NixCon 2018 - Welcome

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NixCon 2018 - Welcome
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okay hi hello and good morning my name is Toby and I will be playing your facilitator of sorts your for Nick's con 2018 on so basically the first thing to say is welcome to next con 2018 awesome [Applause] okay so first things first the SSID and the password is right here so if you want to you know like start some mixed bills and crash Wi-Fi while other people are talking now is your time so many you may want to take a picture of that and start building right away okay and we will come to exactly that in a moment yeah but before that so I'm really happy that makes the next con is starting again for the third time now I believe we've got 120 people from all over the place obviously from London from Europe from from the states a couple of people jet lagging through their experience here but I'm hope in the course of the next three days you will saw a sort of get into it so that you can crash a crash into the jet lag when you get back home again right okay
so I think looking around it's it's very much a community event right and so looking around you you will probably see a lot of familiar faces so just maybe to get a quick show of hands who has been to a mix cone before raise your hand okay that's plenty of people so who's whose it was at an ex-con for the first time oh wow alrighty that is that is that is actually brilliant because it clearly shows that we are that we are growing and and that NYX is about to take over the world which is I'm sure going to happen any any time now so yeah ask questions and have a good time and so the next thing that I want to get to right away is sponsors so without sponsors this event certainly wouldn't be taking place I can already say that London is pretty bloody expensive at least compared to where where I come from my hotel is pardon my french and still very expensive and so likewise for for Yves to get this place and everything else we clearly need sponsors and fortunately we do have sponsors and we have a couple of gold sponsors and one of them is is num tight so maybe you can give them a quick round of applause thank you and untie it the next the next
is a wonderful company is supporting supporting this event is probably quite a lot of you know them also so also please give them a hand
the third gold-level sponsor is Cerro Cal probably also very well known among many of you so please give them a hand
the next company which and I am mentioned it's a to some of the employees before they get my personal best company award ever award a sorry best company logo ever award and you can find stickers over there at the table its Mayflower unfortunately here on the scheme you still only see the old logo but like I said go over there find the stickers then the new logo is simply fantastic so I pick round of applause for them and their logo [Applause]
we've got relational AI also sponsoring us thank you relational I sorry still
still some clapping for you to do so we've got the silver sponsors that's a target that's PDT partners and also container solutions thank you so much
and also we've got some prawn sponsors who actually also have some stickers available for you over there at that table and that as I'm as L and Flying Circus thank you so much [Applause]