Wagging the Tail: Covert Passive Surveillance

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Wagging the Tail: Covert Passive Surveillance
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In this modern digital age of technically competent adversaries we forget that there may still be a need to conduct old school physical surveillance against a target. Many organisations utilise surveillance teams and these may be in-house in the case of government agencies or third-party teams contracted for a specific task and their targets range from suspected terrorists to people accused of bogus insurance claims. Whilst most people think that they may never be placed under surveillance some professions increase this probability. For example, if you are a member of the press with sources that you only meet face to face you could be a target especially if the source is a whistleblower or has information that their employer would rather they didn't give to you. Would it seem far-fetched to think that a hacker, security researcher or a member of the EFF could be placed under surveillance? Maybe even some current and former DEF CON speakers and attendees? These teams are not the lone Private Investigator sat in their car at the bottom of your street but are highly trained individuals whose job is to remain undetected. Their mission is to observe and identify interactions and document everything they see. They aim to be "The Grey Man", that person, when asked to describe, you are unable to. Their techniques have changed very little over decades because they work. This talk will focus on mobile and foot surveillance techniques used by surveillance teams. It will also include tips on identifying if you are under surveillance and how to make their life difficult.
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okay what's to talk about so we're not going to we're just going to cut to the chase sigh Agent X the stuffs in the program so let's get on with it surveillance why we're doing surveillance in this talk 1983 if you said to someone surveillance this is what they would think about they wouldn't think about the global technical surveillance is going on at the moment Facebook so are you a target it's entirely possible that you are some people that maybe in this room have been targeted these all these people have been have spoken at Def Con or run Def Con and where's the pointer there you go so the guy all the way on the right is actually Zach Franken who was speaking who ran Def Con for 15 years and you know Def Con might also be targeting you
this is Michelle Madigan some of you were there to say this was basically a sting reporter who tried to sting Def Con so we stung them with our own undercover team yeah so yeah real physical surveillance really good times in a hostile environment yeah however if
your office at home looks like this and you never leave your house then you're probably not a target although it does look a bit like major malfunctions office but this is way neither yeah wind I mean like cleaner so who's
likely to be conducting surveillance we've got the obvious three-letter agencies the NSA FBI CIA KFC okay maybe not KFC unless you're trying to sell the secret recipe to North Korea but no a lot of companies have the ability to engage surveillance teams if they require them a lot of government departments especially in the UK you know local government can hire and bring in surveillance teams and Majesty's Revenue and Customs looking for fraud they have dedicated surveillance teams and also you as an individual can go and get trained so this is a UK company run by an ex-military surveillance operator so you provide two forms of ID pay your money if you pass the course you get a formal qualification so you become formally qualified in advanced rail and techniques for only 2300 pounds so that's like in brexit money that's like 200 bucks yeah pretty much
so one important fact we have to point out right at the very beginning the talk is all surveillance operators and all vehicles involved in surveillance have what is called a heat State your heat State starts at 10:00 at the start of an operation or the start of an operation all day and every time you come into contact with the target or are exposed to the target your heat state drops to the point where for example if you crush your car into their car you end up toast okay at the end of the day all of the operators will actually say what they think there he state is so your mission as a person that may be under surveillance is to Ray Ortiz to get their heat set to drop or make toast now
surveillance itself three main stages of surveillance the pickup the follow and the housing the majority of the talk is going to be about the follow because that's where most of the fun happens but we will talk quickly about that pickup because this is important it is getting control of a target at the beginning of an operation or the beginning of an operational day and they need to give a description of the target where they are and where they're going and this can be done in a number of ways we can use static
observation post this could be a neighboring property for example yeah so
this is a big boy building that's the Russian embassy in Washington and the building across the street that's the FBI stacks surveillance post that they've owned and operated for years and it's very obviously a static observation post like people are like oh what's with the giant cameras and the sky lights and no one goes through the front door they always go through the back door on the adjacent street they can also use static
covert cameras again with modern technology they can fit a camera monitor remotely and pick up the sides as they leave or they can use a mobile observation post now I will call this briefly this is an ex-fbi 1989 dodge
