AI VILLAGE - Opening Remarks

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AI VILLAGE - Opening Remarks
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I'm Clarence one of the co-chairs of village Minnesota co-chair these are all the core team members other corporate members floor things that they were working through the night and welcome so let's go around and say what we do hey I'm Bobby fire data scientist and gay super excited about AI village particular the CTF that we're doing highly encourage people to participate
and then if you're kind of new to AI or just interested in talking about it talk to any of the volunteers or any of the core members you'd be more than happy to whatever my name is Harlan game AI ending the books to the village so we established this new village as a nonprofit it's a 501 C 3 in California we work with are taking donations in order to further the thing of the village but yeah I'm really excited for the village but yeah I'm delta0 I did the CSP Review Board stuff so cool so there's going to be three main sections
in the village the first the section in front here is going to be taken by tops in the back left corner we have the CTF
section a CTF is starting this afternoon at 2 p.m. CTF devilish Borg and anyone is free to participate all levels of difficulty are included even if you don't know anything maybe you should know how to use a computer but at least go check out the website and see if you interested in participating or not there's prizes and the prizes will be handed out at the end of the village on Sunday the back right corner is going to be the swag section in the exhibit section so we're going to be selling a bunch of stuff that we've been working on over the last few months feel free to check them out too for the CFP so John John handle or CFP and we had about 50
submissions this year all high quality
tops we fully accept 25 because you don't have time hopefully make sure we have a bigger room you can amount both tracks or we can have more time and the CTF we have about 50 questions as well
they are they are all pretty interesting
questions there's ever been an AI ml CTF
before so this is the first time we're trying to do it and hopefully all goes well and then right now we are not chasing people out between because there's not a huge line outside but if there is we would request that people who have been thinking for a long time maybe after 2 or 3 talks or more give others an opportunity to come in because else you guys won't have a transfer to visit the village and we do have a capacity limit so