DEF CON 26 Closing Ceremonies

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DEF CON 26 Closing Ceremonies
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welcome to the closing ceremonies of DEFCON okay so you all noticed there was an experiment I talked about it a little bit in the program we've never been in multiple hotels like this where you have to actually go out and see the Sun and I was really worried about that yeah so we're we're we have a plan for next year that does not involve destroying the Sun [Applause] the orb as I call it so it's as I mentioned this is the last time we were here this is the last year where it's Caesars and next year we're back to some old favorites we'll talk about that in a minute but just to let you know with all of this growth it allowed us to try a lot of new things we used over 400,000 square feet of space and we're across three hotels the link was the workshop hotel yay workshops this year also was like a record year for people who made badges it was crazy we how many badges over a hundred different badges and then we lost track that's not even counting the shitty add-ons and so yeah there's a lot and so one thing I wanted to say is at the last minute I got this brainwave and I was like you know what I should start a museum for all these badges why don't everybody just give me badges and I'll put them in a museum and that was a little kind of half-baked what I really should have done is set up an area giving you money you've given me badges and I would have this authoritative collection but even at the last minute over twenty five of the hundred donated badges to me I'll collect them we'll have them on display for next year next year well have a proper way for you if you want to sell us a badge and we'll create sort of a whole history of the badges because I think it's really cool and unique and I'm afraid we're gonna lose some of that history so I just want to start doing this year after year so we're gonna be doing that Hey so for those of you in your hotel rooms or in the speaking tracts last year you knew it was kind of a disaster we had a lot of wiring and cable and interface laptop video issues we lost three hundred and fifteen minutes of speaking last year due to technical problems and this year we lost around ten yeah I don't think anybody even would have noticed but since we're trying to be more transparent there's ten so we have a tradition here at Def Con our number one Paul Proctor will be leaving our team after 20 years please Def Con welcome help us give him a toast to Paul Proctor Cheers I'd like to thank all of those that I've shot over the years thank you love you man okay so we also started last year this transparency report I've wanted to do and so we've continued it this year so I as I predicted what I hope what I hope is happening is that you will see that we are trying really hard to take these issues seriously and that we're trying to act on them and when you do report something we do something about it if we can and so I'm expecting these numbers to go up year after year after year as people get comfortable reporting seeing that we actually are serious about this I think for the next four or five years we're just going to see these numbers increase until we level off and only by sort of facing this problem head-on are we really going to snow the magnitude of the issues so so the numbers yes did go up this year which I think is good and we are better at tracking them and we introduced a hotline for people to report things so to talk about this and deliver this year's statistics I'd like to bring the head of our sock up CJ Hey right well first of all I want to thank all of our partners here I'm not go out enough first of all I'd like to thank all of our partners across all of our departments and across the hotel we wouldn't have been able to be this successful without their help so the numbers we had three reports of harrassment seven reports of sexual harassment one report of sexual assault seven medical incidents none requiring ambulance this time which is an improvement on last year so either you guys are getting better at drinking or two reports of theft three reports of vandalism one case of trespassing one case of the ceiling falling again one badge maker exonerated one attack on the casino foiled one dust-storm attendees of other conferences thinking that we hacked them when we didn't 100
there's one there's off off of here one warning issued to a member of staff whose conduct wasn't appropriate and didn't represent what we as a team would like to represent to you right
[Applause] Sportline we got 62 calls in total 42 of those were general information calls asking where things were it's kind of me expected but we did get three harassment calls five sexual harassment calls one call for medical help and one concert' one call over concern about drink tampering and that is awesome
obviously we're going to do this again next year and we're going to scale it up and I want you guys to use it more less information cause please we do have an information booth in lots of locations but you know I understand at the same time please trust us call us we've got trained people there to help you and we want to help you so the next thing is as you're all aware there's been a lot of concerns about new processes adopted across the Las Vegas hotels this isn't just Caesars it's across all the hotels there's a chain these changes represent a new reality that all hotels have to face in their work to keep guests safe we hear your concerns and Caesars is an extremely receptive partner they're already engaged with us and working closely with Def Con management to figure out the best way forward for next year and as soon as we have an update we'll let you know Thanks Cheers even Toronto Soros wrecks over here likes that okay did we the info booth hacker tracker do we have someone want to come up and come on up melot melot man head of info booth it's my last year as well Oh No thank you so I don't know what my slides look like because what I sent is not this uh so hacker tracker we brought on board last year as an official Def Con thing this year we started expanding it we got both Android and iOS next year we'll have actual full website and it'll all look the same that's my only slide yes it is my only slight all right so I'm remembering the numbers and I've had a few drinks my team was great we had something like eight point six thousand right 8600 Android users and about 6400 iOS users as active users over this weekend so that's about half of you out there used hacker tracker at least once okay so how many out there have used hacker tracker I know I have we also had seven info booths this year so if you turned around and didn't see an info goon there was probably in the wrong place okay now how many of you went to the info booth or talked to an info goon somewhere sweet so it looks like we're actually doing something decent so thank you enjoy the con and workshops so though some of those you might have noticed with the new hotel space at Lynx we managed to expand the number of workshops and this is something we want to keep trying to do it just logistically takes a lot of work and effort but I'd like to introduce the person in charge of workshops hi everybody oh yeah so just out of curiosity how many of y'all went to a workshop this year how many of you tried to register for a workshop this year so we might need some more room yeah whoa so this year we had nearly 2,000 attendees registered this does not include the folks on the wait list we had about a hundred 150 folks on waitlist for each class we went from Thursday to Saturday six concurrent tracks morning afternoon four hours each and we had some amazing workshops we had folks like Joe grande Richard Henderson all sorts of different folks out there teaching