CANNABIS VILLAGE - Hacking Plants to Hack Humans: Using informatics to Breed Cannabis Plants in Order to Hack the Human Metabolome

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: CANNABIS VILLAGE - Hacking Plants to Hack Humans: Using informatics to Breed Cannabis Plants in Order to Hack the Human Metabolome

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CANNABIS VILLAGE - Hacking Plants to Hack Humans: Using informatics to Breed Cannabis Plants in Order to Hack the Human Metabolome
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Hacking Phenotypic Pathways In Cannabis
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Dr. Lewis earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Purdue University in 2007 and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology in 2001. His interest in the science of cannabis spans decades and in 2011, Dr. Lewis founded NaPro Research and assembled a team of chemists and plant scientists to create analytical solutions and products across four key sectors: biotechnology, production, laboratory services and consumer education. Over the past five years, Lewis has additionally focused on cannabis breeding and the optimization of a broad range of secondary metabolic pathways within the plant. Selective breeding has been used for thousands of years to create better agricultural crops. Recent advances in the human understanding of genomics have led to breakthroughs in our ability to hack plant genomes to create better and better plants. The analogic relationship between computer programming paradigms and the central dogma of molecular biology are very uncanny and even justify the use of the word “hacking” when describing the selective breeding and administration of tailormade drugs to humans. Whether deleting genes or add genes, techniques have been developed that can modify the plant source code, this development can turn off or turn on programs in the plant that ultimately change the final chemistry of cannabis plants. The final chemistry of the plant can, therefore, be tailor-made to hack individual human metabolomes by design and to fix ‘buggy’ humans or human behaviors.
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introducing a speaker we have here I kind of lucked out in this situation there was a guy I was talking to online a geneticist or a breeder I'm not even sure what the proper terminology is but a guy named Brian Lee I wanted to have someone speak at this event comes directly involved with a breeding plant and from this kind of Twitter and he's even know his stuff and I try to do a little googling I couldn't find anything aside from some really underground sort of forums of like these hardcore like older California dudes and they were just really singing his praises pretty hard so I was like sweet his name's Ryan Lee beans totally psyched to do it something came up he couldn't and then he actually asked this gentleman to fill in for him mr. Lewis who is a PhD and works in cannabis so in essence I I leveled up with animatronic easter-egg yesterday Ryan Ryan we hit me back like he's literally like I said you're gonna fucking love me so I'm pretty excited and these things are phrases and everything I've seen on the internet things are phrases so in curious where you're gonna talk about cool I'm just gonna riff I only had a couple weeks to put anything together and I did another painting together just copy and paste it from the internet and then woven to an existing you know presentation but Ryan Lee it's interesting so just a little bit about me I have an undergraduate in chemical engineering and a PhD and natural products chemistry and I've been cultivating cannabis since dr. Dre's album the chronic back then we didn't have the internet we had television and more importantly my age group we had in television which that told us what was cool and as soon as I saw dudes throwing joints and coral the girls are gonna like that one day and lo and behold I got very lucky very serendipitous pathway but dr. Ryan Lee we have all these new people coming into this industry and because there's money now right and there's legal climate that allows for it and a lot of the pioneers like Ryan get pushed the wayside and the new people don't even know who the ones with laid the foundations for this whole industry and culture are and it's kind of a bummer because you know Ryan and I generation is like that generation that was before or computing so to speak and we're kind of like the link back to before people can create their own little catfish and their own little stories to say who started what but Ryan has been friends with a guy named David Watson for a long long time and David Watson excellent country to country in the 60s 70s and early 80s getting cannabis seeds before their pirate biopiracy laws so Ryan had a really interesting view into how the entire seed industry began in the 80s and then blossomed to the 90s and what happened to cannabis genetics and seeds throughout those years the whole different story that he can tell but it was whose blessing meeting him and it's a blessing being here because I mean any way I can educate anyone on this particular topic is rewarding for me because I want everyone to be prepared for what's going to happen in the future and it's gonna be a lot different than it is today I just tell you that the title does talk is hacking plans to hack humans so basically what people don't realize a lot there's something called the central dog
