BCOS Monero Village - Monero Gameshow

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BCOS Monero Village - Monero Gameshow
The lamest show you'll see all year.
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I think we're pretty much ready if you guys are still sticking around or if you know anyone that wants to be a part of a fun closing speech by all means come on in oh my gosh guys it's been the past three days hasn't it who has been here like the majority of the time yeah we we have we have a few of us here I mean I've been here all day I didn't even get to see much of the rest of the DEF CON but that's okay so we've pretty much just got another hour until tear down which means it's time for the closing speech for those who don't know my name is Diego Salazar most people on the Monaro community know me as rev rar it's not our ear or it's not real are there is an H in there it's silent it's rare R and I've been asked to shut this thing down on a positive note it's kind of hard because Manero is so down you know so oh it's really oh they gave no so I'll be doing the best I can I'll be honest an hour for closing speech I've said this several times over the course it's a bit much like how do you feel this time but you know I'm known in the community for my rants like if you're if you're ever on the coffee chat or something like SGP always like don't don't set him off don't don't set him off I'm like oh you want to learn about that now do you he's like oh you set him off all right so I'll do my best not I'll do my best to have good quality content so but you know an hour is still a long time so on my phone here I've got the list of Manero contributors and I would like to spend the next hour thinking each and every individual Manero contributor so without further ado thank you mineiro mu wherever you are whoever you are thank you ginger apple?s for your community work thank you hy I'm just kidding I'm not gonna do this all time okay mineiro has a lot of contributors and we we have like more than 500 that have contributed over the past four years it's awesome so we're pretty big know as you can see on this slide we're gonna be doing some some show but no but for real I do want to jump back to a few people in particular there have been some amazing people that have been around this village that have helped to make it a success so not just in the manera community in particular but this Manero village and I would like to just give a shout out to these people let's see I've got them right here first and foremost yes I want to give a huge thanks to my narrows partner in this village B cos B cost however you want to say that they've been awesome they've been getting us food setting up that website for the call for papers and call for everything just thank you guys I don't know if they're here right now I don't see any of them but they exist on some level somewhere if you were in an animal's talk then you know that we can given enough time and resources measure where they are so just keep that in mind so who else who else yeah they've just they've been awesome I look forward to see what they're gonna be doing in the future next up I'd like to thank all of our all of our sponsors people who have been at these tables we've had tari we've had globey we did have Alex glow from hacker hackster dot IO she she was around Def Con and stuff and she's been she's been in and out a couple of times I don't know if I don't know if you ran into her but we do want to thank the people that have been manning the tables Cauvery mrl that type of stuff if you've been talking with those guys are asking questions big thank you to everybody over there we've had some random people just like step up like for example Thursday we weren't supposed to be open and so somebody kind of left the door open so people were this place was full and we were having our meeting over there and we were gone for a couple hours and this guy that I had never met before Daniel he just like popped up he's like oh I can answer all the technical questions and he saved the day he is the hero so if you see him give him a high-five and tip him some Manero so I wanted to make sure to give to give him a shout-out thank you so much for everything you did Daniel lastly we have a number of volunteers who Stephanie give other time to make sure we have everything covered chief among these and see there's a lot of prep work that went into this before actually coming here so we've had people like Michael and people like XMR Scott and stuff of you but if you go to our Tyga Tyga at Manero org you can see like all of this being planned out in the Vegas and the biggest project is what it's called an animal sir a answering noether Shawn an animal cinnamon flower power cycle who put on the party last night which yeah Arctic mine and I could go on and on and on let's just give these people a round of applause just for all the hard work that they've done it's awesome thank you guys I consider this village a big success I think it was a lot of fun and I would love to come back next year and do something similar any other volunteers that I didn't say please don't get offended I can't talk about everyone otherwise I would break my promise about not thanking people for an hour right so we're gonna be moving on we're gonna be moving on to something of fun this Manero gameshow that we've got going on here I am going to need three volunteers three volunteer wants to take part it's just a simple trivia it's just testing how much you know who you know when you know all that different type of stuff and there are