35C3 – Refreshing Memories: Lightning Talks Day 2

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35C3 – Refreshing Memories: Lightning Talks Day 2
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Lightning Talks are short lectures (almost) any congress participant may give! Bring your infectious enthusiasm to an audience with a short attention span! Discuss a program, system or technique! Pitch your projects and ideas or try to rally a crew of people to your party or assembly! Whatever you bring, make it quick!
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[Music] where does this lightning talk a day come from to and for the congress of use the first time here in any talks in your dreams at least a rating of picassos first time i saw the introduction presentation right now to tell you how the station works for the speakers flows in from rosetta stage quickly when your car is coming up called every torrent title and if simply the live talk how to
deliver york ranger behavior host important talk into the microphone Do not go away from the microphone sonhnes John ran podium do not turn around
to look at yourself ex factory as cost of the time you can hear what is being that you can monitor down here we can choose life center johnnie to turn around the news is leaked insanely sorry The clique here is finally here here after you ready to cloud and clearly finish and i'm very important get your clothes and leave the stage [Applause]
a doctor underwent the stage one because they have something to tell how audience how to listen to lightning
talks simple the excellent step Heimkeeper detail Keeper is whiskey white here rich ross constructed by big alex oberwerries operating about also finally by letter explain hosting works with most of you know how to the works
by now is the time of managers long as its new first from experts
this is what a need you think you build know how of the work
translation sabbaticals frieling georg Preliminary information and how to listen to me translations last session is first up
[Music] automobile construction doping system apartment on
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website usability web video
sodeli lovers cage and say please Paris orsay as costa called for videos the trailer dobel because a billett long videos you can find there video as jerry cotton valley stream was the shit of faking signal on a double six fix apple ipod touch is ring ev Training on the weir in the recording turns tobias welz camera into german which the friends of the happy and we have to you
next up is kid space
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the website electronics project the
bubble or components patch components be a problem
on the 7th
the chipdesigner components josef
Kubitschek and theorized document project are positive user experience agreed open science have it in
[Applause] [Music]
next time
Do not have to work out is completely up
the hacker of colt hacker for climate last about it in Bonn nations climate
change conference hacker ago
that's all sorts of people from all over the planet of the picasa experience or
understand how to politics works and
talking by astoria power aladag is absolute the situations for distribution agreement acros one hundred two hundred country is different politics as action centers not going to happen
The Ministry is value to watch girls
by changing climate change study climate
change made in africa worth drastically
that's the easy one of the silence of the
the biologika webos playground in milan and if you happen to be in
kazakhstan that's the only nuclear weapons and
climate change history or marty professional clubs have a tipping point discovery and stable and france
this balance still partly direct action extra in the yellow west moment quarter
with my little bit more overland storage of thinking rides on swine influenza
while roger telling the government hey you please do know the crisis was built [Music] the government is building the city 2 the glass pictures with tools hook organization actively in politics
That's the organizers, though on internet in the internet industry a sinking how to make this protest in the online space center of the fair of government berkshire hashaway biology in parliament wants to be a school word full but around President of the politician of united
nations relative witcher consensus consulting changes is more forward Can you blog a provocative policy
[Applause] of the body mind operating system
My name is operating systems rating
systems practical system software No use case of the braking system to be development manager of music
son samuel principles may be only one
because of them to work life
ok power channels must be next
just better
[Applause] [Music]
First off is how need to do better if cyberpunk think the catastrophe out of the new popstars la carte d or
maybe problems of the problem
the bank
[Music] the st
the next top event timetable at tbs ob your smartphone to smartphone smartphones
android smartphones the multimedia of newcomer sam
Visual afford the integrated alarms
weekend setup alarm stoxx upfronts i can get away on the other side of congress building inspector list on alarm center customer things about the timing and put sound of caddy updates again
for the giant animal and congress because they are so many changes in consideration Changes in to the disposer of notifications of the can you can disable the updates and changes to refresh button you can go into the android settings and channel of the meeting and events in theo