surveillance vehicle that some guy fucked up yeah bought at an auction and then videoed it and put it on YouTube now on the top there that houses the antenna each of
the lights were fitted with microphones front and back all of the roof mounts were fitted with cameras and inside we've had a full suite of video and audio recording a toilet and aircon obviously got to keep them happy that's a pretty nice fan so yeah a pretty nice man obviously not as nice as this but no
so if you see this part on the street you really screwed up yeah yeah or they can use a surveillance vehicle
now one point of a surveillance vehicle this is a lesser-known technique and that's what's known as a boot fit or a trunk fit for you Americans out there this is a specially adapted vehicle where the operator is in the trunk of the vehicle not comfortable however they have the ability to observe to video to take pictures and it is very effective in certain circumstances because a big-ass van parked in this street would be obvious whereas this could it be a boot fit so very limited time because obviously this is the operator inside is at risk however you know it works now in the program we said these techniques have been around for years they've changed little this is a film maybe 1974 by the Brits and shared with our American friends under our special relationship so special so special and this covers the pickup sequences have been shortened as
a semi others [Music] Brown Roger please the escort has remained stationary the target passes the second car who in turn sends the information that will enable the third car to take up the chase from brown now moving west let's look at that sequence again as seen from the targets rearview mirror he pulls away in the news off down the road [Music] nothing to arouse his suspicions and at approximately one kilometer away from home the green Magnum pulling out to take control of the follow appears as part of the normal traffic pattern although he has seen nothing the target has been under surveillance most of the time and a key point there is under surveillance they are not following you they are not right behind you so within the follow especially a vehicle follow you can lose the vehicle it doesn't matter if you lose a vehicle especially if you're on a long operation it's better to lose the target than compromise the operation and make them aware they're under surveillance now you heard them talking on the radio's obviously very old nowadays for brevity we use brevity codes this makes it easier for the team to communicate it also hides things like locations and directions of travel as you'll see because if they're not using encrypted communications you can intercept this and anyone listening might be aware of what's going on so here we see standby that's the target out of a sow's wearing a red baseball cap blue top grey trousers and black shoes hardly getting into his car now I'm moving off turning less toward the junction of High Street and Water Lane now anyone listening and picking up on a radio knows exactly where that person is in what direction they're going so we use the brevity codes 77r form from Charlie worn blue and gray black shoes red cap complete Bravo on mobile nine one yellow two sounds gobbledygook but the team understands the last part there is using what we call spot codes which are on spot maps and again for ease of reference for the team to be able to give the location of a target in a direction of travel rather than saying that they're on this road traveling towards the village of ill Shilton as you can see here we can simply say at red six intending
right committed nine one red five everyone understands where the target is and what direction they're heading do so this is kind of gets to something we've spot maps made up for the entire operational area everybody every car of how many was like how my cars potentially eight vehicles and sixteen operators yeah so you're looking at binders full of information rapidly put together with a big team this is not a cheap thing to do to if you're doing it right it involves lots of teamwork and when you can make a lot of toast you can help break that team up and thus ruin their effectiveness so what are we looking for behind as if we think we're under surveillance obviously they're going to be in a vehicle if you're in Texas and they're all driving pickup trucks they will be driving pickup trucks if you're in a city they will be in a sedan car they will blend in with the environment they will not be driving
big-ass SUVs with government plates except in DC except in DC here is an
extract from the local paper in Iowa and here we see just in one state the large number of license plates issued for covert work this is because in a professional team an agency level team they will hold a multiple license plates which they can change and again if you raise the heat state of that vehicle enough that they think it needs changing they will change the license plate this can't be done at the side of the road because someone unscrewing a license plate and screwing another one in someone's going to call cops and you don't want to have to explain what you're doing so they will do this and they will have to leave the follow while it happens now
as we said they will not drive directly behind you they will use other vehicles as natural cover there will be two or three vehicles behind you they will use parallel routes to get ahead of you but in America you've made it really easy you've come up the block system in most of your cities so here we have a standard FBI floating box the target vehicle in red and the direction of travel so the target vehicle turns the message is relayed to all of the team and at the next opportunity all the vehicles turn the target continues the other vehicles come in behind and the target is still within the floating box so pulling up to a light traffic light and then just as it's turning to red driving through will not stop this because there will be someone on a parallel routes that can pick you up so