molecular biology this is going to super-high a top level and when I was getting my PhD you was focused on nucleic acids so I was kind of a nucleic acids chemist right I work with DNA site selective binding based on sequence the central dogma of molecular biology is essentially saying that you know you have DNA it makes a copy of itself which is RNA and that RNA makes the translational copy of itself into proteins general rule but what's really tricky about that is that this is a computer the nucleus is your CPU the cells your UI DNA's your hard drive the reason it's double-stranded is because it's a backup like it's a built in birth backup essentially and as this gets choked away it's a literally a base for base copy to make an RNA and that messenger RNA then becomes a protein right there's all kinds of weird in the numerology should I can pull into this too I mean what the hexagrams and it's kind of trippy how it all works together and that we based our computing model almost perfectly after it with the hard drive the RNA would be comparable to your RAM the program to your protein I mean it's very interesting that whole central dogma and while I was getting my PhD it was when people they're saying that you know rats and humans have about the same number of genes but the difference between them from a genome perspective was the amount of space between the genes in the DNA and they said that was all junk DNA and used to call it non-coding DNA now we're realizing that that space was actually the instruction booklet on how to build something with those same amount of genes so essentially the rat has the same genes as us but our instruction book that's way more complex they're like IKEA and related but yeah so that's that and what's interesting about this is that a protein is what makes the chemicals in a plant so when you think about it in terms of breeding and being able to hack the genome there's all kinds of technologies I'm sure you've heard of transgenesis where you know Monsanto has used a type of algae algae bacteria and it actually goes into the cell and puts inserts a little bit of DNA and they trans gene things like Roundup Ready and you know a gene that makes it you know doesn't die when roundup - sprayed on it and this is this is cool for plants that we actually have mapped out their genome but for cannabis it's pretty far off still this is still like science fiction and our world we use conventional plant breeding where we use one plant and we'll make it breed with itself and that informatics lends itself to segregations and populations so if maybe you want high THC every time you breed breed high THC high THC high to see that's what the marketplace is done for the past 20 years you get high THC so but that causes problems in the genome when you try to back that information out and one you know very interesting things that they sequenced cannabis do you know just you know about eight nine years ago for the first time and they discovered a gene that's called olive taluk acid cyclase may not seem very intriguing but if that same enzyme is in bacteria streptomyces and we use that bacteria and make very complex anti-cancer drugs and then we brew that like beer and purify it and then we take those drugs and what this common enzyme is is that we can totally hijacked this cannabis genome and custom-make chemicals in it right and then those chemicals translate directly back to us sequence of DNA so if you look at on the far left right hand side for you guys the the little double gate across the top to the central your DNA of the cannabis plant and as you go down those are different enzymes that are producing different chemicals and these are present in every cannabis plant but the canvas that you buy today only produces mostly THC and sometimes CPG and I'm saying the neutral form is really th CA and CB GA but that makes it even more complicated that it really is because the acid forms on the plant don't get you happy so if you eat that raw bud you're not even get stoned but if you take that raw bud and throw me out of it at 100 degrees for about an hour and eat it you're going to go on a trip because that delta-9 when you eat it versus inhaling it's passed something called a lemon hydroxy THC which is actually a about a hundred times stronger binder than regular THC so as you can see already with cannabis there's like so many different compounds and ways to manipulate it when you're ingesting it or putting into your body you don't know what the effects are right now it's like downloading the file off the internet that says do not open the open anyway just see but to add to this complexity and like I mentioned there's things like CRISPR make you've heard of it it's where you can go in and either delete a gene or insert a gene and they just saw you know the cells were doing this to keep tracking what virus is infected it but that's still so far off for cannabis because we can't even take a cannabis plant down to a toe be potent so or callous or stem cell whatever you want to call it and then grow plant back out that technology does not exist so you can begin to do CRISPR until you know how to do you know probably 10 years before we see any real research articles on that but instead some people focus on regular plant breeding which when you're
