Gnuk - OpenPGP USB Token implementation

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Gnuk - OpenPGP USB Token implementation
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so to come and this is my presentation about green oak than it is now open visit the USB token implementation on the usually I think that they're in western
current and you guys are stuck your presentation and agrees joke or some human but there because I am dependence on you it is our culture to being the presentation by some of course at this perhaps my selection followed their movement would be Ms. mistake I because I am of the view the the built undersea there are announcement about their are force them I just joined this the development of but they're under another on say had a security development the development boom or something but the this is my foster these it past joining to force them so please fold in my my my to say thanks few 5 if Flanders' include the that they distribution guys are very have a have have much interest about their integrity of distribution and their use developers of any disk serious should have his his there J. visiting their 3rd to make sure that the distribution of the parties is a lot any buying by analogy can be are checked by users so today's presentation is about their our USB had token on the that means explain about them
myself the no contribute when a bulleted contributor say more than 20 years and reaI I was a university student I joined a growing marks development for all in indoor internationalization and there I also do and the on guys development or did did I see testers undergoing 2 chance development for the system and there are 5 realizable 6 years ago I am not 1 of member of green the L Buzz sorry international Committee to have our International Symposium in is International Conference on the at that that we have we have quite world full of 5 conferences around the world for women to give us in 3 and we have long been told you and this simply by of contribute therefore going of privacy that fall can enter the feature and there this month IT game define a stressor something important coordinator call that we don't have a
daughter going into at all those things that I I have done what I am doing for when approaches the I'm also a contributor to the Linux gonna our I maintain creative Net blood either in 1995 and I have supported in Scott to to bunnies embedded processor on 10 years also these days those in the USA by H 0 and found
it to our our not that common we define a semiconductor company is this carrying user in the market these days everybody
uses our is this on the yes I am on the end of the I was employed by I it I maintain that the for deep-pocketed 240 practices but these days I
quality maintain actively naughty gory easier now own ways life a game implementation and I am of also it's it Genowefa Sarah-Jane release of the initiative of Japan who kindly send me to this conference this FIL near as I
said or adding this to his son developers to care about the integrity of distributions the user up is is your friend on the the but that we have a he said the reactive but my interviews because they then we use we is no hide their support maybe to be
easy to use and they're they're not going did directory DEC's but the yes it is protected by their med past but the it is not considered secure enough because it the food store whose stereo computer can can do a brute force attack against the 18 your password and this story or steal your identity so then people through the really cares about about about such program are using open through OpenPGP card on that and if I if I understand correctly the resource tier found your 3 at all companies at the because I was a long must cut yes under yeah it is great but and for me this recorded of was a very last biology is not my friend it is and if she got to bring lies Our Contador leader yes these days we have a very small Codd leader but there it it is some of what and yes we have another implementation and crypto stick by German privacy foundation and it is very great I think that it combined opened small open because the under microprocessor so that
it it is a hardware token on the on the on the Our on the it is
I think the data is cheating now are about 50 EUR or so under the new work is my development under it is free if they're implemented solved crew cryptographic token perhaps you you could you are use your reader 1 then press going would be very popular darn clips token there because some bank this debut at one-time password token for their customer or their network banding system but the two-day I I am expanding my developmental Cook cryptographic
talking and store was our follow secret keys then the support supports OpenPGP Khot Protocol buys into and the land zoned on general-purpose processor and I selected is the impacted the processor by esteem I got it microelectronics under its support allosteric professors and 48 and and this is if size is or development project on the the inside
extravagant moved there nobody a famous also in
Japan there is a Zuse for Beatty on the then it was 2 or 3 years ago where I did little on this project and is I 1 1 years old also so on the my summer used to be with his new everywhere always and there a set so hyper G and then I name might pose at Nokes so that the we have token can be masses of all women busy user let me explain about cryptographic token the it's still Azure secret keys and it performs a duet cell on the device
there such that these devastating attack I competition authentication and they could itself under users or in your house
