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OpenFATE - How to get your most wanted features into openSUSE
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and is time and from the 2 esteem of opens and I want to show some new project
that we started that's open-face featured expecting for community patients so it's basically care basically about power to get Europe features in the next so the release yeah doing aperture checking with states in some years but this was just internally and at 1st I want to show you the the history and the architecture of the fate system and and the new Open fate application and then how we get how to get and what are you can use this reusing fades to manage all features for the open source products from Sweden Norway that means the tracking
scheme of innovation of the it's a metadata that comes in come to talk very the database that we use this it's very language which is kind of SQL query language for its metadata the database also office and metadata that's on for example product data and some other stuff that the clients need what features are actually that means we can see the complete history of each feature what happened and who changed which state of it then we have you can subscribe to modifications on changes on the features and it also has a Net best-seller implemented to at attachments to the future and that's the big picture of the I I detectors so here this is the part from the southern far with the database and all communication is happening it's an so up until now that people at events with the use of the kth giant and we have some other smaller programs for example many people have strips that use the database to generate kiapso statistics and written RKDA if your last week so you can have on your desktop the latest changes and the latest features the new part is this so this is reachable from at Zuse we have a scheme rich here that means that some internal data as because the out and only opens to the future so get all and the new application of the wrote they opened faded up client and and taking and voting so the voting service and an extracellular so that also the service can use at some time it's and it's written in ruby on unrest both applications and there's some codes that can just hope in a rule the objects and automatically get a vote and tag ended and we will use this for the visitors the that's a screw should of the KDE fate client that tests on some off he just the the publication you can see here we have a radical features to show some dependencies between features that we have used to edit all of the data that's in the future this client also has an offline support so that the product managers of smoother can go to a plane and work on all features and safe the Monday and again the network it's has it can the cash features so that we
don't have to note all features every time and it can show statistics and also in part it has a connection to but the low so it can directly import box to the fate that have made OK the the new open fate applications should be the the central place for tracking feature that's so the plan is that all features that end up in the next release our in the system and can be seen by everyone and everyone can comment on them Mr. parts overture over to the feature consists it's title we have syntactic categorize the features product description different actors references to but to know what other features or to or just you know that we have had discussions and use case and test is a set of options here really by actors our we have we have different actors in the system that means we have that's a rose and it can be interested audible upon manager of a feature will allow call personal so so of at in work all within the think it's just member must night like this good for OK and I want to show you the system that's what you get when you when you go to the features that opens with little oxide you can see we have a new generating text clout you can see the most of the thing text so it seems we have the most features which attacks the asked on the right side you can see the top loaded features at the moment and the features that to update updated the last you can search for videos by text for example when you search for yes to we get a list of features it this year going there
are changed this is was 1 of the best thing future look like on the right side we have the voting up led here can hold what have down all say you don't mind now what the future up in this in the future of the Scott 2 it generates some they don't we have a statistic you yeah when you want to add a feature that can simply go here and points and the reply to this comment all the text used a special rich text syntax so you can do some some nice form a when you and you enter text for example you can see you can either list and you can add commands the comment could to edit and you can see it It's not safety at 2 to save the future your click here so that's the only not
from the the because I'm not the network you have another feature unit said the my features link that will give you all features that I'm very have clicked on what's as feature the protagonist of the features you interested in then can see what changes
morally and OK I think there should all the features the plans that we have for the
future to implement an open fade that's a configurable mail notifications so that you can get directly notified benefits that changed we will use the hammers some of this which is also used by other opens with the sides and it offers to configure your modifications we want to add more rows for all external people so that you can he assigned then apply all in providers and can better work with the feature and we have to implement the Attachment feature out of open so you cannot and on to feed the attachments about so hot some hints how to create a a good feature request that has some good chances to also be implemented and to end up in the next Susan release its has to be a good problem descriptions of that everyone understands what is needed the best thing would be to have a possible solution and to have as much pointers to links and background material and as possible so that from the people you know what it's about at the moment only of users and I must candid at create new feature requests an open phase from editing features can be done by everyone so what can you do with the system you can be enhance the regret that already stored if the bank that's tags even help to implement a feature inference fade but some you can go that service and prepare something in your home project and then it will these easy tend to use it another thing is the open screening that was announced on the mailing list we try to get a team together to screens through the existing requests and enhanced and the the most important thing is that you can when you go through the feature list and you the features that you like please vote for them we used the modes for features as base on what will get implemented in the next to the really is so and the feature frees the riches that become 1 we will go through the features and look at the maybe top 15 features and really implement them and if they need to be rejected for some reason we we need a good reason to do this so that and please use the voting fall to express that you like a feature and don't write a commands that say yes cool I want this to because this the clandestine hold and discussion and the Dominicans can't get a quick few in the feature OK they the whole system is open source so it can also be used for other projects I have the links here thanks for listening and maybe they're interest


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