Analyze the Facebook algorithm and reclaim data sovereignty

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Analyze the Facebook algorithm and reclaim data sovereignty

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Analyze the Facebook algorithm and reclaim data sovereignty
Algorithms define your priorities. Who else besides you can know what you need?
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Facebook monopoly is an issue, but looking for replacements it is not enough. We want to develop critical judgment on algorithms, on why data politics matter and educate, raise awareness for a broad audience. With our tool, we enable an individual to collect evidence and see how Facebook's algorithm truly shares their data. Not data about themselves, but the bias of facebook treats data, re-shares certain content over other content. Collectively we can analyze the algorithm, understand Facebooks agendas and show how little agency users have.
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other work simple method so test but who knew that I drive know on a the panels and the to check my part of a group or stand the brighter take her to stupid big that beep or dcmr group or stand those boxes in this way your tage you continuously long mother tongue we the they take a code and the how bianca to these professions knows download it and then read the details all you can do is how you do it blubber finest do it in your clap again your family
the points 3 are outside of the somewhat matter if you're a 9 we test the faq's rv profiler like about something like that auto-scroll about who you're in the way to user in or decay she is yucca cater to compare them together which is already to start living stijn track 3 per s?? ring ridden the stages of course '
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key in the train or that is barred fine is the door together born to be on social media thick as bert of more thumbs so intermediate so Tuesday baby photo offers intermediary between me was done with it again an intermediary in dunes with debbie has that your deck something that all or service implicitly ring with various media more powerful legal scan too boring the how it's your got to be free near grandma and the and so a deep transverse tomorrow such a to this a nice is just to see how this politics account to be in the cane at facebook and the a station to nag that we have releases and the is in the eating a meal dear Catholic to exhibit via rss the rss feed on the side and too that people are specific to that tikkie be sorry girl in 30 your collection dtb deta get super food it involves youth and investments and dares audience post cymatics after seeing if the posts we have a set or semantics and then you can look to rss too that is that effect for his poly view subscriber to facebook you pull that explosive lesson 4 meat facebook that I will cry new in fact all those posts that people how the facebookes become like someone inky or bask you sure I put the maximum control to the reader that costs that's just a way to be there names always perfect language selection or other criteria polini corsa have free software touring how you put it in this closet something like that criteria and rates at europe lex van der aa or game and condition without the characteristics that they are on rocks or algorithms figure kings mor variable and the experiments that after the flat earth there often the dean area processes sorry givana bathing suits you can launch to the space to Facebook you think of ambition to ply
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[Applause] [Music] [Applause] digital audio and get lots of questions
for this axel and attracted to iran see any version questions here about the at microphone number 3 blew and so tanks for information, just a tassel not own this nowhere absurd have the facebook
do audio what another get inside her to be in san francisco a nice suit we also rains facebook disc tray switch 10120 context and simplify davy browsing history or mio my friend martin like one pc zoets white new iphones or bitter ios corn the smartphones and shampoo wish friend of mine pulled the bolt yeti or striking was more specific works in austria and then his love had up net of the hotel about the instability do you sing a mist reception of mind Well , you have practice posters now she has the jasmin pepe of took him or I can see him search for songs that is time for heavy a reason to believe time facebook might duty and to come with a sleek thousand unfortunately jr ticket own downs for but pressure and effect from the twisting is it tifa you did that on the love so addresses new to explain how you libed things context what the article or motherboard explain how they can pick them up into the microphone and that they benefit the user and the one that profiles the sugar from acquaintances bios de at facebook that is the essence of all details arjan the cool what he bolts these mobeye security and the how is there the absil have in your me live anne her ever again nice to link and rod duck sauce is the facebook is that the garden two using this date hmh fertile t profiling various maybury to creatine in a third because they have their opinion about it
microphone to greece hello and the user dead cat show and the far right customer and tandem all videos is possible that this user like more videos pi for sale is it a simple recognition or the tribe or facebook post ever deeper I mission or communication instruction or tangled and preferably a week and too kikstra coffee
to make they live them how they might lee scott rescue and other specific kind a tribute to the orientation and the de like remorse wet pants of mythology breakfast but this is a test in question mikkelsen to shepherd gets you then atencion in mind with experts in this gary video feel and the cell automatically like small videos ict 18 the post it our third job is that here
okay let's take too much fun to to so facebook messenger app is called for extra up and span you could also have boost and posts on a page and reach a larger recent the 4 followers to and in action leaders chose some or its all because of them lets you choose euro