how do we get around this how do we conduct anti-surveillance now a quick point here anti-surveillance is what you do as an individual to try and detect that surveillance team counter-surveillance is when you use a third party to do that so me is a good guy I have my own good guy surveillance team follow me to see if they can identify the bad guys surveillance that's counter surveillance when you're doing anti-surveillance it's you on your own and when you add a fourth team it's counter counter counter surveillance just to confuse things Turtles all the way down so quite simply you can do simple things like vary your route use public transport and I don't mean from outside a house drive somewhere park your car get on a bus get in a cab because buses and cabs in most cities
around the world can go places where normal vehicles can't so if you're in a cab or a bus they are not going to be able to follow you down this road also they have to make a decision if you get on a bus why are you getting on that bus are you meeting someone on that bus or you do something nefarious do they need to put someone on there with you at that point you are in control you can observe everyone that gets on and watch them and make note of them you need to be able to Irving to all the time of course so one of the things we're doing here right is we're switching up the tempo on the on the on the surveillance team we're putting them on the back foot we're forcing them to make decisions quickly that are awkward 50/50 decisions and for lucky they'll make a 50/50 decision and they'll come out bad for them and good for us we'll spot them because they're too close or if we see them over and over again and obviously if they do try to follow you
down here they're likely to get stopped by this and again they then have to explain what the hell they're doing in the bus lane we can use natural choke
points now here we have two villages circled and if you drive around the road around the lock here it's about forty seven miles the roads are really crappy and it takes a long time however between
the two is a ferry again if you're in an area where this sort of thing is in in the Lakes area in New York with car ferries use this to your advantage if you get on here again the decision comes are they going to drive 47 miles to try and catch the other side or are they going to put one two three vehicles on here with you at that point again you're in control you can see and look at everyone that's on there another technique which surveillance operators are taught to recognize on a map before it happens is something called a long look this is where you have a long straight road with no parallel roads and when the target hits this road they have a long look behind them so they could see lots of vehicles if they're in convoy especially if it's not a very busy road again a lot easier in the States this I sat in the middle of the road here and took a picture one way this was 8 miles long this straight there were no parallel roads I saw one of the car in four hours so surveillance team behind on this road I would hope I'd recognize them the other thing about that is you're forcing the team to also do resource management so they don't have to put one car down that road because they can't put all of them down that road right after you it sticks out right it breaks the pattern and that's the thing we if we can figure out how to choke them and break the pattern we're going to Sparta we can also use technology to our advantage if you've got someone that can assist you what you can do is have them at a choke point that say the morning and they video every car that comes through before and after you for a period of 10 minutes now later in the day it's another geographic different location again do the same then you get two lists of license plates compare the two and if a license place turns up on both lists potentially that's a surveillance vehicle technology can help us so the open ALPR program automatically license place reader so
this is a bit of footage I took with an iPhone in real time there is the image in the bottom right hand corner that's me running the image file through the software now the software reads the image file frame by frame so you will
have multiple instances of the same license plate so again we can use
technology we can run the software extract to JSON convert that into a sequel file
that's not bling I think God we recorded the demo yeah and that is recorded so the other thing we well while this is rain there's other tools that do this Amazon's facial recognition project recognition if you can do it for car cars you can do it for faces right so out-of-the-box sequel lights on Kelly doesn't support regular expressions so we download and install Perl regular expressions module read in the sequel file run a standard query we're using a regex here for the standard UK current license plate which is letter letter and number number letter letter letter and as you'll see in the first set of resource you get some license plates which are quite similar that's due to mysteries in the software where the image might be slightly blurred and it can't recognize it so to get around this you can just do a standard sequel count and where you've got two similar license plates the one with a high account will be the real number so we've now driven to where we're going to meet our contact at pickup our data and we're going to park and again parking is a choke point
you're in control you choose where to park they have to decide whether they're going to park in the same car park as you because you may spot them they may especially if you go into a multi-story car park again that's a choke point where you can observe now there's a misconception which comes from law enforcement and the military that you must always when you're doing this stuff park your vehicle in reverse for a quick getaway surveillance operators are trained to blend in the grey man the grey man so if everyone's knows you parked as they are here a new reverse Park to someone that's surveillance aware automatically your eye is drawn to that vehicle why is it part differently
