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Exploring quasiparticles in high-Tc cuprates through photoemission, tunneling, and x-ray scattering experiments

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Exploring quasiparticles in high-Tc cuprates through photoemission, tunneling, and x-ray scattering experiments

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Exploring quasiparticles in high-Tc cuprates through photoemission, tunneling, and x-ray scattering experiments
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One of the key challenges in the field of high-temperature superconductivity is understanding the nature of fermionic quasiparticles. Experiments consistently demonstrate the existence of a second energy scale, distinct from the d-wave superconducting gap, that persists above the transition temperature into the 'pseudogap' phase. One common class of models relates this energy scale to the quasiparticle gap due to a competing order, such as the incommensurate 'checkerboard' order observed in scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and resonant elastic x-ray scattering (REXS). We develop a minimal phenomenological model that allows us to quantitatively describe STM and REXS experiments and discuss their relation with photoemission spectroscopy. Experimental signatures of the incommensurate order are explained in terms of scattering of short-lived quasiparticles from local impurities. We identify the unknown second energy scale with the inverse lifetime of the quasiparticles, refocusing questions about the nature of the pseudogap phase to the study of the origin of inelastic scattering.
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you these results came out as a surprise for us as well we were working on a phenomenological model that gives a good description of as the experiment and then we found that the same model will describe several other spectroscopic probes as well like offers an excellent Our model is actually very simple it describes the scattering of electrons from local impurities you see that is an
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not mistaken this is precisely the same mechanism that gives rise to free that oscillations in a conventional metal cooperators certainly not conventional metals indeed there are important differences
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that has been often overlooked you this chair makers of for example 1 often distinguishes now we have known this has the peaks identified
we stopped charge malicious and dispersity attitude mutant was about because interference in this paper we show that these 2 effects are in a sense about the connected whether 1 observes 1 or the other depending on the racial and think they get in the universe was about people left
and seat the Modest movie connects the 2 effects and the reason that structure
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that this is not a competing order in conventional metals free those
editions the a consequence of exclusion principle which leads to a discontinuity you the occupation of the the surface set the freedoms editions can act as a C for the formation of long-range charge-density-wave leading to a decision with crystal however this requires a a fairly large interactions between the electrons we are it weak coupling approaches show that the model independent from was about the only sufficient to quantitatively describe all the experiments let's have a look at figure 9 or paper when we compare what
you do is president of the exodus getting of 3 different cooperates in all cases the model is quantitative agreement with experiment we can predict all the way back and the correlation length of using nations
but if the directions are not important what is the reason for the short lifetime of was about articles
honestly we don't really know the answer to this question for us this is the major problem that future experiments we need to clarify from the political side there are several possible answers on the market for example the short lifetime of was it not because it will be caused by phase fluctuations in the we find an interesting relation between quasiparticles lifetime and the critical temperature which is probably related to the amount of this questions about effects for example different competing word there could also be relevant we should follow the ball back to the experiments thank you for your attention and enjoy the leading