BLUE TEAM VILLAGE - Subversion and Espionage Directed Against You (SAEDY)

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BLUE TEAM VILLAGE - Subversion and Espionage Directed Against You (SAEDY)
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Industrial espionage is the practice of secretly gathering information about competing corporation or business interest, with the objective of placing one’s own organization at a strategic or financial advantage. A common practice to achieve this advantage is to elicit information from unwitting individuals through what today is called social engineering (SE). We all hear the term SE so often that we become desensitized to it, thereby INCREASING the effectiveness of it against ourselves and organizations. Thus, will call it what it is - Human Intelligence, also known as HUMINT. Presenting personal experiences as an Army counterintelligence agent with examples of military and industrial espionage, will examine tradecraft employed against individuals every day. We will apply lessons learned from the US military and the intelligence community by using two acronyms taught to Army counterintelligence agents: SAEDA (Subversion and Espionage Directed against the Army) and MICE (Money, Ideology, Coercion, Ego). By presenting different aspects of HUMINT collection efforts will enable individuals to possibly detect, deflect, and protect oneself from such actions.
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well we got duty towers coming to speak to us tax she's gonna be talking about subversion and espionage directed against you really cool part of the blue team blue team responsibilities this is a lot of people Oh louder powder good Lord I'm not I'm used to yelling this and a theater was in the hallway whoever you served in the military raise your hand okay cool army okay the rest of you okay so I did is this a presentation as a counterintelligence agent in the army that I had to give to every new incoming soldier in the unit it was called sada subversion and espionage directed against the army and you were targeted just because you were the uniform and you had the flag on your shoulder so the right things I've been saying going on in the recent events made me realize I have to redo this this is why I was an agent this is why I'm in cyber this is why you guys need to be aware this is going on you are targeted what is the other visual and it's not because you're in the military it's because your job and the businesses are targeted just as much as they would be in the military or if you're paying attention to the news and I want you to be aware it's young by yourself with their targeting it's not your team it's not your source oh it's not your organization that go after you as an individual you'll see some of this and what I'm going through what you see on the screen let's assume from the movie called bridge of the guides it's a base on a true story there is such bridges I've been unknown between when I was on there's a cold war and I've stood on the bridge on the country line between Czechoslovakia English West Germany and those those did happen when we did do trading across bridges it's a very good movie it's based on true stories so we
gotta be passionate about doing this as a couple of years ago I went to dirty con to the teen village or the social engineering village and the social engineering was such a generic term when I was social engineered you know whatever well couple of the protesters were talking about event that they had he was at a bank he was told to go get get into the server room he had and just that was a pen test be in the server room of the bank so he what he did smartly as he went out to the dished out to the district banks and he got there early enough to profile all the workers as they went in and he found out which teller he was going to social engineer right so he bought Sam with a nice pair of khakis but down shirt and he approached her I want to make an account she goes sure let's go over here and talk so they sit down and start talking and he goes you know I can't go to the bathroom she like shirts down the hall when you're done come back and get me and we'll finish this account creation process he waited so long she got distracted did something else he went to one of the empty offices sat there for an hour and started hacking the network nobody bothered him because he looked like he was from the Home Office right business attire Home Office does show up they do do that kind of thing so later the manager walked in like who are you what are you doing and that's when he realized he was hacking the network they fired the teller because she didn't follow up with him that made me mad you didn't train her right you fired her for the reasons you hired her she was customer focused outspoken you know okay are you gonna hire an introvert to take her place oh you're gonna hire an exactly same person right but you didn't train her to be aware of her own vulnerabilities of what she was her personality was used against her in the pen tester he was upset because she lost her job because of what he did to her now he feels fine could agree because he did his job she didn't owe her it's right but he profiled her and understood her liabilities and used him against her that is espionage and spying as I was taught that's when I was like oh my god and I'll give you some more stories that should scare you about pen testers just to let you know when I was in the army I didn't see any of those guys and I did never see them on either so I feel like I missed out when I do it over but that is not that is that the espionage that you're going to see that is not the spying that you're going to see when it's targeted at you this is from a very