again we can see here until someone that is more observant than the rest of us there's the one that's part wrong and
how about that one anyone spot the one car that's parked in the opposite direction it's right in the middle the screen dude screen so yeah again if you're in a cab you can get the cab to stop wherever you want to drop me here and if there's no parking what do they do if it's in a restricted parking area and they abandon their vehicle they
could lose their vehicle explain that one to your boss yeah and so what we're
doing is we're just in the tempo right you jump out of the cab is the unexpected at the cross drive which we've all done I hope I mean this is Vegas and you basically forced them to go from transition from a car tail to a foot tail right and they don't necessarily have assets that close and that quickly available so it's gonna it's gonna mess things up for them it's gonna make them make bad decisions now when you return to your car again gives you a chance to observe to look in the cars as you walk past we said they're professionals but they're also human and humans do make mistakes so if you see maps in there you may see all the paraphernalia and this is a true story told to me by a friend to surveillance instructors not students instructors we're visiting students on a covert observation post course and they parked their vehicle and went on foot someone reported the vehicle as being suspicious so the police turned up the police looked in the vehicle and sticking out from under the seat was a handset not the sort of thing you see in a car in the UK so they waited until they came back and yes explain to them what we're doing without special card that says please don't arrest as we're doing surveillance training we're corner criminals we have a card it's cool yep honest and and one of the one of the clarification questions we asked when we submitted the talk is you know why old school vehicle surveillance you can put a tracker on there well yes you can but if they're a technical adversary they can detect that if they detect that they know they're under surveillance also yes it's great he stopped at the mall and I'm a mile away so he's out of his car and in the mall you get there where is he the whole point of vehicle surveillance is to have enough people in contact with the targets so that when he stops you can deploy on to foot and continue to follow simply the point of surveillance isn't to know where people go it's to observe their behavior right what we're looking for is to see them doing the deed that made them interesting in the first place so technical surveillance kit you know metadata surveillance is great you know Jimmy goes to Fry's every Tuesday and buys a hamburger but frankly that's not what we care about right we want to know who he has who he shares his you know hamburger with so we're out of the car we're walking along they're out on foot what do these people look like fucking badasses they always look like this media has told us that they always are gigantic badass white males with short hair yeah and big watches so
if you saw these two guys in the street you'd think oh my god I'm under surveillance well they've got earpieces that I can see this guy has a wire from his radio sticking out of his shirt this guy's got his push to talk button sticking out with sleeve and this guy has a holster so he's armed unlikely to be surveillance if these guys were following you they are doing over to surveillance they want you to know they're there they're not there to see what you're doing they're there so you
can see them doing you so these three people were part of a UK TV show one is X GCHQ one is X mi6 and one is an X mi5 surveillance operator so who's who no
not the grey man the grey person they will use female operators because we're all fixated on short big tall white man you won't pay a second thought to this person sat on the bus next to you also
the newbies into surveillance they fall into the habit of the unofficial uniform where they all dress so differently that they all dress the same wearing black sure that never happens no one ever wears black t-shirts and jeans all the time are you talking about there were khaki shorts and black t-shirts that's their summer clothes so
they're on foot they still need to communicate they will have an earpiece this will be a wireless earpiece you will not see anything sticking out of their ear if you've got big ears like me
you won't see anything you might if you're looking you get close enough see the retract to stem on the earpiece you
need to get signals to the earpiece so there where an induction loop around the neck this also has a microphone in it to transmit the data the antenna is normally worn at the center of the back and across the shoulders in a t-shape for the best attenuation and the press
the talk switch or the pressure switch doesn't hang down your sleeve it will be secreted somewhere else inside your clothing where it can't be seen the
whole kit is worn in a vest with the radio on one side the batter on the other side to reduce bulk so this is quite a lot of equipment that they're wearing and of course they have to wear clothing to conceal it now talking about clothing they will utilize changes of appearance
now very old photographs and do love me a good Stasi archive yeah these are I get all my fashion tips these are taken from the men our archives from the Stasi which is was the East German secret police who had a huge surveillance capability now even nowadays a agency level surveillance team will utilize wigs plain glass glasses false moustaches you know you think it's a joke it works and it's all about breaking up the
