Circumventing video identification using augmented reality

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Circumventing video identification using augmented reality

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Circumventing video identification using augmented reality
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Video identification is the process of establishing the identity of a person via video chat. The person to be identified has to show his face as well as her official ID card to the camera. This lecture gives a step-by-step tutorial on how such video streams can be augmented with computer-generated official ID cards, including all visible watermarks.
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[Music] but no speaker is jan luis computer science team talk to the aachen a lever about so benting video identification using augmented reality resort camera
speaker hello talking about video
identification is almost forwards last video identification video
Identification is the process for Identification remotely is exactly that like sex and the city music video chats nikon skype especially that 's it then conquer call center operator user Exempel use cases are like the future council on tyson schools center germany
for some of its use cases that's it ball comes to story has had on the
of the processor i'm gone to show you 1 down to payback account form of mine my flatrates and because of a laser this online consumer bank and will more information what created by call
center operations information on verify that as me and dan from the happy hour
usa too present multicard like came to trouble because they wanted someone marks on at water a laptop so lighting in rostock prof in addition a plug shortly watermark sense was in between the drop of course Dutt White was in the edit working budget is okay that's one of 191 god sinking ok this love can really be fake to the house is of course security check in my car tuning webcam is yet word made for dancin lesser as a colorful show what i found out the
back to the work flow of video
identification together institution for financial oversight lvt last exactly workflow what the hev met right into the corner consideration success correctly identified with the water Camp screenshots of the text is correct text matches personal information like this and so in front of fc image our card majesty Personals webcam also half finger in front of five 2 1 in
front of my face a mosque and is immediately to when the motor presse screenshots of the 2 halves brought cars for a few seconds in exactly this position and angel 116 screenshots for the time being last video identification what we are going to now is as look johaug infektes webcam
footage Body of proof of concept of results with some small out also not resting images of video footage practice discounts lighting conditions have to be exact delight work flow through its first great images lay textures templates and exports from texas to edges so card realistic he leans , according to the credit card with the People of Portsmouth always came here that's hank of the ecm market motto never had one but we make some before the 12th manager expectations introduced and in
rottweil end up with this is me holdings ag cat with the water mark milligan Your real card system is as a signature wrapping enemy so let's go on and talk
about generated textures we scans to publicly available documents and find how to remove so sample sex erika Mustermann and find out what they used to wheel document walkabouts watermark with talk about how to generate watermark built in the new york rendering the card is so much as an identity card
regulation and of course group of sample images small and so page4 right click it safe as you get some hi rez temple images for use self incorrect work with a web site at the water
makkabi basically that is still space The Federal Printing Company Responsible for producing the cat bvz as a freelance journalist at awards
max wissel invisible light click our traffic light image we had water maxicard
how can use baseline grow from the
water mark saveuse backside how exactly
the quick reach out of the water max especially the swiss image of our flyer from the Bundesdruckerei as it used to
people background patterns like mr
microscopy prince witch doctor web cam
situation as webcam as herwig koller
print like macy but once webcam contrast
inversion hologram and did you know that is pretty high resolution just waiting for photoshop 1 nv and sample water mark to work with that
some images great graphic portraits as show is a show late to the skin to fake third live show effect how much does it cost So, as a rule, hexagon save the photograph of which is on stage micro by switches basically world art because the document is perfect world next
god so back side gallery pcb background patents ok microscopy sprint value of cvp
it was never gonna say something
like you can do much what the webcam can versatile
15 of the day the itu hard as just use that the same thing and put on top of it does not board for asthmatics is very easy to the movie no problem
So intense is this image's effect is like for happy meal has mcdonald's if you now go to the tent image of the six activists
these machines readable area butt set security features has a performance of sexism demonstrated in the webcam okay so together with from os
security features like move to basic and
webcam remove the basic i already island
pictures tubes traffic light images / 77
security features of which we really never to day rather cook for you consider webcam and the dynamic venues highest cart series have to change this is basically word like willi never too fekter so hard park together security features
From ollis on features can be like verified by light is not available for video identification and well thought that they want to do some video identification and the fate weekend of course in forest resolution make that image quality compression artifacts change of thierry meidling conditions are we have the week and drop of frames no problem bed internet
as well as our all easysoft webcam OK how do you have that sample textures either never access sex very much has hauke would have ok vice it will
Full on the map with forging like just use the clowns stamp from photoshop and cleartext way completely now just is simple step magic involved in the staff decided on it and in the endnote is because of text biomaterials youth stock market giant 5000 meter giant already mustermann was diary mutmasst the casting show the works next to never a depth of section liu jo of
william forsythe is out in the machinery double area's your
