Dysnomia: complementing Nix deployments

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Dysnomia: complementing Nix deployments

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Dysnomia: complementing Nix deployments
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One of the main goals of the tools in the Nix project is to fully automate deployments from declarative specifications. Thanks to the underlying purely functional deployment model of the Nix package manager, we get strong guarantees that dependencies are complete, we get (nearly) bit identical builds, and we can do atomic upgrades and rollbacks. Although Nix deployments are very powerful, the tools in the Nix project only manage the static parts of a system, such as packages and configuration files. Nix does not manage any state, such as databases. As a result, when deploying a NixOS configuration to a different machine, we get the same static system configuration (e.g. packages and configuration), but any state must still be manually migrated and deployed. In a network of machines, this could become very tedious. In this talk, I will show Dysnomia, a deployment tool inspired by Nix that can be used to manage units of state, such as databases. It makes units of states uniformly accessible (it has a plugin system supporting many kinds of state and databases), executes various deployment activities (e.g. activation, deactivation) and can manage snapshots of state in a snapshot store that has similarities with the Nix store. Dysnomia can be used as an independent tool, but is more useful when it is combined with tools in the Nix project -- we can automatically deploy databases as part of a NixOS configuration and we can combine it with Disnix to automatically migrate databases from one machine to another. --- Sander is a contributor to the Nix project since late 2007. He contributed to many areas in the Nix-ecosystem. He started the Android build environment. He maintains various Nix-related tools, such as Disnix, node2nix, NiJS, and composer2nix.
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so annik speaker is sin and you probably know and for miss maria project mp and then nothing it's nothing in eps and me had my father and partout is dough being able pulled right bard is macho project it is nomia so warm applause for his retina thank you so good afternoon everybody so in this takagi this creeper thank you it is nomia this nomia section that is just a new one project is something i've been working on for the last six years and basically the objects fish so shortcoming or the tools in nothing project one you intend to automate the process of certain games or systems so first of all it seems like it seems the stress outlet yes the nothing project is great and one of the great properties being beast prop that dolls that chance the audience knows is the clare tip deployment like the tools in a nothing project basic you who support decleir tip this monument in some sense [Music] and what do you do minus that so know the clare tip deployment v basiq cleaning hyper fact the clare the specification or the structure of your system and what happens is the to figure out what activities the nothing the carey out to make that configuration and work and you basically see that in all the little ones in All the tools in the project as for sample wit nothing package manager what you are per fact eh the image recipe or the pack the town thermal image and you specify the pens season package for what you do not fuck sample in this order you live the picture to peppers nothing is clever and tick that off for the self since I was not sick for nothing in nothing animals per fact the clare the specification and or or your system so what system services you because there their what end-user page you want and basically wild one single comet line instruction already deployment activities will be carried sometimes it's out to make it happen basically dance the tour networks or machines and can already be so far machines in the cloud and with this nothing you can basic use the same principles for service oriented systems they what you can do is you can provider decleir the specification and views servers between now they are connected what you can if she is prepared a the clare the specification and whether your machines and distribution of service machines and this climate one single comet lines station you can fold that system now the other properties that there interesting project beyond anything hard nut functional properties and yes one of the things right concert audience knows is that nothing is such a thing not designed for specific programming language for operating system you could use it to compile cipro jacks java project node.js rubico haskell the squeegee mark it as the supports reproducible that fold with a that is basically thanks to the underlying declared or the fold with model like this knee that mins we never have your input sardes one that is out which should be yes and and respect you as ident korey thousand for that madderom some machine that period of time has the input sardes senior far storm guarantees that you output wants to offer seymus another interesting properties reliable deployment such a nothing or decorate the pen so that completely wrong and almost it for me upgrades and robex would be an xls for sample restarting system that is in sync of that's not it to me what the starting blocks I state upgrade parts of the system ar to the lean and of course and x's efficient in the sans did it will be carried out the things that it's nothing to do we're old doing any necessary work Well johan top you roll up in an oh nothing like that lost way if you want to deploy a very simple system like a someone the setup a simple web server we the mysql database back and taiwan terwindt phpunit economy runs the specification that looks like this a to stretch the single comet lines and and that wants to fold my entire system conformity which is quite continents race and if she becomes what I mean is with it and that my server cr??ches but no no worries icann just take my x-axis configuration and dirt install another server and he is should therefore get a white identical configuration on my server right everybody yogis he silently santing that door over who sinks look and that's what about my date a that kiss actually folds ps4 mysore though web server from typically lives to host web application just and web applications typically f database basins and yes do not manage pain so that means or five hours per so my nyx also nothing ls & co aggression elsewhere my details crown he is not me to get back by other means by example my dear dear faults back-up person things budget and that's discharge continium in viewer to manage oil man system it still kind or sad what is building service-oriented