giving back to the community absolutely for free whoa yeah we like free writing and we were in our own hotel we had the fourth floor of the link all to ourselves which is a far cry from when we were over at Bally's and we were huddled over and had a really cramped hallway I mean made you guys wear those awful wristbands and we'll never do that to you ever again but whoo and that's it so I'm looking forward to next year and hopefully we can get more classes out for you and more folks in and improve the registration process thank you okay Pepin it's the knock what this one thing I want to say is there's no amount of money in my back pocket that can afford the amount of bandwidth you want to use so I'm done how's it going everyone here to talk about the knock hello okay I have to see the screen hi so my name is happen and I run the knock here along with Mac and as usual I'm gonna go through some statistics and the interesting stuff that we did so we have two kinds of network here we have the wired and the Wi-Fi so Wi-Fi is mostly for all of you across all three properties and wire this for everything else that is listed there I'm not going to go through this you can download this presentation for the NARC later so this is how the week
went we have the same amount of days and two more properties to take care of and we started on Sunday basic set up so whatever is green is good orange more or less and red that that was very hard for us but Sunday usually good we work with the hotel IT people and on court folks they're super awesome and what's going well until the time crash came and more and we had to run around the properties and get everything set up so it's it was good and then it worked you can go through this later but there was a lot of patching there was a lot of things when things were coming up people couldn't find cables or cables were not working and then we show up they were working and so on and so forth so but
the code that we used to know if things were working or not working was our friend Guy Fieri so we had the NOC current status had the happy the desperate and stellar one
so we set up everything was working despite some problems that I'm gonna talk a little bit in in the next slide but you guys show up we had 300 mags and Jeff already addressed what has to be addressed on how much it cost you to do this a lot of money so you guys showed up you can see when straight to 300 mag on Thursday and he never went down so
then we went to 350 for about three hours and we saw that it was already packed so kindly DT allowed us to go to 400 and it stayed there for the whole weekend as usual we have some challenges
in and and issues other than the unplanned ones right so bandwidth is the usual one actually but some fiber connections they were acting up on us between the IDF and the MDF the IDF's in the MDF so we had a problem with some switches that we swapped still didn't work and then we found out was a power issue but half of did not half but part of the hotel and the EPS were not working then we had on Thursday somebody posted on Twitter and thank you for that that multicast was leaking on the secure being on the secure network to the other users that was a configuration thing we fix right away but totally or we overlooked that thanks for reporting your names at the end of the presentation appreciate that JP coverage in capacity like this room with all of you right now the internet is probably not so good but it happens and we had also knew a piece I'm going to talk about that in two slides and people still don't get it Oh to an axe I don't blame you we have to fight through this but if you follow the instructions mostly most of the time it works and anyhow so we went
for a ten gate backbone just like last year but because of the fiber issues we had to some places go down to one gig they internet it the internet uplink I talked about that already here at Caesars so all the other properties will talk like layer three to here layer three using IPSec tunnels so everything goes comes here and then to the Internet we have one Internet uplink
about the wired gear not going to go through this but pretty much the core which is the firewall and the core switch and the firewall we had like three of those three sets of those as for the wireless gear we also had to have three three controllers and that worked well and we got a bunch more a piece to support the three properties thanks Jeff so we had a total of 136 ApS the breakdowns there up obviously most of the APS are here at Caesars 28 flamingos six at link not gonna read this but we double the amount of traffic that you guys use so last year we had about four five points something terabytes 9.11 which is a weird number to have but but that's true and up to like a few hours ago and there is like some more cool stuff the other cool stuff is that we had 15,000 different unique DHCP leases that means that you guys start doing like DHCP exhaustion attacks and we really appreciate that so big shout-out to my crew people are awesome they dedicate the whole week to be here and work hard long hours and dream card at night I don't know how we did this but we pulled this off so give it a hand for for my team please they're awesome [Applause] so in this room how many people actually connected to the secure Wi-Fi how many connected to the insecure Wi-Fi on purpose ok so again thanks to my team everyone is super awesome and my last almost that was the last yes that's the last one so big shout out to DT Sheryl Nikita will without you guys we wouldn't be able to do this right we bug you guys a lot to get stuff for us so thank you cue em to get our gear safe and we show up the gear is here so those guys are super awesome Ceaser's iti cannot speak highly like I can only speak highly of them sorry Phil no we love them they're super awesome whatever we need they do for us same with Ankur packet rat is the guy who tweeted saying hey am I supposed to see this traffic here and then it got quickly to us so thank you very much for reporting that we will fix the configuration right away Lockheed our shears fearless leader from the from the NOC in the previous life he still runs our server networking orb so I had to have some stuff down there and my claw can you help like off course right so he's part of the DEF CON family thanks to the bar staff downstairs that's where we spent most of the night because we didn't go too far in the usual very nice folks who come to the knock and drop snacks for us they show up they started working then in a knock before and you know how like you don't see anything and people only remember about you when breaks so they bring us like a fuse now thanks for that all the other Def Con leaders and goons thank you so much like I'm a pain dad like to meet that deadlines I say I need your request by this date if it doesn't if I don't get it it will happen but it will take longer everybody does a great job like pushing back and saying I really need this by this day so thank you very much okay and thanks everyone for behaving on
their Wi-Fi as much as [Applause] okay this is the first year where DC TV split out and became its own Department got a budget and then spent it all on new equipment so I'd like to introduce video man hi folks how's everybody doing who has a hotel room in Caesars Linc Harrah's Paris valleys or flamingo did any of you watch the talks today from your room yeah okay so I expect more geez we got new equipment this year Morgan my Co ahead actually pushed for this was which was awesome we also acquired three more new goons because we were just a team of two that we're doing all of the TV broadcasting to the into the DEF CON hotels as you can see our senior overnight program director is here on the right right my right our