cellars are integration project have to install the website introduction to the basics in the background is the sound of slain boys day software and system to organize talking tree top walk team connex or beta systems software release one basin to 2007
he is many people using the box
the management inc j programming of Ticket to ride and help with the project because that is totally nice at the moment
developer and so on [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] Next is car purchases tip switches [Music]
hams hall i like the mill project cars
that question what the minimum also can without Tatari 26 act recognizes that computer evaluates something like that you because that's amore teenager gettings done but to me one thing brass tv minibar cordes is program he is the finepix casey the story hardcore user interface you can use bbcode the and evan rogers jost ipswich is the campaign looks like the press code Electric cars server chips enabled da the service will be switched off to the net kiedis possible because of the emergency programs composer use of space land the something Pace is the US Army you have to stop bisserl the gentlemen got the late on the damned is just randy abbey corsin des contextual maxi the type of joko 200 institute video lines and identi is that word the downpipes pioneers of these the only ones are useful institute demo every thunderstorm again for background though the cpu starks the front door special mail addresses the user to user centered sector so the system is the indian Make yourself a song like that like the first three weeks of them out my thing that can be achieved through tina music and of course at two races at once are also not in a position nature calls 50 61 how does s data meters wide before the free buys paradis can be optimally the trick who is there caring what inside martin molitor is at just shifting get out and writing pastry is in sing sing sing the deck is different is something else than the hardware Engram areas checking the spin papers tec industries to come to barry cellphone because discotheque mgm service sales k??ring remember that they can be enter into the points the interested director for using the web is f zero zero zero fff the homeland guard searching for something in the man of the times reset vector sony move it around the dress the red line is the vector has except is the criticize the the disrespect this green line as the bmz starts the research academy of this crisis those we think you are working just fine for ratings is that the lynx running and this is what looks from the change just one bit of code one hour body attack and meet me at the turin horse out so now is online website implemented a interest advantage of first prize dilemma competition he is
now powerless and apps though Coming soon is made to make automotive great
John of the Leg Mike Stops back okay let's just talk about
automotive software is using our interacting with some people so computer
[Music] of the computer or small computer
driving complex manager boni lies that word computer that the infotainment system over the candle the infotainment systems have cars but just no normal form has jesus ago navigation a firewall native to the vatai passat or vending machine industry streaming video network pictures before computers and cars but somehow blue boxes pop up navarra of the boxer at no of central computing cluster connector tool wissing into the motto you are david
guetta from the center into the karl danny two to some can also sense of use me to driving the hessian seoul invest becks finally from inside picture from present considered as the collection has religious cloud win data to the central computing cluster burn users of data to steal your breaking the sword
wii fit is like connected all this nice Little stars in my mini as well internet of hate bit complicated but
something you in front of the automotive industry has so haile complex
systems high performance cruiser softail safety and security security is like do not know how safety works around the scans systems words like you new as need to Go who almost gets tesla in google over your the do something like every car maker wants to have one solution for what do you do hate campaign for down together
basically , however, has now been vacated and
when larry major carmaker is bord hypervisors crime cloud data blog chain startup machine learning start up to three cyber startups because i can not have enough sabah in jesus christ and easy on the big operations for decades and they really need to understand security sunday apache camp the apart nieto understand source get control industry is an industry leads at ndr is not invented here we need to make them were on some parts especially when it comes the safety and security lite via direct and corporate affairs and the opfinger and audio files the organization consulting does not work
the really want to check out this nice from miami as well as the skynet and Vivani hickhack in going on cars prepared to change the automotive industry from the inside the one to join the automotive industry
through the looking for you at the st [Music] next stop is helping out lounge one character of the date
[Music] graphic is there
next test of the same even bitterly home
totally totally euphoric google android
