spy planes and so thing said acts i didn't get the put myself into the shoes of the flagging golf course i get to see the. kaine said they have to go through it and anything that idea to improve those process the scene of the sinn fein appeal process of being the id support writing the arctic are for the common mistakes and so on these things all stop equally benefit every client of all forms etc as if the chorus of.
while the piece the want that stand on a porous and don't want to help the fly by themselves so in the survey you keep making it easier for people to write the silence and that makes the development more scalable you can use a smaller number of people walking in a core support larger number of people writing mean to be applying the inside and outside thing. it is crucial because you know i think we all believe the of the old don't have enough computers different.
the thing the be the other a key part in this one is not technically it's more about social thing it's by creating the side those it allows us to drastically reduce the barrier to entry of the fraud and so i was in fact just having this conversation few hours the backing the us. drinking stand. that you know i was telling this speech all that well in think his project you just have to tell me your to have id and then your or think it's going to go and in this is so much so i mean it's so much so that we even write the i.r.c. bought that had seen you people are good as a commuter. and so that's why we were able to go to that many number of people contributing and then know many project i think this is a this is quite i think this crisis friday but this works for us probably because they want people on crowd right if you got his own party wants these people are you know you don't need to have to.
carefully interview these them you don't have the sea you know they are nice for existing computers so that there's the most of the reasons the typical projects the man and a long time for simon before they become a comment or simply gone into again it's also because of the silos any pop.
for damage that these new computer can they hiding compartmentalized and said he doesn't affect for months and also be part of the point of using border control system is so that we control the attendees and saying fact that they only think of like us to your three incidents where we have in the past very new.
the comic are now made some programs they were caused some confusions among used in there are any all but one case he is your simply able to roll back the ten he said done and at least be said about three every visit the fable walking on the findings before take some security just because everyone is a quicker.
that doesn't mean everyone is equal say some are some flooding is actively maintained by some people their opinion on the tram partners and and that's ok because she knew people has problem is that they could simply walk on the difference on fox so and you all but want to see if you're able to successfully rolling back in an hour's it and so. in my mind make for most of the project on this year like of the next cano that the project that we have is not having enough computers and so we shouldn't be chasing people radius at least a state where we should be instead making the contributions as easy as possible by reducing the virus.
the entry and this coupled with the fact that the writing i think it's like me think it's like a small enough that's the main reason we're able to grow the that six hundred five in size.
yeah and and also i notice that when you give people a new power are and people sort of behavior more cautiously just because they can commit to the foster he doesn't mean they actually did so they nonetheless want to make sure that they're not stepping on to someone else's out and say to yourself another reason the sports well. for the open source projects like ours is that they were in that when people move on from people who did they were dumped on the move on to something else this allows us to have the contest inflow of a new golf course to be a pickup bear the greatest i was left thought and keep it you're carrying a fact for.
and it also a very small contributions letting solar wonder if you want to have more often than having the masses and use that the rights everything about seventy two years. and i also realize that the fact that the fed if i see the lease key contributors in the drinking straw that they innovate they say came up to the project are stein very cordial question most of them so you know me when you think about likely grow people into the key member.
for the community have to start somewhere and so it because it can't be helped to become a singer sightseeing scant contributors just a few tried is everyone so that is that sets of so far i was focusing on the high calorie do the war without any qualifications but if there's a.
absolutely no communication whatsoever then everyone ends up being things in their own part of the union force and they fail peaceful have come together into the single map studies that it's taken me so the inner they run really example that they can't think of its fail to form a. the planet is the and again in the year job of building societies have a beautiful in a complex and expensive easy that allows people to write perhaps but so you can you see that they could have ordered a sea loch to lots of these the old and faster beaten by all these different people or but there's no single come. we be around it because there's no place to go so they know they simply return on the wall many of them dead so instead what we want to have be some kind of the center of gravity the pool speak for and that creates the company say something that got so the bring all these different therefore thing to run the that the one.
that's the day the money he sent the planet that it's the future. and i think in the traditional project the source code bond street is the center of gravity because well for you for people to know the core of right to have to be able to cope with the changes are you creating artificial plaintiff a single force called by c.n.n. people for current and that becomes it that i. i think he doesn't have to be that way because i said for the reasons having people can collaborate on the signal corps base is actually a very painful so for what are these said program you seem to think it's for the bank said that many get some of the easy run died of a force for the first one for whatever reason a disc.
i'll bet the i.r.c. he's an excellent the center of gravity and it's probably because it's the closest thing we have the the water cooler in the open source project is a place that people can companies face as a prostitute great thing it yet he took place at the dingo to see all the others and you go. also a kind of the front end up sent up the same time that so most of the time you're not be the painting attention to what's going on there but the nation interesting conversation starts uk where somebody else proxy you can and i think these years he retracted joke and then there's some non-productive being seen.