prizes there are prizes for winning and if no but you know what if nobody volunteers maybe we'll just do it myself Michael is out there and he's got one of my prizes if someone can kind of poke his shoulder and say can you can you come in here because because we're or need some stuff but I do have some other stuff in my backpack which hopefully nobody has stolen I'm just gonna grab it from behind this thing is where I hide all my stuff now you know that's bad OPSEC to do in front of everybody but the video camera didn't catch it so that's what matters so just one moment will I take this stuff out oh we have three fantastic little guys here they've got this guy we've got this guy I'm gonna put it right here this is fits right there there we go and then we've got I don't know what this is but I bought it and so so these are participants Awards also known as everybody gets a trophy but we do have one of those cool things that here we're giving out the last time what are they called yeah chip whispered that that's gonna go to the winner of this so is is Michael around or is he not see this is really good for killing time for an hour this is this is why you know it's awesome but he's not there then maybe we'll just get the winner will get one okay so I might not have it on me who wants to be a part of this it's just a simple simple trivia type thing let me see show of hands yes everybody I got one volunteer I got it was that to you you have to go you're gonna have to come you're gonna have to come over onto the stage you have to go come on to the stage so we got one we got two I just need one more you I'm sorry but regular Manero contributors cannot cannot be a part that that I should have said that and okay we got three great great let's give them a round of applause everybody thank you for coming up here let's let's go ahead and introduce yourselves if you want to go by a pseudonym you are go for it and give me your favorite color as well let's go ahead and have scoot down just little bit so we don't mess with the projector so I was thinking something like radioactive what do you think about it yeah yeah yeah maybe okay so Louise my hey guys my name is Nick cyber security engineer hi my name is Alex I'm from Brazil my favorite color is blue also and I work as a system Junior so we have Alex we have Nick and we have radioactive let's give him a quick round of applause and you know we can make this we can make this a little personal because there's not a ton of people here someone have to be super professional that type of stuff so like I want audience participation in this okay so when somebody gets a question right we're all gonna snap okay we're all gonna snap Lindsley there we go okay when somebody gets a question wrong if they think they know the answer they get it wrong we're all gonna say oh okay so let's see let's practice that let's give it a go ready one two three oh okay and so how you are going to signal that you think you know the answer is you're just gonna shoot up your hand and the first person to shoot up their hands I'm gonna give them a microphone and then you are going to answer the question we have eleven questions and I I'm going to need the audience to also help me keep track of who has how many points okay because I don't want to be a single point of failure here I don't want to be the trusted person that I can choose who wins okay so this is all about decentralization it's all you guys so the questions are gonna be up on this screen let's go ahead and get started yeah well it's not that we don't have that we don't have music so I'm just gonna have to beatbox into this microphone or something like that but so we're gonna go ahead and give it and give it a go we ready so manera what
language does the word Manero come from okay we got Alex no it's from Spanish this is incorrect okay okay radioactive Italian oh this is also incorrect okay Russian I'm not quite sure what to do in this situation where each of my participants has gone wrong well that's okay nobody gets nobody gets this point these these points are burned okay the the word venero comes from the language of Esperanto which is a decentralized language it does not have a nation it was made by people well I guess all language was kind of made by people if you think about it but so that's that's okay that's okay guys you'll have ten other chances and hopefully alright so who originally launched monaro okay it is it is not fluffy pony this is a common misconception people think that he started the project he's the lead developer he's not he just sometimes merges pull requests when he feels like it every other month okay so radioactive thankful for today this is correct but which which one do you think that it is which one do you think that it is a B or C which is what's the spelling hey hey this this is not correct C this is correct with snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap there we go we got to be cool here guys come on we got to be cool all right so we have one point for Alex over here we're gonna move on to the next question what is the name of Minh arrows Hardware wallet project okay okay take it yes Manero open hardware project nope this is incorrect Oh would you you know what Nick I'm gonna give you I'm gonna give you an opportunity to phone a friend okay who you who you gonna call you you can phone a friend in this room you can choose one person who you think will know the answer to this question okay so come on it come on down come on down it's B this is correct Costello so we got one point for Nick over here I'm sorry I'm Jude I