Can shrubs help to reconstruct historical glacier retreats?

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Can shrubs help to reconstruct historical glacier retreats?
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In the 21st century, most of the world's glaciers are expected to retreat due to further global warming. The range of this predicted retreat varies widely as a result of uncertainties in climate and glacier models. To calibrate and validate glacier models, past records of glacier mass balance are necessary, which often only span several decades. Long-term reconstructions of glacier mass balance could increase the precision of glacier models by providing the required calibration data. Here we show the possibility of applying shrub growth increments as an on-site proxy for glacier summer mass balance, exemplified by Salix shrubs in Finse, Norway. We further discuss the challenges which this method needs to meet and address the high potential of shrub growth increments for reconstructing glacier summer mass balance in remote areas.

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and my name is Allen and I'm a PhD student at the devil life Laboratory at the University of Christ by the German I consider myself as dental chronologies and the colleges and I'm mainly working of tropical achieving octagon boreal systems as well as street ecology in Germany and all the pole
the hypothesis which led to our research question were that glaciers some ablation that is
the melting of a glacier in summer is negatively
correlated with summer temperatures in contrast the growth of crops near the front line is positively correlated with growing season temperatures and in combination we assume that growth increments of shrubs growing close by glaciers can be used to reconstruct past they some mass balance thus the ablation and melting of glaciers in summer Our study site is
located a few kilometers north of the heart gear Quillen ice caps in southern Norway they aren't we sample 24 Sonics straps at the locus trap line and prepare them to carry out our dendrochronological analysis our statistical
analysis clearly indicates that the summer must balance of the heart and you Quillen in solid is negatively correlated with summer temperatures given in dashed further the shrub growth given in the solid line is positively correlated with growing season temperatures the dashed line and finally our analysis revealed that summer must balance of harmony You Quillen in dashed is negatively correlated with a truck growth given in solid measure and reconstructed someone
last balance correlate very well and if we seperate among to calibration and verification periods we see that the explanatory power in the respective verification periods is rather high with 39 and 51 per cent of explained variance based on our results we may conclude that air temperature affects both places summer ablation and trapped diameter and therefore that truck growth increments can be used as on-site proxy for glacial some applications this is of particular interest in areas where trees are absent as trees earlier have been used to reconstruct places someone must balance thus our method is of particular interest in Arctic and above the tree line environments the potential applications of the method described within our manuscript on long-term reconstructions of glaciers someone must balance in remote areas further it analyzed within a network reconstructions over large spatial extent seem to be possible and this may allow for estimating the contributions of nation mode to sea level rise within the 20th century to briefly summed it up and
coming back to the initial state question whether shrubs can help to reconstruct historically gage retreat so we can give a very simple answer yes they can enjoy the reading