in the good guys the game very much positive asa butterfield and idea to collection on from the pedophile of the pages Yesterday , studio live dated is not there yet yet the straps how to die from your papers to the news feed and dessert was the date limit??es one lookie fashion designer at home in logical mayhem finest lisa de rap intelligent can be bacon fat
the get some internet in my cleaning signal in July gliding and so on go ahead yes do you think yes yes simons NL elsje facebook and so the situation in your opinion
how to surf or no facebook to better okay in testing particles allergy so what we push the replacement or facebook pastry just right c is the coach in it fiori in my see that facebook grew give all kinds of kraljic ali machine called the mole accountant and then your client eh here you're a great with the desai de becomes the peer to your we 1000 that vwb the best case scenario that pay attention to cosmos you're using facebook as a true notes from the risoli intermediary thinking detail how the car and squares and no by four drinking and then jona is your jura white me there is thick jury to understand maybe as taken off analysis and to be collected and perspectives train find the ripening in your ears and audio context in that the most active holder too you want to address user course is to a to know about you and the latest you're getting into selector becomes matter for your 1000 best people distributing where I could study to design a while these Anne could have a bottle of the perception of the artist aryan and more so that the user is reroll have perfect in utah large they are also there, an algorithm; and may be customized and share them I see slow microphone for love ah thank you for the people I am at it facebook any and ability to realize that the german or its users or being selected by your service well too love the what I think is five young and the he seems by know how our application those baking tins sometimes have the bees know me do sum test is the forcing of activities are the preffered extension is his finger how you should be capable to start is how to get wet that abiliar hey diverse of men's view is experte in is that we have involving extension Documents herpes, an article in gold they race in the way because there fat boring the there is no way to the stijn the front and the user if we try detail of bert reason after the issue of internet and yes mike is facebook silk road had to shen zhen constantly policy research project i live at a few finding out of date where i quickly Okay what we amine amine the pontic matte and apps and jean inn rhythm bloom and what the one thing passed when I closed as you see possible on right this complex jews wario bolivia in the that is with the Razr show algorithms and keep fresh for jane give the endoscopy that the is doing something in your interests this can not be all of you can interest or something facebook ingot changing gestures the problems in a you that recognize the said goodbye or tomorrow index other offer in your interest michael liked your please and edgy people with the start captur now pulled like me do I know it hans for your sumfn research the run into any issues yourself box can be scanning blog at facebook about I can not where fire stand and media it of experience ' my car ricard the account hey yes the belt are finches and user wird sentences were fine the no profile design the foil less sympathetic when using a an account how the sea chorus the facebooken most potted and annelies join and wish oreos or treat you the fan tridex we have that was okay this begining or the red ones in years peppers on a skewer oil meta de antiquity that they should not be on method how is 4 comfortable to suggest we can provide extra care home so who the was so strange that have but interactive on as long as is documents in the mythology hey it's over already issue antiques in lady-day account she one mortuary zinga along and maps cries from the thicker the user he prayed for you how that value to the type's top posts by videos photos and post video like and the charge and brazil I admit if we do this together research 2 and 3 of always and deep and will which concrete if all post park simple mini posts kreder party tour minaj if I post the latest photos profiles and post container sat loek He shows the two more posting and wls pictures but when you counters timeline new realize that it was more photos than can now for years sparring to show up I like it was in the in the url your item the weather in pudding this be a day too the extracts in the middle did that again sharp as ah photo you can put them out or texts designed and that they shoeby account to have so well we start to user so max morphine analytical what is in these analysts use crude oil when we exchange the stijn at the count of content and over the microphone 3 he
you think for very interesting and impotent researcher on doing a was dwelling f & f like role you see for social scientist in the style of research SPC in research design and then in one output interpr??tation party thank you so his mistake knew where the fact that he was that he's a night or so I know and never understand what they can do with a pretty simple one we who understand for a simple who god do ringella test how they are mane select the facebook page with him live to be a crosby spectrum exhort who knows she must be serbey keyboard find expressionism to simplify ah who one in catalunya show in dense getting the order Harm feelers cycle and so on Nazi ism Speechen and the shows you think out of provider or booms to serve how this child or context pink fairy singing so chino she the keyword light the fish and me his plans and meta detail with the asocial scientific and have as one input and daring turkish there is double on her in time other searcher want to see for the left and do not half them tween too spiers of politicians hang kind feasting in the narrative this less too as far as his porters were concerned anne to be used or free french as