tier X program director so I don't know if you guys got here and we're trying to watch DC TV Thursday it was only one track unfortunately we had a little bit of problems with our hardware not showing up we had over two months of work trying to get that hard work yeah two months of work trying to get hardware six shipments that we tried to receive didn't happen Friday morning I drove 30 minutes north of here to pick up a bunch of hardware put in my car and drive it back down on site within 90 minutes of receiving that shipment we had four of the hotels up and by about two o'clock we had all six hotels up and running the tracks in your room yeah and as Jeff points out this year we're in hi-def right you can actually see all the slides you can see the video in all the rooms it's it's awesome it's superb and I would say also say that our
volunteers here there are new volunteers we're a big part of that we could tell them hey go do this and like an hour later it'd be done right dedication and the ability to just pick up and and roll with things is very important raise your hand over there thank you we figured we're broadcasting to 18,000 hotel rooms it's about probably 22,000 TVs because some rooms have at least two or more TVs 99.9% uptime there was a little glitch Saturday morning but we figured it out people were on the Twitter's telling us hey we go we don't have audio we were able to fix figure it out and fix it very quickly we also streamed DC 101 and track 1 to the internet for the entire time that they were actually on which was pretty fun we figured out we got about 4,000 viewers online throughout the whole conference obviously DC 101 was very popular so all right so if you want DC TV def con org is where the URLs will live when the conference is running and you can hit us up on Twitter Def Con TV Def Con underscore TV thank you we get up in the morning so you don't have to oh okay so we're gonna move into Xanten do you want to talk about the villages not really okay so this year with the new space we had the opportunity to have a record number of villages and so that meant zant had to deal with almost double the amount of logistics requests and because a lot of the villages were new the whole process was new so it's just a lot of a lot of work a lot of answering questions a lot of setting expectations and a lot of last-minute room changes as we were trying to figure out what kind of space some of the villages needed so what we're really interested in hearing about is which villages worked and which ones didn't and we really want to make sure
that the winners have the space and the resources to thrive so I'd like to have Zandt have some awesome words here thank you hopefully everybody enjoyed the villages I think he said we're in good division I wouldn't have been able to do any of it without my two leads which were runner up bruiser and I'd like to thank the entire rest of my team because they're the ones that made it all possible they answered all the visit villages called for needs all I did is ran the entire weekend I can honestly say I was so busy and running I don't I did not hit my final village until two o'clock today so yeah all I got to do is say thank you for you guys I really have much else to say that's why I didn't want to talk my voice had been gone for three days and yes I already know every village needs more space [Applause] okay data duplication village they added talks this year and unfortunately we also had some lost duplicators that reduced our our total capacity nobody's here I will talk about it so you can just quickly look at the statistics in folk on archive collection continues to grow the hash tables you can see remain popular and we had to turn away we stopped accepting drives around 450 drives we only got to about three hundred and some-odd drives three hundred one two three yeah 319 dupes and so next year we're gonna address this by repairing the machines that got damaged and finding the machines that got lost so it's really fascinating that even in this age of high-speed Internet there's nothing that beats a hive Drive duplicator or an airplane full of hard drives okay I'd like that I go to contests and events mister grifter [Applause] [Music] I don't know what that was made me a little nervous so hi I'm grifter the department head for contests and events this year I love you too deeply this year we had over 50 different contests and events every year I always say when we get up here if you guys have an idea for something that you want to do that you just want to try out it can be the most absurd thing you can think of but if it has legs then them will we'll add it it has legs fantastic thing just deaf comb you know like so we had we had 42 actual contests this year 12 of which were new so you guys really took that to heart last year I got a ton of of different submissions we took a dozen of the best ones and most of that was just due to space I think we're collecting all the hotels on the strip like they're pokemon cards now for DEFCON so so maybe if we've got some more room for additional contests next year hit me up just send an email the contest at DEFCON org and and tell us what your idea is we'd love to hear it yeah I guess can we get a huge huge round of applause for all the organizers of of the contest and events like they put in a ridiculous amount of work and we open up the call for contests on January 1st so I guess that's when DT thinks I've had enough of the holidays and my inbox is what lights up like a Christmas tree and then they just start hammering me with all the requests to try to make things the best they possibly can for you so so I really appreciate that effort and I hope you guys do too there's way too many to go through individually so I'm just gonna skip it and we'll come back in a second for the for those black badge events this year for vendors we had it's like we have more space but it got absorbed very quickly it was crowded in the vendor space and here a list of the vendors and what we're noticing is this year was the first year we noticed we had to turn away some vendors that wanted to provide cloud service II things and we really had to explain to people no you need to be sort of part of the community you've got to engage with the community somehow not just show up and give away a free cloud login to your vulnerability scanning platform and and
that pissed off some people but if you can't yeah good if you can't show up and engage with the community we'd rather have empty tables than full tables and so we're always on the lookout so I had this epiphany it was and I forget who it wasn't really my epiphany I read it somewhere and I can't remember where I read it but it was essentially a reporter was talking about their experience at Def Con in the vendor area and they said bring a lot of cash because you're gonna want to buy all the stuff that you don't ever want to show up in your Amazon shopping cart history and I was like exactly we need to find those vendors and get them to Def Con because we don't want them in your Amazon shopping cart so if you can think of dodgy interesting vendors send them our way okay let's hear from the arts and entertainment do we have do we have the arts and entertainment yeah come on guys artists okay I want to try to wing it they're still asleep oh that's right besides the roof coming down for the second year in a row during the fat bass of Juno reactor last night you can see our lineup this year we always try to have a really community driven track of artists from the community and then we also try to find some cool either retro or current acts that you might not normally come across and we want to expose you to and and then we also try to release every year an audio a music track CD or original sound track so by show of hands how many people appreciate or actually ever listen to the DEF CON music CD okay yeah these people donate their music to us we we compile