breeding for a plant you have to isolate traits and I'm just going to zip through this because people don't really realize that there are five classes of active compounds in cannabis you know cannabinoids we have terpenoids you have low molecular weight volatile fatty acids and then you have all of the phyto steroids and estrogens right so all these things can be active and you can target to breed to them so what you get when you go to dispensary today is really like monochrome its before any technology has taken place it's it's truly like part computing compared to where we are today and just to give you an idea the number of chemicals and stuff that we select for and look for in breeding here's a sample of you know across the top here the orange bar is your total essential oil content and the green bars of total cannabinoid content we have other bar graphs that set on top of this for when we're selecting a breeding class to show you THC amount CBD amount propyl cannabinoids CBG amount so that we can target individual traits keep breeding and basically just taking little copies of that gene and putting as many of them on the allele as we can so that when it gets expressed it makes a shit-ton of chemical right that's how you keep your high THC a plant and that's how you can bring up your terpenes and that's what these color-coded things are down at the bottom interesting little factoid is we are the first people to ever color code terpenes everyone in the most if you wanted to color code cannabinoids and I was like wait the terpenes might give it to smell okay and another thing culture miss educates you misinformed you okay stronger isn't better holding your head longer doesn't get you higher these are facts right but indica and sativa don't exist it's not a real taxonomic nomenclature it's a factoid of culture people want to here's the team they want in your end if you're they want in your hybrid but the truth is because of prohibition every plant is a hybrid so if you look at the chemistry the chemistry will tell you what aspects it gives you and these color-coded bars are different terpenes like green this piney and yellows my name red is terpene lean and we color-coded them so that the warm colors give you the more stimulating sativa like effects and the cool colors give them more Sudeten today you know in decline effects so I just want to show you this you understand there's 17 key terpenes that people select for we scan for 80 there's about 13 cannabinoids that people select for we do about 30 and 99% what I get to know is all THC in the marketplace so how do you create an endocannabinoid system that's at least es means a hacking tool kit it's interesting because when you think about this and you look at cannabis in the marketplace everybody wants that THC but that's one signal one fact you can modulate it with dose it's a little bit and sometimes with the terpenoids but it really gets its crazy when you when you look at cannabis and are one big innovation in the past 20 years has been more and more poking cannabis by THC measurements in 1996 they did a study that looked at all canvas users and they use this word cannabis it's like soon generic it's like Smurf but but you don't ever hear a doctor prescribe poppy here's some take some pop you know you they produce they'll write it for codeine for cough but write it for morphine for pain biscuit means were in a cancer canvases cameras but the study showed that back in 1996 about 20% of recreational users reported adverse effects like anxiety paranoia same study 2002 about 40% of people and if you surf extrapolate out to today a lot of people are gonna experience adverse events because it's a potent high THC cannabis and granted I liked tight high THC cannabis until until walking around like 10 acre groves and having a family and trainwreck men I literally like quit smoking weed for you know a couple years until I develop things that were way better but it's really cool because today we can let the ECS toolkit as I thought and it's very monochromatic it's mostly high THC very few terpenoids which those are your flavor your scent your aroma and there's usually only one kind of two kinds of Stevie Dee flower in the marketplace it's either a one part T two parts CBD and then it's high in ear seen will just taste yucky and doesn't give you a good effect it's kind of like and then you have two all CBD plants which those are like even worse so when you look at the things the marketplace like I said again it keeps hitting this home right now 98% of all plants are high - you see it but that's no diversity if someone comes in is never use canvas and they use it they're not gonna like it potentially and then they wanna try something else and I don't like that it's the same right so it's very hard to know what the future is going to be like because today it's just monochromatic and if you look