no direct access to our secret keys on their how you how we use a fully we can bring secret keys securing under on the goal you tend to make these staff signature wasn't video so quality includes did man these are bringing the notebook computer and there you know there's been a privacy bodies at 2 diversity there it conforms to OpenPGP because standard under we do exist in Greek sense of various science and its support of is it because on the I think that all from these because the is popular in Europe but under it it is smart card to avert Open winner the she's on the he televison 2 comma decimal 0 is its support our 1 thousand 24 bit keys to 3 thousand case and indeed it has other Serre Uccello later on the chip done their users can use power from B's it because these women pleasing as well as of apply asserts open SSH through a winner these agent and and we we can also use the card for client authentication for arrests as Cicero as yes we have our just some call this cute it is and then assess budget for and funded by the door Firefox and we have also 0 using open B z open busy can I stuttered project that's on September 2010 under I focus on Softail implementations on the CPU choice cities Cortex-M based STEM thought the 2 if 1 if 1 all these 3 yes on the contrary the target Borderies 40 Emacs a very assembled on the and this is kind of have to use it but there we can use st emphatically particle is the 8 this dis covered the on the and I also and developed my own bore the name is there still is a lot they they're sick on board it for 2nd board i.e. isotopes spreading explain more the STM thought 8 s discovery keep these are kind of educational it is very it's our guide this suntan US dollars but there its purpose by STM this and at this time for the STM APS at 8 the city but there we are very lucky that it has a and it too has a desert it and have does it's it's a kind of dongle to connect to Contel or STM 8 s processor lone PC that the dongle uses STEM emphatic to so we take up the bond has that's part of the day cheat so that we can use green on that processor not the main is to him it s to the success of or now intention so if there are some some embroidery but from STM Isis's soaring have their head but then you you down and you change so that more of more board to adhere to their customers this is so Bernanke's approach is that I focus on their so there there are a key so if are as simple as possible on their body Our approach is to implement open visited the Khot potable not P. CS numbered haven't dialect-free because the public key cryptography stand as number 11 can be humiliated on Paul Paul of Comp isn't there had put about Our say and in the example is openness project on the IT implement this I mean minimum forces CCID communications on the this entry I changed on to support all these short there PDU live exchange and Dale buys employing 0 comma decimal 16 implemented so at the UN extended PDA if you did a year ago exchanged but there to the concept but due to existing FIL steer ity concluded that only supports so level exchange will be better if under the law the implementation contains I use to DOS of the no and did I also euros creates that Danes known all Iusacell I use Allah say about genes under a year's bloating under so long reluctance annotating Beaminster's CCID protocol and OpenPGP cut protocol on their own in bloom and less management so this current we used class on embedded in that state we don't use X. Donaldson but the only use their in 1st and the according to the manual we download up I mean there we temporal text less on axis by the and it have debugger and the last it is locked used dairy there there is no way to to through the the drought by jitter debugger want any anything so if we if I don't have the city as bad to full what that to read out to the the data of secret keys we can consider need secure some somehow yes it is not security not of our if we compare smart card implementation I don't think the general populace embedded chip you see more secure I don't think so the smart cards consider the safe then there a general-purpose processor but there fall for might of us I think that there it could it could be OK 1 day as though we know 0 point 17 it has about 90 thousand lines of sequel it is distributed under the agreement India bars on 3 and later and therefore
policy said to those ions 48 bit full through thousand 48 bit T we took 1 comma decimal 4 48 seconds Our forward is downsizing I think I can stand we do that on the but it means that the true sign and say as I am Devean developed but I I signed for my part is is or I signed my ball all I I used in oak for or promises it's authentication and I you where I know to have us when I 1st my my call to other did people storing it takes 1 comma decimal 48-second too often today IoT for me it is OK mother that's because I use and general purpose processor and there we use a reasonable this accelerator then I think that this performers it is OK for general above us and it is already user who use a 404 when a PC users as well as all promises made to users on here is it here in this slide explains the medicinal and I use normal general-purpose embedded processor it means that it is not that and by resistance I it's there their Cambell status feature over general-purpose processor is not that's great give you compare smart guide our and their Stiso purpose was on the we depends on their It's feature of prosody need protection yes and there he doesn't have policy accelerator and it means that it is not that fast under there they can go the the the we have the imitation up to 2 thousand 48 bit key many Edyvean developers these days however 4 thousand 96 bit keys so bear He's cannot be imported through Linux token unfortunately and it is a good point so the note the they're fast but point is it is grace of tantalum and there isn't