35C3 – Refreshing Memories: Lightning Talks Day 4

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35C3 – Refreshing Memories: Lightning Talks Day 4
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Lightning Talks are short lectures (almost) any congress participant may give! Bring your infectious enthusiasm to an audience with a short attention span! Discuss a program, system or technique! Pitch your projects and ideas or try to rally a crew of people to your party or assembly! Whatever you bring, make it quick!
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[Music] Okay so now start the lightning talks fashion day much tells how it works for the audience and the speakers Forester in front of for speakers flows in one of the front rows how can not get up on stage quickly and deliver york delivering the talk pt i see you just have to talk microphone you can not slow down and monitor hear you Do not need to check out the big screen
get data cloud in clinical part clothes and leave the stage of georgia how to listen to lightning talk with Excellent Heimkeeper The Costa Magica It in time so how do you read that Heimkeeper audio processes information display at viscom here but
calendar big screen alex would like to explain why i go to the audio vw podium table
[Music] the most of you pours active works as long as detail title-chance clean light green light cola nike that four minutes of you have plenty of time of the last
of the english these details how to
listen to this translated streams checkout frieling go.de dismissed the Factory hand in front of which team
the vips
okay so the action my name is checkout
and want to talk about web application development motivation for that is technological development and words is Complex and coordination feedback of the us monetary policy I am loose scale that is example of how michael heck spaceman is and a half men star trek meeting e mail the break starts half past semp?? m15 e mails later the same person stated that chilli again that's an example on two tenths
topic complete breakdowns compute project of communications matthias cancer
the asterisk on escalation may solution populist newsletter tool that is motivated at tiffany improved communication and least, the word news case program and questions in such a very similar platform skater topix bad thing we need something for visual discussion and success for the content is not coming soon with conergy quality days of bed focus on topic the atx at the word there it is babbel in the pz-news formulation display controversial topic
dementia in the hev ratings for the quality of the arguments has the author becks because this is somehow
superficial software web applications with a strong and bricks sun elements of Discussion surgeons of discussion and the styles of bricks this pro argument could argue question and improvement search and somerset that you know them in contra arguments argue so hepp some kind of arguments are explicit field for reference is everything argument folders for reflex open source software my job is in early stage and web developer and designer she knows her No family was chains of concept as well as hughes fulham smartbooks infineon forming ends shortly herd to individual goes up in Europe [Applause]
not at first
you can get connected without mobility
so came jonas harvesters vancouver [Applause]
high quality server concrete boxmark
contacted particle is one must contacted the duck school so there
which of me what the hell is smart could the smartphone blackberry in program running walking mosley whose the eastern block channel city ??????smart taxi Karimi included in the network security special report on special waiting list the code is public the state of the old
republic and everyone can take on track 2 in wales lot of transparency which is nice at the wittstra??e mexico ie the coast into the relatively easy from the counter and finally this shirt or lothar franz monster bakken monitise your back is like that problematic of the hit between the ex this lambert blessed conversion facebook so best and lukas impressive But you can make some money the know-how to hack in corporate sales academy picture knew too much as i can fly and first but certainly are now into the basic point was basic
checks for smart connect the giro is if your drk the offender raves in the jackson you and your head of Matter otherwise, the board for smart connect is in scans from basic singstar system before sale of dosky bruno to the mark
padmore complex expressions called because
basic offers the panels on the station are identity management online searches
sensor a webserver pattons labels sexy ladies mitschek by compliance information situation between things d finance agency most likely even finer so what is one of the witcher conveyor belt
because the famous tobacco wireless it wants a wife volker wissing out Relations with that come problems in the smartphone segment access by default [Music] Swaps or futures loses click
we know this best photo shows Degradation of the working clone goes clownfish Informational laser with experiments moment for the name tag to giulia super happy bird feedback with her can with the academic publishing week and jacket i den best features such as feasts of the team you often know report maxwell break forward a lot of worthwhile architect infinity team foundation coaches postbank from lego harry disco contact with which features convention relieves michael four inspire in front of 1000 contact centers for the contact that the problem better way for doing what you do [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] next in online communities
ok hello my name is robert dutch
if you killed baby is so some ladies have you with youthful
Patrick buy which ugly building Shaping is going back for each one of us
the 2nd
block 5 and conversions increase the