zodus systems architecture diagrams is basically a service-oriented system that consists of all other components basically all these components or sup applications something providing the rooms at or functional tea and also all these subnet applications raise the roon database cymbals if you can see in the graph about here wf six databases pat who can not be managed and loosens six database artistry with the then about machines as before one oil disturbance backups is lost and the catchy of worth the cache site form deploying system like this josse because to be flexible for simple
be my caddle or floatel to web application system and author you will be because the skill tab theijt means you want to add additional machine to a network and you because your week distributes the services including the databases without any auto girl that they problem and as zoey because the reduction if you if you have to pay for temple the amount of users drops and jef service at abc 3 and the utilize your brook ran and the gluteal muscle would be laughing you're on biosphere valves because the console the did your service is the lead caterpillar and similarly even machine precious that may also happens sometimes you want to redistribute de mission services including the databases might be lattice ton that machine so for all these beings who are not such a small one mistakes girl and and who do not just do the hash script or something like that be my daily of the solution that works well white the never-functional properties or nothing for that reason from basically implemented this nomia
so it is nomia that take the disease or the tools and bid become part can explain you were the coach of this would be pluto that they are trends neptunians object wright and if you can see pluto hair chair interesting names moens there is nothing and height ratio by dozer baby yes to support production in the nothing project where you can do the boring a simply to cut another planetary planetary cut the tour after the moon or the cross planet earth
so house nomia suppose to work this sexy built around two very simple but abstract conception the first concept is the mute abo components and the mute the ball component basically the first to care unit or always and that I am basically a anything copy database it could be the java web application implementing phd orange avro something like that it can be you system the unit the kempi and executable basically anything then the sec the concept is the container and containers basically environment that can host wanner more multiblock components and that for the center once you have him book now point is a my sql database denyo container is a girl called dbms server and if simple guilty pleasure explore host multiple instances about database and you can simplify david and web applications is both you can if they are the folds multitool web applications to we single web server and the kind of concept is nomia model in order for simple to deploy your database there web application is not the carey your deployment activity sport yes you can do that generic lee so that is nomia implements from plugin system and basically the fashionable know how to carries out all relevant fold with steps for certain minute sphere component yes this is basically yes claustrophobia because the pleats also mute local residents to some container in the not the yes is what I say something configuration and is a basic not what you not to do it once you are not the perfect one I always or city that show the component in the container just in front of the center in c viewing tents the fold database what you tippet riper whey dc script that comes once the ideal would turn off the schedules the grtz tables and things like that what you might want for this if you want a the folds tom cat web application then you want to provide this java web application labor my nephew what the folds you process problem because to put and executable in the pin subfolder that shoeby along one start-up and interesting thing is the initial cities city I would you could use the nothing package manager to produce the initial always so invulnerable publication for simple you can simply use or function that compensates java product of source code and point and empathy and that producers the Warsaw and you are no use to this nomia basically manager life cycle or that component in the container was your patch the weeds it is an I sample or
configuration for mysql database would be it simple justice crape cap yes sets on your database schedule it critical tables would this is the bookstore I'm simple
does not matter special me what containers you want to deploy a container configuration is a file basically justice sympathy though value pack configuration a file and that oil property that is mandatory is the time property that basic the first to this nomia model that execute the deployment bags and push him a dared properties are basically arbitrary they can be anything and basic this nomia is the export numbers and fire with fables to this nomia mobile that knows how to carry out deployment activities and for example if you want it no one to deploy a mysql database you do not kill credentials for sample to connect 'the mysql server and this is took your model knows how to do we get it can execute the corn que welcome the line interface to turn your script and a mac the initial this moment
