Dissecting Broadcom Bluetooth

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Dissecting Broadcom Bluetooth

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Dissecting Broadcom Bluetooth
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Broadcom's Bluetooth firmware on popular devices – such as Nexus 5, Nexus 6P, Raspberry Pi 3, and Raspberry Pi 3+ – shares the same firmware update mechanisms, which allows for local firmware modifications. With InternalBlue we published a framework to change lower Bluetooth layers. In this talk we go even further and demonstrate a remote exploit in the Broadcom firmware.
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before the german swinger total.com basically wars engineered the firmware on bluetooth controller is closed manager at broadcom expectation framework around the world will be like that
is Wilhelm Seitz from security prospective second live battle of religious and working blues implementation to go vacation platform resources reverse engineering project Bad thing that causes this project are really fischl before security community so last but not least reverse engineering as well as had great experience
a first has been the host controller interface shz.de coal operated bluetooth controller and the host system prefab house system as follows apple and android phone or os or linux os operating system controller manager protocol the lmp of the word really interesting to
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the first is the it works and devices problem is when the next movie mendorf 2014 so excited to power will bolt development chefs from states companies here oled-display broadcom bosque at solid state disk mcadams in the table to say my command so icons till modify the firmware can expect and for games in the development kit so of levels and james freezers and objects aims [Music]
so you all okay with development kits
Let's get closer to the first days people like first link manager protocol will pair that in christink in rostock an instrument in the company win en suite from outside weekend capture the way to change the patch day of song on the wrong side firmware monastery handling ip traffic or android phone and android bluetooth debugging features completely integrated software
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[Music] in andelfingen bluetooth station of the
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joachim lives and the iphone the bit Critics should end the not saying pries live the user to check on the from verdi also in put up and such apps [Music]
so it demands that the Council of States not to freising so the caches can find more
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parameter cekic end of shows as will will android kubik place is android installed, it is the dealer is the not have any check so the team is a complete movies were from audi his dearest dear the collect between two seconds august nineteen in 2004 team and at the level update or the white one type level chip countered the fcd patch dry said yeah you have a problem of ethno like do not know that does not exist a morisette yes okay it's not compliance imagine what you're doing one sorry my ex external compliance videos cash register will think it would have only perfect performance because in meyers did what does matter so much better switch off bluetooth to the needle device and the bluetooth freestyle ski opening and configuration sport comes amy much about the ice cold testing of things and mainz as well as white sex pistol helfer movie would be the effects in the broadcom chip is chalk lot like the iphone 6 macbook pro of tiffert and sixteen of course the experience on this is really nord complete that is mostly jews Scan your smart phones on the set know how crazy you are the tool is a god last week's disco want a going to demo system with btb quite know such kids bluetooth on the new song something
who loses here sony to go on twitter youtube 4
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frequency hopping you can even for the device will do it except test not to stop shopping before because of because the theme selected frequency so you thought the german select two frequency of the devices could use the core chips so what be on the same internal weekend conference on nexus fan expert set free cubicos tale warcraft is so far early spring a chip is said rosberg and all the white writing is the chip it is so bitterly removed in the EU not on an animal and sensors as well
a fine back we started developing toolchain should dennis edit feature netrace point of purchase the colt once and technology center are deep inside november to june contra the itu world race is nice to look at some have an idea what s going on board is change memory of the king from hervest and working on to i motogp star david that fastweb Producing the car almost never fish and lives there on output devil and able to comply or alive now so the republic mauritius amulets news most often
knows the problem of one expands and excel or chaos because they are still
the fcb celebrates plain text has been designed and install directly of the trade fog exactly disposition 1 on the path in white june twins great thing is the virtual city ??????where you have the wheel so you should now together eric fix the planned to Do not have a dynamic filter filtering some pictures of you on replay games Connection establishment to touched devices in the christmas dying at one [Music] Stop service motto and sensors in one bar ok chef jason beckett and the Weapons has been expected to throw away Texting bluetooth stack on the white skin rise to connect to me is going to crash so would have extra fx wolbeck annoyed extra kick and release and any Fix the courses like buy out of the milk of the next parkinson apartment like that
bak beer and for the republic of education from which we put it together the white one Snake getting if three updates it needs to be in transition update needs to be a special lake city fire and Sword Out Away delivers that possible for the world that the good news butt will probably never be one fischl update possibly updates wants objective labile ti should send account of the bug the tobi present in the White City will team for the 2006 team nico mendt youtube bluetooth special four helper broadcom chip set will be 2010 in genesis , the problem often occurs save.tv nordeck w all devices violently soffin directly to three point rottweiler tasted that feature we used and expectations of device services
[Applause] [Music]
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wifi bluetooth mac address software [Applause]
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Michael of the relationship of the agenda 21
june so the attack.de day is not working and iphones ex-general framework lay patching exchange yng the movie wants will obviously work on any broadcom chip board computers of madison in front of how chips or bluetooth chips i can use framework for every broadcom chip by michael von
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Moschitto [Applause] [Music] [Music]