BCOS Monero Village - Hacking a Crypto Payment Gateway

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BCOS Monero Village - Hacking a Crypto Payment Gateway
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we've got Devin up here he's gonna do hacking into a crypto payment gateway pretty exciting stuff I would like to ask everybody just as a reminder when the speaker is speaking there of course we can still have discussions and stuff but let's try to keep it down a little bit if there's a super involved discussion we ask that you take it outside the village out of respect for everybody else that's here so that yeah all you people talking shh shh it's okay let's bring it down let's bring it to let's bring it down okay we're getting there we'll get in there Thank You Devin for coming here lets everyone give him a hand he's gonna present to us hacking a crypto payment gateway cool thank you can you all hear me fine yeah right there well I'm Devin I'll be speaking to its it's a bit of a catfish title I work at the crypto gateway so it's it's more about hardware hacking and and connecting crypto to devices so yeah to get on to it I have noticed that I should not be showing sorry give me one second
cool so so basically finding that you know Charlie Shrem said Bitcoin is cash with wings and with that I felt that we don't have enough devices in the world they really take crypto it's really it's it's it's currently very much a person-to-person you know we've we've got crypto gateways like ourselves at globey that is is really trying to enhance where you can use your crypto making a little bit more transactional so yeah basically if we look at it new Chloe is it's a crypto currency gateway we're we we are really trying to make it a lot easier for for your devices and for you know a nice proof shots that sort of stuff to be able to take crypto and we're making a lot easier to to integrate these payment services into any of your your sites devices we we offer we have nine currencies currently that we we accept we try and stay a lot with the with the the the stable
currencies we we don't necessarily do the ICO coins that sort of stuff we try to stay away from those and then like we've got plug-ins for everything from Shopify to some of the WooCommerce systems that sort of thing yeah then I wanted to say more how do we make transactions more I mean crypto more transactional but basically allowing more services to that sort of self-service devices to to adopt these transactions and basically allowing people to use their favorite coins particularly like Manero you know other ones like Bitcoin and and ultimately is to push more towards a more business of business transactions we find especially in the the our current environment that we have a lot of businesses that said like that's great we would love to take it but I'll make sure you know who we are paying doesn't want to take it so like if we could close that loop we would have more transactions I reckon with that so yeah why a payment processor ultimately when I joined globey
I thought it was like a bit of a we've got all of these technologies that are decentralized and then we're sort of centralizing it again and but it really really helps businesses and and any sort of real world objects to go through a service that will help you with your nodes helps you with all the technical requirements that running payment system requires helps you with a lot of the security that sort of stuff as well and ultimately reduces your risk then yeah accept payments basically so so to get to what I I've actually come here to talk about in terms of of making devices take payments sorry my first talk ever so yeah what I what I looked at doing
was was was taking devices particularly like say a coin acceptors and was to sort of replicate what you're doing with this in terms of these these coin actions that that happen you you're putting in a coin and it's obviously the Machine understands the pulses that are coming out of that but it doesn't necessarily understand any other form of system you would have to either change the whole motherboard change the whole system to be able to take these new technologies I felt that like if we could replicate a lot of these acceptors we could then just ultimately put like a Raspberry Pi screen with with a whole payment system on there that would then take your payment's you could Jimmy that into almost any machine without having to do any soldering any other work that ultimately would put a lot of hours into to changing these machines so I went through that process of changing that coin acceptor to all replicating that coin acceptor and basically with that I have the system it's its operational that I wasn't able to bring the full arcade here that you can pay with crypto and
then it just ultimately looks like a coin has been inserted in the machine that that makes makes it changing all of these devices much simpler than then having to to build in a new system I was going to run through basically what it entailed to to set up like a point of sales but actually I'm on the wrong machine here okay yeah I'm sorry I was gonna do a whole demo I actually realized that I'm on somebody else's machine mine as you can see there's a bit of glitches with the system so basically if you were gonna sign up for an account and you want to test the stuff art I mean you could do it right here you'd go to test I be calm you'd sign up for a test account you would need your Bitcoin Oh eczema like a an address for your settlements through the system and then basically yeah like a BDC and and Manero there they gooeys do quite well with with test nets so it's it's quite quick to change over I've listed a couple of facets to get these test coins that you want to use on the test system found in in environments before it's it's quite hard to to come come buy a test coin stood to test out the system the codes up on its it's listed as pipe a I've basically we've got the whole system there is actually a fully working point of sales that can be modified to to working on the Raspberry Pi and other devices if you download that you ran it I was going to show you a demo of that with the payment that basically is is a full system that you could you could put into any hardware that that runs can run npm basically node yeah and then on our system you just yeah you just generate an API key we're really simple stuff just put into the
system and it will run yeah and then
further from this with me not having this working demo I'd like to to have more vending machines that I've set up with different coin acceptors that saw stuff that would take different would change over different applicators and we could see it in you know working in a much better environment of so yeah I'd like to to to change up a couple of vending machines from paying your parking to you know just the crane machines like the the similar one to what I've got at home and with that as well refunding is is a bit of an issue haven't really put in a system just yet that if you've paid you can't you can't use the Machine I have no way of refunding at the moment that there would be something that I would I would want to add and then yeah as I said more acceptors you know we've got the the note readers you've got the the different ones that are the you know the
RFID is that sort of stuff is is try and replicate all of them so that it's really simple to change over to to take encrypt on any machine that step would be the ultimate goal yeah and then ultimately yeah if any of you guys want to speak to me I but happy to do the demo to anybody who asks I'd have to just put it up on the machine and put it up on the desk and then I can talk through those yeah with without that working demo it's it really it shortens this talk touristical II yeah ultimately that is that is it from me on ya and unchanging machines to to take crypto yeah cool sorry it's so short I will be at the the back there or yeah yeah yeah go for it Paul I particularly if I I've looked at it ways of either having having the the payment it requires that you you put in apps that refund address when you when you pay for it that that's a possibility otherwise I'd have to embed like a camera into the system either with a Raspberry Pi that's so stuff and that could read the the QR code and get the dress and and pay back your yeah yes I'll happily show you that at the back what actually happened is my machine wouldn't connect to the to the the system here and I'm on someone else's machine it's it doesn't have all the tools and and whatnot that I I do require to show that yeah cool anyone else but sweet sorry thanks for for coming to listen [Applause]