it we master it and then it ends up going up for sale with the proceeds going to the e FF and and we just plan to keep doing this until you guys stop caring because I think it's cool there's really an intersection between sort of the culture and music and you can see that by the number of bands and DJs and acts that we have at Def Con this year Juno reactor was awesome how many people managed to see Juno reactor yeah so this was a big growing this was like the biggest name band that we've ever done and boy did we learn a lot I mean that you might not have realized it but that lighting setup was fantastic it was fantastic because it was like a whole project in and of itself just to get the lighting set up corporate accounts to get co2 cylinders to fire off smoke things did you realize that the misting machine is the same as smoke and it will set off fire suppression systems okay so you have to have fire trucks ready in the parking lot when you turn off the fire suppression system and a fire person standing there making sure it's not really on fire and it's just like thing after thing after thing just for some guys to get up on stage and rocket and so I was so happy that everybody got to enjoy Juno reactor and all I saw was like fire suppression smoke detector you know it was crazy I just I just wanna and the other thing that was super cool about Juno reactor is they gave us permission to record it so we're gonna release it [Applause] every one of the other big performers have these riders that say we can't record it we can't think about recorded in it you know we're Juneau reactor is fantastic to work with so we're gonna try to work with bands in the future that allow us to record it and release it okay Pyro's anybody want to come up and talk about the parties so parties spun out this year also into its own department because we had multiple properties and so much going on so I'd like to introduce pyro and his team how's it going everybody do you have a good Def Con excellent so i-i've worked with Def Con now this is like my 19th year 20 years going to the con but 19 years on staff and I always just have Jeff like bounce me around in different places where he wants me and last year he came at the end of con I told him I wanted to come back and I want to contribute and participate again and he said that the big goal that they wanted to do with this new department was bringing back the feel of the old def con parties Lexus park days you guys who was there you remember what it was like and that's what we wanted to recreate this year so I have a small staff and they are exceptional right here existence was our number one most departments have department head and a second he is by far the number one this man did almost all of the actual labor and work to make this stuff happen this year so I'm gonna hand it over to him but thank you very much [Applause] so how many of you guys came out to the parties that was not here at Caesars other than hacker karaoke and a couple smaller ones but over in flamingo awesome we're hoping to make it bigger badder and better next year unfortunately the 303 pool party had to get moved inside due to safety so we apologize that we couldn't throw the large pool party we wanted to throw hopefully next year that will all happen and you guys can come out swim and drink and party so feel free to contact us with parties and we'll make it happen and we'll get it out there thanks very much guys okay so we're into the part where we're talking about black badge contests so this is this is this year's black badge and I'll just tell you a quick little story about the black badge for this year it's electronic and it's also analog and they has parts in it that have been reclaimed electronic components from the apollo ground station tracking stations from back in the day some of that stuff got surplus people took the components off and some of its ending up on the black badge also i'm gonna have up i her on stage later after we're over in case you're interested i wanted to create like how much more black can it be i tried i tried to get the blackest black and the blackest black is a black called phantom black and absorbs all visible frequencies um
but you can't get that sorry so the next best black is another black that's really really expensive for every ounce of this paint and so the toy makers who designed this bond an ounce of this super black ink and we painted it and we compared it to just like black PCB not really that different so you'll see the side-by-side comparison but we're like ah we don't really spend that much money for something where you can't unless i told you that you would never know so that's why maybe in the future if we can work something out we might try to get a van Tom black that would be super cool so black badges get you in for life they're generally they're always given to the winning team of capture the flag and then after that it's really questionable who gets to win them we vary it by contest grifter makes the call on who gets the contest who gets one based on the quality the amount of effort that goes into the context Alexa T and so I'm gonna hand it over to him to talk about the badges and start handing them out so grifter drift or trevor little buddy all right so so Jeff mentioned we the black badges are are something that we go to contest who put you know exceptional work and that doesn't mean that the other contests do work we have only a handful we do that on purpose to make it special we also do it so that you don't know what competition is going to have a black badge that year we want you to compete in the contest that is you know your favorite that is the technology that you like or frankly this shitshow that you enjoy the most and so so you never know what's gonna have a black badge outside of um of the CTF so we have a handful and those get picked and no one knows until literally four hours ago so not even the organizers know I'm gonna start bringing them up and they're gonna start telling you what their contestants did to earn those so first pack the planet I'm a really really excited to be able to say hack the planet on a DEFCON stage with a dinosaur in my ear I'm Bo woods for ICS village on behalf of the other founding members bricen bort Tom Van Norman and Larry Van Andel wheel I'm really really excited to be here to talk to you about our first ever black badge giveaway if you didn't get down there to see us and you don't know us there you go ICS village is we incorporated as a 501 C 3 non-profit educational organization we want to have experience shell learning and learn by doing basically we will when I get done and not go out and spread a bunch of FUD right so ooh so this year we had some really cool stuff down there if you didn't get over there we had a simulated water treatment facility we had a simulated power plant we had a bunch of cool stuff and our CTF obviously called hack the planet active planet so we had over a hundred different flags that we could run in this we had over a hundred different people participating it was really really cool we did a bunch of stuff we had a ICS Rex as we nicknamed him next year we're gonna be back we're gonna be doing this again hopefully we get another black badge we're gonna do it even better and we'll have twice as much monster so our winners this year it was really hard fought race but we got a couple that we want to point out number two winners Rockettes times - raise your hand and then the the first place the winners were hashtag fuzzy snuggly duck and they get our first ever black badge and that looks badass thank you have to plan it spoilers alright this is a first year contest but they put a significant amount of effort into it you may have seen people wandering around the NPC hello my name is NPC on their shirts so they included a bunch of other folks in the