totally robbed you you had this you really did but it's okay this is also Esperanto yes Costello is Esperanto for castle there you go and yeah but you know basically a fortress type thing where the idea is that it will protect your money it's a fortress for you okay what specifications is Qadri based on who was here for an animals talk okay okay Thor no it's not tor hey I 2p there we go that is correct we've got two points for Nick over here one point for Alex and the guy with the coolest name radioactive he's sitting at the bottom but don't worry he's got that my bet is on radioactive as my bed is on radioactive let's be real okay so let's go ahead and move on the pseudonyms of the Monaro Research Lab researchers have the same last name what is it hey nuts this is incorrect oh this is sad okay yes d this is correct we have sir a no thir Sarang no thir we had we have staff who knows her and then we had Shen noether and so it's an inside joke among them and they kind of start to regret that as a different points in time III would think that dr. privacy is the way to go but nobody asks for my opinions on these types of things okay which of these people is not a Mineiro core team member see noodle doodle is a member of the core team you can imagine that people who are funded by the forum funding system and kind of work for monaro they're like yeah my boss is this these community members and stuff and like the people who pay me Arctic mine oh I gave something about noodle doodle and like it's so these are their bosses you know what I'm saying and it's hearts it's hard to say that but alright be binary page is a member of the venero core team that leaves only one option because I've already said something else but so it's you oh great you would say a Arctic mine is sitting right there and he is a member of the Monaro core team [Music] ok I'm gonna give you guys one more chance you know you know what radioactive it's all you okay there's only one option left but I want you to I want you to pronounce this name correctly and if you do you will get this point GF Boone I'm gonna give you the point because I have no idea how this is pronounced debris Unni so let's go and give him a snap he's got another point alright so how many points does radioactive have - how many points does Nick have how many points does Alex have oh okay this now's your chance to tie this up man you got this alright here we go what was the first coins implement the crypto no protocol noodle doodle is Taco Time is not yes I'm on top of it dude oh okay
see Bitcoin did not implement the crypto no protocol Manero Manero was not the first unfortunately eight bytes coin by coin.this correct spike coin launched the crypto note protocol and it was a scam so then there was a fair launch that was also a scam that the community took over and made not a scam and that coin is now Manero just just as a fun question here's kind of a bonus round what was Minh Arrow's original name bit Manero yes okay I will give you a deck of cards all right next question when was Manero launched 2016 this is incorrect it was not 2016 oh that is correct it was 2014 that's going give them snaps give them snaps so we have two three and one don't worry Oh 200 I'm Tracy I'm constantly trying to just kind of get Alex out of here you guys have to keep me in check I cannot be the trusted third party for this what so I have to add this to the block so I'm gonna start an IC o---- for this Manero game show so that way there becomes a trustless thingy but anyway you know what I'm saying that's sorry what with a token be called oh yeah go coin oh my gosh it's gonna sell out in seconds all right don't worry remember even if you lose you will get a consolation prize and I may let the the biggest loser choose which one they want what privacy technology does Manero use okay e that is correct none of the above let's give them we do not use dark gravity wave mining we don't use the Wraith protocol and we do not use GK Starks I wish we would implement all these things I don't all right we're coming up on the close so what is it too foreign to what does Manero mean in esperanto money this is actually a common misconception it is not correct it does mean coin in Esperanto Manero means coin so if you think about the original name bit Manero he was trying to say bit coin but with a little tweak to that if you think about it right so mono means money and just a little Esperanto lesson for you guys here mono means money and putting air in there kind of makes it a small diminutive unit of money which is a coin all right so we have two four and three there's still chance to turn this around with the bonus round you know how you know how it always happens now like the bonus round huh all of the points for some reason so it makes the entire thing invalid we're not gonna do that but I will give three points which will basically decide this - this bonus round Manero is known for its self-deprecating humor it's a sign of our confidence we are very confident in our coin and we it's not uncommon if you're just hanging out with us as the Monaro is the worst coin we are the worst we just deserve to die all this type of stuff so name two of the commonly used other names that monaro is known by within the community hmm hmm this shows that you guys need to get involved you know what whoever can answer this I have a t-shirt III will give a free t-shirt with many of these names written on it to whoever has it okay hold up hold up hold up hold up hold up I have to decide how I'm gonna do this okay now you you you three you three come up on the stage