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ZONE: towards a better news feed
and a way to create newspapers according to topics
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ZONE: towards a better news feed
and a way to create customized newspapers according to your favorite topics
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Nowadays we can use RSS feeds, Twitter, Google Reader, Yahoo Pipes or aggregators to keep up with news. Though those solutions do not guarantee data privacy and rather manage news by origin. The zone project proposes an innovative solution to overcome those issues using the power of Semantic Web and group related informations together. ZONE-project provides a new, innovative way to follow news. At its core, the system is aggregating news items from various RSS feeds. Using the power of semantic web we are able to efficiently tag & annotate each news. Those tags are the basis of filters. Filters allow users to see only news that are relevant. For instance users can retrieve all news containing a tag, or on the contrary never see news containing specific tags. Basically it means that each user can create custom news feeds according to his interests. Though it may be tedious for John Doe to build its own filters, thus it will be possible to exchange filters with other users, or read specific news feeds built by other users. This will enable users to create news group feed focused on specific topics such as technology, heath, industry, transport, agriculture, communication, environment... No field can escape from the ZONE search and news feed mechanism!
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okay hello I'm ray IP to be where to present you my project i call John project and i will present all the project everything you would know about
this first i have a problem when i'm on twitter my timeline is really really big I can't follow everything we ask this program ever everybody it's really a big program how can you sort all these
informations I'll carry you say i want to see one thing one laughing don't see everything you we need to have solutions
making which will make this suit we need to have solution ready to make salt in
order to don't treat everything and it's what I want to work on but it not only
on Twitter it's on all information when you see when you read you read newspaper you need to you need to see okay I don't want to read this page of our page you
need to have your personal use paper Oh
another solution is to buy everything all newspaper and read everything every
morning but it's not good solutions we need to make this quickly in informatics if we want to make news forecasting you need to have solutions to make this efficiently and it's very important but
where solutions were a lot of solutions first you can twist providers you can
buy a newspaper what you like and say okay it's good information I have just read this you can go on google news on over website to have this informations but it's not your information in order to have you informations you can follow
RSS feed you have aggregators you say okay I want news coming from one website
for another website and say okay you will give me all the news on a page and are you I will with everything for Reese websites but it's not making filtering it's not for me a good solutions because because I will need to read everything on this on this aggregator and it's not pretty good solutions finally I found
one solutions called Yahoo
I it's really easy to use as you can see you just have to make box to make link between bugs and it works but I think you don't know how to use this and we really need to understand this but it works you can say i want maybe 10 or 15 RSS feed I want you to take only used
with this world in venues with another word making sort making over things making random maybe and you will have you news you will have your fist your filtering but it's called Yahoo pipe and it in yahoo it's not on your computer okay i have problem i need to work on
mining why mining because when I'm filtering news I can't say I just filmed this world with over world I need to say i want i want this information I want information talking about this person about another person and I really need to work on mining / problem I need an
open solutions my solution don't be a
steed but Google or Yahoo it ready need
to be in my computer I need to be it
need to refer me by me on my computer
okay why I can't make this so i can make
these solutions I was student in an engineering school I can make god i have
i have study graph analysis I can make everything about this i can make way busting i love open source why not making this solutions okay i start to
cut and I make my solutions it's pretty pretty beautiful i love this it's my
solutions it's working for me I have my
news I have my filtering I have everything I wanted but maybe it's the same problem when yo pipes it's not beautiful and I say okay I have my
solution it's worked for me I use this
but I say okay how can i make better or
can i make a solutions for over for you and I see I seen a contest made
by inria they say okay we give you one year full-time working on an open source project and you will you will manage the project as you want you will make open source you will go to two conferences in order to make people preferring we are say in where is good everything like this but you will work as you want on open source and since five months I'm working on this and I will present you what I'm working on and oh can it work vertec okay i have my face like with an
other feed aggregator i need to read these feeds but now i will make better i
will annotate my news how can I annotate news how can I annotate news i will use
annotator and I annotator will take a text yeah for example I have a text coming from BBC News I the services will wait with stacks and will underline things importance well under allowing named entities he can't say I can read what it's talking about David Cameron it will see what David Cameron is CM is named two times as David Cameron first and Mr Cameron in the second time it will say okay it's really important this person is ready important in this text it will see over things like it's calling about it's talking about European you know it will say okay it's it's on us talking about David Cameron
