Creating customized openSUSE versions with SUSE Studio

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Creating customized openSUSE versions with SUSE Studio
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FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Development European Meeting) is a European event centered around Free and Open Source software development. It is aimed at developers and all interested in the Free and Open Source news in the world. Its goals are to enable developers to meet and to promote the awareness and use of free and open source software.
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so we are ready to go grades so welcome to the the welcome to the talk about so the student I would tell you know how to create customizable rules worsens with those losers to do so my name is Conyers from
I was sort of an overview about this to you and then than you bonkers we do that anymore and later we will have some sample appliances and enjoy the which have a bit of that so that's where we go that's that the
3 parts said etc. their overview about
so this to you who have you has already
see in a studio who knows what's what studios gives rise and OK and who's actually use studio to create appliances OK so you can learn something about studio down codewords whether
this app but what we want to do with it so Wilderness we want to enable the community to create customized of measles abortions we basically want to enable everyone to create a distribution and and we want to make this as easy and fast and accessible as possible so what we are trying to do is we you when we want to really make it easy and make it possible to create and share customized to wasn't of opens a loser and softer appliances so as they we use the term appliance bits this what about what what I mean by soft that fine so basically itself the appliance is accommodation often application with the underlying stack of of software which is a requirement that together with the consideration so it's bounded in 1 thing so so you'd use it's it's easier to deploy it's easy to maintain so it makes life easier for for their customers flow for users fall for creators of for everybody can turn this off their plants can be the virtual appliance I like of the image something you run on the K. what can be fuck LIC year which we also considered to be appliances in in the context of studio so witness to make this as easy and possible to as it can be and some use cases for that so why would you want to do that for example you could create life cities on 1 example is the a like CDU ray want to demonstrate the a system and how it works with some example applications for the 1 Teaneck dominant there was to you and there's a moral life city which is distributed at trade shows and stuff like that now the use case would be going to enhance the distributions Sysoyev OpenSSL-is 11 along you happy with it but you wonder and more recent version of Katie's so you so you take 80 fodder to but it on you and your own version of opens loser and put this on a on a USB stick and carry it with you as a life use speci so that's also something you you you can do is a studio by you today most CDs and I as I have this example cost which is an application for small businesses to a crater noises and and offers and so this is some other there the off of that made made a demo CD it was some sample data and so so users could try that out and this demo CD which was built studio also I think on the February edition of of the German magazine that's a nice way to distribute a complete stack of software where you know it's working and you don't have to install and said anything up and stuff like that that's more modest graphical applications Dessau a publications I talked about you got going to appliances for example you could do a lapse of appliance we put the Stacker false Apache and my scared and PHP and all underlying operating system into 1 appliance and then a you can deploy that the just put your own PHP period application top of that and everything works and you don't have to care Baltes which was lawful flow of the database works with which will flow operating system and so the these kind of problems you can have another example would be installation images for specific so 1 example is the PCs which is also we'll WordTech sample and tip appliances which already have been that the stood you so you can build other drivers you need specific software you need to put it together into 2 1 bond and have an insulation image you can just use on on the computer you make the appliance for on a more fun example would be a customer's distribution for your grandmother so if you have a grandmother which likes to use a to see you could put recht browser and a favorite games together with some considerations would make the fonts biggers you can read it up with the picture of you yourself as background of of the clients on on them about why bleeding and on the test I give it to a grandmother as Christmas presents on she will be happy promise that this also it's of parents by the way in all the notes and that would be an example for all 4 distributions and specific fall for person but you can also do it to a distribution specific for for a target audience of you you could use and stood to to create an indication of the city so what about those education project for example is doing so you can do that to address pressure target markets the conference CD put some browser on some data on on on on the everything put together so that it just works so this is just a lot of examples and say that what we want to do and 1 of the goal 1 of the vision behind the project is that we want to enable you to actually implement all these use cases come off the new use cases come up with ideas and and power you to to really implement