complexity helping people online [Applause] [Music]
next stop is center self fingerprinting
[Music] [Music]
next to relatively keyboard layout
24 the design of tobias levels of them but not least acura and the family with high income audio parents brackets traces program [Applause] [Music]
there are already browsergame exter as it was said
so from
how no one thinks who will advise him next
decide DARMSTADT of fire active next five talks adobe in german sochacki frieling corporation the instructions how to listen to the jam sessions last year , I was here and
that the congress had the motto do something I took this opportunity and I did something this year I'm from Darmstadt and there we have a problem as in many German cities There it is so that cycling is not is safe and unfortunately this is cycling
the only modality not sure is none of the car drove nobody came to die public transport has used around yet luckily nobody's just walking Cycling has four death victims in the last twelve months We then began to wake up there to hold and say we as civil society no longer accept that people only from a to b want to come to a death risk expose We did that for the person who belonged to us to award the surviving courage and to assure ourselves that we now have to do something
So we have seven goals how can we turn our city into one Do better and above all else looked at the points where it really hard on the main roads to the how can that be safer and have there formulated the goals both are qualitative or how accurate You can read the crossing house in our signature lists as well how many crossings should be redesigned then be with city administrations policy with measurable pressure falls am certain time limits in quantity to deliver something our formula for success has become crystallized as courage steadiness and networks sometimes you have to have a bit of courage to get out then go also headwind and you have to enduring and not stubborn but smart be and say we do anyway next and networks is and friends family endless associations but also about 70 retailers and retailers have supported us along the way have signature lists are then designed
we went out collecting for us so many signatures for one Citizens' request we have demonstrated
on the street with young families We have children once a day the possibility given carefree to be mobile on your bikes without to have to fear and show is Of course, we are changing things now
then we left in three months 11,000 signatures collected for a formal citizen requests that are 11,000
signatures compared with the vote for example, the green ones get in darmstadt is the largest group we will be a party we sat almost in fraction strength in the Of course, parliament has that respect those redeemed since the last seven years where the green ones with the cdu rule together and we green
also the mayor put that finally must pass what that nothing gets better from warm words
As a result , the government has four
million euros a year four new posts in the subject area council created mobility that means there next to the rad traffic officer This year for the first time I am answering and three employees from 2019 four more work this for these eight total people in the situation not only plans too You can also make funds solicit you can manage the projects and finally promised that too realize in parallel, we negotiate over the city ??????administration by the wheel traffic representative with Mayor about it like ours
Goals can be implemented as they our co2 of course not at all bad and also very afraid but they got ours
citizen requests also for inadmissible on the other hand we complain because we believe that reasoning the state coffers salary our demand was not feasible just not and that's why we change now if you compare before
we existed at about the same level as hamburg k??ln munich that's the almost no longer visible small rashes that was 3 euros per inhabitant and year some also say five that it is normal in Germany does not exist anymore Do safe cycling or for Cycling generally then the front runner international view amsterdam copenhagen likes to quote they 'll be between eleven today and 36 euros out and suddenly could We make our city international We are not comparable
a cube is part of one
nationwide movement in exit took the in berlin there will be mobility this year Law also issued on pressure of civil society then in bamberg now darmstadt and after and followed frankfurt kassel stuttgart also have at the congress with many people Others say they want to do that too
come to us we like to help
explain what we did right what did we do wrong and then we get better cities healthier liveable safer easier and am Children can end up like old people they are not self-sufficient mobile reliant on parents or driving services can reach their goals and we can believe that it will bring everyone forward can
[Applause] [Music]
then god casterin point place
well together i want you this today project podcast honorary place
Imagine what I put together with mine travel and michaela empty on the way brought with us so I'm yes only part of a particular podcast was babbling and for us it is always still so podcast white and male and it is only talked about technology and then you have to ask yourself how come at all on this idea i have one
Icon image brought by one event and it 's just it There are many panels that are so busy five men and six men in the case talk about podcasting
most of the time, my reaction was sooner a creep or be sad and
we think why the women do not come to word I changed at the 27 of this year
the feeling and I had one at a time irrepressible anger in me and I know that's why it's so good that it's the 27th because I was on 28 the domain pott casterin point place bought and then with michaela together and in their hot started just have to build the website