outline right I mean from the head up these two guys are totally different right it's the same shirt but the outlines are different and we're not really good at typing all the people around us we make this little outline around people and that's about it so all you've to break that outline and you can disappear into a crowd pretty easy now one of the problems is if a surveillance operator doing change of appearance says you have a limited time to do this and people forget no surveillance operators like goons any goons in here yeah yeah there's a couple goons you spend all day on your feet so you've got a pair of shoes that you like and are comfortable
yeah they're fabulous shut up there's no place like home there's no place like home so they'll change everything else but their shoes won't change so remember we said you're on public transport you're being observant this is what you're looking for the small details that people don't change how often do
you really look at a man's shoes thanks joshing watches again people like their watch especially ex-military nice drawing the dark watch things that they forget to change and the next time see someone that looks different with the same watch make note
[Music] Jewellery again wedding rings necklaces women with earrings so they're behind
you they're behind you so what are they doing behind you they will be conducting most likely standard ABC pattern so we've got the targeting read directly behind the target is the guy that is in control only one person is ever in control and has eyeball on the target behind him is the person that is backing that is in a position to take over control and on the opposite side of the road is the trail slightly behind the target so they can observe at a distance you can't do this with one or two people okay so if you think you could like I'm gonna follow that person yeah you're following them into a trap so the target turns the corner now has the target continue to walk as the target stopped to wait to see who follows him around the corner the trail being on the other side of the road can see this they can pass the message that no the target has continued to walk up the road so the guy in control crosses the road the trail crosses and becomes control the guy in control is now the trail and the guy bucking is now backing up you still have maintained control of the target you are still imposing surveillance and the other 15 guys in the team 14 guys in the team they again may be on parallel routes maybe further back and can swap and change so that you can limit your exposure to the target now from our
perspective we want to conduct anti-surveillance against these guys and girls so we use the surroundings for example when we're doing anti-surveillance we want to identify them without letting them know we are trying to identify them because that gives the game up you want to know they're there so that you can either lose them to do what you need to do or do what you need to do when they can't see you so we can use the environment in subways the sort of mirrors you see in in UK in the underground walking along
the street window shopping window shopping is a great thing because the windows are reflective you're not looking for who's on the same side of the road as you you're looking who's on the opposite side of the road you're looking for the trail because they may become complacent not being directly behind the target not to rotate as much and if you keep seeing the same person the other side of the road potentially that is someone that has you under
surveillance and so this is this is kind of one of the things you see pattern you see so in the CIA is trained people to do what they call counter surveillance routes which are really anti-surveillance routes one of the things they do is you got to really learn that urban terrain you have to learn with those mirrors you need to learn what mute what windows work for you where the choke points are so on and so forth so they really do invest a lot in having case officers really really well know how to really well run their anti surveillance routes and to the point where case officers are like I've been running anti-surveillance routes for three months now when do I get my job so you are in control here you choose the environment you choose to place again if you're in a large model get on the escalators it's natural for people to stand on the escalator and turn around and look around them and look behind them and talk to their friends gives you the opportunity to see who's one story below coming up now we all carry mobile
phones so why would you want to use one of these use a payphone it gives you a reason to stop it gives you a reason to look around you surveillance operators are trained if the target stops they need to have a reason for being there so they don't just stop and turn their back and pretend they're not there you know they'll go into a shop or they'll go up to a store or they'll walk to a phone and pick it up and pretend they're doing something else but you've already used that they've got to find somewhere else this is this is called cover for action by the way it's basically the reason you're there you all know the answer to this one it's you hat I'm here I have a switch and I'm here to put the stuff inside your network you have a cover for action there's a reason you are in that environment and it's natural and smooth so break that
so again we can use natural choke points when we're out walking you know the area you know this is a one-way street and the only thing down the bottom of this street is a coffee shop that no one goes to so anyone else walking down that street behind you is someone you're interested in you could have areas where there is only one point to get from A to B that they have to transit through again they would then have to take the long way around or push everyone through there which gives you the opportunity to observe things are still less obvious