good blog post this is also and passionate me it made me motivated to do this instead of doing security compliance training that you get one hour once a year and you go back to your desk and start clicking on all the links and everything else you're not supposed to do we need to change your behavior we need you to be trained to understand what are your vulnerabilities what are being targeted I need your behavior to change and the three things motivation ability and trigger this is an excellent excellent blog post this is what we should do this is what our training should be for compliance it should be behavioral change not a compliance thing I would want to throw this up there because this is what we need to do is behavioral InfoSec instead of security awareness because a security awareness is not working right we're still clicking on the links they're still telling everybody their information you're still putting all your stuff out on Facebook we're not changing behavior and this is
one of my favorite favorite sayings from Miller McCabe my exploits or your employees he's a pen tester he's very good and I've talked with him about what I was learning and he's like yeah this stuff works this is this is how we do it this is how things are being done so it's very very interesting because what I want you to do is become enlightened about you as an individual your sis oh please you know say no say no but you when you're faced with it you're by yourself and you're probably not going to be at work when they approach you it's you're not even self aware that it's work-related it's probably out in the bar your neighbor you'll see why social engineering
because it works I didn't seek if you follow her I recommend you follow her in Twitter she openly talks about how she is able to do what she's doing once one time I saw what she was doing she said I showed up my hands you know dressed nice she's a woman she's pretty she's young showed up at a business where they were doing a pen test showed up with doughnuts or something in her hands where her hands were too full she had a fake badge on hey could someone help me open the door I can't get my badge on my hands before what do we do because we're so nice oh let me help you buddy take the doughnuts they open the door for her let her in bar on Twitter she talks about all of her exploits it's very good and it's very true but what wasn't what caught my attention was a lock-picking climbing over walls hopping by bar fences dumpster diving and really cool tools and gadgets and pretending to be something I'm not to get information those were the exact same things I was trying to do as a counterintelligence agent the exact same things except I didn't have the cool gadgets a manual typewriter in the woods in Germany and I had to I got frostnip on my fingers the type reports it was snowing outside that's how all my gadgets were that's how old I am too but follow her she taught if you want to learn what red teamers are doing follow she talks really good information it's awesome and you know she she is doing exactly what I was taught as an agent as a counterintelligence agent now I love
this saying there's no patch for an untrained user and even its various security professional who forgets in the heat of the moment to follow what they've been taught it's exactly yet like I said most of the times like when I was in Germany and the terrorists did target our soldiers we target them in a bar when they're drunk they took him out one of them they took an airman out in the back they killed him to take his ID card so they could put a bomb on posts the next day when everybody was doing PT in the morning if you remember that in Ramstein they took an air fort they took him while I was drunk got a girl to talk to him made him out in the back that's when they killed him he was alone nobody saw this so what I'm getting at is this is what they will do you will be alone most likely when this happens I'll give you more stories well
Chris had made this he's the one that has a social engineering village I loved it at DEFCON derbycon and DEFCON any act that influences a person to take an action that may not be in their best interest that's really a whole that covers everything a whole lot so if you have classified information you fall a victim to that if you have sensitive information you'll fall victim to that but just one of them will do some is they will use you to get to the rest of it you might not be the main target but they will work their way through your network just like a pen tester would write just like some other hackers will but they'll use the human to do it how many of you are pen testers and I'm not gonna ask you to raise your hand but if you can't get through the network the network is so tight and you can't get in what you do you show up in person I know if you're gonna nod your head I know but you'll show up in person because you're going to start using the people and their vulnerabilities you're still going to get in this is one of the stories that kind of horrified me I didn't realize pin testing went this far but at the post had me had a panel and we could ask the pen testers how far would you go how far would you take this to social engineer or somebody and they asked him how far would you use your sex to do it in a nice young man he stood there and he goes look at this who can deny this and I swing both ways I walked away a little horrified going that's a pen tester saying he's going to use his sex or sex to get what he wants but his nation state that is China what is Russia that is nation's day if a pen tester is