that use that that and to do that without a lot of effort so the question is how how can we do that outcomes of this we with a web application so it's a hosted service so your answer most of us and the the only thing you need to use to do it's about browser so you don't need a big machine with lots of disk space and stuff like that it can basically use a to from from the iPhone if you like and 1 1 big focus of of study is on on the user interface so we we have put a lot of effort into making studio a great experience for the user to make it easy to use to make it fast and to make it really power users would which don't bother to to use complicated command-line tools and stuff like that to enable them to stay there their own appliances of their own distributions so the way we do that is the way you create appliance them in studio is you you clone something which already exist so you can use some of the ready-made templates you can create a text only appliance or some some basic desktop the clients or you can also clone
existing appliances so make their variants of unlawful for existing staff and you can share that again and then be they can work together on on making making software better and making better distributions better appliances and to get on the software which is in the word into that not only were the stuff which is an missiles anyway with a type bits of his integration so it's can import all the all the soft which is in the bits of us and put it in in just to Durant and 1 at that send this altogether create some kind of contributions that so upstream developers of writing the code writing great application of the free software which is around maintain that somewhere in some source code management to and then again packages they go and bid packages from that in the opens a bit service which is a bit to to collect all this upstream software and make packages from it and then with as a studio a distributed and that not only means company doing distributions but that means the user acting as distributor can go along and just combine the staff and Tuen that configure it and put it together to something in new product maybe very special product or something very generalized whatever the the user wants to do the 2 together and give it to you to users turn the point this is the user would just on their if you can't see it the the who who who then can can use the software and by making it accessible and easy to use this to its we also and 1 won't encourage users to become distributors to the to enable users to actually make the on distribution and maybe then move up the stack and of package some more interesting software and other interesting software or maybe even get involved and Austrian development and and work on improve applications they use so it has an idea about the philosophy how how hopefully can enable people to contribute and to to work together on rates distributions so now just just a few words about the basic workflow in-studio we resume off that in that they more to them but the 3 building blocks create test and share so we provide an editor to create appliances to pray distributions so which has a nice you I you would see that later we have the feature to test their plans on the solvent so you don't have to download it you can run it on also you can connected in the browser and did so modify it and have a look at its tested your would see that later in the day and then the then when you when you are happy about the appliance it and put it it chat other users so that this something which is still under construction that that's not yet so life so we're working on that and hopefully you can enable it soon and that's that's the so so when you're happy with your plans to release it to the public minute it appears on all shout area and studio and other OTB can begin to see it can use it then downloaded can can elements to create an old variant of that so if you see somebody has created a great appliance done some clever trick you can just use that would on soft on top of that and publish it again as an improved or another version of something so you can whatever replace desktop of environments so whatever you want to do son by this way we want to enable the community to to work together and distribution bedding and to make make it really easy and quick to get create what what users actually want so just a few words about the implementation of that you don't have to read that but that's the architecture of still you know it's a pretty complex system we use a couple of off different solvents talking to each other why http revolve app application here and which schedules jobs and recession data this some data storage and stuff like that so basically it's 1 challenge of this is to make its own scalable in a way so that's why we use this this pretty modular architecture of of a different sort so we run run a farm of back and notes to 2 bits of appliances and 2 the run test drive is and how did we do that basically what we did we to carry on race so TV is the command-line front ends or the command to a two bit opens NSLs images they care if he invented the the talk before and you had already about that is a command and to it which creates images which is spread Faltings and it can output are kind of different formants virtual appliances images life cities and the different stuff no user interface is mostly written rates will be on race so and this covers all the the of the wet front end and we also use it internally analysis etched keys solve up and implemented at and stuff like that a slot and system we use of my ideas which is a great distributors authentication system we don't have to worry can reuse your job might be a counter lock into multiple systems and in in the back and we use fall fall running bits in the some secure way used we we use KVM as the that that's the virtualization implementation which is in the kernel and we use that to to run contained it's for security reasons and we also use this to run the test drive where you start their clients on the cell and another 2 I want to mention this except for a long which is the great software dependency resolution back and which is also used as above and just and we also use that to provide some of them our package dependency resolution and to provide life feedback about dependencies so users see at once with which packages well eventual what what they what they need so that that's for the