most guys don't like to go in here unless they're with their wife or girlfriend so if I go in here and another guy comes in I'm interested well yeah I'm interested in him oh yeah oh yeah well played sir well played indeed but they have women in their teams so they could put a woman in there and that's not suspicious yep but
she's not following me in here yeah again make them make decisions why are you going in here it may be obvious but it may not be in in the cold war times these were places where packages were placed for people to go in and retrieve and collect data because people don't like to follow people into the men's room so use it to your advantage again if someone comes in there it just gives you the opportunity to make a note of them and what they're wearing
elevators firstly would you get into an elevator with these two people they seem so unhappy they're gonna have a fight strange again they have to make that decision do they put someone in a small metal box with you at which point they are this far away and you can have a really good look at them also if you get in an elevator and no one gets in behind you press three or four floors and get off at your floor and no matter what you see in the films they are not going to run up 15 stories worth of stairs to beat you to the top it doesn't happen it also gives you a chance to make toast engage with them if there's someone in there that's a bit suspicious you think might be surveillance operating you turn to them and it's and this is the key thing in your best British accent you say excuse me my good man my watch appears to have stopped could you tell me the time please but why a British accent I mean we have awesome accents too how do you
ever noticed are we in a Hollywood movies all have been no prints baby who just sound
right more precise or always one step ahead hundred tests like
we all Drive Jaguars oh it's good to be
back Oh didn't know thank you so we move
on to hostile environments this isn't Afghanistan or downtown LA again we using the environment to advantage this is agent X's favorite hostile environment no one's surveilling me well they are yeah well I'm warning them to remember they're wearing all this kit they have to wear enough clothing to cover this kit they ain't getting in the pool with you or the Turkish spa by the way it's also really good we can always use also use misdirection again they are looking for you to have interactions with people they are trying to identify who you are meeting use this to your advantage so
when you meet someone in the street shake hands with them or when I'm meeting my friend Trevor for a milkshake I normally give em a big bro hug yeah or
a full-on Jason Street awkward hug or stand next to someone that's more of a target than you are yeah that's that's a classic trick that's worked for me for years again use the environment go into a cafe you control the environment you can choose where to sit you can see everyone that comes in make a note of everyone that comes in when you've read a paper when you finish take that paper fold it up and put it on the side and leave put in an awkward kind of special spot yep between the planters right so it doesn't get tidied away they now have a decision how's that paper got something n of importance do they leave the whole team watching that cafe to see who comes and picks up that paper so awkward here's here's here's here's here's a protip by the way you've ever seen the big lebowski you fucking jackie treehorn them too so when they do find it yeah and or they split the team in half and half watch the cafe and half continue to follow you you have won at that point because now you have half the amount of people operating against you while you go and do your shit we can also use their techniques remember from the start of the thing we gave a description of what the target looks like so the surveillance team have been following you for six hours and all they're looking for is a red hat yeah you can use change of appearance now while I'm not saying carry wigs and mustaches and shit with you just doesn't work if you're not a purl and it's really embarrassing when your face falls off yeah take a bag take your coat off take your hat off and then you change your appearance maybe not your political persuasion but just your hurts now you're saying this is old school which is where we are this shit doesn't happen anymore this shit's happening on Tuesday
everywhere so here we have Richard and Cynthia Murphy it's a wholesome looking so wholesome they love barbecues they had two small children they lived in a small town in upstate New York the neighbors thought they were lovely they like hot dogs come home they were actually Vladimir and Lydia Gurria whom they were deep-cover Russian operatives that had been in the country since either late 80s or the early nineties their children were born in the country there are shoes were playing the long game they came on the radar of the FBI they started at operation against these people and as a result they are identified a total of ten Deep Cover Russian operatives look at how unhappy all these people are that's because they got caught they were conducting surveillance against these people for nearly ten years surveillance is a long game because you want them you want their handlers you want their handlers bosses you want everyone involved in that team you also want their site y'all you want to know what they're how they're operating right because everyone everywhere in the surveillance games playing fucked by the same playbooks right so the the way the Soviets sorry the Russians surveil or the way we surveil is exactly the same right it's the same team makeups is the same stuff because it's really like a bicycle it's got an optimal form we're just gonna run with it there's not a lot of crazy change ups that they run now an interesting part of this operation was afterwards after they'd deported them all the FBI released video footage of surveillance they're taken now we start with this one it says this is a very strange angle this is a covert camera in a tree pointing directly down this is someone picking up a package from a dead letter box now when you pick up a package from a dead letter box it's