facebook internet services monitor the person the existence service Organization is the ecosystem samples and offices of the organization that forms so what would you expect system would you expect from the switch organizations and technology solutions complex and solutions the experts like prof that is problems and it services to use the small and services
Thank you
next up is the german open source in e rp on the example of james last of me ag 15 min break until 12 50 o'clock los angeles because you want another tor hanged become hello my name is christoph
M??ller I'm a lawyer and a lawyer a bit closer to the microphone one man does not sound hello my name is christoph m??ller i am Lawyer and user of Ceylan point org I have my complete chancellery on linux run something is a little bit elaborate and above all actually in the system I am in as an attorney does not move properly I have to fit in the future and also already with the electronic right -hand traffic the so-called erv deal with that is, the judiciary uses certain protocols to each other in particular, dishes communicate with each other but also others participants in the electronic Right-hand traffic is available for me as a lawyer it is up every case important that I have one connection to the courts but have I have other participants the opposing lawyers of course the notaries or authorities and if it's good I can also mean running bring in clients what makes me do this all somehow under one hat can bring a lot of my colleagues as well I use a corresponding one Software a law office software that is a problem though to the effect that this law firm is soft if they exist, they would be excellent primarily proprietary we have So dependencies on ours providers we have the problem that I pretend have from my angeber providers for my law office software as i work Of course I have to do that, too problem that I will not be there again come out because I mean in doubt all the system turned it off and if this ends in support or in come a wrong direction developed come I can not continue like everywhere else in the Digital world could be open source here One possibility is to offer these problems at least to some extent to solve Advantages are definitely that I with open formats one long-term archiving means that's me then not the problem that has I from certain programs or documents are made dependent and so maybe not sure my I can do archiving need the advantage is also that me Of course, certain things can adapt and your own needs can carry Add to that when you get involved of course you also very good can control further development and precisely is not dependent on the ideas and ideas of the software providers the often have their major customers and theirs thoughts or their organizational plans progeny Of course, open source is for me that's why I'm interesting because I'm linux users like to have a program would have something with me without another virtual windows machine to run let me why then I am at the end also have a divorce for the james one address and file management is at of course the rvg that lawyers compensation law is straight it could be implemented in the future therefore also other things in the financial administration in particular accounting file account et cetera too to have and then there is the biggest one problem that as well-known b the is here at the congress yes at the latest since last year ever in all been mouth There it is so that the adjustments for the next or the implementation for the quarter the first quarter of 2009/10 planned is however the beer itself highly proprietary and the cooperation with the providers so especially the Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer the the provides and the local service providers is not that easiest so that's a big challenge especially for a son relatively small project like the Ceylan where should the journey go? Of course, we want to continue promoting the open source in the law firm this is not only possible but also many other colleagues there are already progressive and try to move the whole thing forward of course we already have the problem we have set legal type namely certain to use things like beer so that we have to adapt there However, it is a big advantage continue to be our own development That's why I call or I would very happy if all lawyers but also all software developers and would assist in this matter and the cello is a good alternative to bring to the proprietary models Many Thanks
if we have people ticket system with break
the bridge to protect the trash out the way i like but we here in 15 minute meets barry continuity next half of des fashion or if you know the second part
of the lightning talks fashion next day the gender and i wanna know what to have on the table in
budapest video team presentation notebook
context technology sector
the kings of information sybille the
this is where the hacker community rose
voting interest and next Diocese
bikini in front
built-in project you can see the
smallest microcontroller villages pose size and program memory online now at bonn bonn 6 millimeters inspiration
for the project came from this computer fall again on rob lyles end of the jews new practical detail into it which is one size up
Here you can download the development board the perpetrator never before 12 at too fran??ais you soon so pious 16 investors and one timer setup a music only open-source software called before the usa us pga programs are this time
