CANNABIS VILLAGE - The Invisible Hands Tending the Secret Greens

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CANNABIS VILLAGE - The Invisible Hands Tending the Secret Greens
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Frank is a strategic marketing consultant with a strong focus on user experience and a proven adeptness in forecasting market trends. Frank works with established artists and brands to develop unique business opportunities into customer-centric branded experiences. He is focused on building lasting resonance between consumers and businesses worldwide. The opportunity for full legalization in the United States looms over the horizon. The impact however, reaches far beyond the cursory recreational, medicinal, and social benefits. This talk reveals how the mass social engineering effort behind cannabis legalization could be a strategic play to protect against the decoupling of the petrodollar system. We touch upon players & history behind regulation, extrapolate how legalizing today enables the U.S. to reopen and control the renegotiation of major trade treaties such as the WTO, then finally elucidate the knock-on effects with respect to individual security and self sovereignty. By legalizing cannabis, the U.S. is paving the way to control a multi-trillion dollar constellation of industries spanning petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and forestry industries via the industrial hemp market. Through simple examples, this talk reveals how all the pieces glue together and lays out a framework of what their respective impacts might be.
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welcome thanks everybody for coming out we really appreciate you guys being here this is the invisible hands tending the secret greens we are at DEFCON 26 and
maybe next year we can go to Caesars but we're glad you got to join us right now in the valley of fire so essential we're
gonna do today is we're gonna give you guys a quick kind of high-level macroeconomics slash strategic thinking talk and typically macroeconomics are made very boring on purpose to kind of keep things office gated and a lot of what you hear and see is not the truth of what's really going on so instead of like a conspiracy theory talk like you may have heard this is actually a conspiracy fact talk so you guys can take your tinfoil I hats off and what we wanted to do is give you guys some tools that are actionable to actually start seeing the patterns that are actually going on in the world to kind of see social engineering at scale so I'm Keith
my backgrounds and user experience film sound astrology I did talk last year in the SD village about how to hack corporate culture so if you google Def Con change agents you can check that out so we rolled that into some of this but I look at a lot of things very systemically and into complex systems and this is Frank hey everybody my name is Frank cosmic Voltron is my handle that I'm going through identifying myself as for this talk basically I come from the side of marketing strategic branding and the consumer experience now
basically this talk is going to educate you on a few things about how cannabis has changed the world and how it will change the future of how humanity will continue through but basically this is a disclaimer of these opinions are our own does not legal advice not investment advice it's up to you to make your own decisions think for yourself don't be
evil so the basics obviously of why we're all here today is because weed weed is becoming mainstream is cannabis plus look at what is our social contract going to equal a new awakening and you enlightenment a Renaissance 2.0 so again
the goals of this talk is to entertain you guys educate you on how to look at the world and to see through the narratives and to empower you with that knowledge so that you can as an individual be yourself and empower the free will
now basically we are all players in this game each individual has their part and purpose to forward this experiment that is called humanity we find ourselves
stuck in a system where we are balancing the love for love and the need for money I used here a a line from Jackson Brown called caught between the longing for love and the struggle for the legal tender now it's pretty much always been
the same from the beginning Neolithic man started out as individuals they came
into clans they found that collectively they can become more than just individual through time and space they found that certain things they could unlock the secrets to the Stars fire these were very important things that created civilization and allowed us to move forward now a Neolithic man created fire with many different things but it said that he would put cannabis on the fire and it is through this relationship through fire and cannabis that Neolithic man became enlightened now this enlightenment carried in
through to free thought and individualism it carried through and through medicinal purposes medicines basically cannabis all of a sudden became really the breadbasket of civilization it's what brah humanity to be civilized to start hunkering down in creating homes farms specifically no more hunting gathering they could just grow their own things and it said actually one of the first plants that was ever growing by man specifically and farmed was cannabis now
cannabis aside from clothing ancient man building their homes and creating what is our modern-day farming societies it also enlightened them through the use of cannabis revered priesthood class people that were pretty much in charge of keeping the knowledge for all of humanity Society used cannabis to really open their minds and hearts to what is the ability to think now this free throw