limit up and wikipedia now gold Issue of a used in the areas market in red and euro half of sandvik and simply dry wet when viviers mp-tec before we have another of switches used for the personal information is not the same if you look at the number of me do it for you can see the difference is the
same from ok now documented google adsense reverse from searchengineland
exempel drop it out of imageSearch engine youth and phone calls six matches executive of the usecon is the body you know the saints saturday to the customized hev that six motorcycles pacing of the exempel between the characters is all for it there webcams awo kita you have built from
saint-gobain area is what we are the
leftist photos photo zacarias in the photo willi concert as in what was the green award as well as nokia blackberry ascot really caught in the water resources on the left side of the water mark rectangle consumer cinema displays or must be black and the base texture that
is probably the com up with that simply dry using the space high res image new
jersey devils 1 YouTube x6 to Basically bord ist.foto generating watermark best 6 1 took wolf how to implement so what
that's it's very very easy Hosting model is the first thing motto Julian in the computer graphics player complete component basically counts a lot heart-blood capsule finally a ladder not so far parts from bacula systems pacific specialty basically faith in me
what a weekend of the fact that have to do x flexray zovko zdf show user based access switches generated form of
always soft here because i together with ab information
builders sample basslines extra Templates is public information about just funds is public background patterns and betting high resolution images and pdfs is maybe not good idea for cars but now with rendering the id card in a video stream this skepticism is the texts together
how have we created the car to detect industry lyrics cards and the skin fmo fingers of cards half
putting together easy park basically the think a roko marcus shoe
exchange office of fair play and we can We can do the individual texts exactly home boardslide rich marca is who natural texaners you can play break board is blade of our reputation you can use for gettings orientation 1
ff xiii image on that we have the post a tv station something is free the on a just do it would look like to image
our left the hand of the master bed because we would say the video Identification bat detector skins somehow in front of the board north edge looks pretty realistic Warcraft as show you are my fate cars which made no camera let that power
almost percent on cardboard very simple of the markers three for its members are different and changes are trade marks worldwide no chance website on malta port-au-prince plastic card online den bucks this motto work with for it is
exactly the same sights it okay my luggage brand boards are developing stars like
sting or video feed and how can you this increasingly difficult handle and so on
lined up you can not say what it takes on the grid cars just like cosmic artists the text is skin in the front of the cars first important step because we do not wanna surrender skin so what do you want information approach abbreviated this child
So cabanas will be fun in me cells ok this area of miles of image is e cards and lee inside the area is included georgia tech skin and this is basically by looking at the colors individually pixel body in jacking fc squad is especially snappy range of specific koller space which is good for detection of the direction image The lyrics may be contour on my fingers Times got the finger hotels in the skin mask ensminger does not have all sin city
basically expression coming increasingly
this is image composition pipeline our software starting with the source image of the goldauer market access as well home card is laid out in the image and information of the car is like Brother Epson hewlett packard because skate action & resorts image olive oil carton remaster because the texts sources say okay rider red card work bad oldesloe skin and space across the final results is potential
the song work tended tomcat samson blackboard about which is to follow up to cancer and my fingers with fuzzy the is also a video stream that Woods was waiting with James now it is fascinating that the clubs are fascinated the cost effects generated marca board
is not perfect page of gods form one markers different but what a difference here comes a day in the life conditions lightning conditions for creating a simple video June in direct sorry so the leitmotif Aribert so the motto be possible and never to implementers tixoo inclusion like you
an idea fiction the process of identity card cube webcam in operation noordwijk was meant to be very webcam in operation 15 preparation how duel ventilation kenshoo alibi bypass jerseys of up to minus on working
myspace home on really miss you with special knowledge and any of its loudest general trend is you can not really just any video ads by tokio
[Applause] [Music]
we have a lot of questions open stream http request
[Music] because autumn is the testing service
the block just one card of the lord is maybe the loss of things we had no choice to order motogp motivational cost one hundred instead of the new networks and video video and structure as well as network media workflow network access control charts babys mobile from microsoft pixelconcept in the video streams kenny
official moment places Federal Printing Office jedward dating built the security for video identrust question is on the front
and side of things off course they would not help some office for science in mainz shader recognizes simply data computing internet flatrates patch card around the ting tings like adobe acrobat that jobs 61 [Music] as kurt effect is because the user identity card the corestate at update any kind of research uk replays your face to the samples conference europe network account s your mother got to basics you see the prosoft astrid place in the chase continues to face so texas generated well thought about me be using other actions real engine to replace the crowd so now reliable in the aftermath fit can bubble image and stuff like the future and future we can make it supply resolution interview can be made so user computer shot the helper anymore questions then so that the
internet content questions if then something is characteristic league one before the experience motto bisevac human type video ok dolby of cars but
you know how to face but what would be Heard for the work especially efficient people were doing the working paper mate perfect answer of the basically nothing webcam will be the rally resin to fake a smiley combination would be used anything goes video identification ok pries hangman speaker
[Applause] [Music]