real quick I want the hands up of whoever has the answer to this question okay hands up hands up okay we need to decide who because they all know the answer we need to decide who to give this this t-shirt to okay so who wants it more like let's let's see let's see okay hyc is kind of doing a jig over there the guy in the okay he's holding he's hold his hand pretty high up yeah yeah all right that's the decision this is binary fate another man Eric or team member go ahead and come up onto the stage and you can answer this question I'm sorry just completely ruined your OPSEC but it's the way that it is I would say momento and Montel yep they're there's many many many like Romero Romero Morano all these different types of things and thank you binary fat you get a free t-shirt all right what is our ending standings here we have how many points four four five five five so we have a hard fork here where one has him with five and one has him with four which is it five okay we've reached consensus we have merged the forks back together and we have two and then we have two I thought it was okay - all right so you guys go ahead and come on over here you can choose your consolation prize choose the ones that you want there's this okay you you want the Hedgehog that's good that's fine okay and so you get this one over here and we because you won Nick we're gonna go find Michael and we're gonna mug him until he he gives you your prize okay so we're gonna do that together so thank you let's give everyone a round of applause for radioactive Nick and Alex for taking part in our little game show here and now guys it's that time it's this time when we get real for a moment you know this is the part where the guy takes his seat crosses his leg gets on a level with the audience to show that we're all equals and now we talk about the big stuff and the big stuff for me is that I'm very excited about what Manero has in the future because we have a great cause great people great ideology great technology and a passion to pursue what is not present in this world and we want to make it a reality somehow we've got people like an animal
who are approaching it from the physical from the physics the philosophical a different type of stuff we got people that are working to with the technologies that we have now heck we've got a bigger ecosystem that doesn't things that are you know commonly pushed down on like Zee cash and and you know anything to me that pushes privacy forward globally even if it's a bust at least we know something not to do and we can learn from it right so in a sense there's appreciation across this entire space because we are all moving towards a world where we can have hard currency we're all moving towards a world where we don't have to worry about passive surveillance looking at every single little facet of our lives deed the decentralization of blockchain the trust lessness of this system and cyberpunk ethos of putting this type of cryptography and math on multiple levels of infrastructure to reduce the attack surface of human corruption and that is such a great goal something to move towards and we will always and this is this is what separates for me Manero from all these other things is that if the price tanks we will still have people with that ideology who will still be working on Manero and that cannot be that the same cannot be said for many of the other coins who are in here to make money if the price tanks well their entire goal is gone and they're gonna just try something else and you know let them do their thing and you let them do their thing in peace and we can call them scams and laugh at them behind their back but us together we can I believe get closer and closer day after day year after year to this goal and it doesn't matter if you're a developer or a designer or a marketer or whatever you are you could be it you could be a nobody I used to be a nobody okay I like I Manero was my first open-source project and I got involved early 2017 I was not a nerd before that I didn't do any of the nerdy things and then I got in I actually got into this because I started a business to make websites and I wanted to find a niche to make money right then I'm bird looking and finding maneras website and it was really really really bad it was really bad like most was the source website sorry and but and so I'm like okay I'm gonna I'm gonna see about redoing this website and then I started reading and I started reading and I started seeing this stuff can this stuff can change the world this stuff can help people in the press countries I've got family in a press country's I can get money to them they can get money to me they can shield their money from oppressive governments this is massive and I started reading more and getting involved more and reading more and getting involved more and and the reason I say this is because I want myself to be an example you don't have to be you don't have to have all the information you don't have to be in the know in everything cuz I was and I didn't know what I or C was until like eight months ago I'm serious and I had never used git until like nine months ago ask an animal he spent many tortured hours trying to get me to use it correctly and I learned this stuff you know and then there's a learning curve and everything but good you don't have to have it together you don't have to know everything as long as you have that passion as long as you have that ideology that desire to see the world made a better place through cryptography in mathematics which is what Manero does then we could use you and even