microcontroller bands the world of health it screaming rops original program interested in this exemplary is just a bunch of justice Implement website on the sampler markus never change through this little shell pipeline with checks on the The animal's skin is an automatic comics Treated 50 colleagues surprised because the and of course the moving los angeles and implement in the angel eyes of the time for a very small program memory something the chiefs from london is for and beforehand recognizes when up to Down on the baseballs will be perfect conservatory of music player with passion of the tune the first to wpt easy on the last of me back in time but the challenges of communication division pte limited in space time because of the four megahertz as well as world on petkovic recognizes and berlin about opera with So an administration the real one is before now very small complementary an internal before debugging about private Batteries windows or the car on the question and open source seminar and hef support for these labels chor fanelli listen to you samples because the figures
to help the ba against final of the four voices or hed esm can give help closer look at the board and fdp looks like that
project and project territory windsheim
at the expense of the climate with controller sorry we can not be creative commons
setting up interactive installation and
face situations like the national association board ifab situation
is a protocol which is made for wii controller had small transporters
manager web client platform such an open source project, nothing pippo could offer bot as the moment is users people who used for projects user Feedback tests the precautionary feedback report on sso developer kern computer to implement a collective intelligence tool microsoft microsoft works to work out of the box project contact project update Death of the open source ecm offerer 16 Timo Glock in the previous year is the live chat
next to ip over web media carrier a sorry for the mix up on the visit
every thing on track car is especially
one one for nature extensions protocol chief peter graves scroll of paper homepage and friend destination if you know changes in general frank
arias is not the way up to the past photo days and challenges latency to log
marc messages it very important to more notes under network at renault with checkmate medium is automatic
connection heavily in action activities acting data messages july starts cross
media we have to improve the
Transmission implementation of the world my name is anne hathaway congress [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
next up of the landlord
there 's a sorry that ta krabey
in german racing in english now goes German continues my name is Lena simon i am net philosophin and consultants and get involved with the Witches will be yours again to encounter I want a little moment talk about feminism with you and there I am with a praise in relation to the others too many We have it for other events actually here at the congress pretty good so annoy you now not when I say that concerns not always here all present but for us here, it is still a gone and I thought let's go Together, take a step on this path do it how it works here you go continue we have a lot in our films sources linked to the recommendation just get it in the wiki and click the times through Women can also be maths though somehow much less represented in the high-paid mathematical Computer science jobs you earn less blatant are educating more often alone take care of people more often injured persons in need of care have less time and money overall this and that are other factors those for democratic participation are relatively important in it we see a certain problem Another problem after I see here that he is super another problem is that the stories are so that women are built up maybe here do not see the slide that is beautiful now example for other centris must be there namely the man made to norm and the woman is just the deviation that can have very fatal consequences in that moment where i give medical explanation have the know a heart attack for example because we all like that looks at men with women this is different and This will also be much less it can be recognized quickly become life threatening but it also goes to such places us in the gamer scene for example that just a lot of different male player characters available they are all different characters to have one is playing football the other is reading like and then there is one female character and the draws located just by the fact that he Female and well maybe a little bit do itself or something that is stupid what we too unfortunately here at the congress quite have occurrences are any stupidly ask how are you like to How do you get it? what are those questions? or if someone wants to try me too explain how I stick that b figurehead these are all stories about the centris must be difficult occasion the Consequences women are bad presented in the parliaments in the medicine looks very awful look at the situation with the hammams Menstruation products are considered as Luxury product will tax the pill Being poorly close becomes bad explains what's there for can have consequences and apropos protests are drug often next to it again only to the men tested that can work in the care too not doing too much too much of course that leads to the fact that the Job opportunities sink too little is also not good then we are somehow the lazy raven mother or so on us have disadvantages in settings both well maybe I did not realize that if code of women if not there is who the sex of the person who has written victory he better saved we are hot and Harassment exposed to quite a few place where we uncomfortable to the topic open mouth that's not nice statistically we should be above all to fear things from our partners if in the relationship or from ex-partner threatens us a lot of violence we are also raised with the fears of constant fear that sexual harassment somehow topic could be We also match ours accordingly behave like to put us on for example, only in certain cars in the metro and that's kind of ugly and cuts in the freedom I have one, we have a few here texte want if you can read on ye look at it that give that very beautiful together and as Next talk about the witches pico and wiebke and tell you something we witches to have thought about at the Make a few things change many thanks
