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Spatial MRIO Footprints
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Quantifying land use impacts through Multi-Regional Input-Output tables
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Materials from renewable feedstocks may cause significant environmental impacts due to land use and land use change related to feedstock sourcing. Whilst these impacts are clearly spatially-dependent, spatially-resolved impact assessment is often hampered by lack of data, and in some cases, methods or models. In addition, the location and impacts of production are likely to change in the future, e.g. due to the consequences of climate change and due to sourcing trends in a growing economy and considering geopolitical conditions. This discussion forum will focus on 1) Methods that can be used to track the current locations of crop production systems in complex supply chains to support spatially resolved impact assessment and 2) Methods and tools to predict future locations of crops in the context of megatrends such as climate change and increasing demand for agricultural raw materials. 3) Advances of methods for spatially resolved consideration of environmental impacts of land use change will also be covered in this LCA forum.

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