going to use sex to get into it then my god you guys are not prepared at all this saying but the this is the other story that horrified me the pen tester goal is to get the cysts admins user ID and password to the network one individual they had to hack him he was the target of the pen test one individual so he filed him they looked at a social media they saw that he liked the women he was married his wife is recently pregnant or just had a baby they had a beautiful woman on their pink test team that was a lesbian asked her would you be willing to get into sexy clothes to compromise him she said yes so they sent her in she struck up a friendship with him from work I'm not sure how much longer after they met before she got him to meet her at a hotel room hey what she walks up to the hotel room I got pictures of that he walks up to the hotel room they got pictures of that he opens the door and she made sure she was in a sexy lingerie in the doorway with him in the doorway they got pictures of that he walks in shuts the door and she goes no I'm not gonna get locks wait I don't need those pictures right so the next day they sent an arrow to the sysadmin and said we want the domain user password network password and he said no so the next day they sending pictures of him I met the hotel with her and sexy lingerie and said we'll send this to your wife and the CISO they missed the user ID and password to the network he'd said okay test over we have to know I just had to know you and I know you by your social media and what you were doing online and they use that against him I was horrified when I saw that a US company would do that to a US employee but that's how close so no that's just pen testing people that was just a pen test they were willing to compromise his principles or whatever but I don't care whether he was willing to do it or not they were willing to go to that threat that part right who's going to deny this and they swing both ways you were not prepared for this you're not not aware of this is going to come and I asked the pen tester why would you go to that extreme they didn't tell you to compromise his principles or go after them they just said get the user ID and password to the domain and the network he said I did it because they didn't have any protection for that individual they didn't have any rules the CISO didn't have anything to protect him so we went after him as an individual they won been touched over I was horrified sorry espionage has been around since
the 1700s as you saw honestly I didn't realize social engineering if you saw
from the last one that's been around since 1899 I thought it was relatively a new term because we all say we've been social engineered if you're gonna fire me and seven social engineer you I want to challenge you and go I was spied on espionage tradecraft but social engineering to me is to that you're it better be something bigger than that if you're gonna fire me for that illegal
spying if you guys are pay attention to this back in 2010 we sent ten illegals back to Russia and I'm gonna show in a video in a minute and unfortunately this ex-cia officer really hate to see fellow officers fellow agents caught with spying but he got caught in January and Shanghai handed over some information for money but they legals they look like your neighbors don't they that's what they were nobody noticed
sir version has been around since the 14th century and this is one my favorite ones Castro see you guys probably heard the news right it's a Russian owned company and not Russian Putin but a Russian X KGB officer owns the company NSA had a Chinese national that he was spying and he brought home from NSA documents that he was gonna you know send over he installed him on his home PC that has Kaspersky antivirus running pass Percy has certain things alerts when they see certain files to alert them and they so they took a copy of his stolen NSA documents and I got sent to Russia the Kasper C Amsterdam was apparently watching it and they're really mad at us now because we gave it away in told him that Hamsterdam warned us that they had our NSA exploits so this was like a level level level level but if you notice the government is now saying caster C cannot be on any of our pcs all of our servers and a new government machine cannot have this software installed because they have a backdoor that can take information off of it it's built in it's kind of cool
uber if you guys notice that uber recent this is this is us American American spying on each other we had employees over I think it was lift if my memory serves me right they had people in lift gathering information to see what the competition was doing this statement is by our legal team just to be clear to the extent anyone is working on any kind of competitive intelligent project that involves their surveillance of individuals stop it now well surveillance of individuals is spying that's what I did same thing so he's telling them please stop doing these espionage spying efforts of our competitors we're better than that but I want you to be aware that it's not just nation state that is going after what you have its business on business this is business it's always does this put it here we go