to analyze the peppers of and the Check I spelled the ap rinke in and better the pen form democrat Sun if you were to blame again that weeks tend to be fine testing that sports are analytical it can be me to the steinder becomes queen anne to boxes user fit and lines belong in the beeper become active participating team two day woman says sorry my sentence that we can have a research group or twenty of duty people you will have your own a special your vain was veto deme public tithing your work setting the to go other search 'also with you that we want industry ketones ep and see how the latter for the next to have you can get you 15 gr bed number for not so to me facebook user girl find or do you see that they Peter became man of them to choose that to do that we have color outside very d put into crew thing that is peter birch mens rico's you focused on certain and typical that you know your or yourself but harder and me and I think that God is yes who are selling collections he went let the spa look care dead rising paper with a few bleeps as we we say the icon or the words that they obviously have correct and the secured way you to know who is the advertising then there will be loads in them problems to the leader your experiences in advance they group userna with the week and not explain to you by day three of you work on review Islam think you are actually going to make that mean but perfect date tardis deal is his fanatic and that goal, however, the Indian moments how do leggings work this paste what we almost do to a show in the finding this panster de paste once sharla ja uh sorry compressed x'en and this is often the affair and November the sponge philip faster to be even more the effective and quiet to fix the purple there to find esparza the I fit I say have to deal with in den Exter this and if you want to use the use case to experiment with a te then work your ambition and phase on the space another to yes adaptation the content and wedding specific track to all posts which have been collected by edgar and who think it's pretty fat like stealing page on facebook something pretty easy for facebook to to track your tags you edit and to see which you are like checking out and so on and thus collection client only if they would expand web application or facebooken look active that he we have changer the intestines i that we in that distro expertise to solve but years of grease facebook j they think every time so int end to dye tempering there it is is up to his audience and continues week and or so how you fine message 'for transparency to remind you work that we have the bay area in the fashion is also true that he really is this can be no and iso how you can even display apopa the ministry and vr in a mountain have real traxxas code and the after kangaroo and change in the intestines all-day odp so design is an opportunity apple eat the bottleneck edward in this moment Permis prepared for that but that has you're an expert that some expansion of elements who will be there but syri more
questions more two minutes okay perry notes david perry so wish in it
most effective are writing about youtube red gray party the reaction of youtube thing to be read and big time act the dough bottom cell stretching teeth stand or by the al gore had to force the sphinx and string too fix it to extend sweet in this is simple ate four intakes of budgets on it d100 dissolves control and even it champing teeth stand being the newest so there will be bag a cue in ears that are the pappu sister maria sebilla good articles blessing actually not that complex who there are wood they have been kings wide turks on your window form and that jesse to outside channel what is the status of d or new york network defective that there to politica who packs a new look is so to maybe is to service spaces from a d and require facebook can throw sorry hear him shopkeeper algorithm allow the markant a bike for your and write the job that in the margins orgy on euro 4 theo graphic during better than is safe and this is the input and therefore a fine and there to have a politicaly impact and the you never do so once to the stijn thought they were medical check for you not to cover be responsible for the year deeper in the man the triangle period acute thanks crypt and the Jews are in the test sherlow tweaking and the your solution is macking a drug ever that the promise to do in order to pine is unacceptable in that these discourses in flying the factory for who would just before affair in that zwolle son barney there panic inke what you the sociology notes just to be more secret and the to import or that with picasa is nonsense lost how you like nassaustraat their tasting or the political conflicts to the words you can on the best chicks which to route the USA I if we had to think about it secretly with their 2nd rachid ind and yes that referee or three words is one size that can be painted at indigo weena and sorry who has one
good week one final tassel to sorry that we like it will be my video you go to their speaker behind the gills neck so last question tanks your knife and the fx in you drew so
the tank cure and sandwiches or knowledge which you generate can be used with bangles because oh boy this is called urdu d ok?? p yes yes is the accessible to part is the method there activities and the dairy seed by the namibian chappie nature eat the toe and individual with the order not our heir and a10 and not working the alarm how the called is therefore the ??ltere now we have a real from a sterdam collaborative buddhas with the oil green hadeeth to the review and therefore horses target parish 5 moments and the impact or 5 moments so work can find that that she is also one he pens or grasses who is how the chickens as much as possible on it into feedback and the periphery are mine blood vessels organizes young and then of course we the interest becomes you mean for both you put something like that is dead user you people think how you time how for
v & d arnhem
okay take place at you find out how it is loose
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we go [Music]