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A search algorithm for quantum state engineering and metrology

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A search algorithm for quantum state engineering and metrology
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In this paper we present a search algorithm that finds useful optical quantum states which can be created with current technology. We apply the algorithm to the field of quantum metrology with the goal of finding states that can measure a phase shift to a high precision. Our algorithm efficiently produces a number of novel solutions: we find experimentally ready schemes to produce states that show significant improvements over the state-of-the-art, and can measure with a precision that beats the shot noise limit by over a factor of 4. Furthermore, these states demonstrate a robustness to moderate/high photon losses, and we present a conceptually simple measurement scheme that saturates the Cramér–Rao bound.

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proved to be highly effective and efficient found a number of quantum states that improved over previous schemes using this technique we found states which can measure phase shift to a precision over 4 times better than some Muslim this amounts to reach 6 improvement in the state of the art in optical quantum charity furthermore the state's somebody oven reverse to medium to high losses and crucially they can all be made with current technology we therefore expect an experiment confirmed these results in the near future