at some of the things we've put together we have every combination accessible not only for researchers but also for different you know that's right entities and different supply chains that we help manage and the overwhelming response is to they love THC a little more than CBD with a very loud turkey nose depending if they want to be more in like the the focused creativity range or they want to go the other way and rest relax they do both and then varying the ratios of the different cannabinoids you can actually help mitigate pain and then coupled with the right terpenoids people didn't realize that black pepper has beta carry off the vein in it it's a major essential oil and it's a cb2 agonist which means it's a cannabinoid but it's produced by Pied Piper well most cannabis has beta carotene in it which works as a CB 2 agonist we found that if you co administer baby carefully with CBD you can increase the efficacy of the CBD by a hundred times and much lower dosage by tweaking that ratio so there's all these different games you can play to message drone the tableau and but why do I do that well the work has been laid out by dr. Ethan Russo he tells us the tale of two cannabinoids where if you take THC encode Minister a CBD people kind of it will delay the onset of the THC and then it will prolong the effect so what we like to say is that the Jets will ride up in a nice Glide yeah but if you don't have enough THC to overcome the CBD which is the case for almost all CPG medicine in the marketplace you don't ever get that euphoria that you're looking for so if you have a high THC user and they're smoking something see beauty in it most of the time they get grumpy because I'm looking for that chemical reward they want that boom and I need to get high what's just not always the reason to consume cannabis it might be to chill out or whatever more recently a Rousseau wrote a paper with mainway explored tandem cannabinoids and terpenoids interactions we actually look at propyl cannabinoids in this paper as well but to kind of bring it home to why
the hows and whys this is you your neuron synaptic cleft right but big signals are gonna hit at the head of that class whether it's dopamine capsaicin opioids whatever and the endocannabinoids system is kind of the tuning system it says hey we're about to send a signal hey and we just received a signal and that tuning is really really the founder but the discoverer of TC actually says they know cannabinoid system shapes your personality and can tell you what you like who you are those types of things and it's interesting is if you look at the FDA recent data for CBD it there was a against placebo a 10x increase in aggression and anger when CBD alone was administered similarly another compound that targeted the endocannabinoid system back in then the 80s and 90s was covered monopod was a diet pill fucking awesome people lost weight I've nobody's business and then they release it to the public and there's some sane people start telling themselves because not only did it kill the reward for eating and killed the reward for seeing your loved ones for doing something good and for life itself so although the endocannabinoid system is a tuning system there are lots of hypotheses but this is actually shapes your personality and can help mood elevation quite a bit right so only take a practical example of just just anxiety because it's an easy one for me because that was why I didn't use canvas for a while it was good mic oh man kind of picture on my phone at 4 a.m. of like was a fruit blast some videogame to find out my kids using her iPad that's crazy so just take a plunge into the
canvas journey in Maya in this story this is where I talk about Samantha she's a real patient that is personified by multiple patients that I've worked with over the years and it was served as a doctor back in the day it doesn't have to when the doctor says just try cannabis just try to stay with miss coconut because you know inhaling things is bad for your blood loss so you know she could talk excited and chilly Oh dispensary boom and she goes by polls right which is a cool because metals and even today the labeling on edibles they the regulator's make you put it in weight percent and that is nothing for the user like some people some title manufactures actually have the milligram dosage on there or whatever and as you heard from the micro dosing nurse earlier it's good to start low and slow and always wait a half-hour but unfortunately that's not the case for a lot of people they just grab them think bad and it tastes so good today that you can't taste there's nothing in this before you know it like seriously it's like freaking out this is the most common thing and the best thing for this is a CBD only pen it will serve as a recipe but we'll get right in there and start disrupting that THC binding in the system so if you have someone who's freaking out getting the CBD 10 let me say but this is what was funny because a doctor from Kaiser actually went to a dispensary and she wanted to try an edible because she was recommending it to her patients and I got phone call like 8:30 p.m. and it's the dispensary with hey this doctor wants to talk to you really badly and I'm like oh cool