med robotics this is in the news also this is a Canadian Chinese national he the company med robotics makes body parts there here in the US China had tried to been making deals with them trying to you know talk to the president you know we want to we want to be a part of your company well he knew what he wanted what they wanted is they want other blueprints for the body parts and they would go make them over there cheap or whatever they be competitors so he kept telling him no this man showed up one day at the CEO at the corporate headquarters the CEO was walking out he saw him in the conference room he had three laptops open it's about five o'clock in the afternoon he had three clap tops open and he was working he was in there by himself so the CEO walks in and goes can I help you what are you doing and he goes one waiting for the CIO got a meeting with him he goes well that CIO is not here today but I'm waiting for the CTO well he's out of the country oh yeah well I'm waiting for the CEO and he goes that's me and I don't know who you are called the FBI and that's when I found out he was in there trying to hack their network because because the owner the company would not sell his secrets to China they wanted to try and steal it the one thing that's really interesting I had to say this up here the lawyer that was defending this man he was struggling to accept the fact he was no longer brilliant that was his defense hope it worked but he was a giant he was a Canadian Chinese national and he just happened to be sitting in the conference room easy-breezy right just walked in nobody stopped him
I want you to pay attention to the couple right here I want to show you a video real quick we're gonna make try make this work sensational version of Soviets in fact most Soviet
spies in this country were Americans not Russians posing as Americans and they
didn't engage in murder kidnapping the
kinds of dramatic episodes that appear on the Americans the Soviet Union had
had two kinds of agents in the United States the first kind were legal officers who would be attached to the embassy or consulate then there were the
illegals who people that came to the country into this country illegally and
lived as ordinary Americans the inmates in the series are illegals that is they
are Russian citizens who are in this country illegally posing as Americans they have germs and they spray on the side and the Soviet Union recruited
illegals they were looking for people that were ordinary that could blend in to the United States
and one of the advantages of recruiting people for the United States is that
this country has a very diverse citizenry so even somebody with an
accent say can still pose as in America
the illegals performed for the Soviet Union with the service couriers the
advantage of an Engel is in the country illegally the FBI doesn't know who he is
he can meet with sources pick up espionage material and then he has to
meet with somebody else to transfer it but it's the anonymity that's important occasionally couples would serve as
illegals there were instances where you had couples who were initial illegals they're actually Americans spying for
the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union
attempted to recruit their children as spas but Center started a program to develop second-generation illegals a
page to be illegals were not executed
the states in the Soviet Union had a kind of implicit deal that they didn't do that sort of thing we just had one of
the themes of the Americans or in all these these assassinations and so on the implicational it happened but it was report quite rare and certainly not in the nineteen eighties countries never
cease spanked and Russia has historically used the legals no doubt they will continue to use them but they're very expensive and it costs a lot of money to train them and of course a lot of money to maintain
this couple right here that you see can you hear me the couple that you see on the screen that's what the movie was about they were a New Jersey couple she was an accountant working in the Democratic Party of the United States who was a stay-at-home dad he was a courier they've got pictures of him going up and down stairs in New York City having his hand out and someone else passing off the information that's how they caught him his name is from I think it's his name specifically as a child that was that died like 100 years ago and he used that name and that's their name as a couple as in the u.s. nobody validated or verified it they're illegals right they didn't have to register but she she was an accountant and he was the actual courier that was panning the information over to the other side let's do this this was
interesting to me that is when I was being trained as an agent I was not told that this is one of the reasons why we do spying but I thought it was very interesting is that by doing the spying we have probably have stopped World War three from happening we understand when you're called there they understand when we're bluffing and we understand when they're bluffing when they're saying and doing something that's one thing that is a benefit of spying so I'm not telling you to go do it I'm not encouraging you go do it it is against the law but what they were doing what we're doing it's probably it's gonna stop World War three but please don't take that as initiative so that's why you're gonna do it okay I promise it won't work that way in the North Korea this is I
thought was a very telling statement if warfare was about bullets and oil until now warfare in the 24th century is about information spying is so much easier now because I physically really don't have to show up anymore only when your network or your system or your data I can't get to while I show up in person just like a pen tester will so this is easier now to get this information than ever before just like the NSA spying that he'd you know he'd put it on a thumb drive took it home I think he encased it in something so it could get through security I don't know somebody told me a cupcake or something like that when he went through the jump drive he put it in there and that's how he got through security nobody noticed he had a jump drive that's how he got it out of the NSA office trust but verify