and knowledge created the ability to persevere past just what is the scene to the unknown it was cannabis that was responsible for empowering past man to go beyond the borders of what he knew or they knew I should say it's allowed them to create these I should say time machines or future exploring machines now back in the day these things were boats these boats were made out of wood that was then sealed with cannabis oils the ropes and rigging was made from cannabis the sails and the money derived from all these products are directly responsible for us going beyond what was the unknown so for since the beginning
of time in the beginning humanity cannabis really was the foundation of what is civilization it created this wealth and it became the king of commodities a hundred years ago it really empowered though the wealth of what is our own creation here in the United States if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have had the wealth or the wherewithal to forge on and create a new society based on the Enlightenment now cannabis
afforded the ability to go explore the world empires were built and these empires then centralized wealth based on the King commodity of cannabis this wealth generated power and that power
translated into control now basically what that represents more is about how to control society but then to empower as well there's a famous line from the margin call the movie and it goes something along the fact of money was created so that people wouldn't just shoot themselves to buy a sandwich or shoot each other I should say it's a high sandwich so in essence the social contract that was created through nationalities was based upon the backing up of wealth and the empowerment of the individual now the empowerment of individual will had everything to do with making sure that the man could have free will and also the wherewithal to have the protections of justice and be able to live free and think free now we
are at a precipice where 10 years ago 15 years ago legalization is actually coming to the forefront now today we have the ability to see that the future may be actually driven by cannabis but that remains to be seen
now as marijuana goes Main Street
we understand that it's more about a war on cash I mean cannabis is the last other commodities to be strictly derived and traded through on legal tender cash the beauty about legalization is that it's now becoming a backdoor to renegotiate all of what is the social contracts around the world it also has the ability to put humanity towards a path of renewable instead of finite and through legalization you're gonna find that it's really about backstopping control and backstopping the existing social contract it was such an important
commodity to our founding fathers that they a hundred years ago a sulphate to put it on the back of one of the most important bills they had a ten dollar bill now in 1919 a ten dollar bill is should be got probably about ten thousand dollars probably more so for them to pick depict this cash crop as the bedrock of the foundation of their nation and really the fuel to empower the world in humanity via the Industrial Revolution it was really the building block of what is our present-day future but what happened well you're gonna find
that because we are going on a path of legalization that the social contract that nation-states have with their citizens needs to be renegotiated it has to be and it's actually being forced now this nation state versus globalism
is where it's really the nexus of all of what is wealth power and control now legalization really is about redefining the social contract between people's state in the world
I think a future of cannabis is really the future of humanity without it we
don't have a way to change ourselves from a finite to renewable future and really what it does is empowers humanity to then build the wealth and centralize with information which is the new to commodities that will be the bedrock for our future so why legalized now well it
really is going to empower the future of humanity in the individual it's going to
be the vehicle of free will versus feudalism now again the social contract
that we have today really is about the nation-states contracts with their citizens by legalizing cannabis the United States and other countries are putting themselves in direct contrast to what are the international norms and laws that are put in place kind of like what this dude was talking about a few
years back a new world order what will that be is cannabis the antithesis of that or is it a way to empower people or will it then be used as a locus of control as it has in the past do you
really want a future where the one person decides everything for a little or are we gonna have or build a future that we empower each individual to
really go after free will free market and freedom of thought now again the basics of what we're gonna be covering is everything needs to be rego she ated commodities information data energy pressure chemical versus renewal the social contract all these come into play with legalization what's really at stake
is independent thought and individualism that is what legalization really in its most pure form is about and with that
I'm gonna pass it back to Keith all right so to contextualize this and kind of ground this a little bit we're gonna break this down into kind of like five sections one the ultimate social contracts two you should never waste a good crisis three we can look at entitlements taxes and payments fourth we can look at renewables and finally we're gonna look at what's a small market today is gonna be a massive market in the not-too-distant future so