we are now twelfth since the 23rd online and of course different user groups we want to address For one we want the podcast producer and not like in her Podcast people have a profile with us create or podcast in one solid team together on the podium on the other hand , it does not use anything if profiles are created when nobody comes to the site and there so we hope so of course that will be organizer of panels Lectures and workshops also on the come to the side and after the pot casterin search our goal is simply that we are such not have to see mails as often as so far I want to get a point a bit to elaborate what are the itunes categories itunes has a total of 67
categories we have listed and nele has the female voice in the net list once evaluated and tagged and Then we started solid to use text for our website though there is exactly one category for itunes under health dealing with sexuality and all podcast in any form have to deal with sexuality rub into this one category we have
We have now decided for 174 fixed days and twelve of them deal with it sexuality and partnership so can
for example also podcast in the talk about bisexuality or about art use this catchword and can do so to be found much better
in contrast, but as of the 67 categories eight categories only a little to deal with religion that's okay if every religion is one own catchword has or own one category but I asked then we have asked us why for sexuality then everything under one category has to be is another example of what I have even more interesting was that and technology somehow one this Sammelbecken is now 16 text
dealing with technology to example also with netzkultur netpolitik programming and we just hope that many different women and podcast people are out there somewhere find again and if they are not We 're happy about that, too every suggestion has come already a bit back that a few more Many categories would and have now i am working for we think we still have 177 text
All in all our wish is natural that such tweets are not that often anymore that's just happening again entry of many the podcaster say We would like to have it more often Unfortunately, women in our podcast can be found here absolutely no and therefore we ourselves
Of course, if many are happy with us sign up and many the podcast and one special topic have just come to us and look for it afterwards Many Thanks [Applause]
Thank you [Music] [Applause]
then comes opel liege data
hello i am saskia i am with Founder of the open data initiative and we want justice with open data more transparent and indeed as we
free access to legal data but also judging laws want to create the main concern is that we legal data with technical process transmit analyze especially non-lawyers also to bring legal issues closer activists journalists and scientists as I said a main concerns are first of all primarily judge I get that are our main concern
are judgments because though judgments in the name of the people approach that is even legalized by law these are not made freely accessible So that you can concretize and to visualize we have court hearing this publicly we have the Judgment pronouncement this publicly but In the end, the verdict is often not published so you can stop the reasons of judgment as normal person afterwards
not to see, so to speak that also turns out to be problematic for journalists for example if one journalist reports on the case and He wants to use the judgment reasons then he is either reliant on the press office then actually gets the judgment reasons second hand or can but the publication of the verdict ask for a lot of effort is and takes a lot of time the publication practice in
Germany is currently very unsatisfactory only a percent 1.4 percent of the judgments published and although it even
Legally anchored is that it is a official duty admits judgments publish what even that Federal Constitutional Court looks like this with the stop in the sense not complied only if a judgment may be worthy of publication Judge decide whether it is published or not published does not always mean
It then necessarily free accessible in the sense of open data but that the judgments in commercial databases are offered they will also be significant, of course cost to bring these costs are usually afforded Lawyers but not necessarily the otto normal consumer journalists so just everybody what do you want so
why free access to legal data they want the jurisdiction make it more transparent by doing so too a subjective sense of justice objective judgment data can explain without of course the view for the to lose a single case and want because The jurisdiction is jurisdiction elementary component of the The rule of law is also visible as we are of the opinion that make official works like judgments not in the include companies handle private but according to the principle of public
my public there he has available should stand exactly and what we already have
is that we already have one Collect published judgments and also unpublished judgments at the request dishes which also with effort is connected and, above all, with cost ie we are on your help reliant Gathers trale with she sends us questions Published in courts around judgments and yes, above all things, builds on the open data platform the source code you find you go under and then I simply thank you for yours attention [Applause]
[Music] [Applause]
then comes video surveillance in the sheepfold tomorrow i am in the country
Growing up in the middle of nowhere There are now fast internet but since April also a few
lambs meanwhile bigger sheep and me because somehow I'm home I am connected and would like to be there at least on the weekend I have me I thought somehow this would be a little bit in overview keep and well then I have me