1986 that is a Russian saying not ours that is Russian not ours and so President Reagan he really enjoyed it so much that he upset Gorbachev when they met because he said it to him all the time because he was practicing his Russian with him Gorbachev kind of got annoyed with it thought it was kind of interesting but today be with the blockchain way don't trust and verify because of our technology because of our information the way we trade it and we send it around share it I physically don't have to show up you don't have to validate what I look like Who I am I can be anything I want on the Internet and talk to you create a relationship and if you've seen the news recently there was a Playgirl Playboy bunny she was social engineered by a hacker she fell in love and you know but they had a relationship online and she finally realized he got taken in and arrested and that's when she realized he was social engineering her for whatever reason I guess for pictures I don't know but I don't think she had a whole lot of code to share with him if you recognize Maria just two
days ago I talked to the doc Barsky you guys see him over there um at Mandalay he was signing his book he's an ex KGB spy he's in the u.s. he wrote a book he's on a speaking tour he's a famous guy he was a spy during the time that I was so um I thought like I gotta go meet him and so I went up and I'm like hey you know I was a counterintelligence agent during the same time that you are a KGB spy he goes eh take a picture if you do together like No knowing that well um but anyway we're he was signing his book I had to have his book right and so he was signing and he actually say in there to Micah Conrad you know a comrade and he goes and he looks at me and he goes what is going on with Russia they're so obvious at what they're doing like her she freely admitted while she was drunk what she was she wasn't fighting she was I'm Russian I'm paid by a Russian person I'm collecting information hey can i you know let's give you drinks and that you know there he was like saying Russia is not even doing hard tradecraft anymore they're do they're doing everything too easy it's too easy what they're doing it's too obvious what they're doing and he asked me what the problem was and I could only guess it that one we're not paying attention to we don't care three we can't think it's the person next to me or forward I don't know what the fourth one is I just think we're not paying attention we don't think it's gonna work two nights of a society to think anybody's gonna do this to us or our neighbor is gonna steal that information but it was kind of interesting to have an ex-kgb spy going what's going on what do you guys are not you know why don't you get better at this look what I did it's interesting if you guys saw on the news trying to find Stein her driver of twenty years he was a Chinese spy twenty years he was her driver I just came out this week but another one in the news we have a woman in the the US embassy they found out she was a spy they just happened to be doing her background check again those who've had a security clearance you know the renewal they renewed her as they found out she had been in there for like ten or fifteen years they just realized she was a spy I don't have a picture of her I'd put her up there but I thought that was kind of interesting that it's becoming so common the Russians are not even trying to hide what they're doing it's sad
so the motivations are why people's spy is mice these are the main ones money ideology coercion blackmail or ego and extortion efforts I'm gonna give you some just examples real quick but I don't want you to think everybody around you a spy but you need to be paying attention to your co-workers or strangers that walk into your data center walk into your desk area make people don't let people just walk in without shining their badge I pissed excuse me upset somebody the other day he was tailgating me in and I pushed in like oh excuse me can you you got a badge can you go back out there and scan it you guys I'm bright I've been in here many times that I'm like yeah but I don't know you and it said contractor on his badge with no picture all right and it goes but I've been a hero you know like I don't know you would you just please scan your badge ID all I'm asking is just a second of your time he argued with me longer than it would took for him to scan it he finally scanned it he could get through but he was so upset because I stopped him but that's what you're gonna have to do because that's that's exactly what they're going to do they're gonna walk are getting behind you and I have to admit where I work our badges are very easy to replicate I could do it with a crayon it's really sad I've told my boss that and he goes I know we're trying to fix that that's just one more thing we're trying to fix that I'm like I literally had my badge turnaround where nobody can see it because it's too easy to copy it make a picture of it plus I ride the train to work so if anybody you know if you have I have my badge hanging off because my train passes on it too so if anybody's there they just take a picture of my badge duplicate it boom they're done right and then they just stand there I can't get in can't get in can't get in would you help me get in someone will let you in I'm sorry we will overnights we'll do it it works but this saying right here beware of spies that came out in World War two so that's how long at least it's been around this was
