BIO HACKING VILLAGE - WaterBot The Hackable Plant Control System

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BIO HACKING VILLAGE - WaterBot The Hackable Plant Control System
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The WaterBot is designed to dispense liquid (water, plant food, MS Media) and report how much and when it was administered. Designed, engineered and programed by 11 yr. old BiaSciLab, the WaterBot is open source and scaleable. Come see how you can hack it to help hack your plants!
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let's get started with our first speaker she is an 11 11 year old girl who loves hacking science technology and learning she is constantly inventing new things researching interesting unexplored topics teaching kids and adults electronics in programming this year she was the youngest speaker ever at H ope [Applause] with her talk inspiring the next next generation of hackers when she's not working on talks hacking teaching block picking or inventing new things she's enjoying fencing archery singing and acting make sure you follow her on the Twitter's at BSI lab and check her always-changing website wwvs iLab comm put your hands together for the exciting and dynamic BSI lab hi guys thanks for coming to my talk on soup [Music] I'll try to chill I'll do my best I promise people and welcome to the water bought the hackable plant control system with yours truly via Scilab if you didn't hear his long intro about me here
we go again Who am I I'm an 11 year old girl as you heard turning 12 soon yay into a science programming electronics fencing singing archery lock-picking hacking and playing see there's me fencing and adults over there and then that's me archery so
since this is the water bot where did this idea even start well it started out hope 11 I met Sebastian who's a biologist and a biohacker he's super cool guy very tall too he guided me on researching excel stricte and look over here this is me cloning the tobacco plant in the end this media a gel form of it you'll hear what that is later and then this is me using a pipette for my project when I studied it and weighed it and speaking of oxalis strict a euro like dude what is the anyway it's not a
clover see this is a clover over here that's access it's also called common yellow wood sorrel but no one should call it that's just too long so just call oxalis it's edible not too much kidney failure because it has oxalic acid in it and knocks up acid causes kidney stone oxalic acid was also named after oxalis cuz yeah has the most oxalic acid because it sucks out and this is the clover see how the clover is round shaped and has sometimes those white spot thing in the middle well Marcellus has yellow flowers and it's heart-shaped leaves literally heart-shaped like a perfect heart and doesn't have any of this white gunk on it och sauce axud it's name comes from
the fact that early investigators isolated oxalic acid from wood sorrel oxalis flowering plants and what are the
uses of it for like cleaning agents like and bar keeper's friend the whatever that's for they use in that and then vaporized oxalic acid is used by some beekeepers as miticide see those little mites over here they kill the bees so they spray it on see that little white dusty stuff and it kills those ugly mighty stinks but they're actually kind of cute if you look at them but anyway they're horrible
back to the box because you're tired of hearing about plants well in my 5th
grade science fair I use the MS media modulation of oxalis Rita no one has done any real research on this planet like if you look at Wikipedia you get a few sentences done you know and I want to learn more about it so I did that in this medium modulation is the first step because you know you need to know what a plant likes to eat so you can clone and study Marusya Joran huge I know that's
very hard to pronounce it I'm not even sure how to pronounce it it has it's Japanese but I call it the MS media yeah cuz that's easier and it contains all macronutrients and micronutrients that a plant needs separated into five groups of chemicals the amount of each group is modulated like more more and more you know and it's about 120 for the whole set of chemicals strongest one wins so I
did it and I did groups one through five are modulated individually ammount of one chemical group is modulated I did ammonium nitrate and others are left standard you know normal common whatever plants are then dried and measured and wait because I mean plants a consists of a lot of water so to see the not their normal actual weight you have to dry them and see that needs kind of thing that Mills final thing over there that is horrible evil the devil in a form of a funnel you'll see why later so I did it on
ammonium nitrate one of the chemicals actually the first chemical and I varied the amount by zero half one one and a half and then two I'd have five sets of ten pots three seeds each don't worry about doing the math all you did it on a calculator because it's easier that way and that's 150 plants I grew the plants in a 50/50 mix of vermiculite and para light organic with no extras like no extra minerals more about that later the plants were fed on a cycle so that's me putting all the tiny seeds the seeds are so small you can barely even see them trust me it was painful so the neutral
growth medium you know I talked about pear light and vermiculite well basically what are those for making light holds water you know it's just collects all the water and holds it in and then the pear light gives a plant something to hold on to like sand does you know so the plant just grips it like soil you know but it has nothing it I always get the organic ones with no fertilizer if you want to do add your own fertilizers to see if that works and the first time me and dad didn't look at the package and got the one with fertilizer we had to redo the whole project all over again all of those 150 plants god that was painful for my
control i back to the box like I said I used a Raspberry Pi to turn on the lights for 16 hours each day the pie would turn on the lights take three pictures during the day then turn off the lights and tweet every other day at via bilap it's different than via Scilab different Twitter account and you can see all the pictures for example this is
one of the pictures see a box office growing it's almost a water but it connected really to control the lights the pike cam takes all the pictures twice on took care of the tweets and use the cron to your job for the timing and this is a