the ultimate social contract when we talk about a social contract it's as a thorough idea that we basically pay taxes and for paying taxes we get protected by the government we have a military if we have a strong rule of law if you go to like Venezuela or other countries like Iran or wherever they don't have the exact same kind of freedoms or abilities that we do and that's a social contract it's a social governing thing that we all agree to so
the ultimate social contract is the dollar because it's basically backed by confidence it's not backed by anything anymore
after World War Two in 1944 right at the end of World War two there was a meeting in Bretton Woods New Hampshire and all
the super powers at the time got together and said look we're gonna exchange for all global trade being done in dollars we're basically gonna the
United States is gonna protect the trade routes of the world what that means is
that we get to print as much money as we can or as much as we want because if the world's gonna use dollars whether you're Japan trading with Europe or whoever we have to have enough liquidity or cash out on the system for them to trade which allows us to run deficits so you
can make an argument that debt is actually our biggest export and it's what affords us the ability to have a reserve currency status because it's we just need to put so much out there so
fast forward to 2008 everything collapse people got greedy and essentially
central bank's you could say colluded or collaborated to print 20 trillion plus for u.s. equivalent in dollars if you're really into this there's a woman named Nomi Prins she wrote a book called collusion it's really good she's an amazing researcher she did ton of work on this it's awesome and explains how it all works so now we
don't really know what the hell's going on I mean the derivatives markets what crashed housing at least and now there's over 600 trillion they think still out
and all that fake money creation just totally inflated asset prices so last year a DaVinci Salvator Mundi sold for 450 million dollars and it doesn't make any sense and then if you look at how we also calculate unemployment say for government statistics we count people who are collecting unemployment insurance and aren't actually looking for work so it's a way to kind of the statistics work technically but they're not actually what's reflecting reality
so we could run deficits meaning we could print and spend more that we can actually create in terms of GDP or economic wealth but now deficits are going to matter because we have uncoming law liabilities with Medicare Medicaid Social Security and then demographics meaning all the baby boomers that pushed the massive expansion post-world War two they're starting to retire and they're living longer because technology is enabling us to live longer and have better qualities of life so the dollars
gonna break sooner or later and it's really about hegemonic control and our
thesis is that by legalizing cannabis you're actually simultaneously legalizing the potential for industrial hemp and this is where the next big commodity like Golder oil is gonna come from
so oil and gold used to back the dollar up until about the 70s I mean oil it still does to an extent you can make an argument about that but our bigger argument is that it's going to be your data your information plus industrial
hemp that's going to be the next wave and so we're not going to do details now but Frank's gonna get into it a second about the actual market opportunity is in the trillions of dollars if you calculate food energy new Scaled Composites and the carbon neutrality or benefic allottee you get from growing so when
you legalize something and the whole world says it's illegal what you would get to do is you get to go open up the world trade agreements and it's a really clever way to back hack
the whole system because instead of electing officials who are supposed to represent your opinion and you know vote in what you voted in you're changing the standards that govern the system so it's kind of like changing the laws of gravity or physics for how everything kind of interacts so it's it's very clever but changing standards is
essentially what's gonna happen and the real game is about who's gonna get hegemonic control is it gonna be people argue is it gonna be the u.s. still is gonna be China this is a whole nother
conversation but after all of central bank collusion all this money printing everybody got kind of synced up and if you read Neil how he's a demographer and an economist he's the guy who coined the term Millennials and you were at a book called the fourth turning so essentially humans of about 80 years give or take in the modern world and Neil Howe talks about there's four cycles 20 years each that happened at the end of the fourth turning it always ends in revolution or war and our argument is that we're
actually in the middle of a revolution right now except instead of bombs it's bits of information that's being leveraged to control and essentially SC the world at large
