Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry: Introduction

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Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry: Introduction
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Multiplication sign
Bloch wave Open set Event horizon
Standard error Different (Kate Ryan album) Multiplication sign Quotient Moment (mathematics) Solid geometry Perspective (visual) Resultant
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do the IHES as on behalf of the Organizing Committee of of the great pleasure of openings this Conference in honor of all for government on the occasion of his 60th birthday that is 1 of the 4 events and celebrating the
60th anniversary of the creation of the IHES so happy birthday over I would speak about over time and the at the party but from moment and let me just say this overhead generously had many errors in different ways sometimes by suggestion an idea and you you can't or perspective sometimes by by supporters of the quotient of results the kid in sometimes by pointing out
and accuracy or and usually showing how to correct it and also sometimes by confirming the solidity of a result which is certainly the best certification on can dream so today I I'm happy that through this conference we can express our gratitude to him
I would like to thank the institutions and that sponsor of this and then that to Mathematics Institute 1 assumes maturity jacket and CNRS and of course the IHES which in addition to its financial support have provided us with its usually elaborate technical assistance and special thanks to it is that they just for have education to the task the house


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