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The decentralized P2P gossip protocol
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In this talk @zelf invites to the world of Scuttlebutt, the decentralized P2P gossiping protocol, and how it can be transformative for society through decentralization of data and enabling local community development.
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[Music] isn't only about techie meetups it's about personality it's about humans and what happens when blockchain and social connection meet each other and have a baby well scuttlebutt the decentralized social network may result and zina or
self will introduce scuttlebutt to you thank you very much more may be known in
scuttlebutt as elf that's my profile picture I'm not just trying to put anything out there but yes arms l4 Zanna and I've got a background of seven years in digital fabrication
Asajj the Fablab scene and I'm a grant writer for scuttlebutt that's why I'll be talking about scuttlebutt today so I
might take this off because I was making noise so what scuttlebutt can we get a really really quick how many people here have heard about scuttlebutt before whew that's pretty good okay second question how many people got on scuttled by okay
that's not all of you those of you who had heard about it but didn't get on and yes so the rest of you will be telling you what's good what's about so scuttlebutt it's a really strange name right that's like the first reaction everyone has so scuttlebutt originally
it's a sailing term for for water container it's slang for gossip which is also why scuttlebutt is creative whoops it's called the gossiping protocol so scuttlebutt was created for by Dominic and when he was living on a boat and he was like huh I'm living here on a boat but I want to talk to all my friends what should I do well I'll build my own protocol of
course that's the first thought everyone has right so he did and scuttlebutt was born so it's a peer-to-peer gossiping protocol so some of you might be curious what specifically is that it's not a centralized system most people here should recognize this casual one actually oh wait let me check you yeah okay it's more like whoops double this so it's distributed network with distributed not decentralized if any one
case but that difference or this or which is by the way a picture of Andre stalls actual network and this is a
picture of mixes Network simply put it's
kind of like this you got your friends you got your friends friends this you
can see and you can store on your computer then you got your friends
friends friends this you can't see but you can store except if you're using patch Bay then you can also see it but and beyond which you don't even know exists so that's how we communicate so to point this out this also means that no one else knows you exist which makes it very difficult approximately right now we're around ten thousand
users on scuttle but the thing is afterwards the thing is we're not sure that's the exact number because it's impossible to actually be able to tell how many people are out there do you really want it okay so this means there can be communities using these in a mesh network village somewhere for example or it could be yeah something else and that's like
physically impossible like it's not
possible with the protocol so that's like the basics of it but there's also pubs and pubs are basically okay what if
I want to know more people than the people who are within my friends friends friends reach you know what if I want to know someone else videos with the shrooms not sure mushrooms such as a shout out to glyphs out there who does that then we got pubs and pubs is a very very
green analogy is actual physical pub so you go there you meet some people that are outside of your Friendship Circle you talk you hear their gossip about their friends that you are not connected to and you tell them your gossip about your friends etc and essentially the scuttlebutt protocol is very much replicating how real human interaction actually happens rather than a
centralized system which would be more like huh I take everyone's data and then I tell everyone what they need to know I'm sort of very generalized ok so there's a few quirks with the
scuttlebutt and similar kind of protocols sometimes so there's communal data privacy it's impossible to see the others data unless they are in your network proximity that's what we mentioned previously right you've got offline usability so this is one that surprises most people because most people think internet oh I need a connection well you don't so it's completely usable
in much communities and over for example a snake or nut and third Cork you've got
free listening this is more of a design quirk but it's still one that's very important I think and so rather than a top-down censoring there's a choice of blocking so you can choose to not listen rather than mm removing revoking
someone's right to speak then we got the fourth cork which yeah it's in the air a
little bit but it's hardware bound so the SSB accounts are tied to the device they're on no passwords and more difficult to swim which yeah it's um it could be discussed but still it's Hardware bound so no passwords which currently means you if you have an account you can't like log in with the same account on mobile and then use it on your computer as well you have to have like two different ones yes what if you lose your device though if it's Hardware bound that sucks this has happened to me so that's where Dark
Crystal comes in and I hope Dan is okay with this because we've done this before but he's gonna explain a little bit about Dark Crystal
interacting with the protocol is the