this is a very good feature then there yes there they're OpenPGP card but there we don't have the source code over the farming of which had but the slogan agree however source code so so that the you turn is or you tag and last there are from Maria as you like it under a under under the our future is that we can develop or test new things for example we can't change or improve over the USB communications at sorry I am currently and and trying to support the C C R and extinct Khot cleaved the and for the next budget of green PG on there I also testing I knew horrible tongue and the for orphans edition that the vise but we we need to authenticate my ourselves through the device we use we but has traced to open the future of these does signing and they're often with authentication or the click sounds but there are usury we use we use keyboard personal computer are it is these are the and is on how to save money to buy their Schussel stale so some people who cares using the and the Codd the leaders we king bad but there are also currently I am testing brand of implementation so that people can be improved the the what Pasley's locally not by the PC but there through the device directly under here I explain the current status fall for good at these drugs though and of all classes states the drugs that through winner of the z agent and the full Firefox using it Stewart we can use client authentication using Linux token there are this stated I created my client outside the fate using CAS outdoor all and tested underneath that site but the company that are here is a contest is does not supported yeah I don't support secure messaging photo ball yet and I don't have idea to support this so we have is use your computer is a fact on the included by somebody says users under range he money does money does the you know USB traffic by some kind of U.S. this and you find that you are pass phrase could be installed on because dating USB transmission is not going to eat it at all but there we can walk around this by supporting paean the no barriers yes on the contrary we know Octocom doesn't green Oak soft doesn't support keys in LA some on the rights all that we can do is generating there keys on a PC horse side under import those keys phloem horse side on the I can't read the B not all well either the keys on the device so to all through all well I've she's we we have to limit the keys 1st this is a limitation currently mediation under this is a norm program and years after I implemented the new and then after that I use the new extensively by I mean the year out even cherry that open OpenPGP card is not portable not gonna be easy I mean that all the information the device has is only a secret keys so under the grant of these in directory we have more than secret keys we have a secret key is part of a secret key evening as well as public keys Keating's and trust DD secret key has a you are you a secret information but there we also
have a public he informational under they're going to be easy and we also have trust DVD and the of vertically and it means that just bring gene only the ANC token means that you tend to dispel signing or authentic somewhat for you for your of for you are secret key might you you know you perhaps not have the public being on their goal so if you if we if you reality wants to do and more will bar is shown in the goal we should have those information on the device but there if I understand quality there open days in the Khot specification is for smart cars and smart card doesn't have enough storage Our like every dealings and for example after they began to using them project has achieving and it's more than I think there can can the mean a bite was so 14 under so it we cannot Brutus said to large that is by now a lot of those stories only is smart cards but for Tolkin kf we can do that Our this it's like extraneous supported board more and I think this kid and here is you landfall Bernanke's development on the rampage pages these are only Affairs I J don't all its national income and we have added to the book depository under the Avenida don't all the course we don't have our did depository only if it's I 0 don't all year and current and this is urban of development requirements we need Wilkes to the chain for and I am currently using the scraped name of name and some more to change and the and we also need I found under high someone to call I USB and I the smart card and we also use prosody and the yes and this year is of course the gram and under this study we tested against maybe on gender and if you have a very near when the PGA on PCs CD on lattices CIDA you can Uruzgan token reason prosody and I also tested on Windows and this is only a bit under the extraneous steps building the next token and its source code from the needed at all and there are some the and the new going over to the retains for I mean the closest development environment and then you can be a granddaughter elf under the right right remember don't thereafter st emphatic to use open sea or prosody on the and this is a hint of books and I stare and you attempt coffee dear kinetics token we use your space a serial number when you don't coffee the euro serial number there I it uses and It's for to prolong all serial number and then you can pass the personalized nukes and import keys to remove local and last 2 respects same hours as same hours open OpenPGP God and here I explain using Linux to grow for us yourself authentication there on the forward development over the next OK I didn't know the UAE of using object is a key for the SSH authentication on the mother it is not that call but that we can do it under under very you has been and still call from these Codd it is considered as very very are convenient