contest itself and made them not only you know folks who were competing but you could also participate as as part of the contest so I thought that was really cool so welcome to the stage dungeons at Def Con [Applause] thanks Def Con so DoD it was Dungeons & Dragons kind of inspired multi-layer crypto interactive puzzle campaign contest so the the teams were competing and all these various side quests that included crypto puzzles all sorts of cool things interacting with NPCs and then they all had to coalesce together and solve this main quest puzzle where they were trying to identify a wizard that was taking over Def Con played by grifter our teams did a fantastic job we ended up having to turn away like 30 teams we capped registration at 38 amazing turnout we were so proud of everyone that competed we had some people do amazing things one of the guys I F ended up flooding his hotel room trying to steam open a letter that he had to figure out what's inside without letting us know he had gotten into it we had another team that built a paper Enigma machine to try and solve a puzzle that had absolutely nothing to do with enigma but mad style there they confirmed with the crypto privacy village that it actually functioned so mad props there our winning team though I mean wow first of all two routes asylum veterans so that lets you know the caliber of people that are coming out of that village band watch out for these kids they just
destroyed things it was amazing and they have one of the coolest names I thought so our winning team murder-hobos [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what I like about a couple of kids winning a black badge is how much it's gonna cost Jeff for life baby the oldest guy he looks pale oh that's all of us all right these guys took a break last year and we missed them incredibly so we reached out we were like are you guys coming back and they were like yeah we miss you too and so so back they came and they were swamped the entire time the contest area was open so let's hear how they did it open CTF [Music] so open CTF was a collaboration this year between Vande and DC 562 we had a great turnout and would like to thank grifter and the entire contest staff for keeping the area at a reasonable volume between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. the contestants who played open CTF ranged from complete beginners to previous DEFCON CTF winners in order to win open CTF your team needs to have depth across multiple technology disciplines including binary reversal cryptography web hacking networking and forensics our teams demonstrated that skill over two days hacking through several dozen challenges with the contest being neck-and-neck until the last hour Saturday night in keeping with the principles of open CTF we would like to call out the three teams that submitted the best write-ups watch SEC girls taking over and donkey kick [Music] we will be retweeting and posting those right up so that you can if you're new to CTF so you can take a look at those and for our top three teams in third place we had ghost of Brittany for second place we have an open CTF regular and previous winner from Seattle nake nine yep they had a we released the source code to our scoreboard about four hours before the game ended and challenged the teams to hack it they actually did and claimed those points which put them into first place with about an hour left unfortunately for them another team scored at the end and to introduce our winners who were previous third-place finishers of open CTF from Europe not problem [Music] oh my sweet sweet had naggy they need no introduction social engineering CTF okay we got some stats for you we had almost double the space this year that was pretty awesome huh really awesome but you guys still waited three hours in line so sorry about that really shout out to my team man these guys are just awesome aren't they anyone who visited the village come on they're awesome [Music] okay here's some stats on the competition the contestants spent over 680 hours in doing Oh cent just for the competition the three weeks prior to handing their reports and which constituted 456 pages of Osen that we had to review before they can get in the booth to make their calls which is just ridiculous 280 minutes of calls were made during the sec TF just over the last two days and we played 40 hours of clutch in the village so I think that's the best assist ik of all if you ask me one quick story if I have a just 30 seconds the best story so far of SD CTF this year some contestant got a company JB Hunt and they're supposed to do a little research to get numbers to call and he did research and found a person called JB Hunt but he didn't know as a person because when he checked a number if it was real the guy answered JB Hunt so he hung up you're not supposed to communicate before the CTF and he called this guy and a guy answered JB hunt and he's like you got three minutes of time is like I'm watching the Cubs game I'll give you two minutes and we're like wait this isn't after about a minute and a half we realized the guy doesn't even have a computer he doesn't own the computer and I'm like God it make the call and the guys still trying to get flags out of them but so we found mr. hunts is mr. hunt is a little vulnerable so we're gonna help him out afterwards okay yeah anyhow you may be familiar with this wonderful woman standing to my right Rachel favorite Oh back she has taken second place as one so we have a another one that you're gonna have a collection of these I mean seriously she has a wonderful little award plus a challenge point for you here awesome and and this is also another first for SD village this is the first year where we had two women dominate the competition yeah yeah yeah hey you may be saying what he's an ugly woman that's because Whitney Maxwell who won the SEC TF first place by a huge landslide she couldn't make it she had to travel home so Patrick is here accepting the the things for her so what we have for Whitney it's super special a super special I hope she likes bourbon this is a TX brand bourbon it's been customized by human hacker and something really cool this is the first year se CTF t-shirt I had one left we sent it to them and they made it into a cap for for the bottle so yeah this is an SD CTF t-shirt after Whitney forget the awesome human human hacker award for being the first place and this is our ninth year doing this so we got number nine challenge coin for Whitney too and then you know Whitney's not here so maybe I should just hold onto this for her just just saying no I won't do that and then of course Whitney gets the awesome black batch we'll see you next year guys thanks [Applause] [Music] [Applause] alright so again what what what are you pointing at you're here alright so you may have seen these guys before they put together one hell of a competition obviously IOT is something that we hear about day-in day-out and they set up essentially a gauntlet of ridiculousness for their attendees to jump through they leave educated and then sad about the world I'll let them tell you why so hopelessly broken [Applause] [Music] all right hello everyone I'm so happy to be here this is what our third okay it's our third black badge it's really awesome to be here um we had a crazy contest this year we were tracking some of the targets that were being attacked and we got up to about 51,000 attacks launched on our network so that's really impressive so thanks to everyone who played and contributed to that onslaught I want to give a round of applause to everyone who played so in third place with 37,000 points is quantum blockchain so congratulations to them in second place um they did complete all of the devices so they did you know pone all the devices 22 devices so they got they they pwned all 22 devices but