sole custodian of a private key try and imagine something really precious which
if you lost it you would lose access capacity and affordances so I'm not
talking about a possible or a bank card those things you can go to a central authority and you can replace them if you lose your password to Facebook you
could go through some process I chose
showing them an identity card or some other identifying feature which they would determine binds to you the human who's the owner of that account in peer-to-peer systems that there is no
company there's no central authority to
whom you can go and jump through whatever process to regain access so if
you lose your private key you are
screwed in p2p world this is your digital identity and if you lose it you're screwed that's very fragile password managers are hard about 17% of
all bitcoins which I will ever be minted have statistically looked like they've been lost if you literally can't pay people to keep this stuff secure I think
it indicates that it's right problem to
solve and that's really what we've been working on with Dark Crystal if you're a Harry Potter geek think Horcrux if you're not Harry Potter geek
it's a mechanism which leverages human
relationships and trust and you weave a spell saying of my five friends let's say my mum my dad two brothers and my best friend as long as three of these
people out of the five confirm and grant
me access then you can regain the original secret in this case it might be a private key without themselves holding
the shards the piece revealing anything
to them so it's pretty exciting it hope that helps Thank You damn who's right here actually
no oh oh sorry about that let's say you're what okay another Kiwi that was I have yet to actually meet Dan and person and there's a lot of people out here that is like the first time we meet because we work online only so it's it's pretty exciting to be here like running around Skyrim scouting who could be that person on scuttlebutt yes so yes this is Dan he's
a founder of black AIDS and acclaimed crypto girl so how do I use scuttlebutt
the actual usage of scuttlebutt could
look like this this is patchwork patchwork is the recommended one to use in once you start using scuttlebutt and but there's many other because remember scuttlebutt is only the protocol and then you can place many different interfaces and applications over it so
you got many verse which is the mobile client which Andre stalls released like two months ago and we got patch Bay
which Dark Crystal currently is being run via and it's more experimental easier to change than patch patch work
tic-tac which is like a blog stylish and and then you got more specialized applications because obviously you don't only have to use like a social media
interface you could also for example say chess that's you or you can make book
reviews applications or skill sharing
applications and it goes on and on and on pretty much anything that has to do with connections between people
so this is when we get to the second part how the scuttlebutt sit into the future oh what a yummy question before oh did I
not add that oh I had this gif is that
coming soon wait yes okay let's just jump to the gift because it's fun let's do the waves before because we're gonna get like shift a little bit now you've heard about scuttlebutt you know what it is now we're gonna kind of talk about like more futurists so could we try out quick wave starting from over there spreading downwards going up here spreading backwards is that possible
are you guys capable of this yes yes are you down person over there stand up if you're already okay we got it it's ready okay it's song we're going yeah [Music] good job people okay so instead we'll go
back of it because we're switching we're
talking about the future and we're talking about solar Punk
so Solar Punk is a common futuristic
approach it started as a sci-fi genre which many people in this kind of community also very much enjoys it's a way of looking at how we can shape the future and it's also an aesthetic um or gifts sometimes so there are very very
many different views of how the future could be so we're I'm talking right now so obviously I'll be presenting my view and what maybe some of my friends and I talk a lot about but there are as many different future views as there are people so none of this is fact swish but mmm yeah take it with a grain of salt so obviously I put this in the
wrong ways thing we're will be coming from the perspective of digitally fabricated society so Solar Punk also kind of merges very much technology with ecology and how to live sustainable in a world without ravishing it but still utilizing the developments we do have in the knowledge we do have in a good way
so there are a few ingredients that I kind of like cherry picked for this so it's sad City machines building machines open source ecology and electronics home production or home electronics production whatever you want to put it so we start with fab city fab city is an initiative it's an offspring from the Fab Lab movement it's globally connected city for local manufacturing and this is kind
of a map ish with a few of the countries but as you can see I'm not gonna read all of these cities out but you can see that there's many and they're all kind of connected in this big network of cities who have proclaimed themselves
for local manufacturing so you got Paris in there you got Barcelona in there you got Sousou you got Oakland and Detroit etc etc that's one ingredient these are
