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RECON VILLAGE - Social Mapper
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Mapping Social Media with Facial Recognition
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“Performing intelligence gathering on targets is a time consuming process, it typically starts by attempting to find a persons online presence on a variety of social media sites. What if it could be automated and done on a mass scale with hundreds or thousands of targets? Social Mapper is a Open Source Intelligence Tool that uses facial recognition to correlate social media profiles across different sites on a large scale. It takes an automated approach to searching popular social media sites for targets names and pictures to accurately detect and group a person’s presence, outputting the results into report that a human operator can quickly review. Social Mapper has a variety of uses in the security industry, for example the automated gathering of large amounts of social media profiles for use on targeted phishing campaigns. Facial recognition aids this process by removing false positives in the search results, so that reviewing this data is quicker for a human operator. Social Mapper supports the following social media platforms: - LinkedIn - Facebook - Twitter - GooglePlus - Instagram - VKontakte - Weibo - Douban Social Mapper takes a variety of input types such as: - An organisations name, searching via LinkedIn - A folder full of named images - A CSV file with names and url’s to images online”
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hello everyone welcome to my talk on social mapper take a walk in my hand those green wolf so let's get into it so what is social mapper according to the fake news media that's been around for the last couple of days it has no value to mankind it's worse than China for Internet anonymity there's been comparisons to Hitler Stalin and someone called president Mao and it's also been rejected on reddit net set because it's not technical so yeah but what is it
really so social mapper is a social media enumeration and correlation tool it works on LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ VK which is a Russian social media site and Weibo anti ban which are Chinese social media / micro blogging sites so what does it do it
takes you from names and images such as
this just a folder full of people's faces with a first name space last name image it starts correlating across sites
to produce reports for the target profiles you know finishing off with
things like this so you can see a person's presence across social media sites so why do you want it the social
media fishing so social media fishing is on the rise it's now preferred vector I believe in 2017 it went up 500% and 100% again so far in 2018 so that's a tenfold increase in the last two years potentially more by the end of 2018 the reason why everyone's starting to fish on social media because the click rate so if your friend contacts you on social media there's a your 33% likely to click on it whereas only 11% if someone contacts you by your business email so the other reason is because we're social media fishing that you can do two types of fishing you can fish on the service so you can send people messages on Facebook or LinkedIn or you can do your pre text around the site you know sending Facebook code of conduct updates or something like that by email so how
does it work so social mapper has three phases the first phase is the setup phase so
there's three ways you can run social mapper you can feed in a CSB with names and links to images online you can feed in a folder full of images JPEGs or PNG s like the picture I showed you earlier or you can just feed in just the name of the company on LinkedIn which i think is where the real power of it comes you know you just feed in a single yeah a single name of a company so also a
social map you can fully customize your enumeration so you can choose between accuracy or speed so if you like run in fast mode it will it runs quickly because it goes through the list once it's downloaded all the pictures of your targets after you've done a search it basically comes back and it goes down the list and does and that first match that it finds it'll just report that but on accurate mode which obviously takes longer it'll go down the list and it will keep going past and find a very best match out of all the people that it finds you can set the facial-recognition threshold so you can if you set it high you will get less results but they will be more accurate if you said it really low you'll get more results and you will potentially find people who don't look quite right in their Christmas photo or something but you'll also get false positives along with them so it's really how you want to run it and what you want the results for and you can also obviously pick which sites you want to run you have to run it on all of them you pick whichever ones you want to run so phase 2 this is where the real meat of social mapper is in the mapping phase so how it works is basically you you
started off in the in the terminal
without we aware of your input type is and from your the input types it builds a list of people and then with the the
name and with the image and then what it does is it searches on the various social media sites you can see it happening now in the browser when you run it yourself it the browser doesn't run by default it'll just be all happening in terminal will be running in headless mode which really speeds this up but I'm just showing this for demo purposes so well it starts doing is it it puts the name in its instrumenting the Firefox web browser using selenium
and searching on all these social media
sites after it's logged in with your
credentials that you give it and then it searches for the name and then downloads all the profile pictures of the top 20 to 30 people on with that name and then performs facial recognition on them to find the actual person for the match so
you get your results I like putting it over base mode here and you get your results all on-screen obviously Lucas if you don't install it a dependency and you wait 15 hours it's a real pain when you don't get any results at the end that has happened to me so stage three this is a reporting phase so social mapper spits out a few
different report types of reports for you to feed them to other things so first of the HTML report it's just useful quick enumeration a verification of your results nice and easy to scan through and see the people you've you've got it Chuck's out CSV reports so you've
got all the different social media profiles for each person on each line just CSV reports for compatibility you can take these report so this CSV report and feed it into something like multigo get some really nice graphs showing everyone and all your targets and their social media profiles you can just see
so this this list it's just to show you you know all I put in here is my company's name and then it's come back with 779 results because it's gone on LinkedIn it's done a reverse search for all the employees pulled them all out and then found all their social media profiles across all the different sites
so the last thing that social map does is if you provide it with a fuzzy email format so you can provide it with something like first initial last name at then it'll take the people's names this isn't new other tools do this but it'll take the the person's name generate an email address for them and then generate you these these CSV files for each individual social media sites they want for Facebook Google+ Instagram LinkedIn and so on and then the basic point of this is that you can take these CSV files and feed them into fishing tools such as Lucy or Go Fish and then you have everything you need in there in each column for the Facebook site say to transfer them to after you've got their credentials and you've got the profile picture there to include in the fishing pretext you know add a bit of realism to the fishing pretext and any just yet just every you have everything there to you have to feed them to other tools and
that's it guys that's yeah social mapper it's available free on github great by me take a look in thank you very much [Applause]