first cancel
service to be hero in german even now
in German we are the witch we are defined as Hackers inside themselves as That is what it means to be able to label female women turn women and an online the priest that the label woman for we can accept each other variously similar to the ccc we are female students we are artists programmer many but also yes other sciences and also opera singers we see ourselves as decentral chaos meeting that is sharing the ccc mostly in germany resident we are more than 150 mill we are about 40 years old just on the 35 23rd we usually meet on the 35th 23 we have a very happy year beautiful smi in hall 2 likes to pass we have in many German cities often new in recent years Founded local groups where you just can come and we were in 1988 that is to say we have now this year our 30 year old
yes, what are concrete problems
we are addressing it right now already heard new lena women will always be the can not tell that again and again fits does not make the subject technology nee let that rather and as a result, many women develop
so-called in the postsaal syndrome that means they dare maybe certain things do not agree or say oh maybe somehow you find out that I really can not do that that is unfavorable and therefore operate
we call skill discovery that is we ask okay with each other what something is doing you made last year or what Are you doing projects and they are a lot of great things in the process come out that you keep coming back think okay then why is why you are not even more confident and come more out of you and and shows that just that's just awesome what Often there is something in there what stress in local chaos or more hit men dominate happens is women feel like the odd one out the go there and see not someone the same and that's why they have the problem that they may feel so welcome and there we want to help network network network women can would be mutually to cobble jobs and We also like to do what we do have 35 3 35 now reads Hexenberg stuck you can us how already said in the sm meet the space at 2 o'clock takes place on the circle road stage a H??ndelstadt we have various workshops look at witches dot Org over and tomorrow is again a happy hour again in the chaos next year we will do a click and again this year was there the first time and yes I now a few things we probably do So producing will make projects self-organized workshops each brings something with plan according to the next congress and yes as I said Today again the note on the panel comes and 2 hours over and we have this year on the congress also the big that big screaming project and that we have for so remarketing women for important women in the mint professions shriek to be more precise let build from many sms that helped us we have organized that and the you can find anywhere on the 35 23 and you can still join in by just painting a poster You can also sheet paper with us at the mobile phone have a poster for one Woman you like to tell her about would like to paint and just yours assembl??e hangs or where you one Good place we can help you there like what comes next
what now be alive
Witches Witches and Witches [Music] e-mail provider we have no word properly for reproductive equal pay
the presentation in the parliament highlight is how the connection is with again daddy diversity rebuilt trading positive reymond and import corporation construction and pink was the extreme stress congresses in to prevent crises and conflicts people on time know how positive in the works and positive conflict serving works and everybody happy situation in that conflict as well as workshops in tumors afternoon an example of the witches the uni bremen robert and kristen stewart 66664 [Music] a on the body kosovo the hubble committee publishing to reports over 2000 fans
first five words according to a
record ag and ibm germany checkout frieling york fort translations next up is fair electronics monitor harry w??rz
the good part
Hello okay my name is verena kaiser me
work for nager it a club of Since 2009 computer mouse manufactures and I'll talk to the talk again briefly draw attention to the industry yes, all the things we do here of course and so gladly use to make our lives better and with us give them so much fun playing around to illuminate
okay for many, probably nothing I new to rises yet again short in the it industry, we have it with us to do many human rights violations usually it starts at the the reduction of raw materials via the further processing towards components to final assembly will be easy people have exploited and need sometimes under life-threatening working conditions