they came in second because they'd not own them first so that was a pony IP so Randall Claus to them [Music] now in first place is a team that you know has been playing for a while and they finally really I think you know they got it right and they had a great run this year and once they got first place Saturday afternoon they completed everything first they they were like we're canceling our flights because we want to stick around just to see if we get to be on stage and receive the black badge so thank you for canceling your flights and joining us on stage is team OH not-not-not X 90 X 90 X 90 yep they're just gonna briefly say thank you and what they plan to do with the prize money yes I want to say thank ISC in IOT village for putting together the CTF congratulations to the other guys they competed alongside of us you really kept their hearts pounding in our chests up until that the last moment we got the last box we talked about what we're gonna do with the prize money as a team we're gonna be dedicating it back into whoring more IOT devices for more research and testing and hopefully we could add to the number of devices that are in the CTF for next year [Applause] [Music] [Applause] all right our next first-year contest and a black badge contest at that these guys got so much praise from the attendees who were competing they absolutely loved what they put together if you made it into the contest area this was toward the back there was a plane and a train and once again sadness so we'll bring to the stage Red Alert ICS CTF oh hi hi hi oh we are from Korean and Singapore South Korea indeed we are very excited to introduce you at our ICS the city of at Epcot it's the first time anyway thank you so much critter and Oracle to give us a chance this is City FAC based on real-world scenarios and including simulation of aircraft smash city lay away and traffic sign and also power plant o as we are IT security engineers not only ICS but also we are focusing on how to break through from IT system to auto system using air gap by passing trips yeah anyway been really talk more thank you so we had two and a half days of challenge our party participants they were very happy trying to play our CTF so yesterday we actually release a very special challenge which is a DEFCON special we had a teams had had to chuck down a beer and ten seconds for 3,000 points so so four teams participated to team one and two team loss so the two team that lost had to lose 3,000 points as well and our leader which was the Vina they lost the elite yesterday after today's sleep but eventually today morning they took back the lead and they are the first place yep so so I just announced our top three places the third place was actually team rebate they had 20,000 points the second place was a new country they had about 25,000 points and the first place we have CT f SG with with 28,000 points so we have the winners here and also the black batch goes to them they have been playing non-stop for two and a half days I personally seen them done the work and they are really very persistent in trying to hack our simulations and also since this is the first time we brought we have held this CTF and DEFCON so we are actually being we have a very honored to be standing here on the stage at a closing ceremony so we like to thank everyone the participated came to our booth and also grifter Brian and all the other goons again thank you [Applause] all right I love this contest so these guys put together a bunch of minigames and essentially it's I mean it's a bunch of points from all these different things so if you suck at one thing you can redeem yourself somewhere else and I think that's great because it's sometimes you go into a CTF and you just feel beat down you know you hit something that you can't get past and then you're stuck forever this makes sure that that that doesn't happen and and I love that about these guys they've been on this stage many times before and here they are again warlock games [Applause] all right good afternoon Def Con you know you get to that point where Red Bull just isn't enough anymore right you need to find a different energy drink so if anybody's got ideas let us know spend a long weekend rondo so yes so this is our fifth year company at Def Con as a contest and standing here on the stage for our third black badge it's just as humbling is receiving the first so we're very appreciable and honored to be here special thanks to dark tangent grifter and pandeiro so we started Friday at 11 a.m. and ended Sunday at 12 we actually extended it to hours so that we could get the last bit of points in there so the kinds of things that we do are the things that you would expect in the CTF there's the binaries the reverse engineering the web and the challenges that these guys had to go after this year dealt with the global government cybersecurity enforcement agency because we all want to hack the government right so they had to go against those guys and tour bot enterprises as part of their web services they had to reverse-engineer binaries which were authentication tokens for the Gov SEC dot agency so that was the on board items then we had things at the table the physical security side right so they had the lockpicks that they had to go after and if you didn't do so well it lock-picking could always jump on the end of the table and play a few rounds of Fortnight any fortnight players out here yeah a couple not my game but you know my my youngest son could probably he definitely has it so we offered a lot of different points we even had a t-shirt for a Def Con 26 we always get a t-shirt going this year how to puzzle on it as well so even if you can do anything with all the other challenges you could at least solve that and get some points on the board so our third-place team scored 2,350 points and they actually led a good portion of the way which was a pretty impressive they're a team of Europe somewhere and now we won't specify exactly where they're from or who they are but we've seen them before and they played a fantastic game that was dankmemes I think they may have already departed our second-place team with 2425 points was ambushed and they played a phenomenal game as well and the lead actually swapped within the last hour of the game our first place team PT FS with two thousand five hundred and fifty points DEFCON thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you next year [Applause] [Music] no don't shake your head no just get up here wireless CTF hey Def Con so we're back again I think this is our 13th year running the wireless village and we're super psyched we got more space this year thank you guys appreciate it we really do every year we try and make some changes and this year we did we had over 20 foxes go out over the course of the con which meant that our guys that we're doing well I'm getting books thrown at me wow the guys that we're doing well and the gals were doing well we're up for 24 hours a day for three days straight the foxes were 24/7 when they went to sleep they became hide-and-seek's we also partnered thanks to highways with the furries so we actually had foxes that were foxes yeah that happened quite a bit and thanks to render man I must say there was a IOD Fox if you don't know what that is it was a butt plug that was walking throughout the conference inserted and being spoken to during the course of the village I'll let that one sink in literally so so that being said we had one team that came back came over from the East Coast with us comically speaking and they just tore it up so software-defined radio Wi-Fi Bluetooth we're doing full-on unbe canoeing Bluetooth tracking on a phone and they were extremely successful with it so I want to bring up the majestic twelve oh one other thing real quick so we had one other tote one other contest that was new this