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Arduino: from prototype to final product
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Rollin, Fellipe
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Arduino is a development platform useful not only for amateur/hobbyist projects, but also for prototyping commercial solutions. Its modularity make easy the process of creating and evaluating concepts in a short space of time and with reduced costs. In this talk we are going to illustrate a development flow divided into three steps: the modular design, the prototype and the final product. The modular design intends to validate the main features of the product being developed, while the prototype has the goal of evaluating its performance. The two first steps allow us to validate the proposed product with reduced costs and reduceddevelopment time, as well as it helps reduce the need of making changes in the final product project in a later stage. To illustrate this process, we are going to go through the development of a GPS tracker with GSM communication made on top of open-source software and hardware. To present the development flow of a product prototyped with Arduino. To divide and detail its development cycle into three steps: the modular design, the actual prototype and the final product. To illustrate this process, we are going to go through the development of a GPS tracker with GSM communication made on top of open-source software and hardware.
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hi my name is Felipe Holly I work at
knock Institute of Technology I am the chief from Brazil I'm here to talk about our project from prototype to final
product I had participated to create a real product prototyping using Arduino so why prototyping are doing I'd win with the open-source platform is to learn and hacker very low background in electronics the Dell of development software language is betted on wiring very similar to C and C++ spot the farm has average of open lubbers and jazz samples demonstrating how to use the sensors which significantly decreases
the development time these liberals may use to prove a concept very performed science the rod hardware platform is open it can be modified to support moving from a prototype to a commercial
sorry about my English it's my first time speaking in English Arduino heaven
expansion slots features ball and sensors so you can stack a lot of shields with many features and sensors
here are some examples of shoots at an H GPS Jessie aim as the reader bluetooth LCD keypad relation model with relation modeling you can ultimate the ultimat age your house and your wife you'll be
crazy here's some of sample of stacking
shoots I never did that but some people say that works I don't know
now some open libbers if with these labels we can access the EEPROM grenade shoot to connect the Internet manipulate LCG region right SD card
using serial communication here here is a lot of open Lieberson if everything is in our project was using open Leber's in this year dispersed who bids to booted with LGPL software and hunter it's free
now we make a GPS tracker why a GPS tracker the bada both colleges about
this problem disease are motivating ever every year many animals and humans being
injured and killed Judy Heumann animal conflicts main cause for the conflicts is the increasing loss of space available for the animals tracking device may be used that's true to support Jesus tracking device may provides more accurate information an animal's behavior and also by allowing the mission alerts when animals approach human settlements science mobile coverage is constantly increasing specially near human statements and much
more affordable then sad tale satellite transmission this network is an interstellar alternative for data transmission and however the current cost search device restricting the number of units available for researchers the main motivation for an
institute like ing chi not institute of technology this type of project is provide a cheaper and open source tracking platform here's some news about
this problem double-double changes to us
we investigated the similar products available in the market here we
investigated three products the cheapest model here have some drawbacks Saoirse heaven personal in the future tracking device subject the weather conditions and animal attacks many times the elephants kill people's tracking then models with GPS the last and cellular satellite communication are usually very expensive five and ten thousand dollars we propose our solution
size mobile coverage is constantly increasing special near human statements and much more affordable then cetology transmitted transmission this networking is an interesting alternative for data transmission cheaper than satellite satellite communications don't need people in the animal area to collect data we evaluated some alternatives
creating our new hardware using a cell phone low end or a smart phone the battery consumption is one of the main restrictions for tracking devices simply sites is also a main driver for the type of application size the device will be unattended for a long time we need this device in the wild for two years why we
chose an Arduino open-source hardware platform widely available open source
libraries is to customize fumer created for prototype can be easily evolved chosen on the final product other
problem the chin didn't heaven previous knowledge about tracking system and hardware development so use it the following methodology feasibility stood concept prototype and the final our
product evaluated alternatives we have shown to you evaluate your performance create conceptual key key features conducted in each our statements and the other I will after our concept we bought
some are doing shoots to create the conception we use it a dual with GSM GPS
and SD reader to visually visualize the data we use the open source to call it open G TM and the first proof-of-concept performed in less than one month our big biggest problem was both deaf child the shoots in the Brazil is very expensive
both are twins if in develop your ball with 15 hours in Brazil you both it's like 15 or it's very expensive with the concept we we validate the main features which was possible is to schmate the power consumption removing unnecessary component social voltage regulators allow G's USB interface etc it was possible to validate the concept with project sponsors WF as well as defined the final specification after World HR features with a side prototyping or one board device design it with the following features these features is to increase the battery in the wild wake up sever our and check its schedule device in his lip state during the remain time alternatives evaluator center receiving data SMS was chosen to the greater coverage and lower power consumption Japan GP air us were chosen because there is no way to guarantee G SMS would be receiving the short awake parrot this is our on harder from prototype the board was designed based on Arduino concept here are on board and here GSM board communicating with our onboard remove all unnecessary components additional components to turn off GSM and GPS while instant ball instant by mode to economic battery GSM shield maintained by time constraint and components of the ability I talked it to cute in Brazil is very difficult to buy distance showed here the prototype results device program at collide GPS data and send coordinates by SMS tracking path simulation real animal routes collect data under self compared
with real data storage in the device we start the GPS data we ask the reader SD card sorry we did this test in the nipple we feed about the boyf prototype
results refuges are first onboard GPS coordinates success rate above 18% gps fix failed under dense canopy SMS success rate lower than 15% science SMS were sent even with low signal strange after this test we changed the send us mail SMS on with his maiden signal strange here our final
product we will remove it the GSM shield and put the GSM chipset in our onboard GSM GPS as the reader all in the same board it's the same components from ad win aboard it's the same ship that just same SMS components tied by others within profit
performance GSM antenna substituted by internal model improvement Grodin for better GSM performance to accelerate boards develop to enable access to the SIM card and memory cards it's the the
second board here h --d open air as SSE evaluated before registering and sending h stop its horizontal precision from GPS
system modify internal schedule aiming at finding best times to wake up near cellular coverage area to a better economy here we proposed enclosure G's enclosure we printed with a 3d printer
now our own web application with send g zap location to double double F here you can see the path shown nipple with H stop it's the green ball green circle refugees web application when the animal is near the human area the assistance
sent to people's near on alert about the animals here are our final product
it's a sari for you you can achieve the walk though it's the less you still have 40 seconds for the walkthrough okay here signs the conceptual or final product and here this example of our web
application again our web application
and thank


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