well and in the it industry with the All electrical appliances it is unfortunately not like coffee or cocoa where we now have several alternatives have and therefore the founder of madrid susanne jordan 2009 decided finally a product on the market too bring that on foot is made she chose the mouse and just screwed mine on Looked in, oh, actually There are not so many things in there that will be possible somehow
that is the picture of ours now supply chain currently exists from the beginning
and it just always gets
kept transparent and is just there everything in our house is in it buy what I have components and let then assemble together in one company on ring at a company in Regensburg exactly So we see that we are here very much many actors have to do and everyone
box there is thus also a but employers also just in the needle for us because we come from above So how to buy products a must then many of us and that many small and medium-sized companies in germany and europe which just produce components ourselves and with whom we ask for it where do you have your thing he under which conditions are the if they know it So we are a needle for us and we are always dependent on that people give out the information and also yourself have an interest in that the things you buy fair are produced our influence unfortunately falls exponential because we are only one smaller shop of about 55 7 co-workers and the little ones and medium-sized companies with those we work together much bigger as we but they are also a lot smaller than the suppliers with whom they are
work together yes and because that is so I have your concern we see
just still on the map that there are very few initiatives
try electrical appliances fair so it 's fair probably all were made it may also be understood then there is still the contract of soldered and unfortunately it does on because the others are much rather have greater and much more influence we thought okay is actually cool this balance a little bit to turn and to keep working that we just get more influence again and That's why we search and there we find ourselves maybe yes which among you yes we People also need the buck other it products produce the so fair as possible, people are the buck have either help with us For example, we are totally often asked why do not you do it? ergonomic mouse or why do you have no yellow mice so yes you can yes times a housing develop if you 're bock or have yourself a fair keyboard on or ask as you ask us why do not you ask ? but the big ones why they actually unable mouse fairly produced That's exactly what we're up to for people who are not so in the metal scene But we would also be on the way For example, also happy if it is just by this demand aspect so for this demand spd campaigns set up So none of them will
postcards campaign to all the important ones actors in the it industry just to attention to this topic too to steer exactly and if you have no time it's just important to this theme in keep it in mind so it's cool to have these products and it does have it no one that we should not use them but is totally important in the people to keep in mind they work on it lethal conditions that we Thank you
then go on with qr codes of love you are a generator
So hello, so imagine the following
situation before now a break on desktop or laptop and want yours any page or something on the phone bring or even, for example password on the phone and there you want yes, that means a few qr-code good means of transmission would be privatmann scans directly from and actually no problem Sounds easy then you can find it
for example this javascript qr code generator called javascript qr code and looks promising so javascript has the name running probably local says sorger it is I javascript so give up yet sometimes stronger It says it is a mini
javascript library flood around the generate famous qr codes and that also has quite a lot of users thus I have almost 5000 good reviews So I've looked at the Downloaded source code and
Looked in. Yes that came out Google has the qr-code has just google Posted yes, that's what's going on there today javascript task a q1 urgently to send google yes and I do not want to
say that the only thing is no there this is often the case here made more transparent here is that then the same again has opened and google apps also pretty funny but yes so privately you want that actually not one sees of course again in the
logical source code and that's why I have
i thought i develop my own addon's own browser and that's called offline qr code generator and the therefore, as the name already generates says offline and private that is the
side the addons page and it also has
a few usability features yet I add others to me you could find for example right and right click and in the context menu qr select code from link since the qr-code create the same
also with text selection or one stores the qr code directly that is not synonymous
problem it can also be sizes , for example change the qr code sizes changeable that one also in store different sizes can or can you just pull bigger has some options svg or canvas and yes some options that you choose there can
and yes if you if you have the you want it then it just takes him times current firefox available under the link I accept but of course Also like powder quests if you have any other break I wanted to add support had already looked at kronen or Sometimes this is a bit of a committee hard worker so a few apps yet not so suitable for a few features I use but yes I accept every case politically so that you as small 200 kilobyte and pretty lightweight it yes you will find me also under the given addresses hat
