Redesigning NixOS Networking

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Redesigning NixOS Networking
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Description:NixOS networking has been the source of weird bugs for years. There is no simple mapping between systemd units and the setup and teardown of network interfaces and its interdependencies. The systemd project is aware of that and implemented systemd-networkd to manage networking configuration. There even is a second implementation of the NixOS networking interface that uses systemd-netword but in its current state has some drawbacks and inconsistencies that prevent using it by default. The question for NixOS is if the adoption of systemd-networkd is desired and if a redesign of the current config interface to support as much features as possible is needed. This talk presents my findings around the topic, some design ideas concerning a possible interface and my personal wishlist of useful and cool networking features that should be supported. --- Bio: Grumpy infrastructure engineer, NixOS security team & retired release manager
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Experiments that could be the franks and products of btz grumpy infrastructure engineer nix security team release manager jason owen bentley press named doing here built these products build like his networking last song is printing like that whoops last so jamann Mayflower subsidizes a user access Sinstorf abroad continues the security team a great manager promoted so nix what networking olaf thon may network and implementation snacks us airways group networking with this set of the scripps wrap around system the unity ford implementation and we help network the the port of system the network manager will mosley you do the topless challengers like facebook Worth is the script networking is manfred scouring especially for complex setups where he is from confusion around networking half day fdp activated and orel interfaces by default and Unfortunately, networking feature is almost deaf stuff that we just do not support networking configuration networking this band shops is the units will speak league ahl the problem here is the penaltys to mike bridges web interfaces So if the pantone matching system that is the progress that is there work with special in dynamics of things can break your heart complex setup complex tabs leica bonding interface a top josef wieland victim is that cell phone from the ear interfaces and whether of each other than to break very very good way so the impotence is still whether it guaranteed to pour fod is kaiserswerth interfaces installation wizard change connectivity networks studios in the networking There is a networking configuration and yes, there's Mr. Network Bieber networking backend first into the void but you live in what can do is you can just add networking there system the true you can access network in configurations bykow interface api Configuration end of gateway with justice network generate the networked the configuration and fold be progressive on the features week we have networking on there Implement has pollex traffic system company labels here, the caption Network ships at network access system the shopping network the by default in a system the clochards without the installation exhaust systems So there is also networking like that Implement page and duo la roux Network Management Stack Implementing the top management stack is for the hard as costa fetsch cases in the moving parts and the high cost of networking so cool integration into the container machine if all like to bright from euronics containers to mac 's Great stuff you drop ex if we are implements the sevilla of eventim cabling on nexus two system the not so one of the big fan ops is because that is the morro would have been ship to be honest answer network outbreak built network is so nice to create network interfaces for example bridges bonding interface is at interfaces link is too conficker network interfaces for Example Meckel hits from interface and network is too long the configuration bab 46 mist the fdp a triangle the allsun da is networks ideal command was can get the state of network network settings only as an external network the knowledge reloaded as well as tui starts a last of the giant at it can break bad in most cases not a lot of cool features previous instance going to next like you can not do the fine which interfaces are quite for like setting the online state of mind and projections of the tribute normality was yes servers or prokop it in europe interface interfaces come up before you want to set data p 6 privacy
Extensions via the penance setting is a lot if the interface is that wants work as as well as the autumn report from routing policy rules now in the network interface networking features supported one cool feature is bio raps [Music] to the to the ramholt value was called here implemented internet advertises the solinger bio raps is not He will say no village bridgewater slave interfaces the because bound to a specific rating table the enemies like traffic flowed new interface interfaceflor supporting lots of tunneling protocol sarah available free time slicing interfaces not available for peace and intersex association exchange in userspace interface for the weekend you think of a custom to the top teams of the national league a proxy servers to example and to get to know that on trot the motto shows at red want the laptop have always on wire god the piano bar of course the implemented as support at jvc too internet will be the fleet on the you should mine my computer name table of the ibm in an extra voting table the departures of the face unlock the application just seas ots mak it on the ipm interface on the north ring anyway nothing configuration here just for you to better fell on easy because it works the jo net files have been recorded my uplink nat network interface colt uplink one as well as of interface and associated with the table number one easy one story becomes protection nordnet network here The highway is the network unit fiber network going on here that means icon match especially on the interface of the type of the interface he so use waldkauz here a jackpot from a branding just like the name in the network in discos at just manager im uplink in a setting out to my vpn gateway interface software setting on via the video interface of the traffic destination in my case red planet