then of course so the this nomia marjon You would not be a July you if they did not have the Specify love Ardies deployment activity suppose to be carried out and basically you therefore nomia modules just and executable the texture command line promoters so the first parameters that activity for the execute and the second parameters the pastor who not many cities or the component and there busy lilo stitch and somewhat more jos can do a live image processes that you want to then at the nothing package minute and me bacon the menu for sample this allows image process to write to anything outside and I'm disturbing for sample this nomia mode basic i can do whatever they because what I do follow sam could come back vengeance to make things a bit more this kind of sample would be consistent the air conditioning mobile this is basic dios for the booking so you are busy videos provides the first you check the firth parameters dead space 3 directivity winter carried out and in the in the bar that I am working on that specify all the shall come on station because there is a chip in that course center because the folds mysql database you typically used the girls welcome the line to two great the database and executed ideally come bowl and tiny sections the activation for database typically means not remove in the database with marketing inter is s absolute the reason why it works like that is in nothing the arno delete basically what your goal is you are the install your package of the profile and the garbage collector basically the sites a business accounting not used a team or so why can safely remove it it is noomi who have the basically the saying this basically markse database is absolutely and so I collect labor operation and that will actually be it if it is no longer necessary and of i can course manage snapshots are usefull historically so snapshot wants for camper and maize que dump best comet line you tilt you typically used in the database and knew or will be stored at database if you want to this would be basically how you can use this noomi at the command-line so what you basically and focused this nomia i executable and you benefit from three command-line parameters such as the first is the operation someone effective you live execute like activate than the sector and there is specification and or your initial always and then ' sp??cifications on the container file that knows how to connect to the container your mittens deployed to and yes this will basic that excudit already direct the bike i strether support it at the this nomia mobile knew activates your database this takes a snapshot does not require your database this is wants markets database is absolute this lexus does not need the database class something absolutely and you can activated glenn and who bothered backup that jf previews that sign and then with you knee yo databases back and crew things like contence earlier on mention that this nomia support snapshots and restores the author manager and manager snapshots somehow and for detail implementation got this nomia snapshot store that basically boris conception of the nextorch so like the nothing by it also uses a very specific consensus' tunic that identify snapshots and dishes for example collection of mysql database snapshots so the first components reverse through the container that vf deployed to the second component is basically the database that you the that i want to manage and this kind is the snapshot this self and this kind of component is basically for mysql databases who computer output hash uniquely identify snapshot names but the this nomia nice one too basically the site for the self wooden take snapshots elser simplified field a drivers repository modillons and that basically users the number i we fish knightley and so upset your hash coach that kiss and fitting in subversion if you have a unique election number and what you can if they
do is just jasmine that snapshots yes eventure young and old or disk space show you want to remove the and destruction for simple garbage connect as snapshots excepted s2 snapshot generations yes you can use this nomia is one in the penne what the chief and more interesting and views nothing ls what you can do as well as do you just the maps specification and whether or not you machine and you like them because the databases to be deployed is part of your machine configuration what you can do is you can add this nomia service configuration and so on he by here boring enable this nomina and here he specify all the databases the waistband in the prey and defiles teach these glands fur the then the configurations in nashville or the database and has your deploy city nothing ls configuration in this nothing oh so rebuilt switch what happens is you can do their this nomia containers to fold and that will also transparently the pleat all the databases that there was part of your nixon configuration and and then the girls do things outside of this nomia model is he do not have too conficker mysql and the apache web server s containers ficus this is nomeo model transparently generate the ski valuecare configuration a woman like that he did not know anything white at intake as s deployment of always ready bicos lost qontinent you can always become something similar nothing is as nothing in this at the falls is nothing that has nothing in the sense that will only manage the city I parts or your system but you can also enable tt fold with if you want to you can basically and time like services that you for which you because to enable deployment always seems is now out of the deploy titles attribute when the decor tension service that you want to manage oh now I can label this globally providing deploy always parameters order so nothing is always a varmint variable and what happens if i have states and deployment enable this nothing