but without the specified addresses and yes we have or I then had to example also worth it that they mix that up entitlements that one with the yes we have that we have no visible So you can really ask without it additional mix or something install that is with other qr code generator for example, not so the then just want to access everything I only access the active tabs and
it works perfectly without problems and all features are in there accordingly, this is not a problem yes and exactly that is also my first bigger open source project and it is already some computers already get it in the Heckert there was then
some have contributed that for every case very nice so ever thanks to you what somehow look and
Exactly and further quests will be gladly accepted and thank you for your attention [Applause]
then comes digitization in the medicine
please pay attention now we are at the beginning
yes my name is stefan dispute i am
doctor i speak as a reporter from the practice of the medical practice medical care takes place in one
high-regulated space instead and here make authorities and politics die game rules The law says how we close doctors please contact the internet so that you the telematics structure can use and the state data protection commissioner nrw says no doctors often do not have yours practice calculator with patient data ans connect internet because that violates against the rules of the game the dsg woman says for any medical data transfer from one doctor to another is one pass is an event-related Authorization required as is such a constellation can come makes maybe here is this statement of the President of BSI clearly last endes confesses that a digital digitized data in a network can technology plain and to be grippingly protected Looking at data as a matter finds Digitization in medicine in following context instead of white data usage that 's all we for what These data have been collected in the Speech hour the earmarked It was illegal in the end sanctioned and much more difficult gray data usage is all that by withheld consent was squeezed or what ever unintentionally became public unregulated and strange wise, illegal black data usage is illegal but attractive and at all not regulated digitization in the
Medicine is currently like this always wanted that on the see large canvas as it can go
so the bio psycho social informational Health concept summarizes data as part health on what illness is biological illness is somehow clear to everyone mental illness would be fearful Social diseases would be poverty and Informational illness would be considered as to denote a damaged data cloud that's always when that's what others do I know myself damaged then I am Informational ill of bio psycho social health term nature of uexk??ll is an established long practiced the concept in medicine if you add that to the Informational integrity is what one gets just to this bio psycho social informational health term den I have put to discussion here the concept is in the long version has been appraised and stands published on the homepage of institute for social strategy if one accepted this health term then you get very quickly that there data just health data on no case things are but personality shares and Personality shares are indispensable from the person this worthy of protection and they are unspoken that means a trade with it is last completely unthinkable and parallel to all this stuff is going on right now There is an organ donation discussion there incredibly important parallel there to discuss in the future too become one takes the third aspect of the in the one that comes from the drv or namely, the purpose will never be take it seriously then dare easy from medical consultation hours used only for medical consultation it will be no other purpose anyone who wants to use this data must show that a Provenance proof has or raise this data then it is That's okay if you put these three things in stop then we would have a dsgv compliant situation the telematics infrastructure is everywhere preaching is about digital to promote health acts that was yesterday theme would be completely No problem whats up now there is no case and the dsgv would be the people actually in front of the dads protect and we promptly had such a situation White data usage would be legal legally safe and also comfortable possible gray data usage would be only would be in the high only then the limited conceivable because they are highly regulated would be and sanctions would be possible and black data usage would be though still possible but much much less attractive was last end of the Market of gray data usage would be dehydrated in
the doctor in medicine and in the medical practice is therefore exactly this three points back that is currently only practicable and well-known approach how to digitize in medicine can perform What we have to achieve is the lived
digitization of our society we need to be contextual Factors like the health term and the term property to the digital to adjust reality if we have achieved that then not only successful digitalization technological but also their social Thanks a lot if next or potential
the next goal is media competence you can not download
hello my name is jens m??ller
I'll talk about it today why
media competence can not download and here I also close technology expertise with a but what do I mean by that two ?