if you have things you disagree with us in the in your ideology well this hurts people on the fringes because of proof-of-work carbon emissions and we're trying to help people on the fridge fringes well this is actually a good point let's talk about it let's talk about it because talking about all the if we just got a bunch of yes people in the same room then we're only going to innovate in one way but we want to help people we want to help all sorts of people so let's have these conversations civil conversations please because otherwise it just turns into a shouting fest but let's have them I was actually just talking with somebody yesterday who was talking about proof of work proof a snake you know that unbend whole little argument and their core value was keeping the earth safe and keeping it okay and this is a legit viewpoint to come from reports take is still not a great way to secure a coin but I can understand where their core value was coming from and it's worth having that conversation and so that to anyone watching this recording to anyone here right now and just as we leave I'm not I'm not saying you know all inclusivity and like everyone hold hands and stuff because there are gonna be people that are malicious to the project indifferent to the project just want to be in here to make money just can't differentiate Manero from all the other scam coins out there but there needs to at least be available modes of discussion and you don't have to know everything for that and we welcome questions we welcome learning all that type of thing if there's anything that we have learned over these past few days in the Monaro village it's that real privacy and real security is really hard it's really hard to achieve so we need to have these constant discussions and I that's I think everybody who has been in this village whether you were here for one taught for multiple talks because you are becoming a part of this discussion you are becoming a part of Manero being better with your questions with your ideas even if they're completely counter to what we have going right now you know what let's talk about it let's talk about it I want to thank everybody one more time how much time do I have left forever right I'm probably just gonna end early who cares what are they gonna do kick me out sue me 1:31 okay so I got half an hour left but that's okay we can start taking down early yes of course okay okay sure and so the rest of the time we can do a Q&A I'm totally fine with that so the question was there was an article that was released the source was not given but if that 5% of the the Monaro supply is being held by criminals is that what you said and then uh-huh okay and so how do we feel about that well there's all first of all all there's always speculation about how much is where but because it's Manero and private we don't know how much anybody has so all of this is speculation about where this stuff is coming from how do we feel about that I don't know how do you feel about the fact that the cash in your pocket is just all over the place being used for drugs and being used for all this you mean it's it's the same thing so I'm gonna call sgp the expert up here he's gonna answer your question sure I can do anything
so um yes it is a concern Minh Arrow's has basically two features that make it
appealing to nefarious actors to mine
unfortunately number one being once they mine monaro it's very difficult or perhaps impossible to trace where they spend their funds if they were mining Bitcoin or another transparent cryptocurrency it would Italy they'd at least have somewhere to trace one the funds removed where they potentially could be going with Manero there's a built-in privacy protections which in it although privacy protections are appealing to everyone they're also appealing to criminals unfortunately to second Manero also has a more accessible proof-of-work mining algorithm that specifically tries to encourage mining on normal computers so if someone is trying to operate a botnet for example if someone is running a furious activity that they could they wouldn't get much success if they tried to have a lot of computers in mind Bitcoin because they would not make any money off of it with Manero they would be far more competitive so it's one of the choices that it this elect as a community obviously we completely think it's horrible that these computers are getting infected unfortunately the situation is they have an insecure
computer and someone hacks their computer and one of the things that they choose to do is infect their computer with mineral mining there are several other things that they can do in this situation they can send out spam information honestly mining is probably the least thing you should worry about if they have access to your computer they should they could be logging your passwords they could be grabbing all your bank account information that you do on there so or they could be even doing ransomware so these are these are legitimate concerns it's not that Manero is infecting computers it's that these computers were vulnerable they were infiltrated and Manero is one of the things that they're using this computer for and so as a result we have develop our work groups is actually a mineral malware response work group this is specifically devoted to helping people whose computers have been compromised and are currently mining Manero and we're even we're in the process of making high-quality educational materials for people who don't know what Manero is are like okay what happened to my computer and how do I six this problem so this is the sort of what Diego has put together here this is the landing page we work together to make very forward facing or like very