a china webcam clicked because for the the beginning is the student cheapest medium of choice he can not do much but she can Turn what she does on the network I have as far as I know For the most part, I stopped it hanged in the sheepfold that was there Quite simply because the sheepfold is right next to the house building and me
could over power over ethernet the whole cabling still have direct put a few movies on it and but then I have the whole thing alive noticed the sheep are pretty little in the sheepfold just in the summer then even no more So the whole thing had to get out somehow
so now is a house Conveniently, somebody from time to time Satellite dish has been installed I do not use them but there you can
yes even more attach, among other things radio and that's what I did
now leads out to the 150th meter away sheepfold in the middle of the willow and now I can do that monitor sheep Sheep are quite undemanding animals that's why they are not unionized or Something about privacy said I put the webcam in as first with a power bank but that has held for solutions on the day that was then I have too little at some point
I topped up this on solar All this runs now on this was a solar panel that was still somewhere I heard it belonged to a solar wheel loader regulator for somehow 12 13 euro and yes a few cables the camera has so wonderful the summer and autumn over works in winter it was a bit more critical of that now reception has broken in a bit
but there was a solution actually works yes and I have the whole thing now a bit as a fun project by the way for found me and wants to use it carry on goals for 2009 are 10
Therefore, among other things, the expansion of Windkraft So I want solar and combine wind power because among other things the temperatures and the few light in lead to autumn and winter months that the camera then mostly offline is what a pity, of course, is there There's a great project for one
even printable wind turbine helps
the patrick loves me very much Most of the parts are printed and me I'll be there winter now put and put the whole together if then a little energy in abundance should be there then I would like the whole even with the drink warmer connect that in winter Of course, a problem if the water Freeze outside then have the nothing to drink and it has to be every day we are simply changed a work relief and yes several
camera crews perspectives why? Actually, there is not a nice simple one Solution with the raspberry pi for example I will definitely not try it and play and if the whole works and if that makes sense makes sense, then I would like synonymous like the sheep would just as provide assistance then maybe you can do it at home lies and no sheep have relaxed count sheep at night whether the whole thing will work out in the I'll show you next year report on the next Congress if someone can offer help
in the direction of solar wind power combine
The whole report you like or if you Whimsical ideas have how to do the whole thing The sheep can still further expand are as they have fun and I as Thank you very much
[Applause] [Music]
Thank you then comes chaos potts
Hello, my name is something that's the reason and we both teams even perfect just like you would like to know about give a referral and if you are Somehow, we are planning to meet our friends to found or an exception group at to establish you, because it is now the congress you liked so much but you do not have anonymous that does or what you turn to whom can and you want to you just once inform and searched somehow also connection or had no preference somehow ask and would like the get somehow answered then there is the couch space for it is this Bad is not for robots but said ambassador and what are you doing there How do you find them ? So this ccc side is called that regionally and there you will find a list because the local recorded and the according to shopping and that
always looks like if that's relatively good but there you see it then still some white spots on the map and there you can do something about it Company entertain accordingly take a break or found something yes so and you see where then already so about regional next av or financially and then you can with those
just ask for it and say how do not come along somehow king and unite or kind of like I get there somehow a cheap wait then it should be there actually give place of purchase and yes if you this is too complicated can
her also make her substratum on the kaust rapeseed mailing list that is actually relatively easy if you Follow these three rules to send first male shop assistant subscribe get a confirmation mail and there it is in the small line in it that you should send a replay on the e-mail and otherwise please Do not change anything if you do that right then you are at once on the meeting and then you can just send an e-mail in and then you're pretty much all Captured and curled trips and you can once ask the question how to example I'm near by paderborn great here the next success from meeting or anyone with the Aggressive to talk can do something else we have an irc channel in the name raute regio in the back in there you can just got a hook now also a web interface that means there then you can just look at her child
points and you do not need a little one Safe what was easy in the browser and the enter channel regio and then you should their friendship otherwise through
now inform a little bit what shopping port actually does and there led up but yes so we do that now everything was too boring because he already your nerves have your chaos of that we are all that, then you are very like to be invited we also cultivated a chaos the current especially with a list in the doku way there you can register if that's missing or if you're already in it is there any chaos find space and where that is very nice if you are already established in his Victims then maybe one still has you drive once a month to another job city ??????or visit people somewhere and sees there maybe more Do a little chaos or do you? nothing is there yet you can do accordingly also offer help times can look which are first know with the chaos at all and yes how can the better with the whole mess in connect germany then there is just this in view a list and also in the wiki you will find under s 0 points and under doku