I can handle components with competence I use media and technology in the lay out the offer that for me to select suitable beyond critical I can deal with that ask yourself question and can I see alternative possibilities and also use the critical component is missing when i am only consumer inn I am either with the offer Satisfied or I take note I made the difference in the design others take over and we know enough people who do not need to see the world is just as important is one enlighten the critical promote conflict but as always we freshen up our memories house in the eighties and nineties were computer not for all people tangible there was an entry threshold you had to be competent yourself acquire and explore connections The message of enlightenment was fun then On the device that means creative handling Technology limits and overcome but also social Implications with and before think a lot job Today is the situation very different one huge technology market virtually none entry threshold for the use of everyone man is affected the design is taken over by corporations like we reach the people we also lower the threshold for the enlightenment according to the motto everyone can join in and be creative Counselors that are easy to understand attractively designed and toys raspberry pi car at the moment endless lot accessories city ??????we have a lot of work fast results and thus achieve We really many people because it is real good but the simplification has too a prize, who draw people to it instructions it's a bit like painting after pay the awareness and the he transgressed the device in the background we run the risk that we just do not promote critical awareness but the enlightened act rather imitated becomes What does that mean for us? Awareness is a social task that we do not technically we have to master ours question education approach in general with the aim that people do not be committed to what they as Consumers are offered that they have the ability and also the Responsibility see the world help shape a really high goal but we have to the wheel does not have to completely re-invent Let's recall our memories Almost 50 years have passed Educator from South America with just this deal with and answer the topic delivered with the liberation pedagogy of paulo freire people can recognize that the Reality that of their reality for change is accessible and can be so to come out of passivity there is much to do tomorrow because we need your ideas and experience if you are already active in the education sector since adolescence or adult education or if you just feel addressed come tomorrow 17:00 into the cl room 14 15 and then we talk about how promoted critical awareness targeted can be and what methods us I can be happy to help about feedback by e-mail or the same right next to the stage thank you very much
then comes build small horny start ups That's why time is critical I'm the first as soon as all there are yes is now it's a bit difficult not at all mean
I'm so hello so I'm per round up my friends friends
call me padeluun but I always have to given a wrong name and Submit lectures
I'll try new format you have a startup because you make a lot of coal want or a little bit the world want to improve and you tangled up Hardly if you try to explain what you're actually doing that because no one else correct questions you try glowing eyes keynotes im to keep family circle on the demand of what you live
do you react confidently? Soon he will come the business angel and it will be you and this night Business angel will look after the assets ask that you have to offer you mast in the choir with government altmaier that the everything is so difficult in Germany is done douglas' busters laboriously is good together klaus the here and there free software but ultimately only open source soon you will have a mockup of yours wonderful fu from the tablet of the
works already and the facebook login and the database behind the works a bit anyway that's all really cool by the way, the funds are being made by google Thank you for downloading the javascript Note your shaped together surface feeds hundreds if not
even thousands of dirty pages though looks so cool and you can mate drink thank you and you have that damn bad luck that nobody honestly you are but very sweet wondering if you show in your foot yours
actually no human will walk that need and if you have the bad luck yet Did not you create anything other than Another data haze sucker organized digital crime you only want to work
small dealers on the village streets of the digital diaspora be the one for the Mafia fucking around fucking digital fascism is selling the start and shoot you are a nothing and every time I have someone with it heats up that we are a German ball need and that does not yet was created and the back of the head this silly his big brain smashed you become smaller and smaller and your only hope is one teacher or a teacher to marry to get over the rounds because it does not need a German ball and
you have to start-ups you have to do it too not just doing the opposite
it's hard for you to find out what you are really can and above all things Damn it , find out what you guys can not look for people who can do what you are can not or since the one or the other to someone who works the leadership takes over since he left it off next to the lecture take crash into your tax declaration because a business is only useful if Their taxes pay will learn the rules otherwise kick you away as soon as your business to start wailing does not stop rumbling not to the whine of failing called dorothee bear and altmaier and before Do everything reasonable thinks you not just some fucking that stops you from doing the right thing do look something really needed becomes I can be hundreds and maybe Thousands of applications and services enumerate that really needed some of the lulling free ones software projects so in German all that's missing is just the right head looking have a look around at this congress Look where people are really great tools for living together and work in a society conceive and lacking resources fail and take an oath degrades with your tools decentralized Structures on supported free formats give the code free whistle on the Investors who do not own the shot have and want to see it plunge into meaningful projects and plans feierabend and holidays with a especially no people continue to process data if you do not self-written code used pin your own software on weird connection and does not go to re publica that spoils the character unless
You 're tested in your 1000's on that good and you are pollinger percent
sure that europe never will a great word thank you very much
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