simple to understand mechanisms and actionable things that people can do to fix the problem but ultimately you need to communicate to these people that the reason your money your computers mining Manero is ultimately because your computer was insecure and as a result we have a lot of very simple information you saw some of the really great pictures that Diego
is able to put together just to try and make this easier for normal users to understand and to help alleviate this situation as much as we really can as a community so we have a specific aspect
of a specific part of the Monaro community these are all volunteers that have come together and say yes it is a concern that people use proof of work algorithms especially Manero because the reasons i explained earlier to mine and they're mining on stolen equipment essentially and so we're trying to help users like take couldn't back control their equipment and this is some of the resources that we put together for a variety you can see we have documentation for several problems whether it's unwanted in browser mining unwanted system mining or ransomware which we haven't really seen with Manero yet but if manera continues to become more popular i'm sure like the wanna cry attack with bitcoin I'm sure we'll see more similar attacks with Manero in the future don't answer this or me so unfortunately it's very difficult to tell who is mining who is who is mining what especially in a botnet situation because until you know it's a botnet unless you're able to identify it in certain ways in many cases it looks like a standard computer is mining like if if some you can think of it this way in a case suppose one of your friends comes over to your house plugs the USB drive in your computer and starts mining how do we tell as a network that that's bad traffic or is it you just legitimately interested in mining Manero it's very difficult many mining pools have strict policies such that once they realize that something is nefarious they will prevent all payment to that address and not accept any of those hashes anymore I know support XMR which is one of the largest mineral pools has a strict no botnet policy on its hard to prevent that entirely but there are some steps we can take as a community and these are some of the things that we've done an animal looks like it but I mean ultimately I think it does need to be said that Manero is is freedom money and with a powerful tool there will always be ways to use it powerfully for evil or for something bad right and so you know we can as a community do what we can to encourage best practices we can as a community do what we can to create software so like if I was to make a mining pool software from scratch maybe I'd include stuff that I'd be able to do stuff like that as if I can but ultimately it's up to people designing their own their own stuff and we can encourage them hey please do this but they don't have to and that's the freedom that comes with open source that's the freedom that comes with Liberty period and so at Manero we're hyper focused on that Liberty and with the understanding that some people will abuse that freedom and theirs and that's Assos that's a social issue that just has not been solved since the beginning of human time and we're we're open to suggestions if you've got great ideas if you got great cyberpunk ideas then love by all means let's do this do we have hands for answering this question or for other questions okay yes for the mining pools you could just do email based verification before you allow any Account to continue mining okay so on a botnet I mean they might register with a million different randomly generated email addresses but those tend to be pretty easy to spot too and you might only approve human looking email addresses the other the other thing is that the the mining pools can see the computer IP addresses that the mining right and if their residential IP addresses and it's a bunch of residential IP addresses against a single account that can look suspicious so the mining pools can see a little bit of what's going on the project themselves don't by design this is the cool part about like the Monaro community by the way is that you see I'm not up there I don't know everything and I'm not answering all the questions I'm just passing this micro random people have asked these questions there's one more issue with the surreptitious mining the malicious mining things that we've been seeing with Monaro that's gonna be inevitable in any permissionless currency the whole point of a permissionless currency is that anybody can participate at any time and we can't hopefully distinguish between them and yes does that mean criminals can participate yes it's unfortunate but personally I think that the dangers presented to everyday consumers from things like Equifax is a significant bigger significantly larger danger than malware on random computers throughout Europe and Russia I like a comment and on this question of malware mining equipped with currency and I've removed Bitcoin mining malware in 2011 for Windows computers from people had no idea what bitcoin was it is actually one of the least dangerous things you can get on your computer if you have any kind of cryptocurrency mining malware one really has to put the emphasis on the security operating system the type of operating system you're running and the vulnerabilities of that operating system and it's time to consider a do I need to