so I also study astrology and you can believe what you want but for me it's very interesting it's an interesting way to look at long-term cycles over periods of time and it's just say oh you know such-and-such sunshine or whatever but so the way to read this is this little green pea guy and the black guy so the black guys on the inside those are the cross-section of where the United States if it had a chart was born at that time and the green on the exterior is where the planets are now so the two peas are Pluto and it's inside Capricorn Capricorn the patriarchy the structure of the system the monolith the the top-down hegemonic control and Pluto is all about transformation and so when these guys line up which takes 250 years it's essentially like a phoenix rising kind of baptism by fire moment and everything's being renegotiated right now so even over according to the Stars if you believe this kind of thing temporally were right on point for that too now on the bottom this little green dude looks like a little trident that's Neptune he's about to go into Aries and the last time this happened was a civil war the United States so you can believe what you want but I think it's interesting looking at long-term cycles
and then you just have look all around you and this is in your city on you look in the back this is like one of those little walk don't walk signs but the text says until there's equal accountability for murder it is totally fair to kill cops and if that's not a crisis of the social contract I don't know what is
politicians never let a good crisis go to waste that's one main thing you learned from studying the narcotics specifically the legalization or the prohibition of cannabis the whole reason we're in this
pickle today is because powers-that-be wanted to move us forward very slowly very calculated to a global world dominated controlled centralized force now the clever wilk are they used was drugs most famously oh there you go it
was about 120 years ago country starting get together to discuss about how to trade certain things internationally specifically narcotics now they use the guise of an opium crisis that sounds familiar today we're seeing the same ad lines politicians were pushing that like it was the new bread and butter oh my god everybody the opium crisis well the opium crisis we've been under for about past three four hundred years turned the century into nineteen hundred scientists were synthesizing opium into heroin and other byproducts that became extremely addictive and we're scourges really on the society so how in the world did cannabis which represents zero deaths when used i mean literally you could smoke as much as you want to i mean you may get a little paranoid and whatnot but you're not gonna die how in the world is cannabis then group into this large and mahjongg homogeneous narcotics moniker and specifically how in the world did hemp get there hemp doesn't even have any psychotropic effects it's all about control guys it's
interesting too because we find today that would be controlled by language we're being pushed narratives here and there and it's always being about labeling something or someone as bad and and using that label then to not really seeing him as human anymore so the powers that be as time progressed from the hague on through through world war one and then after water one into the Roaring Twenties the world was going through dramatic change specifically United States was really putting themselves out there as the dominant world power they made sure along with partners in other nation states to put forward language that held their ideas in place and specifically to control populations now the language that was used was to then bulk hemp together with cannabis cannabis being cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa now hemp is actually cannabis sativa offshoot but that's another story
now they cleverly disguised what was the top King commodity the Builder of Wells of Nations they disguised that and brought it down to the most ethereal level by demonizing the user users were
depicted as crazed lunatics basically any scourge and society was blamed on marijuana now what the real fact was and what they were really hiding was that during the same time prohibition of alcohol was a huge failure what prohibition did basically was overnight created a swath a population that was once legal and law abiding to then all of a sudden criminals just because of consuming something that was legal a few months before this gave rise to a huge gray market and really changed the flow and direction of not only this country but the world and now we find
ourselves a hundred years in after prohibition of marijuana in a system where the user is demonized controlled held away from helding a job held away in prison over 50% of people that were arrested over the past hundred years were arrested over marijuana charges now if that's not control I don't know what
is so as time progressed I mean the user of marijuana again labeled as a degenerate I mean we all know Spicoli Spicoli was a burnout and basically that narrative was then continued through in the counterculture to control that population just the same and really at
the essence of it all is it's all about narrating and controlling the message and media is just slapping us around and really pile-driving us under the mat and just shredding our brain and the ability to really think think and free thought for ourselves I mean man has for ever
been trying to consolidate their information and knowledge and pass it on to future generations in our lifetimes
that was left mostly to what is the mainstream media but now we are find ourselves in mainstream media I should say finds itself more as a paid PR machine they're really a shell of them form ourselves I mean this is the magazine rack at the very back of the CVS they're not even in the front anymore consolidation of all these media companies - shows centralization of control but what's ironic is these guys were the ones that forward the message of the evil craze - reefer madness marijuana user - forward the prohibition of marijuana but then ironically today these companies are the same ones that