like she came to dispensary wearing tennis skirt but she was literally on our kitchen floor painting on her wall with mustard and said that was the only thing that will calm her down but what happens then is the person's like oh I can't trust an edible because you buy the same thing twice back then and you know one would be okay I just want to try flowers and like oh my gosh you got Dookie shoes oh gee push you got when cake pie crust you don't need I mean every name you can imagine right so it's overwhelming for people most the time and when there's only th see in the marketplace that's the most embarrassing dominant which mere seen does your couch lock terpene but it smells like berries and that's why people selected so much over the years and his kind of sweet kind of disappointed Samantha so she went back on her paxil owner factor but she did not like those things but then is this this whole cycle you know majors so disillusioned she didn't want to mess with cannabis anymore right until there's is one guy he just broke
cannabis open to the whole world all of a sudden people like holy shit see didi can cure everything that was kind of a thing so we know Samantha comes back she's like hey you didn't don't want to try this again and then just learn about it let's figure out where to find CBD and you know even to this day you can only find like I was this monochromatic CBD that is you know one step away from hemp it doesn't have the flavor profile of the OG or the you know trainwreck or whatever it is that you like maybe wedding cake but those are hers too this gave her a new hope and again identity unsatisfactorily because like I said the dominant terpene this need to be CBD is near scene in part of canaan CBD so what happens is it's this really blah feeling and you don't have that you know you walk into a house blindfolded and it smells like lemons and I mean just like fresh food you have this vision in your head just totally mind messed me you know and similarly if you walked into a place blindfolded and it smelled like dog and cat and the PCs and yoga and there's like spotless mansion it would kind of twist you the same thing is if you're if you're doing something supposed to be enjoyable in a taste horrible or it's harsh that's going to start the negative impact of that because THC is an entheogen a mild entheogen right it stricture your ego away and kind of does this weird pseudo psychedelic effect and it's probably the what reason why you know if you notice how but TC is one of the few molecules that rats won't self administer because you know the strip see go away and make space for demons like watch it different cages it's funny it's true though like so true because I know we've all been there like even if it's just something as like two sentences in email I like shit that came off kind of harsh yeah you know anyway again in frustration she she's over so that's that's why we kind of start building tools for purpose we use in it and the first thing you realize is that there's too many molecules in this stuff and how
do you create a report format or a label that people can look at for a flower army pen that can kind of convey what's in it and what's gonna do to you so we had a dispensary owner who said that she would love it if we could help her figure out how to understand test results because she did not understand the middle and so we developed something called the fiber facts which is essentially a report format as mentioned that has the common name here and the top sweeter by terpenes are color coded up here there's you know total cannabinoids little terpenes and a moisture content more importantly we create a classification system that basically sorts to cannabis by chemistry so that it puts things in classes whether it's whatever common name you want to put on it you know I don't know if you're familiar with this but the further things move across eastward it becomes this thing of hey what are your two favorite strange again bro goji cushion I'll just do G cross above it it doesn't matter what it is they're just trying to sell it right well this way you destroy the name game and that was our whole challenge there's a little ratio dial here that shows you the ratio of black is THC and gray this case is CBG a there's aroma and flavor with some pictures to help people understand it's a little spicy and sweet and then there's an affected aisle that basically predicts the entourage effects of the terpenes as they're superimposed onto the pharmacology of the the cannabinoids but remember if you're taking a super-huge cannabinoid blast you're gonna feel that weight over any terpene entourage but if you're as you co administer CBD with the THC it actually brings out the Turcan on an entourage which is one of the things that we discovered so then you have the terpene profile down here again I mentioned cooler tones or more indica lights and the accents of the perps and the warmer tones are in or sativa like effects so you know like everyone Samantha's favorite cannabis is an OG Kush this is the OG legend an OG legend is mostly lining this yellow bar here with some beta carry off the lien and some little it kind of smells like lemons and strawberries and stuff and it