a spy there was a US Army Warrant Officer and I almost want to believe I did his background and I did his espionage case my job as a agent if I'm charging you with espionage the law says I have to have or you have passed the information to a foreign entity wonderful it does not have to be an enemy of this country just a foreign entity I have to have you where you're passing that information to them he came home with about 25 or 30 this is the days of diskettes with secret bait really secret written on it it was in his gym bag he couldn't figure out how it got in his household goods when he moved back from Germany to the US I don't know he had 30 of these in his bag NSA came and took them from us they'd Trant they got everything off of it it was signal intelligence during the first Gulf storm I could not he had a German wife that didn't come back to the US with him but I never got where he was passing information to her so I couldn't charge him with espionage I did charge him with mishandling classified information he also was shipping back Iraqi weapons at a diplomatic pouch he was getting an article 15 for that so they put him out of the army but espionage charge didn't stick because I didn't have and I say this for a reason because other people we've got you'll see in a minute but I want you to know the charge of espionage is you have sensitive classified information and you hand it to a foreign entity friend or foe that is espionage and you can be given the death sentence thank you to Ronald Reagan you get life in prison or the death sentence this is
the reason why John Walker spied 18 years he was a navy veteran he gave his information to Russia one of his excuses were I can't help it that they shared it with Vietnam that we were fighting against we weren't fighting with Russia so why are you charging me with espionage we weren't fighting them one of his other excuses or whatever he did a 60 minute interview he got life in prison is because of him that Reagan changed the law that now you can get the death sentence but he said they were asking him what would you do now that you know what would happen what would you do differently and he goes I wouldn't get caught his wife unfortunately turned him in three times to the FBI his daughter turned him in she was in the Army tried to recruit her his son was in the Navy he recruited him his son got 25 years he recruited his best friend he got life he tried to recruit his brother I think he got another 20 years something like that but he died in prison and one of the things that what you're seeing written up here is what Russia his KGB Heil or said about him he did everything right we trained him right physic his own of lifestyle money is what made him get it up they told him to quit spending the money he couldn't help but do it and so finally they caught him and unfortunately like I said three times his wife turned him in to the FBI I think she was upset that the divorce settlement and that's what they're saying is she didn't make enough money out of it so she Bernie in to another lesson learned ex-wives I don't know what to do right you know Aldrich Ames
this is one that's sad I hate seeing CIA people get caught but mcdu to his so what he was doing was so good and he married a Colombian spy when he and that wife got married the KGB or the Russians gave him a two million dollar wedding present how nice they liked what he was doing he's got life in prison ideology
this one's a little hard I'd normally think most people don't do this by themselves I think they also do it for other reasons but these two spied for Cuba this one you didn't hear about in the news because of the plea bargain she went ahead and said guilty but she had a Facebook page and she was ranting about what she didn't like about what we were doing in Russia China Cuba sorry Cuba so she got a 25-year sentence five years probation just to avoid the publicity because we were already getting hit pretty hard we didn't anymore but unfortunately this couple was spying for Cuba two he got life in prison and she got six years recognize these two or
three especially this couple Bradley Chelsea now I honestly believe frequently people who go along at reefs of this path to not know they're on a crease in its path until it's too late I honestly believe that was probably these two if they're gonna if they're gonna do it solely for audiology I did not see anywhere where they made any money if their efforts of spying and her name is reality winner she just pled guilty NSA down at Fort Gordon down in Augusta Georgia Georgia yeah you know I Drive I Drive I'd rather you do it more than just Friday ology please but if you're gonna do it then that I think that's what they did it for sex change if you need it I you know all right I'm gonna tell you a story real quick I went back I just got through getting a top secret clearance investigation this is a defining moment in my life I was asked the question during my security clearance where are you of the male persuasion when you join the military and I'd like I'd like can we stop for a second it was a woman that was doing my investigation and I can we stop for a second were you asking if I've had a sex change is that what you were trying to find out while I join the military because I could get a sex change with me a woman and she goes yeah that's what we're trying to find out I was like bit sore and I said look I was a woman I joined I was a woman when I gave birth to a child in the military and I was a woman when I got out and I'm a woman today I didn't realize I asked that question now just on a side note so if you want to join the military I think you can get with Chelsea Bradley got I understand they're doing that now but also be aware if you go through this kind of sex change that makes you vulnerable how are you gonna do you freely admit it are you gonna hide it I mean put it this way if I knew your man and your dress as a woman I'm gonna try and blackmail you as a man because that's what you're trying to hide that you are that's the issue that's everybody's hero right