first network unit is nice formal wireless interface should be displays then let's take the interface tapi us backup of the interface is not required for the online state of the custom car of the wire that is absolutely in the Machine and export to the waf colt distract you buy gp as before in the fdp the six wood or excel blood boil gets hot you have the level hacker to be cost affects the leis and conal to advertisement rods and everyone likes to connect to random wireless networks it has the anonymous flag to section 22 1 sent the idea in the t-city requests at all promote options it has zoom optionslist upstream the upstream ntp system the driver system billion us documents in the content patches the next one is my fire golfer is like that as if david had p consulting network interface is magath as set contains in addition to biology, the cut private cable network unit uci here so violently network configuration 11 left out lakers that get here then unfortunately so will gravel but you can just use white crosses cording lie okay we can look at the title
No now began a hero kensy leica have to fire interface case of the state network the orishas here nokia to after linz stays in my friends of faces conficker a red ball was god interface you can also do like network social status network interview on the ip address surf comfort and the gateway servers are dns servers So you can go to interface slot
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lot of concept cars do not understand as network days so hard at convention system so the ol lsb facility network so problems in s concept conception surround sound distributions the network script you need is different things like is the network up at interfaces ab is live network at level eat earlier internet connectivity network backup system the It means the enemies stay that way network there target which means the networking stack is off so like the kia available online network interface so if you tube and on network david moss animal in most cases with brawn the only way you sleep and network target it will be the after dependency that means of the system is a shutdown the Affaires in protection the service was the after network day is the find well like shut down before the network is theater of service can attach scholl connections terminator population use case before network target in your the penalties on hand the network online target that means the interface software conficker tobis concert online but even death to be used the last resort the cost the data services support handling network configuration grateful dead man's interfaces beijing news too listen to sally the service and support de schutter dependency walker in one to network online targeting services for example the cloud services network connectivity currently use case with yogurt depends on network online documentation change though networking started with a lot of the seas your accommodation sapporo quest incoming in the next door to fix the script networking and the move it or not to release net will be the aua default Network implementation of course the shock of the scripted is demanded network the tester sales support his features and of course shipyard implement a few features of the training network give the but with have to check in service propos network target to use the resin duffy kings of you have some options of global water firm like kossler default gateway will eat a bound to one interface haug ender default gateway to set up you do not have the interface available in the arcades of the happens network set up service wants phelps it's new interface and command center networking just because the cost network service july launches all things like nameservers a matching scholz as well via interface like cost control of could name servers there interface eat the just max no sense likely nameserver conficker tampa bay value added with a not sure how the brocade features grace kelly osbourne a feature that we can not change grace kelly is that apple the fdp at default so far that apple is now default of the problem the network that lives in the finish network online target if you look at the interfaces Europe is known as conficker the cost of the case how you get all interfaces even on live web interface interface or link one Debt case that is considering and b
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apropos steps of sherwood confixx just generate networking config file naples the scp via interface of opel our system at all time mj how decides how bond back system setups free people express enabled networking there must be the fdp weather challenge in a not to review the tax release was the main confess make network read the full texts say something like a framework that should be done and but network stack and elements of some container networking at is a network the network for example as a dynamic appiah dressing so will take to have a containers i run and rent ebay was the name on the local system as a firewall abstraction layer of services so but firewall service that Brochure concept of Sony stopping the cluster interfaces and firewalls and mails person on costa marius follert features implemented by the seven custom option star wayne bridge from the the economy vbw and implement the redskins system in network to make the witcher OK [Applause] thank you for your dog in finish 600 plenty of questions in the kaiser's hubert k??ppel says via planet of the manual of course in case on the server has to use icann outside has the temporarily because if label network the bosses rudolf the able to you can use system theory server complex case for
work then now much work in progress and some cases vilbel of discussion needed my first electric car volt potpourri quest to most of the changes just make use of mexico city ??????nexus and out Implement a lot of new features yes because it still then june no match was different mike rodgers from spexard interface network unit James Morrisons one supplements demands the full cost
So as the interface to the option scans the nature instance of the name servers can be advanced extreme of new
features like protection for move it like to release on the manager in front of the toplos nethoppers total cost of the features mac-address nomination of accor interface ramallah the fdp options menu set so configuration aspect is oli final from operations aspect So on course network the net at work [Applause]