because we only however did is a T. Under we down we can bring in secret keys and to to somewhere but there completely was set settings all Our necessitates using green of the is somewhat and somewhat difficult because there are many every case reach which has a long long if this stage sense so on using graph G these and full as as a SSA is we need to stop on the holes were or easing our associated Asian and when I'm cheating in user user distant here some doors free process DP Z agent has a loss of did is as our associates agent so rarely use GPG agent as a FFH agent we only lon all we said we should only 9 G Z a Z and 9 and see a horse SSH it's an and command today this is a key point and then reconfigure did is using using the agent on the naval SSA sampled at us this the setting using the on the PGA's other SSH agent under here I explain DA made this discovery can as I said it is education about bus hit by steam microarray Sunday it is very sick and it day we began by by it we 752 at the end it means a civil on the stock 80 EUR on the if you have a enough I'll take the closing and do it yourself air Clinique's you can make a Graanoogst go easily yeah users as the this discovery kid this was a under here is a the impact it apart under the this is my do read yourself directivity rather connecting is the enthalpy to of STEM at 8 s discovery to here is another of this in the in the ball they say is the my if I today I mean some some examples if necessary that somewhat meter but
and idea this data this it costs only 10 years there are also and this is a somewhat smaller yes are using the app indicates on the I also our
input dude deed PCB design using character and the is 0 under the here is this the T of yes and the it's huge work as I described already are I am country are supporting trying to support he could take Codd creates the will of the and Neste PG 2056 kind of support it's quite ions it takes only is 0 point of aid 2nd to reduce the amended this distrusted images and they're collegiate time the then the IT support and for the study the dust Country reuse if this idea is you the event ID yes and the country ideas and consider lying about is supporting data other dancer great he's 2 hours that could win a PC tomorrow meant here is an acknowledgment dynamical of on the pitch of irony and Japanese guys will present histories yes so this is Appendix so to show I have question for mean this any
questions if home audio recording you should use the on which effect so each so you mentioned 2 years and may of 2 and they're being the then enter directly to to the token so we want to add a small keyboard to the token or what's the idea power and P of opinion 3 years so the the my expression their 2 kinds of our expense experimental implementations the money is using their consumer i.e. flurried contribute yes I user for sale STD controller well control if you it is closely enough of it you can use it with by the you know that people can monitor the signal very easily so that's a that's a very hot he doesn't consider very safe that her son had that you 10 years very and convenient dividers years under another improvement this song I of I am using the fires for how how to say I am I measure of and the course I PC I mean that the that eating dream and it pretend does a free it is a USB memory and there are many users got gun law for those it considers a team put so malicious users and monitor the USB nothing Intel he can our the called the Our key thing in both cases against but that it is how our very difficult in practice because I afford that our movement on the East became in there our USB must AT-class traffic yes the counter you have those such experimental implementation for being entered you have this desire and I said yes and half and the another question these values of generating can key directly in the device you mentioned it gets the support it at the moment is because of for lack of enough entropy or yes you're right yes but the use of the beginning like II considered like that but there are we need enough and probably for the ECC but for always say we don't need it I want to learn them generator all of this on these are signing or could some for anything but the fall it is needed for all keys in our cells so at 1st I didn't support keys analysis but for all users the support we need you have to learn them generator the lustier i.e. implemented my own method for for to London generator I I am using the a quantum rarer all this and over the static but the last bit Ronald is that combines the under a We used noise there I retain use an old noise source of energy see under Our I experiment onions the and land and general is show number and in the I forgot their party's name but the there is a very good test press street photo and random number generation and II IEEE confound that their interview from ADC considers enough in encounter you have an anus and of the source when the device so in theory Raton support keys in hungry and but that as a history we didn't support supported yeah go that's nice to hear because Sybase experimenting care of that is being that the user peak and if this is the same solution I was able to grant to just read the last bit of the IRC and but there was a sure is enough but if you say that you've yeah yeah it's some measurements and it's OK yes and also to some more expensive boards have harder generator on board yes yes so if you're high it if if if you are able to or once once this was the prices of these words are lower than you might consider using this year this year I thank you thank you is another question no I'm running out of my thing so I finished my presentation thank you for your time at the


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