overview but still you and now I would give the world to to than to to show you was so you can actually do this the
the the Iverson appear at the Committee is already give you broke brief overview of the studio I would like to give you a brief demo in which I create a kitty fault lines including Firefox as they the software and then we started and tests its and modify it and then actually what you can do with modifications and so that you don't have to Donaldson anything you can do the whole process in the browser so you see what would you do when you do an appliance you have a set of software in mind he wanna show off to people you want run as an appliance dedicated service and usually those that different groups you use you start off from the you of a server unity of text-based appliances the of desktop you've never been all market because this book so that's we provide to if few templates ways that off from so you don't have to start from scratch but we want but the kitty for clients know so we start with the KB for 10 plate and then from there we just 3 final stop so it's it's a very few
steps in order to go from here to all kitty form was an appliance the 1st stage you just count and you you can give the appliance and name and you give there you get a short introduction form where to go now so as we start with the KDE for template we already have kind of a preselection of software which refined all so we want to wear the browser set race and so if you go to the stuff that you already see like repositories and suffer all stuff you you probably know already when you use last only if use the notes so the repositories that were added in this template of the openSUSE a 11 comma decimal 1 plus the opens a limb 1 1 update repositories then we selected and some software for you patterns are if you don't know those are self they're bonded so it's it's it's a selection of self and as we selected the KT fault lines we have the KDE for pattern in here so the click on it to you you get some information you see OK it's including KDE bases and then it has like it to recommend some so far like you get the basics that fork 84 here but if you wanna have the full experience you should install kitty for Internet multimedia is that such rock and if you wanna at this self radiation could just do it by press the at all about apart from the patterns we have some basic packages and they get so does that for example the K M as a manager if you wanna remove self you just click the X. button here then gets removed then you get an instant feedback of what just happened on the side of Linde now show better known is that as well so I just removed the F 2 package if I wanna add other packages now taking the search for software all I can use the browsing mode which reflects the groups so the gone development for example I guess I get a list of all development packages I can search only within development because every endeavor here KATE the 1 at Firefox for example search for Firefox then I add Firefox here and it shows up year myself a selectional and sperm we do like the resolving we do on the fly so apart from Firefox it had some dependencies in need to fill in so I'm just told us I iTouch 34 megabytes and the other packages way I will have the standard KDE branding but such branding and akin to warrant and searches the if I add the upstream branding from KDE I'll get a comfort no because you can't install opens was a and in packages and get instant feed the kids were like those packages can be installed at the same time and if you were to solve this problem you just click 1 of those 2 links which removes 1 of the packages which a structure so I removed the opens was attachment so was of the KDE for template we added Mozilla and funnel all that's actually what we wanna have source of his selection is finished if there's if you there would be some suffer for example KDE 4 comma decimal 2 1 if you want to edit some something of that sort that that's not found because it's not an all is 11 comma decimal 1 repository they get the message down here I don't know if you can read it from behind them less like it wasn't found but again certain other repositories civic take this button this takes it to the repository page and searches other repository that we have passion all service so you can see now the year the caddie for devil pattern in in this repository which is from this this the package was still found you can easily at a new project from the bits of this just by a providing the name if it's a bit of project or if you have some other RBM repositories some on the web you can just provide a you and name and then at this repository say that this repository here now go back to the sofa overview it should shows up here I get the suffer changes on the site here because it's remove the 11 comma decimal 1 KDE packages and took the packages from be affected because then you all new software ended updated the searches words and all you have it for the KDE 4 point was such I that formal name so now we we have actually selected on our software and we can go on configuring all clients so we have some basing basic configurations here like for example the language she consented to an ecstatic