are putting out these kind of population propagandas what is their motivation now I mean back in the day Hearst basically lobbied because he owned all the paper interest to get rid of marijuana because he didn't want hemp to be messing with all the forests that he was getting his paper from point being we have come and have grown up in society where aside from debt up until a ten years ago the number one export United States was entertainment industry and it brings us
to today like I was saying every population or every publications now are are really just embracing weed why
I mean what's interesting enough too is that today I think we are in a special place in time in humanity there's no more hiding the truth I mean we have information at our fingertips and really
it it travels at the speed of light encompasses all of what is the net knowledge of humanity at at the hands of
just a quick search and a search engine page now imagine that control I mean what what kind of control did these
companies really have now we find ourselves in the same kind of position we were a hundred years ago when legalization wasn't a thing I mean when when search say prohibition of marijuana was coming into play these same forces now are leveraging their control to control humanity through different ways specifically I don't want to beat up on Google because every single one of these tech companies are guilty in their own right but what's happening is the same ways and uses of controlling humanity are being played out today but just on a different scale and what this means is
that we are again finding ourselves as humans as individuals being controlled by greater forces beyond us if humans aren't allowed to spread information and spread their free will how are we ever going to become empowered how are we ever going to head towards the future and really get past what is the level that we're on now we're never gonna have a Renaissance to Peru when you can never share what is your thoughts with the rest of society
the problem here is that now these companies are worth more than nation states these nation states are the ones that created what is the social contracts that we live on today it's a
race to the top and at the top you don't want to give up your control so a lot of these companies are leveraging that to
make sure that they're always in place and nation states are leveraging their partnerships with these international entities to control their populations
what's at stake are we gonna really gonna go back to the days when you can't even say shit fuck crap whatever the fuck you want - am I gonna be charged talking every time I say those kind of things like demolition man am I gonna be threaded and put to jail just because of my thoughts or what I may be thinking for the future are we all and we are gonna become victims of manipulated media the pen is still
mightier than the sword so this is why these controlling companies really are fearing the individual freedom of humanity it's always been about control
but without understanding individuality and the essence of what is the Enlightenment the Magna Carta the social contracts that really are the bedrock of our societies today we will not be able to get into what is the future of earnest 2.0 so it's up to each one of us to take
off the blinders and start seeing what is the reality because if we don't we
won't understand the true costs of what we're doing and how we are taking the direction of of society and most importantly about empowering the individual and free will these are part of the bedrocks of the social contract that we live under today and those very foundations are what are being attacked and eroded daily what's it gonna be
because if we don't start talking about renegotiating the social contract and way things that are happening today others will do the thinking and changing for us and you might not like the outcome that they bring so it takes us
back to the root of the Enlightenment the creation of what is this social contract with a vendor today will hemp will cannabis and legalization bring us to the next revolution I should say Industrial Revolution or the revolution of free thought and humanity I believe
so all right so entitlements taxes payment systems all right right now we
have not had a national debt large this large since world war ii we're in the hole for over 20 trillion dollars that's a crazy amount of money so on top of
that we can't afford all our liabilities meaning Social Security Medicare Medicaid and depending on how you look at the accounting we could basically be bankrupt by 2030 so when you look at
accounting accounting isn't truth accounting is how you account or how you count numbers and it's very easy to hide things and this is basically it's been
going on to breach our social contract and right now politicians are gaming's gaining steam for new cohorts based on new ideas to try and you know better humanity but you have to find a way to pay for all these things not everything you can't do it
for free so when you have all those debt there's only three ways in economics to get out of it you inflate you grow are you tax inflation means you print a bunch more money which is basically it lowers the cost of you have you grow or you have more economic power or you actually produce more stuff or you tax and what's gonna
happen if we don't do that is essentially you default and depending on who you talk to whether it's like a gem records kind of guy or other like economist what the real game is about is who the race to the bottom right now because if it's Japan or the Bank of China or the EU whoever's gonna default first it's gonna precipitate a larger kind of crisis but that's what you're seeing in all the trade wars going on right now is who's gonna push you to the