configuration and dirt what I do is a fork sample this is for the sample data base coat portal dibi it currently neptune machine tests in a network with one pond changes to test warm and even greater system what happens is nothing will move the services for my mission to another what it is doing taxing is the wheel sign snapshot or the database of the priv is location the need database to the new server and that will be stored in the database and absurd you would did whenever you move service for my mission to another that did him the details but I know so and that basically prevention for having any date to loose agent joss moven services account and the data will move recording li some dike and if it is your site of automatic 'database migration boring can also use this nothing sfv primitive back up to like and run for example this nothing snapshot to take take snapshots or everything all databases in my network and he can if your database you storify bantu is so machine cr??ches and he he want to restore database form specific point in time but I just use this nothing like that storify for to
selection you want to show you how to we hope this nomia word is nothing he basically this is a 3d fold t is
simple web application system this is nothing if you can see here when fierce richard to further box
machines deployed I am shops but basically this site is used
nothing the pleat jack sample system that shirley here in my presentation to the the machines stuart something basically web application system the student or sup web applications something levy the roon database at know and where I do a fork simple is this what armin dedication is just a simple
have it looks very boring but i'm free sample login to get right axis so that instructions is built-in system the user authentication system is one shepherd web application den the portal and if there is one too database per child such an expression
and now smooth write access and I'm gonna
change of or the databases time for example it would be interesting to add another change top tent free i know fuck sample decleir persian yellow cab for simple c hello nothing'll be arno even change database and what is then possible it's just a few move the portal database form of shirt the machine to another
and he knows that doing so equipment nothing is distribution moodle sorry about the editor this is midnight commander editor this is my resume text editor from this well in our trucks highlighting plugin for that so closely changing the location of the portal to be of test your the cheek test Well, I'm just the configuration file
and i'm gonna win this nothing update seconds of dissolution of services the machines so well we carry something out the upgrade process wounds irish transfers the closures the to promote machines
well the animal activating the portal database a portal web application mieke do not have the database of test your to test the should just take a few seconds yes it is then it is drawings snapshot or database and test your machine the transfers the snapshot what you see you as a recent snapshot you the new machine test war machine well tins attempting to store the database Online store
well basically the deployment process then and the interesting thing is he is for sample refresh the change is changed
page then you see that my education still works that kiss my databases mike you know that you are in the new machine bleeding so need details so have him is so enormous cool when one is the patient it is for you to measure
Well that fashion instinct is a first food fold with solutions so is the stitch deployment product soft he thinks this nomia is solution and that works well for certain times of the prey with them to is with aj then stinks it is nomia is the solution in that
bus driver drawbacks is one of them rather small can always be despite this nomia son tonie become fitz ja units either Creator always knows if you want to think like a man to manage user account and you and the user groups is like basically equipment the increasingly or components that not something you can do it is nomia so that has been stalled in the dubai other means nothing is nomia relies on export ingen thinking the you cross the file system Well, but your test database is very small with evf fox number 5 terrabyte database in production in production and finement if you want to snapshot your products that is not saville terabytes additional this spacious well to make this happen and thus drawings snapshot of the where i big database it is already so far time-consuming for that nomia is not for the you practical solution another problem is something in party culture are the system-level in one network he integrated is nomia this nothing so west end is nothing with wet white nothing ups and the problem is nothing at 1004 lino what's inside ' assist and so you have the fold in a network databases the park or an exotic one conformation if you just want a movie single database from bank machine to another so a no way to the term and that oil in their individual components so mind there you will yes if you can choose this nomia still nothing on key so busy now you want to use this nomia it is no meow works well for large collections of small better so what he and it is the intention amn estate production system consisted or like one at the mongodb database ascender stages again between and saville megabytes and saville that the bytes and it was still kind of doubly so nature's and eos off the bus basically I see things like binaries you very big databases yes it is nomination form to the very good solution for you and by our bunch or alternative process zodus nomia section that note the first attempt to migrate stitch deployment white nexus that I fold with modal so years ago the laundry was one Master's student is then becoming nothing is nothing and here is basically extreme cold champion white style system to go to make snapshots and things like that and that's action that and faster faster and cheaper to user copyright file system