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Topologically protected one-way edge mode in networks of acoustic resonators with circulating air flow

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Topologically protected one-way edge mode in networks of acoustic resonators with circulating air flow
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Recent explorations of topology in physical systems have led to a new paradigm of condensed matters characterized by topologically protected states and phase transition, for example, topologically protected photonic crystals enabled by magneto-optical effects. However, in other wave systems such as acoustics, topological states cannot be simply reproduced due to the absence of similar magnetics-related sound–matter interactions in naturally available materials. Here, we propose an acoustic topological structure by creating an effective gauge magnetic field for sound using circularly flowing air in the designed acoustic ring resonators. The created gauge magnetic field breaks the time-reversal symmetry, and therefore topological properties can be designed to be nontrivial with non-zero Chern numbers and thus to enable a topological sonic crystal, in which the topologically protected acoustic edge-state transport is observed, featuring robust one-way propagation characteristics against a variety of topological defects and impurities. Our results open a new venue to non-magnetic topological structures and promise a unique approach to effective manipulation of acoustic interfacial transport at will.
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Hi I'm new from munching diversity thanks for watching this speed abstract we know
that in the two-dimensional electron system with a perpendicular magnetic field we will observe when we h currents protected by a nontrivial topological problems the energy bands and the nontrivial topological problems are caused by the time reversal symmetry breaking induced by the magnetic field similarly in optical system researchers realized gyromagnetic monocrystals to realize 1 way electromagnetic waves state we know that acoustic wave also have wide application no daily life such as medical imaging and on a lot of communication I hadn't realized topological detected one-wait-state you could stick system here we
introduce a circulating air flow into and custom ring captain to break the time reversal symmetry the circulating air flow we generate a factor vector potential and will provide an additional phase the sound propagation inside of me but this phase is different for clockwise and counterclockwise probation therefore leading to the time reversal symmetry breaking of these acoustic systems then we utilize this effort
that lady units to constitute a son increased the and the case without air flow the red curve in Figure see shows the corresponding through a ban and notice that with the general points such as direct points around said 123 have however the wind on the ISS and used the Backus shows that all these 2 geneticists are lifted you'd the broken time reversal symmetry induced by a lot to demonstrate the nontrivial topological
problems of the 3 has been realized tight-binding model to analyze teacher members around the direct point the nearest neighbor means are connected by the way by without have flat so there is no additional phase and the nearest talking to me I had the 2nd nearest often has been occupied ones that have another been and flow inside the René will be induced an effective active mesial generating an additional phase spot not case 5 is minus 2 pie with and so they get another X. minus 1 we know that the size of the gap to
denotes the propagation direction of accused in state it now case the gap 2 number of minus 1 indicates that the acoustic states will probably counterclockwise along the boundary
because the nontrivial topological properties belong to that band the disturbances on the boundaries we not break this property and so the one-wait-state are about any defects on the boundaries of the we show full cases with different boundary defects and all of that sure about well we probably should in summary we have realized
topological vector well acoustic a state by utilizing a sonic crystal containing signaling flow this action of the breaks the time reversal symmetry of the sun increased and induces nontrivial topological properties of this debate the Chen members of the Associated because fans of verified to be nonzero by our tight binding model and simulated fees bution demonstrated that the while state or about various kinds of defects on the boundary these results may have potential applications in could device design such as acoustic diet and in true understanding of topological phenomena in acoustics