gives you this host of initial energy and then a coasting hi there in this most the THC with some CVT 27% cannabinoids so this is going to give her the anxiety that you know she doesn't like so much so how could we modify this the chemistry of this plant to make it more friendly for someone who's like a type 1 the truth comes out I am also Samantha uh-huh but I figured for the mostly male audience so what we call purpose we use right who wants something's going to get as high Magus having frequent out too much this is about a 1 to 1 THC to CBD again same terpene profile limonene perylene little oo same flavor so smells a real dank OG nose but it doesn't get you quite as freaked out it still get you stoned it's just safer I mean there's been paper after paper in the past four years that show chronic high THC use causes hippocampal harm and there's a whole host of things to your brain and it's important for us to realize that when 18 to 25 year old 2 brains aren't fully developed for doing dabs that shit we've never seen before in history so who's going to cover their Medicaid bill I mean seriously and if you just Co administer a little DVD with the THC that totally mitigates all the adverse effects it's just totally amazing plenty of papers on that reach out to me if you want to see some of that research I can certainly provide but even this was a little itchy for Samantha and myself when I'm touring to grow but we forgot some of the mostly CBD here but there's a little THC but more importantly at the high limonene the beta-carotene well that's a good stone that lasts for a long time I mean really long time like three hours because the slow onset THC it just keeps coming it's very interesting because the CPD actually slows the metabolism of the THC in the body as well so I could be butchering some of this I highly doubt it because I've been reading in it but today we're here in our little XY graph I think that tomorrow will be up here and we're going to create more fun and more functional cannabis right now it depends on time of day depends on what I'm trying to achieve whatnot but there's a lot of great products in the pipeline and how to communicate what they're going to do to people is probably the most challenging thing because this is like computers before Steve or whoever made it simple this is like holy shit it's hard enough for me to think about just one compound I mean it'd be like one the liquor store and the only thing you can see about the product is alcohol percentage that's it could be could see if there's a beer or is wine that's true I mean especially when you have multiple cannabinoids you know you know protocol which is THC V which is the same exact structure is THC with one carbon shorter side chain which means it's just a slightly less strong binder to the same receptor same with CBD and CBD so one cultivar that grew last year is called bhava Jam it was 6% CBD v about 8% CBD and less than 0.5% THC in it I mean there's a obvious pronounced effect that's not a THC stone it was like a mixture between really strong espresso and nicotine like it's very interesting how these different ratios they still have a pronounced effects it's just not a bone I'm getting stoned it's oh I'm doing something for a reason you know the guy that runs ultras right well I mean in a perfect world we'd all be in like a sensory deprivation tank and gift last alcohol when we wanted a little stimulant going on we'll see it's you in one and then the cycle goes on rounds here nice and inspired the whole time for your daily routine unfortunately you don't have luxury today maybe we'll run the matrix but I have a ultramarathon runner friend too I mean he said you know he had some one-to-one pipelining I mean we're kind of high fighting like we've read it up to like three percent in a single cultivar most cultivars don't even have two percent turbines period and he said it was its D hands-down favorite thing for mountain biking run of lectures I had knee surgery so that mitigates the pain stay focused but he's not freaked out enough days a phrase go right off the cliff you know I'm saying so there's a lot of utility in creating chemistry's around it's like performance-enhancing it's not quite at all but it could be that for some people right you know a lot of levels and that's what we're headed to headed towards figuring out ways to make cannabis and make us better you know mm-hmm I took math I just thought I'd share what I know and you can feel free to ask any questions we manage a ton of people do a lot work so like Paul Parker said my pheromones awaiting then your cannabinoid system may have therapeutic potential for everything because it is the tuning system and you know our CNS