just flavors then we got machines building machines machines building machines is kind of the component that can accelerate this movement cuz sure you want local manufacturing but are you gonna buy all the machines yourself like is everyone gonna spend a bunch of money to buy them no that's unsustainable but if you get the machines to build the machines who can then continue building machines get this rapid movement going on right so machines building machines is a movement that was also started
philippic started you know slow together with MIT so philosophic started is a Fab Lab sprung out of bit rough the hacker space in a strong beautiful place and they've built the first large-scale open-source CNC machine that's completely parametric and parametric means Excalibur and you can build a
small-scale CNC machine with the same design so a C&C a good one is all you need to build all the other machines so we got the first key which is pretty damn cool so what else kind of machines we want to build well we want to be able to
saying ourselves right so we got open source ecology right open source ecology is amongst one a project where they're building 50 I think agricultural machines and in order to locally produce the food you want and also because the way the industry around farming works is
a little bit corrupt and we also have projects such as Romi Romi project is robotic micro scale
farming and they've just received a bunch of funding from European Union yes to develop small-scale farming in Barcelona here's a brief map on
different farms across Europe which have started or in the process of actually becoming digitally fabricated bull farming spaces yes another one which we
mentioned previously this morning was libre silicon which is really really cool it's first time we've kind of completed the kit now we can build computers from scratch and you can do it in your basement um but this one specifically
was for semiconductors which was like the missing link and this is another it's an isp programming board which is
standardized by MIT which they use in fab Academy which is hosted all across the world and yeah it's just yet another example of how easy it is to make
circuit boards alright so all that is cool right but what does it really mean
it means shoes no but so to wrap this up
we're gonna use an analogy so the analogy starts with shoes so let's say you want your shoes because that's something we all use it's something we all need right let's say you want shoes but you don't want to buy them so you decide to learn how to make your shoes fabulous right but let's say the
neighbors around you they're like huh I want shoes too and previously what we had to do was obviously well if one city learns has like a shoemaker well then another city has to have one person who spends all their time learning how to make shoes that's a lot of time consumption so you have this one city they learned how to build shoes you have another city they learn how to build shoes you have another city they learn how to build shoes that's a lot of learning of how to build shoes that's happening right so what if you just have
one person learn how to build shoes and then they share that information open-source llena so many people can build shoes Wow it's incredible and then
what if you have like villages spread out across the world building shoes and making open-source designs from maybe even like toilets or like houses or like showers or kitchen equipment and they're connected in a network then they can share together and continuously develop the resources and the knowledge on how to actually live which is a knowledge that's somehow managed to be forgotten in modern society so yes a quick side
not to this I recently heard from
Europe's future research director I don't know if there's the thing that somehow that was kind of a title the ideas I think are currently getting into the market of building micro factories instead of stores so you can go in there with your old shoe they'll reuse materials break it down and then you can buy the new design you don't actually have to buy the material for the design so that's kind of their new thinking concept of how to develop these stores so shout out to hackers out there but yeah yes so for this we need digital files right and how do we spread digital files well our means our roads are kind of being compromised in current society which is sad and so this is kind of how I ended up on scuttlebutt I was talking to Alex he's sitting right there cold lane on scuttlebutt and here's a I was like oh you know it's billed as new society and like if we're actually gonna do it and have a change make a change in the world we really need to have like means of communications that can't be compromised but and here's like huh haven't you heard of gotta buy or that's that's project shout-out or ipfs shoutout as well and I was like no I haven't what is this and then I got on and yeah story continues but either way to get back what we were talking about digital files and we need to be able to spread them um and in order to move
freely we need new protocols which is what dr. ipfs and scuttlebutt can do and new protocols could be in Freedom of Information and scuttlebutt could mean Freedom of Information so that's why I'm on scuttlebutt yes welcome to the scuttle verse that's it for me thank you
[Applause] thank you do we have questions in the room please
go to the microphone number one or number two because the people on the stream also have wants to you so who's
first one to what I think number two was the first so your question please so how does couple BOTS actually work
what's the transport layer what's the transport layer do you use Wi-Fi use bluetooth to something custom previously I think you can use sneakernet you can use we're actually developing or some people are I don't know who exactly but I've heard rumoured using Bluetooth and you can use mesh networks you can use regular Wi-Fi choose your means you can use a radio if you really want to yeah so what is implemented right now currently there's been people researching Bluetooth as I mentioned I thought I heard a rumor was radio something that's been in the air no yes yes then we've had I know