values or for if you wanna do and appliance which she won ship all over Europe you can do with like asking 1st boot which is Iast features so like the 1st time the binds you can set the language and then it it states that for every so we have that for language keyboard layout even for network as well with I mean the default is the DHCP you can do it manually if you want or you can just through they're asking 1st would as well and we have some the mother firewall for example you can adding new user we have before do that you wouldn't arts but talks It's producing so go for it the long years start up there you can select that run everyone starting so if you have a graphical system cut it and wanted to sudden graphic emoticons switch it to like normal consume world run 3 if a server for except if you ever my sequel database and you have my secret you can just uploaded and sequence database will be preloaded with a stunt and yet at the to cite you see again that has never know because it said OK PC minimize sequel but didn't have that in effect selection of tickling then this package will be added so we try to make it really easy 1 thing I can show as well if we have an error we couldn't build belated because this but by and gets to save it so we we try really to prevent that you start building appliances with which we're not looking at the death of you can select them to automatically logging use and if you wanna it is like a 5 skills photo browsing cues new 1 ought to start Firefox in you just provide binary year and this problem really started when you with the plans so to memory of some settings when you have the where you can set the round so as to a certain size but it's not that interesting right now and personalize you can easily the new plants so today I thought of this when we so can upload it and then you have so that the the grab this the boot screen that's how applies would look like let so just uploading in dimension with 1 click then as instant OK what if either will come back to those later and now actually already be ready to build was select all all software weakened configured some basic things and now we only select the bird type 1 have native county we have activated a disk image which is something you can just put on a USB stick this USB stick will hold where velocity and the images and now when this is finished I want now because this stakes like 5 or 6 minutes so I did earlier when this is finished it looks like
this and then you can if you wanna get a brief overview at 1st you can do a few
Phys which gives you work you can browse the 5 system here but the major feature
which really distinguishes I think this applies beautiful the of this is that you can test
structures which means it's opens another browser window and has a job up
drumming which is connected to a B and C so and then it
was appliances so this is about thing and now
I with the plants inside and so you now
you can test the appliance and this that was really really important because once you put appliance and ended with some changes for example if you have an Apache appliance and
the you adjust their the configuration file for example to change this file and then later you go to modified fired and you get a list of all files that were changed and you can put these fights later in Europe lines and this year overly Phys tab I was talking about
earlier so what you can do usually you install itself a year have the award system if fewer direct to tree and after that you can say I would like to have a special 5 like this for some PNG in my home directory as users and permissions and everything so that's for example then you have configuration 5 you already have them ready on your computer you can just apologia Apache configuration file put it in the right directory in an Apache would behave as as he wanted 2 we have but beta test right
it's putting up by an activated auto-login so as looking into KDE you
know that's the greeting and now Firefox should show up as well because this is for 1st when
they other do now I will create a new fight to show you this modified Phys feature so this fire
meanwhile Firefox showed up so the altar to work so not a modified Phys this takes so why the
1st in this list of all the fires which modified to during start of been I wouldn't do it you can download the file you can do only can just viewed in 9 and so on malevich another at all and Switzerland sun to look for this frosting Virgil's created it was of being used for some file I I created in early on the desktop I can view it
think it no but were the main feature is I can select this file and say add this to my appliances what happens there is
when I go in Nobel a 5 now this phi shows not so I created in under sub with fast and rebuild this appliance it will be at the right place with the with the right user and write permissions and everything that I can treat your plans and then some other features and
testov our you can connect with as H 2 test start so if you don't tighten the job at that you just make with sh can do your changes and then go to modified files and seal the changes as well or if it is the weather application you can browse used don't put AT and T's for found 43 the edge GPS so you have the complete process in this up appliance enter a building this is all running on this little laptop now like this giddy for bids to Oak 8 minutes here and also visit delivered faster doesn't really long if this a long time you have to wait for that pretty quick to to do the whole process that's the knowledge or the I want to talk about some appliances he built where there's a studio OK so I don't know 20 by insists that was used to have the DVD have filed 1 copy for everyone was those stunted by and since we have appliances so that let that
