How to hack on Wikipedia

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How to hack on Wikipedia
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10 proposals to get you started in the MediaWiki community Annoyed by some detail? Suffering some bug? Missing some feature? Having a cool idea? Wondering what comes next? Here you have the top 10 activities that you can start right here right now. You use Wikipedia. Maybe you donate to Wikipedia. Maybe you even edit Wikipedia. Or any other Wikimedia project: Commons, Wiktionary, Wikiversity... Since you are in FOSDEM chances are that you know what is MediaWiki. Maybe you are using it in some website or intranet. Maybe you even are a MediaWiki admin. Or maybe you even installed it once... Anyway, we just came here to say that being a Wikipedia reader AND a FOSDEM attendee you simply qualify as technical contributors to one of the most amazing collaborative projects happening now. Annoyed by some detail? Suffering some bug? Missing some feature? Having a cool idea? Wondering what comes next? Here you have the top 10 activities that you can start right here right now: (The list will go through 10 examples of tasks for developers, testers, designers, sysadmins, doc writers, and even product and marketing people! A page in will list these tasks and point to the right places to get you started). Now you saw the dark side. You smelled the red pill. No matter what you do (or don't do), reading Wikipedia will never be the same.
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hello guys next up is a Kim Jill with
how to hack on Wikipedia hello good afternoon thank you for being here so let's start with a bit of exercise so
anybody that has used wikipedia please raise your hand okay that's that's some
exercise so a people that have edited Wikipedia or any related project wiki okay still quite quite good anybody has done any technical contribution as in development or testing for Wikipedia related okay so I think we need a session like this so we can see that the mismatching numbers which is logical but
at least we are we want to do our best to start improving the right here so first let me let me explain you a little
story Wikimedia wiki a bit like you know home sweet home so we have Wikipedia
which is a project you already know actually this project belongs to a family of projects which are part of the Wikimedia movement all these projects shared basically two things one thing is this mission of sharing free knowledge for everybody and really everybody another one is that all those use these media wiki software underneath to just provide the functionality you need to create content edit collaboratively and all kinds of stuff whoops this was not
supposed to happen and they told me
going back is not easy okay so here here
we so here we have another another of the project I don't know if you're familiar with them but I don't know wiktionary wikispaces wikiquote Wikimedia Commons wikibooks etc so all that wheel belongs to wikimedia the Wikimedia movement and but but in the same way that all the content we produce is is free also all the software we play with and used and we developed is also free and this is why some other server we develop or all of the stuff where we develop is can be used by third parties is used by third parties so the media wiki software it's also used by other projects nonprofit super profit that are out of them we can be a movement like I just put some logos here weekly how we clear the OpenStreetMap semantic mediawiki web platform org and thousands of others so I don't know are you are you using other media wiki projects can you raise your hand if you're using okay so that's you know yeah yeah you know many people don't even know you have to go to the bottom of the page you know sometimes you know if you're using a media week or not but anyway that's the fact is that when you're doing a technical contribution if you're targeting Wikipedia or your targeting the media wiki software you're probably also doing a contribution to all these other projects directly or indirectly and it is a very important aspect as well okay
so let's start this over with with the ultimate hack so just get the data all the rest do it as you prefer so you can use the you can use the API to get content remix content contribute content you can do many things with it and you can use it for I don't know develop a game encryption software some teristic guide up to you really but there's a huge amount of content so articles media files images audio video and and not
only that I mean it it's also as content maintained by someone which it's not you I mean you're not taking care of all that content so it's really valuable it's free you can use it in in many ways you can also get involved in testing
testing is usually not just the easy entry point for non developers for instance to get closer to development
it's also that if you're a developer you should work on things that can be improved and a way to know what can be improved is by doing testing so we do testing of new features coming to Wikipedia for instance I don't know visual editor who is who has a wikipedia account who has register to Wikipedia okay that's pretty good so if you go to preferences you can enable this visual editor which basically allows you to edit pages that the editor looks like the final page already pretty neat but out quite buggy at the moment and it could get some improvements in performance so you can get involved for instance in testing of these new features or you can also get involved in in a browser testing automated testing regression testing we of course if we want wikipedia and related projects to be for everybody this means plenty of browser versions platforms form factors etc etc so it's plenty of automated testing as well and in our work we have more than 4,000 bucks not all of them are for english wikipedia so but we have plenty of bags fresh all for everybody so just join in
search one that you like look around help testing it help fixing it really appreciate it you can also get involve
in translation so not only in one of the 347 languages think of it 347 languages what piece of software you know that gets close to this number also translation is done the wiki way using translate wiki which is another mediawiki based project which is not part of the wikimedia movement it it's a good neighbor but other projects are using it as well as a platform for translation so it really is really easy to join and improve any strings you can
see not just in your non-english language also English can be improved think of it so you can also get involved when you improve the English strings using using you know getting involved in in translation and it's not only about translation it's also the technologies that are behind we're talking about input method so how you introduce text in for instance non-latin scripts right to left grammar rules so there's many other technologies involved in in
languages design this is another area so you could be the next person proposing a full redesign of Wikipedia we look all