year we had king of the hill we've been trying to do it for many many years we had a router running 24/7 it was up for 51 hours 48 of those hours there was connections every minute we had three hours of downtime for the entire conference of people trying to attack it so we've just we've expanded quite a bit and we've done a whole lot we've got some amazing sponsors and now we've got a black badge so majestic 12 I have a couple quick words in this base adjust installed into its thank you all right so these next guys come out of the packet capture village they whoo yeah I also like packets so a couple of years ago they asked well how do we become a black badge contest and they had multiple contests that were going on in there and I said well all of these contests only take a couple hours for the attendees to compete in so what we want for a black badge contest is something that you really have to invest time in but you hear about these contests where people compete all weekend or for some 24 36 hour stretch so we were we were discussing it and they were like okay I think we can make it harder and then a couple years ago they just combined every contest they had into one mega voltron like contest [Applause] for some reason they haven't stopped making it harder so every year they just up their game and up their game and this year it was difficult enough to knock out some really veteran competitors so I think they may have found the right spot so up here to talk about it capture the packet hey everyone this year packet hacking village was insane I want to thank the DEF CON staff it was an awesome space one thing we we kind of noticed you know in in the terms of villages and anything under a thousand is a village anything over that is a town and I think we've hit town because we're crushed in that space again how many of you were at the packet hacking village at one point right bye raise a hand all right so thanks again that was an amazing space we want to thank all of our volunteers the the people that made it happen we had over a hundred volunteers our ops crew that nobody sees but makes it happen in the background be box and preparation and all the the leads that were ere at my my partner-in-crime sea docks just was awesome so this year we we changed it up a little bit so to make it so that more people compete could compete and capture the packet what we did was we made three events so we had packet inspector where you never touched anything before you want to try you sit down you play then we made packet detective you go to the next step middle you play you learn we have people there teaching you and then when you're ready you jump into the deep end as grifter mentioned I think we made the deep end a little too deep but we intend to make a deeper so bring it and then as he mentioned it's a little of everything we have a lot of crazy things in there data exfiltration custom protocols custom crypto yeah we rolled our own krypter krypter and we had some ridiculous stuff in there the steganography in there we had a great time putting stuff all over the place and out of the entire conference that played it all you know the hundreds of people that competed we only had 26 percent of the challenge solved so maybe a little too hard maybe a lot what do you think keep it there be mean torture yeah okay keep being mean noted so so he had we had companies coming up to us through this whole thing or like will you share the winners with us we want to hire them so not giving out any information anybody well let them know hey there's people that want you but no but we had this absolute awesome team they competed a couple years ago and one priority at being a black badge and you know had the pouty face and they came back year after year and they finally got it so that's like this is like their what fourth fifth year something like that playing it so I want to you know really thank the the team and then their their name is what is a packet and here is their prize wad Oh cash and one one last thing for wall of sheep your ap eyes are leaking like hell see you [Music] hey now and now yes so you you may know these guys you may not they call themselves the order of the overflow and even if you don't know them you know their contest capture the flag [Applause] [Music] hello hackers i'm Zardoz and this is the order of the overflow we have been here among you since DEFCON 9 we have been playing CTF since DEFCON 12 we were raised in this community and now we are professors freelance hackers engineers and we are still here every year playing DEFCON CTF and now hosting we played DEFCON CTF for a long time and when legit BS the prior organizer stepped down we felt a call to step up and carry on this tradition of an awesome game for some of the best hackers around we had three guiding philosophical principles one we wanted to be inclusive we wanted to raise the inclusivity and the positivity of this community ah - let me look them up we wanted to be inspirational we want to inspire the next generation in a similar way that the amazing hackers we saw as we were walking around DEFCON 9 completely clueless inspired us and number three we wanted to innovate responsibly innovate the game into new areas new formats new types of challenges and so I'll talk a bit about then innovations that we did this year one was kind of scooped a little bit by an earlier CTF we integrated CAPTA capture flag being a great capture the flag we integrated king of the hill and attack defense services together so in traditional attack defense teams attack each other to steal information and try to defend themselves against attacks of other teams with king of the hill teams additionally had to create the most elegant or the best solution I additionally we try to have a much much higher emphasis on raw hacking skill to do this for example we delayed the release of network traffic significantly to force hackers to come up with novel original exploits instead of script getting them off the wire right and third with the rise of automation the cyber Grand Challenge recently and all of this awesome new technology which is really cool it has become much harder to actually tell where the human skill ends and the automated skill begins in many contexts this is great but in CTF we wanted to find the best humans and identify even among them who the best hackers are and so we heavily limited the what is probably currently the most advanced part of this animation which is automated patching we have Li limited patching so that teams could only patch a certain amount of bytes per service so we had a service with multiple vulnerabilities for example where teams had to patch in under ten bytes and they did which was incredible so with all of this of course we had to keep DEFCON CTF I was in this awesome top CTF and with this came some traditions which we embraced we had multiple qualifying events the best CTF in the world from which the best hackers in the world qualified for DEFCON hosted by awesome amazing conferences and awesome amazing teams we had our own qualifying event i and overall over 600 teams played in our event of which 24 qualified together with the prequels and then we made this game and it was an absurd amount of work and all of these fine hackers can complain about it a lot more than I can but we haven't slept in you know 6 months we of course had issues with our first year running this it turns out when you invite the best hackers in the world and you invite them all to connect to your network and you invite them all to attack everything catches on fire so we had this awesome situation set of situations where we would be fixing stuff as it was burning and overnight the teams would be hacking things and we would be fixing things and then in the morning they would hack the things we fixed it was pretty incredible so everyone had