ccc deca sports you will find also even more information what you as karlsbad should be able to or should how best to find one you will find that there ne pas man on free comes the password
for the ducati of course you get then from the colleagues yes that will be ok
yes yes so assured later the construction and 2001 as well as in the conception open source project preding however
so slowly on the well- rehearsed the comedystreet group international committee singapore in the suction
this summer project assistant you anyway this summer events upcoming
Unfortunately events will be like that
Leave a Comment
no what the funds have taken yes that was the cds
so that 's it said nothing
of course something vietnam
that is so water throwing the
Oberstdorf until 2015 the event of vienna to that is the ring of international committee speakers business on open source yes so to speak
we are here program so that water high school dance criticism was
critic the centralstation cluster yes we open source as was katharina nuclear oma yes , what the patient's what you are
the really active in the open source community to comment on a micro
well, science lab why that's even still the project mercury the community is explained in the market and that goes so that's for
marco yes that was in sexau with this which one never knows is the plug and I've got some of the upcoming events of the
Frosta had to spend the departure have to now I know it
[Applause] [Music] [Applause]
even that then probably OK
okay said wallner here to talk about develop apps and smartphone extension open hardware 11.11.11 to reform because
active help desktop apps and connected devices inc the usb standard connect to make any
case of measurement so here is one
picture Economist from smartphone apps connector usb device that's one early edition for example trend like this
this detail to the whole of the oscilloscope component for multimeter
logic analyzer wave and generate instruments instruments can access follows the softphone six feet deep in the wall instruments implement the esprit structures and very quickly so
activ development project would have form factor investment is adriano mega Access can also be from factor and bluetooth support from wanzl linux
desktops winfuture exchange project for
community project germany and the us
people for the world in the fraunhofer
institute germany the largest community project to produce the hard way he needs to come on us Funding ii and is quite normal tutu the usa fact that member states that
dominique something is becomes a factors and obedient partie in germany Reporter at Frauenhofer Institute below that but obediently to rudi wais to expand the long will be the appearances knows so close to the people are and work friedberg
MediaPad and ten years of them better for the environment process engine and
Two pair of the production of the dlf
lessons learned illness and therapy Shuffle it to a red like to produce theron hardware please come to us open
hardware community with folders mentor in the community bunny good feedback and learning sme has eleven let came thomas fox on the animal is the no
pictures sony wants in the 2 jack lemmon component find and lots of
lessons learned to be shared by me and
told that we have the waste watcher webworks traffic light last sent to the video and
future again in workshops tutorial education and peace talks about how we
can create or what you want your sex and the city was here for the white workshop at the same time come to us
[Applause] [Music]
hoppe software accessibility okay we
need to talk about software accessibility and what can go wrong there because of me as I am totally computer and sometimes As a win, users often turn it on
different mistakes that are so different projects actually implement that That's why I will not have to be you Just imagine five things today Personally, that's relatively common to me Run away I would like to start with picture descriptions if you are in the
Internet searches for images then it is already a rarity that pictures times actually somehow described and when they are described then can be found in this picture description often irrelevant information or Information not on this images are actually visible It is very important that you are in picture description just the things these things are actually listed to see the picture and also the most important things in this picture as very first name because screenreader users in the EU are always only one step forward
Okay, keep going with that one stepping forward is important for the
next slide because this also has to be behind the scenes be constructed so that the logical it makes sense to just make me feel good from the one context in the complete others jump and that's important These elements are simply neat label and if you like this when you see them in interface then also still localized then you should also this label please definitely localized otherwise you have afterwards mischmash of languages ??????and that is in fact very very burns please even if the user has some action
executes the focus change if there something happens and the user turns in the app in the concrete one completely different context than before The label should also make sense revealed at the mirror you have up there eg The hamburger does have a wikipedia entry is normal for the otto users are not exactly understandable and
please do not celebrate in yours either