meant to be quick not rooting around in the robbery digging shit with a shovel attract attention now although they use technology here with the covert camera it was the surveillance team that got them to that point and I'd had identified where this was happening for them to then use technology to their advantage and again with a dead letter box don't use the same one because when you go back there'll be a camera so second one again this is totally normal this is a totally normal thing we all do this we all go for walks and then we go and we hide under bridges and and and and and take something out of that because that's normal well makes you play Billy go go for the
kids yes right yeah oh this so in the next couple bits the video I want you to look at how sloppy they got we all seen these techniques these these are pros literally their life is on the line and the doing this for ten years this is what pros look like this is a brush pass this is meant to be two people carrying the same item and a busy crowded street because that's normal right like I mean I just do that in all time I I find it to be a tunnel in New York and I'm just like hey man here's my boo groceries you got some groceries that would be great
oh this guy so they not a spy they need to go back to school that wasn't slick now this guy is even better this is a subway way out yeah we're not really acting suspicious I wanna know who's not coming no because we all hang out in the subways of New York right like you got to take the subway you don't even want to be on the subway anyway we're not gonna hang out there yeah so the FBI got bored didn't they and they cut the footage they edited the footage I don't know how long the guy was loitering in there but then eventually they stopped the footage again and I'm here quickly just to the clothing and we're off to do our brush class again slick in a busy ya
know and again all these camera angles are taken from covert cameras that green remember it's it's it's the FBI they're inherently bureaucracy right
so somebody hit they like fill out paperwork to be like hey can we put a
camera in a public place and surveil and
you know you'd have to get some lawyers involved and so on and so forth
so a lot of this stuff isn't you know it took a long time to set up it's pretty it's pretty sloppy on the part of the Russians now remember really we said you control the environment go into a cafe where you can see you can observe you are in control so that so these so the two guys in the middle of a frame other targets of course right now what they're actually doing isn't overly suspicious in a cafe passing something between two bags however this footage is taken from a covert camera in a bag placed on a table about six feet away pointing directly at the man ha no one does that so ever this thing about being observant and looking in and using your surroundings but it also shows the length that a surveillance team will go to to get close enough to get the evidence they need so this is the other thing they're putting they're putting operators really close to the target I mean this is burning distance right at this point I mean this is the person's leg is one of the operators and if you watch the full' footage there's other people that obviously have interactions with the lake so there's like three FBI people in here and they didn't spot them and they didn't spot them bad on them
so let's say we can't cover everything in 45 minutes so it's in summary use your environment you are in control you choose where you want to go and make them follow you not you be where they're waiting for you right you can set the tempo because it's follow they're following you you're the leader set the tempo and then change it on them they'll hate it they won't like it make them make decisions again make them make bad decisions so they are showing out they are making themselves obvious to you as the target the best one is if you can divide and conquer you either get them totally looking in the wrong direction or you get the team to split so you only have half the amount of people operating against you always make toast always be making toast easy thing here and if you do happen to be a target all you do are doing something that maybe you shouldn't be doing not that I'm saying anyone here would slightly to be a target of surveillance that never happens if you are doing something and you are going to meet someone if you're a press and going to meet source for example to bind bath salts with bitcoins whatever if you are ever in doubt and you're in that position abort you may be under surveillance but abort so that you don't then draw someone else into their circle now everything that we've said in this talk is in the public domain I haven't given away anything that's super secret I haven't knowingly broken the Official Secrets Act that's important for you I don't I'm not covered by that mmm-hmm so please don't arrest me when I try to leave the country because that doesn't happen away yeah and all this stuff is
public these and all these you read these books they all cover the same stuff sorry so that concludes the talk and as we have run just over we will take questions but we'll do it in the chill-out area so that the next week you can get on here thank you very much for listening thank you follow us on Twitter follow us right now [Applause]