over the brink first so we're talking about taxing that's obviously what's always been sold before so for example in Colorado and we look at the whole supply chain the grower gets taxed going to the retailer and the retailer gets taxed going to the consumer but this
isn't gonna pay for what it was promised to pay for because what happens is is in the 40s and 50s once all the soldiers came home from World War two their promised pensions because legally according to the law that got passed they couldn't raise rate so you couldn't have a better wage so what they did is to have these things called fringe benefits where you have social security you have no Social Security but like health care better health care and pensions and that's what we can't afford
to pay right now and this actually happened in Jersey to where the lottery was created and it was supposed to pay for all the stuff for education and it didn't really end up making that much of
a dent at all so the other side of this too is a war on cash and a warrant if you if you if you think back about how can you do actually transactions you don't to be trace it's either with cash or pretty much gold right now and the cannabis market at least that we found in the United States is about a fifty billion dollar industry which is the biggest cash only market that's untraceable in the world save for like you know illicit markets black markets
and you can't get in the banking system because no one wants to touch the whole kyc and they know your customer and all the regulations that go with it because the banks are so large right now that they'll just essentially cut you out and
the banks can do that even on the personal level so if you read the Terms of Service if your checking account whenever you opened it up the bank can close your account at well for whatever reason and not tell you just like Facebook or Instagram can cut you off too so even as an individual if you have no bank account you can't survive you can't pay utility bill you can't function you can't go to like a check cashing place all the time and drop a w-2 or your paychecks off there to kind of make it
happen so all this means that everything gets digital it's all traceable and therefore it's all taxable and this is
what the United States actually does so there's a thing called a swift payment system which is the international way that that countries and big corporations pay each other and Russia and China have
actually called to get out of it because the United States put political pressure on Russia after Crimea to try and control them and instead of enforcing hard power you know with the military soft power through sanctions Europe didn't want to do it cuz it getting all their energy from Russia so the u.s. said all right screw it we're gonna do it this way and this is why if you do
the research all these countries are buying crazy amounts of gold right now so the idea is that the fault on dollars at some point they'll say alright thanks clay back and then they'll do what's called a collateralized loan based on gold so they'll take the gold say okay here's how much we have and now we're gonna renegotiate back with a crypto
backed SDR so we'll go digital but it's basically maybe a non country backed social contract it'll be like a world back money renewable energy alright so
looking ahead there's like four billion people that haven't come online yet and you know we're here at DEFCON hacking badges and you know this is looking at the Wi-Fi and whatnot but there's still half the world is not on the internet
yet and we just can't provide the same lifestyle for the whole world that we've been used to with air conditioners and all those power consumption because our
energy needs are growing exponentially
and that's the problem I mean basically we built this past 150 years industrial revolution on finite instead of renewable and this needs to change it was very clear I mean we have garbage patches full of plastic the size of Texas in the middle of the Pacific Ocean hemp has a unique ability to change that and to empower again nation-states humanity to move forward and pass the finite history that we've built our now society on
there's no longer you can't turn away from what is the problems anymore I mean humanity has made their mark on this planet this planet is going to be here regardless if we're here or not we need to make a change and we need to choose a direction that is about empowering futures for generations upon generations and generations of humans moving forward so was the word plastics
derived in the wrong way was it derived from the wrong materials today really hemp allows us to change the way we are impacting our environment in a very
unique way because it's a renewable resource and renewable commodity the beauty of hemp and cannabis is that specifically hemp it can be used to really backstop what is our social contract the dollar now how it's being used today as far as legalization goes if you look on Twitter every single politician keeps on pushing out a farm bill this farm bill that look we got hemp for you the beauty of it is it literally overnight we can turn a zero or I should say domestic about a billion dollar a year commodity into trillions within a year to three years time aside
from the economic impact of course the environmental impact of growing all that hamton cannabis is greatly beneficial aside from aerating soil and the the all the other important things that it does as far as for the environment it actually cleans the air better than any other plant that exists period so in
