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Lecture 2/12 - Physical Problem Solving

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Lecture 2/12 - Physical Problem Solving
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This video forms part of a Mathematics course on Physical Problem Solving by Prof Fritz Hahne In this course students, with and without a firm physics background alike, will discuss some central concepts in classical and modern physics. They will use these in some important applications. During this course the emphasis will be on the important role of conserved quantities. Energy has been selected as the main topic and the students will be required to link it to the needs of Africa and its best options, in particular in regard to renewable energy. The limits of the efficiency to which energy can be used will be a recurring theme. The students will be divided into small groups which will each pick a specific aspect of an overall project. They are required to study this and to report orally and in writing on their findings. The lecture will provide background lectures on topics from classical and quantum mechanics, as well as some elements of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. All of these will be required for the overall class project which is to devise an energy plan for Africa. www.aims.ac.za