web-based like the vendors said he talk about before we have the appliances a will assures cerium the group where we have my sequela by insists
we have a positive bias were breast
well have time to buy and since then we have a Bill Serre is a binds ourselves so there if you wear the brace talks about that opened its service that you have won appliances so you can have your on Bill service results of the appliance aligned use of the development of pions that's an appliance because the TV models where seen before so you can build your all and this solution using the key with the Kiwis so what we have the answers to the so if you wanna learn how it works lots of of 1 here that we have some games in of the the as apply in the 2 brainy by appliance what about what a bottle appliance that this a good guess as done with 1 yeah we have tried to buy answers so with like a really giving me that I'm giving you this to you know by it would be a great tool to lessen the but if you like and tell us what you think about as another thing that's and rototiller because he did some some EPC appliances which I think is pretty interesting so that the status of missiles on on the PC so this also was understood you so the of as 1 of many thousands people got EPC netbook and 1 of the things with the network is due to Oasis's wisdom they've got some specific drivers that upstream so none of the distributions packed it by default so instead of users having to had to separate repositories and mess around trying to find the right applications and software that they need to get their EPC running solid the interest you'd you'd be a an ordeal test bed to see if it works basically I just chose by the a standards none temp late at night KDE temp light that added the respective repositories to get all the applications on there the basis drivers both for the CPI on-screen display also added the multimedia aspects so people could out of the box play the audio files play the video files I included the young some these less than desirable applications like Acrobat Reader all but flash how bad it's the moonlight on there side of the box you've got and that book that can breed up its limits and access all all websites media that you need and it took me all of about 15 20 minutes to get up and running test raw feature really does helps a lot you you can get on there and for a test drive you'll see instances where you've forgotten to include an application or package new install list something's missing go back at the application rebuild yet it's all there You can have multiple versions of the bills available and so if you want to keep tweaking but you know you by spills fine that you have that is you
your point 1 and then you can move
on and carry on adding decency the growths of from there and modify falls list again that does help being able to tweak configurations for instance hockey's and stuff like that so evident that all with reason thank you again to conclude so studio ransoms-a listed it'll come you can go there and see it because of the run and I thought was an for invited users of the system heavy development it's edge answers so we don't have it publicly where it yet that if you want to use that is let us note give esteem address and we will send you an invitation Sorry cant chart and use it they also mailing lists IIsi channels so that all the way over from this list with your homepage and if you want to know more will want to try as did you yourself go to build missiles a Bulls we we have a demo station there was to you and you can build an appliance are it'd brand on on on the DVD often of that and to use the stick and stick it future at home yeah so that's it about so studio in the other questions so of terror have all the lights chooses to you of my company and in in my own servers at the moment of the possibility of further at the moment it's only a host of others so we're on it and that's so that would be easy to install so at the moment it's a source the thoughts of carrying they might be used machines in this this this tuition level of private so they of public because when they tried to the thing you have to mark you must make it public no that's that's student body voters private so it's not accessible to to anyone else than you so and only a few explicity publisher then it will be visible to other users so I can do you on stuff we are also working on on a future where can upload your own or PM's so it can can do proprietary projects of us to just work out like can you create this resonance from the normal and from this user Comiso resistant of openSUSE it from the normal list president year and at the moment we only support of measles about we are working on on on the lessons that support for this lesson this lesson flat 11 so and this will be released we will enable it in some way it's it's as completely clarified how this will be done in the a year it will be available to everybody on his partners or whatever but we're working on that and so so that's also the target of the goal of studio to make it possible to build yes less based on on appliances I was wondering about the way you get this set you up lines on a medium a cities it's easy you board nice so what about years this text yeah use this accessible problematic we provide instructions to do that so you can do it on on the command line we brought instructions how to do it but we also have it's still under development as well but we have a tool which which is a bit too to write disk images to to use the states so that that's a graphic which which scans your system and just of us or other devices you have and then writes it just progress so under the runs on a Windows so that's that we have no it yeah that's that's a problem we it did you consider the both of them OK other questions no OK great thank you and in


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