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Why you no host?

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Why you no host?
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Internet privacy and numeric data control are parts of current hot topics. Internet is being centralized by private companies and users are becoming products. We believe that self-hosting could be a good answer to that problem. In many country like France or Germany, self-hosting is no more technically a dream, but knowledges required to configure a server at home remain significants. With YunoHost, we provide a simple solution to host your mail, jabber and web server at home, and easily install web applications and services to extend capabilities.
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so the other day I I heard about something called the cloud and I tried it was great actually it was a it has many advantages I mean I don't I didn't have to store any any details at home I didn't have to rent any any movies you
know they were streaming all around and actually all my devices were synchronized without doing anything I
mean god bless google but i quickly saw some limitations actually we're for every single website i had to create an account and many times there were some
space limitations and I don't know but I
I heard about some security or privacy problems but I have to tell you something I I don't read the terms of
services so he didn't I also heard about
something called self-hosting and
actually it was pretty good it was pretty good there were like many many applications available I mean federated applications and I I had for every single usage I had in the cloud I i had an application that do the job in my home server I mean free software so I thought Swiss was really
good and the first problem I I saw was that my mom can't install them unless
it's even if it's it's such great apps I mean I used roundcube instead of gmail I used own cloud that I didn't have to store anything on dropbox so Miguel but yeah you know my mom don't don't do that kind of thing installing applications on it Anya is on her own server so that was a problem and the point is that we
wanted to fill the gap between use the usage of that candle applications and the techni city to install them and we wanted to make a simple solution to to
do that so what what do we actually need what do we want for that kind of
solution we want some some one stable reliable and easy to install the rating system actually may be some kind of debian thing you know and we want also a nice to have service season when i said that it's more must have services that's all that everyone wants like mail a jabber server the web server basic
services we also want and that's not an option secure protocols in order to well I want to I want Ella much about security but we want to secure protocols and we want firewall gestione to open ports and closed sun we want a multi-user multi-domain i made an advanced magician because we want to create accounts on on our server for for
instance my brother um and I want to have multiple dama name so I want to have multiple emails and we want some kind of configuration management with a
user-friendly interface because I don't want to just I mean administrate ldap manually or some thing like that and we want a simple way to for developer to adapt applications to our solution and simple way to users for users to install applications data applications and that new services essentially we also won't
we it would be nice to have some kind of single sign-on in order in order to have one account for all applications j and
would be cool to have a command-line
interface you know what yeah for my brother so it's kind of quick surely almost done okay so let's admit that we
already have all that because freeze there are free software's that already did job do the job actually and let's admit we have all that in that case i asked you guys why not hosting yourself I mean well you know horse yeah that
comes from here and we have such great services such great applications which I don't list and we already we already have the possibility to create that's platform and the good thing is we did and we
released a first version with that services in that last summer actually and the good news is that we will release a second version you know like
few weeks and we need you have for that so I am quite done I actually if you have I mean technical questions you can ask it right now because I don't I didn't want it to just be long in technical explanations but if you have questions about the solution which is my
universe actually you can ask them right now so yeah I'm dumb that's it show the demo hmm I can I can I can I can I hope you won't hack my server and yeah of
course of course I will so I'll show you
some kind of yeah i'll show you the administration panel first and then
no this is the applications but down okay it's a like a agent oh yeah I just and read by six so it's a bit weird I guess so we have yeah this is the application site which will be a bit a
bit nicer in the second version um crossmap lon so we have a round cube for the webmail and I will show you later how to install it we have tiny tiny RSS
yeah don't win on nail please actually I
don't have I don't have your tests test
account I should well my SS isn't I mean boo Ramadan is a quitter you know and
uncloudy while do I have internet yeah
okay great such great things in that server okay so this is basically the application panel and I will show you
the admin site yep that's it
one two three four five okay so this is basically the admin panel which check system o'grady oh my Medina's configurations by okay in ya so that is
basically the ipad version because of the with so you can manage users in
manage your users can see we have made
is is change password course
yep we have a dumb ingestion which is
basically you know really simple oops we
have I don't I don't show you that much
domains but we have an application system which is young we have like five
applications right now but in the second version we plan to have a much much more reliable application system so we plan to have plenty more applications and actually if so if I want to just uninstalled JPEGs for example it's like
one click uninstall that's great and one
click install so the second version is based on debian witzy I 10 minutes left 10 minutes ok
well i will take the the next question
actually if yeah yeah actually was the slide yeah what was the software architecture of way no host um it was
this slide ok was this slide actually we use in the second version and in the first of course we use a posh mysql of course PHP PHP will be for the for the epic web applications we use ldap openldap as backend for users lemon ldap as as in a single sign-on based on a lab that authenticates web applications we have pacific staff cuts and antivirus yeah for the mail each other day for the jabber server bind for the domain names fade to burn with the firewall question and upnp also for the firewall auto open ports and all yeah enclosed is that
answer your question ok any other questions maybe I can ask one was the difference with the stock dillion installation where you able to get install all of this what have you done you developed a web interface i am from the station to interview with DJ ad yeah actually we add two things the first is that we have a post installation script that configure that yeah that installer with debian dependencies all their services and configure it in around ldap tree so voice fix the Alpha what all the all the services are configured around openldap and that's that's why one accounts when I when I make the account alex scene with one password I have all my services up and running with my login Alex see ads my domain dog and and it's the same thing for the web application accounts so we did to answer your question we did this script of first installation and a kind of a sexy interface in order to manage all that easily could I possibly convert an existing debian installation to universe and an existing deviana station you could it's a way a tip is is to install means to install the script there is a script for debian inside debian existing systems but if you have any of the service already configured it will twist erase the configuration so yeah but it is possible right now the first version is on one squeeze and the next one and few weeks will be on on wit see I don't see if it yeah that's my second question
where can I get it yeah because it's on where you know when your host dog of course and if you want to well if you have questions if you want to contribute we have any way to contribute you you can adjust translate you can't ask you can develop of course you can donate but it's all on winos dog and we are really active on this channel it's a JavaScript channel java chat room so she owned to come on ok but the question I wanted to
ask first is this targeted as a home server or can i install it on a visceral root server in cloud some way off both I mean you can install it on server renter so I've some if you if you have a server rancid in I me know via or some I don't know any any server renter but if you have you will already have server that he's not at your home you can you can install it easily but it's also provide a solution for for own server from the home server so they both are possible because it's based on on debian but of course if he there's there is a lot of different problems to consider rates when you want to install a server at home you have to well I don't I don't enter into details but you have to you have a good internet flyer and so yeah you can be absent it is it is but actually we already translate it in French and English and yeah but he could be possible to select it Brazilian what ah what about backups we plan in the second version only if you have a kind yeah I kinda way of backup this is not the case in first version and that's really yeah that's an issue of jelly but yeah we blended to to our farm in the second version it says it will be like a network and local backup first first of all and this is what's the process to package or install new apps hello so in the first version
is quite complicated because you have to
make packages Debian packages in the second one we basically we will base the application system on gates so if you have any web applications existing you will just have to feel a manifest which will be which will be manifest like Firefox OS web app manifest is a kind of stuff like that and you will have to script your installation for example to initialize the mysql mysql database or something like that and that will be all we want we really want the application packaging to be easy because we will have a some kind of an application
portal in order to to lace all that and yeah we want some sums we want the application web application developers to to do that to do that job because in
the first version we package jpg soundcloud and uncloudy is still in I mean for version because we didn't have after time to upgrade so potent for the next release we want to I mean um tell developers on fans to package this for for everyone awareness the next talk is in five minutes so I think I will stop here these aren't our questions here are any more questions it was Jackson thank you