lazy dev env

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lazy dev env
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so hello I'm Gleb I work at digital asset we are using mix for the work environment and I wanted to give you a quick rundown of our Devon as Rob previously presented like it's a good idea good way to introduce Nixon some companies to wrap it in something which just works very clean and the users don't have to understand what's inside so that's exactly what we do all of the kudos go to you see Mikey who actually did all the hard work I'm just maintaining it nowadays so let's say I am a new developer in our company and I start my first day I get instruction installed dear NF Yanis awesome tool thank you and then I check out the code I go to let me assume that I don't have mix installed I go to the our repo it tries to load that load the drop environment but the tells me insulation might be invalid and ax asks me to install our so-called Devon so I do that with the - which just does it for me I run it I wait so it will take like 30 seconds and this connection and why we're doing this so why this Devon is different from others because probably many of you have something similar in your companies our company is very diverse in your technological choices there are people who do Isabel - here improving their people who are doing Python scripts or JavaScript and everything in between so I we cannot just use Nick shell because that would mean that everybody have to download everything and everything is like 10 gigs of - link so we had to solve this
somehow so people don't have to wait for like now where every single time we update our an expected snapshot so we had to we implemented use implemented lazy layer on top of Nick's tooling to kind of download tools on demand when need be so while I was waiting the whole thing downloaded so let's force the room
to reload it now I have my path have changed and couple of other variables have change and if - whoops take coal coal SBT to build some Scala I can see that this BT now is
loaded from Devon beam SBT and actually when I call it there is it's a wrapper
script which downloads a bunch of things which are necessary to run SBT and does
cement and this is done completely in
the background if we're honest BT again
actually runs right away it's just slow
with SVG and and the same goes for
things like JQ or any other tools Jo or
we even put HT top inside because I mean oh there is nothing better on my quest and we use support Linux and Mac OS so we need to make sure that all Devon's tools are actually portable Orkin sorry we have different versions on linux medicine and they work the same use the same we used the same Devon for the same set of tools on workstations and on CI so when you something works in your machine it will work on CI and we don't many people go in in the direction of containers we solved with Nick's okay so and I wanted to I said that I wanted to
make this as clean as invisible as as possible from users so for example if somebody wants to add a new tool is actually it's extremely trivial they need to create a stupid wrapper a symlink in directory and add one line to expose this tool into the Devon and that's it that's it that's all the user needs to do and it's completely transparent for them the problem is how do they find the appropriate attributes path but that's why we have a selection where we help them with that if need be but many many non mixers have contributed significantly in terms of set of packages which expose so and this thing is used by like ninety five percent of the company people are pretty happy with it except for every single Mac OS upgrade it's a disaster so I've been working this most of this conference yeah and I'm I mean we're happy with NYX we will definitely be using it I'm hiring we use NYX Haskell we'd use back and basil so if you want to work on these topics in London New York Zurich or butter-poached talk to me thank you [Applause]