mesh networks actually like protocols built for mesh networks have also been researched upon personally that's the one I'm looking into the most yeah obviously regular Wi-Fi as well yeah thank you microphone number one please you stated that information spurt via scuttlebutt won't travel more than three degrees of separation but what about pops of someone in your network John's a pop won't he flood all his network to prove a pop yeah and because pop usage is common you should get a fully connected graph yes and now so what's pretty common now
in the early stages that's kind of
what's happening we think obviously we don't know but that's what we think so mmm since the community's small enough fish that a lot of people have joined similar pubs there's a pretty cohesive
use case of the pups but you're also very capable of just joining your friends pub for example or setting up your own pub or not using pubs which is not super recommended but it's possible yeah I think that answers the question
ish do you want to add on through it no thank you for that and microphone number two please hello I have questions so you know how people use me do you hear me now yeah okay so you know how people use social media it what talk to your friends they might like okay talk to your friends so why key weight for example white person Wow so I forgot my question okay so if a person like wants to talk to their friend of a book they don't that their friend has a Facebook account so that you just use Facebook so like and you said like skull that has become our community so how do you ties people to join if there's not many people use it yet so how does this cover address this problem hopefully I'm just my question oh actually I think Andres thoughts would be better at answering this question because he's more into the whole bringing scuttlebutt to the masses personally I think we're still in a phase where there's enough things we need to set mmm more stable and before it reaches the massive public let's personally but I think as any other network I mean it's the biggest question for any social
media ever out there how do we get users you know it's it's what they always ask and you could say we could use the route
of echo villages and echo villages using scuttlebutt or we could use the route of showcasing how much better it is with data privacy or we could use the route of waiting for society to become infringing enough on people's privacy that they have to use scuttlebutt or etc you know but yeah I it's not a goal of mine so I'm not the best person to answer that and results would be much better to answer that yeah do we have a question from the interwebs no so far is it yes no okay so microphone number one please hello my name is matyoo I'm already member for scuttlers for two years and it's more like question for audience since we don't meet in real life can we have some family photo people who are on scuttle but if you come up here we can take a picture together it'll be one of the biggest crabs made nice connecting in real life
I love that microphone number two please so before even centralized social networks or it won't exists and people were kind of worried about what happens if someone creates lots of fake accounts and there's a simple attack now because scarlet box is distributed and how does that work the scuttle blasters do use it do you just have to manually block those accounts or is there some centralized system that blocks fake accounts so
there's no centralized system to start there if someone creates a fake account I mean define a fake account if I use an account and don't use my real name is that a fake account well I mean just like if you you yeah three degrees of separation and we just add lots of bots to your edge Network through that degree of separation and then applied your feed with nonsense okay well there's two responses there number one there's the whole hardware thing but usually when you create an account it's kind of tied to the hardware it's hard to run multiple instances of scuttlebutt from the same computer but mmm that could also be round about it eventually if research comes on enough the second answer would be the whole you can block people so yeah it's a little free listening non censoring thing okay the last thing and you said that I think you mentioned that the grass on the first layers it was it was distributed but not DIYs Oh could you repeat three easier on there well if the first layers you said it was distributed but might be centralized could you kind of expand on that a little bit horn or had a great fight about this I did a talk with him recently and it's there's like if you actually search difference between distributed and decentralized there's this beautiful picture you can get where it shows like the mapping of a centralized system it's like the whole node in the middle that's giant and those like small peaks and then you have a mapping of a decentralized system where you have the big nodes and you have like everyone kind of criss crossing but also very much on focusing on the nodes and then you have the whole distributed system and the distributed system it's more direct between peers to
peers to Pierce appears to peer-to-peer spirits but some people may argue what about pups that makes it decentralized right obviously yes and no because you don't have to use pups so yeah so in this case I think we're done
thank you very much people on a 1 + 4 z [Applause] [Music] [Music]