huh I did nothing wrong I'm gonna tell you something I've got a man that works for me right now that used to that was working for dia when he did his expose one of his friends who's a US citizen was in another country a third world country they went and took him and put him in prison and a third world countries prison for six months we had to go get him out because of what Snowden released once you understand something about classified information or sensitive information sometimes it's not the information that's so sensitive sometimes it's a person who gave it to us or the source he gave up sources of information and those people have died I've been put in prison now remember what I said about the charge of espionage if I have you given that information to another entity outside of the US or uncleared entity that's been oz so he steps foot on this country again he'll be charged with espionage plain and simple and I don't have to prove a thing about it because he's sitting there I freely admitted it I gave it to them and the country is saying he's freely given it to me I don't have to prove investigate anything just to let you know he probably will never come back he wants to he wants to have the charges removed or reduced no I personally I tell you what if he comes back and gets that I think every single person in prison that is currently today serving a life prison and I've seen some they're in there right now they're making big rocks into gravel I watched him do it if you're been in the military they that military prison they do have a cement rock I've watched him out there
making rocks with a hammer and those guys are in there for life doing the same thing he did I think every one of them should have a retrial if he gets off that's my opinion oh quit
come bow baby good a second compromise
our coercion this is my favorite this is the one you mostly see and hear about mostly if you it's sex money drugs or all of them probably start you off with the the drugs and the money or probably time I thought was right kid that I start you off the sex what you drugged up beneath the money I want to tell you something I've seen I've got a picture of her there's a beautiful Russian woman right now that is working her way through the hacker community and I've seen her at Def Con I've turned her in they're investigating her but she has work she's beautiful she gets you guys to fall in love with her I'm sorry it works she's good she's about 30 she says she's a she's a computer programmer she knows about five or six languages she's a stripper at night and sells drugs on the side now if you're such a good computer programmer why do you need to be you know do your own hack why don't you to hook up with you what I honestly believe what she is as a scout so what she does if she gets to know you and find your vulnerability and she turns that over to her handler she might not be the one who turned you but she might be giving your information at somebody else so just be aware these are all famous women spies
during World War two for our side we're not above doing the same thing it's not even wrong it's we're all doing it she's North Korean and that's what she looks like in South Korea and this is Ann Chapman our vice president when he was our vice president when she was sent back to Russia he said he would miss her was seeing her around and this is also a sign from World War two this is how long this has been going on and have been around we have another term for honey
pots that most of you do and it is really this it really is a beautiful woman like I just described how that swallows seduce a spy government employer politician take the pictures just like I said about the pen testing right new testers are not above doing this you guys are not gonna win
there's no Santa she's beautiful she's a hero in Russia I think she has her own talk show but that's where she's coming from I want to show you something trying to make this quick you ever see the movie red sparrow anybody watch that every human being is
a puzzle with me you must learn to enjoy
what is missing another missing piece and they will give you anything take off your clothes look you started
first my body belongs to the state since
your birth the state nourished it now the state asked something in return [Music] well sacrifice higher words push yourself beyond all limitation forget
that sentimental morality with which you were raised I firmly believe that's true
when I did give this speech a couple of months ago I had a young woman come she goes I can't believe a woman would just do this watch this they talked them told them you own the state owns you you own the state you'll do it needs to be done that's how it is that's how they're brought up we're not taught that in our country that's why we think it's so wrong to do such things we think it's nobody would do that to us that's not how they think just to let you know which is interesting her former
british husband that married her he died at 36 and a what a lot of the women do russian they'll go over to britain marry british men and then a divorce within months after they got their british citizenship and I got another one an example of that that's going on and sergej he was one of the Russian spies that we traded with her and they're the ones that got there you know they're trying to kill him because they think he's a traitor