change operating systems or B do I need to secure my operating system because quite honestly and I think this has been said before if they're mining cryptocurrency they're stealing your bank account information they're stealing your credit card information they're stealing your cryptocurrency if you have cryptocurrency you're setting yourself up for fising attacks I mean the list is on and on for ransomware attacks so I really want to emphasize that this threat one has to really take a look at security the computer and security the operating system yes one thing to note about the cryptocurrency mining problem is that a lot of people put a lot of weight on Minero and what's happening with it because they're blaming them but the reality is is that we should be also looking at a lot of these I don't know malware companies that are supposed to be making software that actually protects it not a single one of them are actually doing anything to help with this issue and don't you see that as being a problem because right now nobody really knows exactly what's going on with new ones are coming out all the time but it seems that none of the hardware vend?me none of the vendors that do antivirus software are doing anything to actually look at what these things do or stop them at all so you know like you could put it on more narrow but the reality is is like when we started getting viruses we didn't blame Microsoft we blamed we're making the viruses and we did something created businesses to stop it from happening it's important to note that Manero is a neutral tool I don't blame manure at all oh but I do just wonder like so so obviously there's people out there that are gonna have insecure computers right and there's gonna be hopefully more and more people that purchase Manero because I am a huge advocate for Manero but I wonder if there are if there isn't this kind of like protection they make sure that and I don't even know how to do it but if there's not this protection to ensure that a single you know entity or group of entities isn't dominating that is it going do you guys think that that's gonna impact the price fluctuations or the stability of the currency itself I mean I would definitely say it's a variable there are there's a billion variables in terms of markets and they're completely irrational so even if I was to give you a completely rational answer to your question that is not to say that the markets will react rationally to a rational answer so in terms of the price itself you know it's all like it is are there so look we're gonna go ahead and move on from this question because we're going to have to end here pretty soon this is a great way to waste an hour it really is thank you guys so much for helping me get through this I always tell 15 minutes does anybody else have any other questions before we finish because if not we can end early oh oh we do have one okay norm sorry so I like this whole group and just the ideals that you can you put out more info like for areas like the Bay Area meetups or you know like maybe in New York just kind of bring that out and I think that would kind of open up narrowing to bigger crowd so this has been kind of in the works for a long time there's been various ideas about how to get things like community calendars and meetups how to get the word out that these types of things are happening and it's pretty tough because you know in terms of calendars we want people to be able to download to their personal calendars but we want it to still be like who well who has the rights to update this who has the right to censor which meetings show up and which ones do not who are the gatekeepers of these things you know if it's on something like a WordPress site or something well then okay the person running that WordPress site gets to choose which ones go up on there or not should we just allow anyone to be able to submit one well now we're gonna have to be faced with a bunch of spam and different types of stuff and kidnappings and we don't want to deal with that so this is a very this is a very big thing and yes we are working on that we're working on getting account SGP got a calendar up and he's the gatekeeper and I trust him he's got a lovable face so I'm all over STP he could go ahead not that way he's relaxed but okay okay relax yeah it's Anissa this is one of the issues and it is it an issue or is it a feature it's just the information can be so fragmented in just all the different areas that it can go about that you might miss something if you're not following them all and not everybody has the time to follow them all so if somebody wants to make an aggregator or something like that by all means we could use it anybody else have a question have a comment have a criticism a critique any other c-word no well then I would just like everybody to give another big round of applause to all the awesome volunteers that made this village happen that made it awesome a big success and I look forward to seeing if we can come back next year we can have all of the we can have the PA system from day one from talk one wouldn't that be nice wouldn't that be nice me yeah let's let's tell him we were back to less we were all the way against the wall for several talks let's get a bigger room let's get a bigger room thank you everybody for coming it has been a blast I have enjoyed every day Vegas is you know it's Vegas but DEFCON and you know it's Def Con but Manero right blockchain thank you so much because you guys have been awesome thank you you get you guys you guys you guys okay everyone enjoy the rest of your lives