but disadvantages you take no snapshots to file system me follow you database do not know the databases could systems that specific point in time and also very heart for simple to ensure portability if you move does a database formateur this machine sixty-four bit machine order file system level you do not know whether your database steal works because sixty for pray machine that had alternative partition devil snapshots so in views nothing ups white easy to machine you can basic that tick snapshot or jbs partitions this graff esther and cheaper for this workshop system-level you will know manage in the video database you can oil managed estate or your partition and so full and of course an address in you can do is your can use database or application engines such as database or application engineer basically at the most for the bag of coffee basically moving tetheren edge and day axis a do not require any additional stored spy to binary lacquer yoni disadvantages item know how to generalized replication engines and make up framework car v george it all side or databases so is you want to do anything interesting and you can live jenner replication engines and please let me know you would be four interested in this nomia the european got two animals use it you can be applied in user penne you do not have a ricquier there and now nothing past tools for that he becomes stink is hardly any reason why you want to use this nomia does not know anything either like wind I know it is a xls if you enable the services so noah enable setting there a basic that already or it containers and composer work or I became automatically young thing has to remind you with this even more so a sport already databases that in there would be oil for the databases that this nomia ze plugin for you get instant management if you enable this nomia and of course its integrated in this nothing if you install this nixie that is nomia for free and yes as if the point out this nomia is quiet experiments member kind about product ipod works well for me but can not guarantee that the stronghold for your set it like that that is basically the ardennes questions [Applause] thank you nicely on a record pace crash and so i mentioned as a separation between nike marking cities absolutely and police and the jury most expensive your cities had concepts of league wins and the knowledge is that becomes brand perpetrator is the still always basically just is itself manage so no concepts the permissions whatsoever both we say when the for deletion all lenders and optimization of way absolutely your midwife where the separation between a meeting a garbage collection assist yeah that's that's that's because i want to add a while at the same order to nothing in the sense that no go update is the structure and the leading is thus the structure update by asking you ever make something he was absolutely absolute yes yes you have activated and then agree they want users, yes they will dare you at exen that activate something you your active aging and then its consider to be known absolutely mocros us is hey that you do not have social management secrets for simple dig the application the connecting to my secret your dealer with exhibition okay that are interesting question how to manage secrets yes i know this for central big flower views nothing lookup sample he has it with this dystonia is not really the tool for that small job pikes transferring choose a lesson child basically managed songs are creators know it or units he sweetly chooses this blister antique you can search classifiers can you well it's dutch May be interesting question to think about is what he has not really sunk key like a database or a web application that is how it is in some container that can be shared with other components but i think it's not strictly one problem that kiss it is noomi as very flexible in the broccoli your way in which you can transfer your keys and you can be secure type in that controller bits so what yes that the that may be interesting experiment weekend product in the future I was one of the internet dollar schemes migrations acts for sale on my ass gld purity that is a support it so german action quiet and michael spring feature sllist so that if you for simple update the I city in the show representation of your database the tip 3 course us so you kima if we can tact it or this try out changes that do not careers to migration but it blows well, it's a supporter so in view and counter situation and bitch not to migrate from our climate to another year after many oil sign snapshot think carries out the migration and then Jadis carryon what you you we do so first class support must doubt be definitely be nicer dish and in the future hi usa you are not migrate the database of machines another fogg and right you the activist de database is the asset there is nothing migrated and ajax activate jane oh what word is no mia 2 to your setere problem joyride became network connection groups or centimeter yes in this case is nothing responsibilities is no chance so nomia to take the snapshot what does that much and this is nothing by basically warm the user and it will also provide a user's of extra basically some extra instructions that you not the carey your onesie the situation to spinning airsoft so olive too simpler and and i'm using this and production for three years and budget lot's of disk space programs and that typically we never de deploy with sexy this who who quiet seagulls gulls and increasingly bored increasingly migrations so busy euro vi this is this is nothing tops doing what what it was supposed to which you the comet line instructions that you do not have the church audience or there you first fix the palm of yourself where you clothes on the disk space and then you that this you yeah baby carrier cars instructions that it is nothing provided you and then you can basic new cover of that situation or a day at fingers too doubt next to move on to the next armpit thank you for your way and the pride [Applause]