little video of it growing it shifted a lot but it's fine better than nothing a so just watch it doo doo dee dee doo da T and it's about to grow well something else is gonna grow first you'll see wait for it wait for it see look they're kind of sprouting see that one little green one right over there and see this green stuff just oozing all around that's moss the green moss that was like floating in there all those particles came on and girl but that didn't change anything you know I was just there like a little a little piece of gum stuck on your shoe that one night you know that you just hate hint never spit your gum on the floor horrible so you look the growing aren't thanks so pretty and as you can notice see how they close from time to time at nighttime they actually close at night because they can't collect any more light see is that cool like little umbrellas like at nighttime you close umbrella it's as if they're not even there like they're hiding camouflage am i right blend in with that Moss look how big they grow this is in how many weeks set twelve weeks and done and then black results the plants were
measured and dried and weighed again because of the water and I saw the less ammonium nitrate the better the plant did then I'll do every single group of chemicals and then study the plant and do everything and you remember that little stupid little funnel thing I'd point it out well this
suck I had to carefully like really carefully pour Emma's media into a one-inch funnel that little twerk and spilling was not an option because if one plant got more than the rest oh girl like woo while the others are EBD so I told dad literally face to face I said next year we build a robot so we did so
we knew what the bot must do even well it had to sense when the liquid is out you know to the bottom and then fill to a set level on a cycle measure the amount of the Spence and then print the results or save to a database and then the Raspberry Pi and must be open source
so I had to measure the liquid level I use two wires to sense the voltage through the liquid not the best way cheap good for the science fair you know why copper corrodes people have you seen that Statue of Liberty she's like green and covered in bird poop now other methods you could use the level sensor you know that measures the right level you could use a soil moisture sensor it measures the resistance in the soil and or a float switch when it gets to a certain level it closes so filling
with liquid I use a peristaltic pump the same ones they use for like the blood machines when they like remove your heart and heart surgery those that pump the blood that's a peristaltic pump some use a step or mortar to dispense a set amount like over here P down that's like four milliliters I don't know and then it dispenses and once it does - that means it's eight milliliters but the more affordable ones which are great because it's affordable money people it just uses a motor which is bad because it doesn't measure them out like really so measure being the liquid did this turn off dad it ran out of battery I think okay just great what now it turns on
dude okay it measured the liquid with a flow sensor your honor it's the pulses as liquid flows and the pi counsel the pulses see look at the handy dandy little guy and then we had
to print the results I use a thermal printer from adafruit's thermal library it could store or write to a database lots of code if not but it made it easy like Adafruit people yay and then I had
to put it all together I made it put prototype on a breadboard and then I did all my schematics and Fritzing see these are my schematics
that I see for example there's the pump and then here's the Raspberry Pi here are those dumb low copper wire things here's the thermal printer you know there's this nervous there's our handy people see a little thing and then I moved it to the actual
board in my PJs as you see here isn't that pretty better than the model
type and this is the final product this is a waterproof container oh and these stickers will be available afterwards be a bot lab stickers see this is a side
there's the pump and the flow sensor see look how pretty and confusing that is see cuz it has all those wires and this
is inside there's the pine the breadboard antenna upgrades and add-ons
because who doesn't like upgrades and add-ons no one right oh that's your old school the Raspberry Pi has multiple GPIO general purpose and plan output pins and there are actually 27 so you can do a lot with it the lot about Glee's is for empty full pump and flow and you could do the full five part ms media including the photos and the printer all with just one Raspberry Pi there's some useful people like get one if you don't know what that is go ask someone get one buy one play with it people it's awesome and what else well these are a few more things you could do you can control the LED lighting to shift the color temperature to trick the plants thinking it's a different season like making them flower or make fruit quicker or things like that and then control heating pad to read the soil temperature and you can make it even hotter or colder like if you want to grow cactus and they like hotter then you can add the pad and you can control the heating and make it nice and cozy and then you could add additional liquids like liquid fertilizer or you could put it in a sealed space and allow guests control like more carbon dioxide or less oxygen or no oxygen here no that wouldn't work out
code time the time you've all been waiting for hey all the code isn't my github repository all in Python I use global constants I know in Python there are no constants but it's easy to add in upgrade and common hey these are my pin constants seawater
empty was for water full is 1700 sensors 18 relays 27 and you can change that around or if you wanted to add the next you know chemical set you could do water empty two is seven fullest 12 16 23 you didn't do anything I mean raspberry PI's people now get your pens and paper out and get ready to write down all the code in three two one I hope you got that all
in other applications I'm working on if you guys like horses then hold your horses I know that was plenty I'm sorry I like my puns this is really sad so I'm gonna try to stay positive and you guys hate it too so in the winter if horses don't drink enough water or drink too much water then they get dry poop stuck in their stomach and they have to get surgery to get it removed and 80% of the time the horses die so I thought there must be a way to fix that so I'm thinking of making a horse water bottle what measure the amount of water the horses drink in the winter use of machine learning to alert caretakers if the horse is not drinking enough if the horses you're not drink enough they can die from the surgery like I said like shadow this is my neighbor Edie okay well basically across the street diagonally he has a horse he works at a horse farm and this is one of his horses shadow so he can tell like if shadow isn't drinking enough water making like alert none doctors vets I mean cuz like who takes their horse to a real doctor that's just weird unless you have a horse throat [Music] okay that was funny I know so there are a lot of things you can do with this water bottle you can add on anything to it you could even think of some things you could add on to it now so now it's your turn to make something awesome
everything is awesome everything is cool and no no one lego movie if you didn't watch it watch it questions