they're real quick with embassy are Russian our American Embassy in Russia we had to go build another one because longtree a marine gave this the architects schematics of our embassy to a person he met on the train and developed a relationship with her they bugged the crap out of our embassy was is being built we had to go build another one that's because of it he finally admitted it a few months later or a year later when he was in Austria goes I think I made a boo-boo I think I need to tell you what I did they can't use the embassy that we built because of what he did it was so full of bugs there was like like three and four and every wall and so we had that we had to go build another one Iranian hackers
they're not above using a spoke women to do what they want if you've read this article I think was early this year may ash about a young woman's Facebook pictures and her personality two cores in black male Middle Eastern men middle-aged men that were working for these entities over in that country just and what they did is she came France with him pictures they clicked on the picture and that's that downloaded the right so it was really easy so just because I didn't ever think that they would do that but that was pretty cool it's a really good way to do things I don't like it but yeah this is one of my
favorites at Rice this woman right here this woman is the one that hooked up with him right if you've ever followed this these two had relationship they shared emails with each other but never had send they had the same you know they knew the account and every Senate right she got jealous of her so she got mad at her and said leave my man alone she got upset by the threatening you know she got from her and told her FBI friend FBI friends started the investigation and broke the whole thing up the part that's interesting is there was I don't know how much secrets were giving away but she's first-generation Lebanese she's down at Tampa unofficial liaison she hosts parties and invites all the bigwigs and a military to her house that's how she knows these two men and a one thing that's obvious that well one thing that's interesting about them all even though this all came out in the news every one of us married when I mentioned that to a friend of mine he goes what do you think that is they're swingers not one of them got a divorce because of what happened I just thought it was interesting with scary is she's first-generation Lebanese and she has access to post she's not even employee neither's her husband Joe didn't have a I don't think she has a tag on her car to get on posts they just know who she hasn't let her on because I'm the unofficial liaison this is the other one
that's really good Madame Butterfly he recognized he ever heard the story this is a man that's him right there he was his lover for 18 years and convinced him he gave birth to a child that she adopted he never had a sex change yes the sex was weird they said it was but they thought you know 18 years of relationship he thought that was a Sonny adopted him but that's yeah
the work he'd going it's good that's the same thing I got there tell me I'm running out of time but the ego thing done Walker his his handler said that was one of his biggest sayings he thought it was better than anybody else come find me you won't find me I'm better than you his ego is also what got him in trouble because they've warned him and pulled him not to spend the money he couldn't help it he couldn't help what he was doing like he said I would do it again as long as I didn't get caught Hanson he
freely admits as an FBI agent I was passed over promotion nobody appreciated me so I'm going to spy and show you how good I am life in prison
where's the guy that I was talking about and Rick's ex Erin banks look him up he had gazillions of dollars a few years ago lost it all he married this woman she was a Russian woman who came and married a 40 year old British man two months later I can't I can't live with him divorce ting this man gave heard the divorce he's had relationships with many other women to do this she's now his has his spouse he now has our bazillions of dollars back and he's supporting brick sex right now if you'll watch it there one's upset with him because he's funding brick sex over there with them and no one can explain where he's getting his gazillions of dollars from so yeah
alright geez that see that it's obvious
right the flexion will hide it will keep you from looking and seeing what really is going on we wanted you to be aware of
is that if you think something is going on around you I talked to sis's and asked them if they you know hey it's a pen tester coming after me do you want me to tell you or what on the missiles like please do not come and ask me do not tell me if you think somebody is targeting you you think this activity is going on you think the co-workers doing it when I was in the Army I told people you needed to come tell me and I would start the investigation please don't do that don't tell me why me I'm coming go to the FBI and if it's a pentester turn their ass in if they're gonna go to the extreme of you have taken me to a hotel room and compromising me that way turn their hands in and he'll get out of free jail free card because they has the contract where the company said you know who the pen test but the big test didn't say compromise me or my beliefs or my whatever right turn them in call the FBI they got our three out of jail card they'll get out of it but turn them in call the FBI if you suspect any of this is happening any questions real quick [Applause] [Music] you