and European Union and with Vicente toes I will need able to make to work on mining on my text I i I'm able to put a sense of all the texts I'm analysis okay
i have this but i can make a lot a lot more why not using open data with open data you have all the things organized in order to be in order to bin and resist bye-bye ordinateurs with open
data you have semantic web frame of this office of its super of this research topic is to take all the informations sources like Wikipedia and two leg then one between over one and to make ordinate plan and to put and to be able with computer to make analysis about text for example it was talking about David Cameron but with Wikipedia I know that the weekend one is a politician and re i'm now able to say that but my news is
talking about politics and i need to be
able to add a lot of maintenance on my text and it's really important in order to make my filtering and other things i
can make data mining on my news i just
take all the news and i make and i will regroup all the new similar one between over one and like this i can't i can't say okay all these news is talking out talking about this subject all over news i'm talking about another subject and like this i can make more and more about
my news and about filtering okay now i have all my news I just need to stir them and for this I used no I know SQL databases called virtuoso which is a graph oriented databases you use in semantic web it's it works very fine and
it enabled me to make mining to organize my data and it works very efficiently in this in my project okay i have my databases I have my informations and now
I need to make to to write and web interfaces in order to see my news I have my topics I just need eyelid I just need to translate my my questions super computer service I use special request it's gone it's come from web semantics and the aim is to mr. white request like in mysql and to to ask for databases for graph databases yeah i have the example talking about david cameron i can say i want all informations talking about this Shin about talking about European you know and it will get it will give me all this information and it's very efficient
it's helped me to add all my information with the filtering own person it's not just on world it's ready and come on context i can say i want the person david cameron the organization european union it's very efficiently on this now i have my residence I have information I want and I just need to give this to a client as well RSS feed or as a web interfaces and like this I have my
solutions and air its best solutions working with to work flow we annotation workflow on maybe on a computer on the server and and weekly on the web client or from mobile phone for everything you want on an oversight now i will present
you a short demo ok here is the
solutions you can see all the newest you can see the annotations and we will click maybe on one annotations for a white house we have all news talking now
about white house we have a racist feeds twitter news and all is annotated we have some pages we can see everything
now i will add an i can click to civil
news talking about maison rouge and we
said okay i will all i want also news talking about amid Cassie and I have all
these news coming from my addresses feeds and coming for Twitter and okay
its work i have my solutions now i can
make more things with open data I want all news talking about the departments in the front I can check all these
informations I can make more things and
I can really make my filtering like this
okay it's not much more beautiful than
the first versions but I'm really working on this and I think we will have
involved in one or two months already better solutions on this
it was the demo you can try it go try it
Iranian aid user I we need to know how you want to use these solutions we have a really big solutions we we just need to find usage to find out you want to use with solutions it's very important because now i use i can use from my usage but i think there is a lot of lots of usage you would like interested in you can use with solutions for medical for medical news feeding for news for casting for a lot of things and I think we need to know on what we want to use this let's slide for me it's radio good
project I love working on this every morning going to work it's very fine if one want to work on this project we have an entire chip it's a it's ready I think
a good solution it's fine thank thank you for sharing with us this new software may be time for one question no yeah yes it's come from nabbed recognition you know named entity recognition yes and the question is what kind of tool do you use in your own oh tato to extract named entity yeah we use a solutions coming from named entity recognition domain we I use a personally I use wiki meter or where r / solutions you can go to Ned any LG dot recommend and well a lot of solutions for this for visa applications there are not a lot of open source solutions but we are working on with living area in order to have a solutions working in French and in English called spotlight it's a solutions coming from Wikipedia and we will try to translate with in French no doubt you work for my project yes thanks it's really powerful your solution and another question is about the topics that the user can use to select the news they either you you ever think about some some critera to suggest the topics or some other things about these because I think it's a big problem that people can select what we are interested yeah I one thing I really want to see in the solutions it making a language in order to make in order to make categories meta categories values user will say okay I Cueto category with v thing with everything not another things and like this we will be able to make meta categories for things and all the all the things were we are using for this filtering it's come only for from semantic web you with just you service but and we have a lot of things that we can use if we use over annotators we can work on medical medical news on a lot of things but it's really important to add visa you teachers in order to have a lot of informations about news you're welcome


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