those always with great interest however this is like software is like if I'm now going to propose a full right off I don't know the Linux kernel now especially when I proposed it from a theoretical point of view yeah people can say yeah well interesting but you know maybe if you want to get involved in design what i recommend you is get get started with something small there's actually bugs and there's actually an answer in requests that the related we design not just art graphics creation there's plenty of UX problems that we can solve how to save one click to a user how to do something more evident to the user so there's plenty of room for improvement and and your help is really welcome there especially if you are happy working with developers so your design goes close with with code contributions system administrations
there's also plenty of of work and room for help well so it's been said citation needed I don't have it right now but
apparently Wikipedia and company is the fifth most-visited website in the world and the sizzle mean teams they are great they are not many it's amazing if you look at the whole top 50 so all the neighbors of Wikipedia there these are all huge companies so when you think of Wikipedia this this thing that we are summarizing as Wikipedia actually we are talking about last count I checked two days ago 866 wikis and this is only the media wikis so this media wikis are in you know half configurations have extensions have we have also all the
tools I don't know the bugzilla I mentioned the bugzilla is just one tool so there's plenty of things we are using around and and since I mean help is also welcome they are a big fans of puppet so actually configuration information it is amazing the amount of transparency there's also in the system inside so you can go replicate a configuration if you find possibilities of of improvement send your send your patch all this is of course documented and we have laps
Wikimedia torque which is a basically it is page where you can create your own fresh instant and play with it experiment try new things
okay so now let's go to code development there's different there's different opportunities for software developers I will start with with what we call
gadgets because this probably is the easiest entry point so we are talking about JavaScript and you can start with something as easy and actually as with with with a clear impact as a userscript a userscript that can be you can run it locally so you can do whatever you want because it runs locally literally in in your own in your own wiki or actually in your you just need for instance you can you can customize the Wikipedia user interface just by having a user account
and then you can just use your own user script and you know just customize the navigation at the left or change something at the bottom of other categories that are at the bottom just put in at the top you can do actually a lot of functionality with your own user scripts you can share those user scripts with other users if your stuff is really good you can keep promoting it and maybe one day you get it as a supported gadget in a Wikipedia or in any other other project so again if you are registered user in Wikipedia you can go to your preferences you will see a tap gadget and you can play with those okay mobile
another another area which is quite popular um so basically what we are doing is focusing on iOS and Android well i would say android and iOS to be
more precise we welcome help there so the projects are in github you can you know you can just use the very latest releases you can you can join the development it is not only about Wikipedia so for instance now one priority we have is to play with comments so to help people not just consume media but also contribute media from the mobile devices because probably you have noticed that things like pictures we are taking more pictures with mobile devices unless unless with cameras that then we plug to USB and then we apply out etc so this is these are these are areas that we are focusing and we welcome help but we also welcome help with all the rest again so Wikimedia
projects are for everybody and we wish we could reach everything but it's just them difficult so all the platforms are welcome other browsers are welcome any help is welcome which button this ok but
so but our users like real users they have an account the Wikipedia the difference with human users is that they are really patient they don't complain
they learn like like ranting things like that you know they just work and work and keep working 24 hours a day as much as the server policies allows them to work probably there's plenty of them so one thousand something around of course not all of them are enabled in the English Wikipedia but there's plenty of them in any case about languages so I mentioned here Python because it went popular framework but again JavaScript or pearl or actually this there's many many frameworks bash I don't know you name it you probably will find out some interface to develop your your your bot or again maybe instead of trying to develop a new one considering the amount
of current ones maybe you just find a word that also needs help and would welcome your improvement we go down to
extensions so actually plenty of functionality that that you get as a user of Wikipedia comes from a specific extension I don't know it can be a way
to upload files it can be I don't know many specific functionality these extensions are written in PHP mostly and basically again you can you can start contributing to any of the many extensions that are around 83 of them using the English Wikipedia but there's plenty more around used by other projects or well or maybe we are just missing something and that something could be an extension that you could provide and
well finally we go to the mediawiki core so this is the software that provides the wiki in Wikipedia well it's quite a beast it's it's big I was told that maybe this number comes from all our statistics maybe this number contains
the localization strings but still I mean it is it's a piece of software that you know you I would recommend it to start first in with extensions or something before you you you get there but in any case there's about 155 active contributors it's been so this was developed for Wikipedia and still nowadays the primary focus is Wikipedia so for instance the the fresh versions target first Wikipedia and if if you're breaking something you probably are going to see first breaking it if Wikipedia this is why this defines a lot what is the the release process of
mediawiki but anyway there's this people involved there from with many different interest organizations so you're also welcome to join and probably and this is of course the media week if you've seen this this label here at the button you can see it in the footer of any
Wikipedia page it's also in the footer of many many websites and well there's
more ways to contribute but you know for a lining session I think it's quite enough please here there's more information at in this URL mediawiki don't work / something how to contribute search for how to country though they contribute look at the homepage you're welcome we are I think we are quite friendly community ask questions be bold this is the slogan for ourselves so be bold and yeah you can start with something small being part of something really really big thank you very much