job ads for accessibility testing that does not happen that is not good then social media and
social media networks exist in fact often the option to write a picture description this image description will help blind people and visually impaired users what you see in your picture that you unfortunately it costs but for example at twitter so this function they will be hiding in accessibility menus hiding that otto normal consumers will have this option never find because they just think they will not really be relevant for you it is the same with twitter that whole disabled by default please do not do that but give it users directly the possibility somehow to write a picture description if you even content with you can post that's just important and if you are self accessibility features build volt for your app then please also sure that you first in the operating System options look like that for that already implemented but if he the to pull in there somewhere could be just apropos these relevant
Information that is relatively common to example at the mirror here in the middle you can see that on the foil relatively well as has the has the image of the article exactly the same text as this article Please avoid header so take what eg the picture from the focus web content out that's easy not relevant if we are there twice hear the same when we say we can only do one thing at a time We want to hear that one thing Do not listen twice when we are already skip and please ask also sure that we really all that can achieve what is relevant for the use of the app because it could The app will then happen to us in the the final result is completely useless is
also very important if you have any building communication services communication service tournament with it people can communicate there community to discuss something and it has happened to me personally that as I said so it is me personally already happened that communitys in which I participated was there have switched to such platform and then you and then you pretty much excluded feels just not there be taken into consideration who this community then who can use this he can use platforms, for example Telegram kilogram is in many parts the world very well known and very very so widespread please ask Just sure that people do that not only can screen like that
users are affected by it as well people who switch controls use the just not touchscreens or can use traditional peripherals so again a larger group please make sure that's for everyone is accessible
please contact with via e-mail or covered here if you have to ask Many Thanks [Applause]
next stop is how to generate inside network
my name is human
so is
climate change communication concretely
argue the commodity expected live spaces including the manager of mcadams
wright polo cup very reflective and the dark ocean lodge completes this
national guest in siberia the national fair the consulting of the gas is you reading the atmosphere
this is the ocean acidification verisign ssl tls forest diarra 2011 2015 the
hottest 2006-2010 hcd is complete and
the climate change is real the official special effects
Bangladesh is world famous
for the atlantic ocean review of physics that's so much more natural disasters
of course africa fleet after water and
the very cent example with the future climate change the city star kristin
experienced runners of the effects though the affekte directly because of the waves of refuge directly badakshan
effects director jay z zt
the rapid growth of the grass grows movements of extension dalian we try to
influence political political
this is currently parliament but parliament
open source parliament us open source crm
software we can be instruments of democracy
democracy in this session hacker
games climate change we made you in my country before kick off is monsanto do something that you can not display it change and think about it and climate
change strongly let climate change is real and the next up is really title
Open hardware in free software camera for long reach the perception in hemsbach news network
powerpoint karaoke pictures is ok
on essential talker the job is that continium the ex day with escorial linux
windows mobile devices this unfortunately starts now hangs me an update yes okay a professional of me but something i associated with least once congress with checkmate uploaded is okay gets loud
ranger if so a media control and big screen bay lightning talks amid a helped men as navi costs would be here conference call de coster
press conference here as close as open hardware software camera videos from
windows vista bikowski the job one of
rostock pairing stayed that way for big brother from the android market android
webos android is a giant talent Android like you microsoft googles [Music] Android google operating system cord future.de licensed by much
so what happens that the sound of
billionaire android ios android and
linux wince composer android android
apps and performances android apps
Android hardware abstraction layer before rating systems touran with android 3.1 android system drugs in the usa
[Applause] [Music] [Applause]
[Music] server security community
that 's the people
the thing in amsterdam
Now with picasa cast you can see it's him bookmarks work next openid connect
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that is [Applause] [Music]
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[Music] [Applause]
[Music] the show off to last call open hardware
and software Ok, if we had won, it was a huge one
is in germany and builds lightning talks [Music]
hello I 'm leaving and I have
a habit and I do lightning talks just for fun meanwhile since 30 23 and last year I and I and so on a little talk about things the you ran and there was a situation this dries it so beautifully
if and then because I'm over if we do that again