and there but apparently these things she's very helpful for building human relationship it helps create this context around people beyond the code and old things for the long way to making war pappas news the other thing i think that the water well as the center of gravity the i prepare for and i guess people here.
very probably no better know it's better than that and there's an incredible volleying having people actually need together and then and talk to each other the face to face so the been doing the jobs around the world the main photo in some power in on them talking again and so on the me having had a phone so that the developers. to me other and we also find that it's actually incredibly important to be brought back some boys having a blog that people can come to having a teacher can so that when we have between we want to do something we haven't means the reached the our users and you know for this i have to say the eye the much profit the guy using the.
this fixture actually is the one that spearheaded this kind of things but i know i'm the guy could write code i didn't realize how important these things are on this and feel and do it actually happened.
but above all these things i think the most important thing that create this gravity in the danes project is the updates and it's the user interface built into thinking that lies people things still like c n n n the flip side of it is that the few the cubist your findings introduce up. the center you have to call a caterer fighting between the industry have thinking she died of organizations. and maybe make it such supreme make it said that the committee taxes grab a single coming back seat grants you access to all the plug in divorce trees not just the one that you're working on an insight that way of encouraging if you stop working on other plight start maintaining years. and i want to become a quicker for the reason the middle of the year you can also add other people in fees from.
so that the think the reason this force in my mind it's because it creates an incentive for the devil course to come to discover the because you know the user's they expect to be expecting still plugging they expect to find bargains in the office or so other people are naturally you want your staff to be used by other.
without having the right there at the right so you're not makes people want to come and again when you have these inflow of the golf course it makes it easier for us to find the main thing hours. and then as a more private means gather in the updates enter the expectation from the user's that they find being seen the epicenter get stronger so it creates a positive feedback cycle it's easy to exactly like the ground so initially start small but as they accumulate more plug ins and not for user start to see my body in it.
it's special cycle that green see more people into the community and accelerate the whole process. and so also usually right be the other part that makes the scrappy stronger or pan is that these kind of mechanism behind the scene to create and run the epicenter get better or because of the best chance of recording sns so been reviewed nearing the kind.
the bill the be on the statistic staff feel pain created you see fact person being fit the document patients and so on so all these things done the work has a makeup place and a very valuable place that's very hard to replace you know it's the distributed more than control system you can very easily new the. your score the postie else that this kind of aggressive to gravity of these the up this for and the fact that you know we have the all this mess of people in one can be that's something you can be moved to another place and that creates this community that's that in my mind for of the community.
so on this topic i have to say there is this been emerging talent for which i don't have an answer for but a redesigned the whole thing you are feeling the subordinate boys. ensign say we've moved off to get out it's probably many of you and your back and the fact that the suburbs of a centralised other also acting other part of the the gravity because you know again for you the it was felt it was just great uk for to maintain custom parties on top of somebody else.
it's of rather the poultry so if someone wanted to make changes to play against they really wanted good thing to do so in gaps in the policies that these in the community but it's good it's surprisingly easy the maintain your party's make keeping the power always what kept doing these things so they're that some of this have an incentive for you to. joint project i think the another thing is the progress that had some profound impact on these dynamics in the community no one hand it's great that the contributions are easier to impact mean really receivable the protests summit so that we can't even keep bees but at the but also it creates this month.
eric the get that sort of made that that lets people sort of stuff for the war they think the work is down where they contributed appear again but in reality someone in the project would have to take a look at it and it passed to the pats needs to be brought to the completion that's all the war and you know when when we also and also were we. enabled contributions that been doing in the community so that reduces the inflow of the but or so there's a lot of people who is contributing to this project by sending a story gets but they don't see themselves as the member of the of becoming the because they don't they don't don't they and in so.
we have the know you're getting this this this new people in the committee's makes it harder over time to maintain the so this is something i'm not have good answer for generate like you and all that but them you see something i need if you get.
ok so. really the wall and trying to say is that you know you've got to scale the developer may be in office for for don't have the people we need more cord to view them extensive review the never asked to be there and then the you know we can be the estimate the congregation have to be through the access to the we don't let people be whatever they want to be a physics and. if you can get out of the way we can get out of the way between people and what they want physics it's very the baby all i'm trying to say is a stick sensitivity excess very expensive it the excessive a excess very be hopeful in the form of file so that's the all i'm trying to secure the excessively thank you very much.
you tube.
last year its. and if only we had to ask questions. i know. i hope by the. i hope i did that really well i hope the rest of course them thank you very much for coming here. the eighth.