yeah Japanese fainted nothing what's the screen room ah I just strained myself from this microphone colt American Bar is the word we like to use because strain is held for viral bacterial again this is that cultural impact right like I heard someone say that sativa was marked by high Kainan and it's actually not the case hi my name didn't existed in the marketplace very it's very rare usually a pine pine embarrassing ko ko' nominated but no not most Vegas California and these coasts like extremely high THD and essentially no right so basically I was very fortunate because I lived I might have said this too early actually I lived in a place that had one of two DTA fermented cultivate cannabis back in the 80s and 90s and I happen to go to that University and just happen to stumble across the guy who worked in that greenhouse so I had access to by pure chance and serendipity a lot of non non-traditional there Elena grace varietals and then obviously all you have to do is find one little blip and you can continuously in green out the bad and breathe in good but it literally takes 12 2010 eration depending and a lot of cannabis breeders today don't have that type of patience nor the skill set like you know because to be honest when we started our laboratory our only goal was non-smoking true chemists to hire anybody because they didn't want to touch it you know that 401k you know they were for Pharma they're gonna pay there's no reason for them to risk anything right and so until recently it's been a challenge to find great people in their field who aren't from the cannabis culture and then being able to find those people and plug them in and if there's any coders who are interested I mean build their own software that actually creates those Filofax and uses CRM data we're always looking for great health and talent and guinea pigs and all that kind of stuff so that's kind of the goal is that create a new paradigm that opens this up to everyone right I mean it's not a bad golden my mission in life has been to learn as much as possible and educate as many as possible but also get as many people to fire sweet the dice moment as possible because I think that will help change our frequency of consciousness how often do you find people that are more interested like it seems like yourself in the psychological benefits of being able to make medicines that can affect people for intended purposes I mean like it seems like the cannabis culture there's a lot of you know the stoners and everything that do get that bad name everything but are there enough people that are out there you go you go five years ago and part in the French but CBDs for pussies man and now I was recreation opening up in particular California cuz that's where you see the most of this there's all these baby boomers coming in the first thing they say is I'm only gettin hired man I want to enjoy weed like I used to enjoy it you know I mean and that's kind of our aim is to help people enjoy meat the way they used to enjoy it but also for people who give a shit about their body in their brains create things that make them better I mean there's therapies it doesn't have to medicine I mean I don't care if you say I don't use for recreation or medical it's all therapeutic because you know one of my I have two to two things that are cool one is do you guys know what the largest demographic of pop users are any guesses that's it you know it's the ones who haven't used it yet there's only 10% of the population uses it the other ninety all right and then the other one is that what corn and rice did for humans to be able to sustain large city states energetically cannabis is going to help us do like so we don't kill each other you know kind of tone this down that psychedelic zombies language you see on the front of my computer there yeah support maps humanity you know so what is particularly behind the scenes you know besides all with congressman and Jeff Sessions I don't even do good in my own office politics I would assume that it's the people who are afraid of what happens on the ego goes away right then people realize that they're flying drones or anything else so for those of us who aren't necessarily late whose bird coders but we are really big proponents of the therapeutic effects and happened to live in states where it's legal is there like a network that we can connected you to help get rich information out like there's but three that I love that have no idea about anything beyond 40 minutes I'd love to take Mona's clients we provide all kinds of consumer educational materials so okay it's interesting because my the ultrarunner us on the about I think one of his text messages was I tried you know there's rank I called the delivery direct any and when you start talking about CVD is I talked into a wall because you know like you said there's a huge gross growth industry and it's kind of like the medical field was mid nineties everybody wanted to be a doctor a nurse because there's a shortage but what do you have now about the shitty doctors and nurses so it's not I don't have an answer for it I know it's true though that's why I got into this field was I was told my dad was diagnosed with cancer and I watched what the doctors told it's flat-out digestive cancer they said it didn't matter what he ate and then I started to be a physician and then my mentor said why be a mechanic and you can be an engineer and I was like make sense do things that really matters and not just to band-aids on people thank you yeah yeah and as I told hacks with your board three weeks ago I'd love to help any other questions wonderful well thank you very much I appreciate them by thanking rats to the men
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