a little lightning talks yes that I also have something for a short time Now I thank you for introducing me have with the lightning talks and 30 23 then nick farr started that Staffelholz quasi handed over there we sat in a small team next to them the stage and out of this team has become then either but this little team with alex and more developed and then would be such a reference for beginners very useful There have been many by now smaller chaos events in other cities make the lightning talks and there are
it's just a lot to learn that we want all this experience i stop still carry a bit outward
Accordingly, I'll do it shortly further in principle one organizes here a small meeting we have here now in the congress, for example, 60 to 70 Lecturer that is an effort you should not underestimate because you have much more traffic with the people who want to abstain here That's why you have to think make your own processes efficient handling for the whole History does not only happen because that is not important for the organization but also for the speaker because then you can to take care of her more sensibly It is important that somehow tool supported works you have it with the multi made that went pretty well though there is such a grand unification of information about the congress with botox or the trot then it is too important that you regulate the essentials previously explained so you just not the all mails must answer the still want to clarify open questions and actually is an important point to divide the work and one a bit dispensable one I just have a single point of failure already said that is still not quite so successful I'm also grateful for suggestions there you can join the organization team Report and that's it
As for the organization would not be so
It's a bit of what I am have experienced so tell if his I want to make a conductive pot
maybe a project imagine that has the question who should make place my suggestion is if you have new ones he's really enthusiastic right now wants to get in take that because he has fun in the matter He also wants to have fun with it bring as I also do I 'm really just doing it for fun the lightning talks if your english
not the best is in German this is now also the express
example that I want to show it It makes sense to have a lecture in German to get down to the wonderful 10s alinghi team leave
and if you have a little problem This should get a foil on English not reasonable
then come in officially asking after you like to help the last slide is always useful for to use contact information You should also see that you stop one moment remains that the the at least one people great coarsely can capture very practical from what the location the congress is to drill to find maybe a qr-code to scan the other typical things are gone whatever the most important thing is Lecture practice loud and with stopwatch the tippgeber at the beginning of the stopwatch if possible outside the field of vision If it's a cell phone, just pack it turn around that you can see each other with many information on that you can limit essentials the films have a little more on it and
Slowly practice with the stopwatch I start I do it tenderly age 39 years old guitar lessons started and my guitar teacher says I always get sick faster and faster you by yourself if you can and that the same applies equally to lightning talks if you really have time
to make this suffering gate I am Most of what I then the whole do a little bit more on the edge so maybe over Christmas then when I am really good maybe even at the congress first when you press with the finished thorsten There is more fun on the spot this time really done it again i have so a hotel in the morning so the last made small things Here I really relaxed me the other things, however, heard for example a poetry-slam where I am so it's done it is also worth the whole more pleasant Papa Lightning Talks last years to watch times to look what's that arrived what makes me
fun when I look for example great then suddenly out of these abstract stick figure maybe be figures from south park or otherwise something to look at little things what did I enjoy that could Maybe I could maybe Similarly, I do not care park I want to take peanuts take something like that the direction that's worth it it really does that all the better still as a request from the orgateam man
needs as robust as possible universal file formats pdf with funds embedded there there is just an export function iso something pdf 1 stroke 1 times have to this one was in there too i have here too a separate fund and when exporting with keynote to the pay attention to image resolution the one naturally has the disadvantage If you have one, you have your own foils
So, if you have a nice presentation you still keep your own notes like that
you can stop or you can see them next slide but with your own notes there is a really cool old work around he calls himself I also have notecard and also practice if you are here now people meet and they start saying yes what are you doing now yes i 'm doing tomorrow another lightning talks and then do not run away then you have an audience where you practice can it uses track because that max perfect is true really as well Practicing helps and then you really have
fun with what you're doing here and in this sense, I thank you for
your attention and I thank you ever in advance for the people who then maybe that too a bit to the court and the hot talks next year this year I could not afford everything I will watch everything where I am saw then has a few things they really have me back blown away that was really fun to look at and These five minutes apiece you can Thanks a lot for your coming to the
speakers excellence for speakers ok and stands here in the photomontage translation team especially difficult difficult session translate to petersberg
[Music] [Music]