a great time before I get to announcing oh yes and we captured of course all the packet traffic we captured all game events I've accumulated an enormous amount of data over all that we hope would be very useful to the community going forward to analyze how top hackers perform so before moving on to announcing the winners I'd like to give special thanks to a number of people for one thing the entire DEFCON crew and the goons for kiss Brian grifter dark tangent I'd like to thank also encore they helped us set up our AV stuff which hopefully the hackers found extremely distracting and you found entertaining we'd like to thank legitimate business syndicate which is the prior Def Con CTF organizer yeah Hospital call-out guy no veto sir goon lightning an HJ they're amazing set of people and special thanks to our poor undergrads that we brought with us these ASU students I don't know if they're here but they we basically enslaved them for a weekend they were running cables running water running coffee they were running everything except for digital services that was us unfortunately and we'd like to thank our families who haven't seen us at all you know again and I'd like to thank my team here none of this would be possible without them so we have slipper incredible hacker Adam dupay he's okay I we have odo Tiffany ba da ba ba 0t Geoffrey Cowell yeah ray hammer null pointer and Alexander's karvelas give it up for this amazing crew so we had an interesting issue this year with the room we had to fight with the fire marshal and we had to fight with that balance of trying to get people in the room without getting the event shut down for risk of everyone dying in a fire so dark Sanjit is interested in a show of hands how many people went by the room this year whoo awesome all right next year make sure spend even more time there we have a lot of interesting stuff planned if of course we are invited back absolutely all right so I'm gonna move on to announcing the winners but as I do so keep in mind that you can be up here as well in a couple years with enough practice enough work enough perseverance you can take their place and you can take our place you're the future yes please take our place all right so without further ado let's move on to our winner so in third place we have hacking from Taiwan hit Khan so third place just wave all right we're doing it third place run through jump around all right give my hand get out of here good job in second place they asked me to announce them as first place but I cannot do that the played Parliament of boning guys good job give them a hand all right in first place with a model of when research means meets hacking def gore rude [Applause] all right so will now confer the black badges on to our winners there are more than eight of you here we will confer the black badges on to eight of these brilliant hackers so give them one more round of applause and let's do this [Applause] final round of applause for Def Con Road thank you all we hope to see you next year and remember obey the order of the overflow [Applause] laughter let me get my shoe I was gonna say is that yours it's ours now so again thank you to all of the organizers and all of the contestants not only for you know designing and and competing and all these things but also for creating a really cool atmosphere around Def Con when you see these folks and the level of focus that they have whether that be you know on hacking some of the most complicated systems that these guys can craft for them or the dedication they put into a tinfoil hat you know we love we love seeing it and and it makes us love Def Con so thank you again [Music] it truly takes I think I put in the program over 15 16 1700 people to put on the contests the goons the villages and and you can see the department's here we have almost 450 goons just to try to make the the department's work and so you can see all the departments that we have and I just like to give a round of applause and a special appreciation just to all the goons that work year round to get ready [Applause] so when when people talk about it we really exist to try to provide that platform for everybody else in the community to run their event and you can see it takes a lot of people and a lot of dedication so we have some goons on the way retiring and we have some new goons coming in and we just want to call out the black bat are the gold badge when we retire you when you retire let me rephrase this if you've served for ten years at Def Con for more than ten years you get a gold badge and the gold badge sort of acts like a black badge in that you put in your time you've got the scars the psychic wounds and so you we will bring you back you can come for life right you're always one of us when you're with a walking wounded of the goons and so I just want to say thank you to all the goons of the past that have done that and retired you're always welcome and then I want to welcome the new goons who don't know what they've gotten themselves into [Applause] is a major malfunction here so we have a QM stores and if you if you think about who's in here the longest even longer than the NOC the NOC has to get equipment well they have to pick the equipment up from somewhere and that's our QM stores and so we have a little story here where the QM stores we have warehouse space all over Las Vegas in multiple places and we have all these semi trucks that swoop in and bring literally thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds and I think last count we had like over 60 pallets of equipment yellow pallets and so this year you might have seen online we have our poor projectors poor poor projectors one one three zero six two five seven and sixty nine which tells you something that we have over a hundred projectors and there's a little bit of a mistake we've got a call that said hey I'm four of your projectors all just failed we need more projectors that's that's a quite a coincidence 18 volts you don't want to plug into the HDMI port that is expecting five volts or it lets all the smoke out and so here's our our Pelican case where the wrong voltage plug was plugged into the HDMI distribution block and they all died so we're gonna pour one out for the projectors okay so [Applause] yeah so next year we're going home we're going home next year to Paris and Bally's a place we know and love except we've kind of grown up a little bit and so we've had to expand a little bit so we're plugging in to Planet Hollywood so instead of forcing you out into the orb for 10 minutes or so we're hoping we can get that down to like maybe a minute less cancer so next year we're hoping to have more square the same or more square footage three hotels maybe a fourth if we have to but we're gonna be back at the Paris Bally's plus Planet Hollywood more hopefully workshops and that is what I've got to say oh one last thing that's not on the slides in case you're keeping score last year I talked about this desire to expand the DEF CON culture overseas and we were talking about maybe doing a def con China we did that it happened those are the people that actually win so we tried to DEFCON China it worked we were planning for 600 and we got 1,400 it was a huge success and so don't be afraid we're doing Def Con China again next year we want to get you involved and so we have Def Con China t-shirts here that are like electroluminescent and they light up we don't know yet and so uh our friends over here from the other communist nation of Cuba is jealous that the nation of China has is got us so our other communist overlords here want us to come to Cuba alright thank you so much I don't want to say goodbye but I have to say goodbye we're gonna put everything online we're gonna get everything and I hope to see you at the bar downstairs thank you so much for an amazing year Def Con 26 is over