FOSS4G 2018 Opening

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FOSS4G 2018 Opening
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The video were shown during the opening of the Main Conference of FOSS4G 2018.
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of the I should
do good
and bad it is my 1st visit
to Tanzania so it's been pretty exciting and
they had a fast and being at an excellent it's always come in and it's the 1st time I've
even been over an ocean so this is
quite an experience 10 the news exciting
because I know there is a lot of
already open source and mapping an
open-source development going on and so I think it made sense to specifically come to
Doris a lot just because there are a lot of projects
a lot of people are involved in here and think
that it too these falsehoods the events expecting to know more about something that's
how to use a pencil suffers to some of that and then it's of events in at back and forth in the ladder of plants from the
conference expects to land to learn a
lot of spasms and head of software
as a condition of being source of years and
as expected to network with people out of people from different countries pay expects to network thank you it was with the 2018 in
there is a lot of press a huge bill for
opportunities for your thing and the idea is on different organizations and
companies which is beeping presentations and Warshel during the conference
and it's not just about what
we bring I think to be the international community's brings he it adopts a
lot I think it's what all so we can get out of
talking with the people that are based here today so I think
that's sort of changes is quite important in
like speculations for conferences that's
all you coming here will bring something back with
you will bring back great you the relations to the
people that the knowledge you have shared with
others the knowledge people have shared with you
you will be richer in many ways so I'm really hoping that's what you take it on
Diffie in all their mission for this
conference is still need to to leave no 1
behind therefore we like to welcome everybody
all over the world especially Africa to see this as a wide opportunity to take from
other to other parts of the participants from other
countries to lend to understand to begin discussions to to start
cooperating we leave no 1 behind
and we want to be disco must be
an inclusive delivery where a global
community we work together by working
together we build these amazing tools
here in Africa here and our people
working together we can achieve so much
and is by working together we were able to
create these tools we've got to build a model a
world is growing we've got many challenges from climate change to population to food
security among many other things by
working together we can solve the problems and that's what we're trying to do here what's the G-20 the
the carry was on Alliant's
460 in virus alarm get
connected and I hope you have a great country