Climate effects of non-compliant Volkswagen diesel cars

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Climate effects of non-compliant Volkswagen diesel cars
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On-road operations of Volkswagen light-duty diesel vehicles equipped with defeat devices cause emissions of NOx up to 40 times above emission standards. Higher on-road NOx emissions are a widespread problem not limited to Volkswagen vehicles, but the Volkswagen violations brought this issue under the spotlight. While several studies investigated the health impacts of high NOx emissions, the climatic impacts have not been quantified. Here we show that such diesel cars generate a larger warming on the time scale of several years but a smaller warming on the decadal time scale during actual on-road operations than in vehicle certification tests. The difference in longer-term warming levels, however, depends on underlying driving conditions. Furthermore, in the presence of defeat devices, the climatic advantage of 'clean diesel' cars over gasoline cars, in terms of global-mean temperature change, is in our view not necessarily the case.

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that affects and the air we breathe the most to cope with a local air pollution issues from cars and strict emission vehicle as standards have been adopted in many countries already and many more will follow as a result modern diesel cars are equipped with technologies to such as catalysts and particle filters in order to reduce the emissions of Andijan oxides or NOx and
particle matter in the case of particle
emissions these technologies have been very efficient however in the case of not this is not as this has not been the case
many of the vehicles to see behind me here can have very different emissions and then what is measured in the laboratory and this has been known for a while but it became much more put on the agenda with the so-called diesel gates where it was discovered that Volkswagen had put software in the engines in order to manipulate the emissions this resulted in missions up to 40 times higher than the legal limit in the US in some cases these very high NOx emissions really know that they have very harmful health impacts but not is also important from a climate perspective and in this study we for the 1st time quantify the climate effects and
these vehicles they're all the similar studies
showing how the diesel cars with defeat devices could have influenced the air quality and human health but no study has looked into the impacts of climate it the emissions of NOx can cause they're pollution but also climate change which can be significant given the high NOx symptoms Belafonte that made us in this skater climate impacts of attitude diesel cars affected diesel cars
can cause cramping best in a complex manner I mean some warming but also some cooling depending on the time span and you look at in I view this hasn't been well recognized in the diesel debate because it
may influence the relationship between diesel and gasoline cars in terms of climate impact actually some has argued that diesel cars contribute to climate mitigation because diesel cars emit less C O 2 than gasoline costs but we found that such an argument is not necessarily the case for affected a diesel cars it is actively debated
how policies should respond to the emission from diesel cars we suggest that the climate issue should be considered together with other issues like air quality