essence why wouldn't we embrace him why wouldn't we embrace cannabis moving forward oil resources are being depleted ironically enough the United States now finds itself as a lead exporter of oil and petrol together with cannabis and usurping data this puts the United States and the dollar in a unique position to really float itself into the future now what that future will be god knows
but we all can understand that marijuana is going mainstream I mean the other day my grandma asked if she could get some CBD I mean that to me Wow so we find
ourselves today where more than half the population here domestically is in favor of legalization of cannabis being the consumable products now if you really
look at cannabis specifically here in this little diagram over here is more about cannabis indica sativa you really get to see the size of cannabis relative to all other cash crops I mean it Dwarfs I mean all other crops are dwarfed by cannabis you literally can make twenty times the amount of money growing cannabis on the same plot of land that you could grow in corn or soybean talk
about really empowering our farmers huh marijuana is everywhere I mean in Los Angeles while it presently I just pull up my weed maps I can see a doctor right next to me I can get a new delivery service I look in a mall it's a right at my fingertips literally I don't have to
leave my home the things can come to me as long as I put the order and actually it's kind of cheaper because you don't have to even deal with any retail space and all that stuff what really really
comes down to cannabis the smoking the edibles the medical side of it is just a fingernail on the body of what is cannabis as a whole and as a cash crop the golden commodity I think I should say the nation got a little bit of God I guess back in World War two when they needed hemp so they actually went from the prohibition to ten years later saying hey go for it guys grow as much hemp as you possibly can even Ford
got on board they built cars in 1941 built solely out of hemp hemp is ten
times stronger than steel when it's composited material and can be used as ethanol way more efficient than using corn and what do we find ourselves today
Mercedes Daimler BMW they're actually making all their new renewable energy conscious cars out of hemp and really is
the building block for our future it can go into almost anything you can possibly imagine from lightweight hempcrete to medicines to ethanol to energy uses to plastics you name it and it's becoming a
part of mainstream culture as well I mean this is a screenshot I took from Elle magazine Elle magazine actually printed a woman and we'd articles in a whole publication like this one this past month with supplementary webpage that literally went through all the nice and neat cool things that cannabis can do for you for the new millennial but
really at heart of it all it's about harvesting Liberty and every company and their mom is getting on this board that Akoni of course so really we're getting
back to the essence of where we started and I believe that the world is going to need cannabis in order to spring forward and they're gonna need that in order to backstop the social contracts they have with their citizenry
but the beauty of it all is about empowering humanity and through that is about sharing the free flow of information now the antithesis of that is the controlling of that very information in data now we're at the precipice of understanding all the secrets of the universe here right here is the whole genome sequence of man humans mapped out basically what is going to be our future I mean every company is racing to make sure that they control whatever is their bedrock to wealth today we find that is knowledge data genome sequences but
really in reality if we leverage all this information if we leverage the King commodity and all these commodities together it will take us to the Stars and beyond imagine being able to populate the billions upon trillions of universes around the world and being powered and being brought there specifically by cannabis all right so
the social contract of the future so we
talked about how the dollars breaking down this isn't breaking down and everything's being called in a question at large so in order for anything to
really improve you really need to have human centered design systems and if you read any corporate monologue they talk about being customer-centric human centric but they're not really doing that they're not really looking at what are the unmet needs how you solve them simply how do you look at this idea of shared value creation so as a real
simple rule or a kind of model you could look at this idea of simplicity convenience and Trust so simplicity is when you have an unmet need how do you solve it really simply so like Amazon does this good with like one-click Wikipedia does this look like one-click editing it's literally how do you get rid of as much friction as possible in the system convenience is really simple it's the idea of how do you improve my length of quality of life or how do you give me my time back at the day your time your energy your mind your health this safe for your relationships are you know your precious resources that you have access to and lastly it's trust would you actually advocate this to friends and family and are you being consistent along the interaction so when you do that this is
how you actually unlock real novelty and creativity and add value back to society
and that's what this is all about is by empowering people to be free to speak their truth and to do things that actually resonate with what is there you know quintessential being thanks we'll open
up the floor to any questions if you have and I guess with that cannabis is our future embrace it thanks guys