Tricks for Efficient Multicore Computing

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Tricks for Efficient Multicore Computing
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In this presentation you will learn about: - The concurrent.futures API of Python 3 - Threads vs forked processes vs spawned processes (pros and cons) - The impact of the GIL on CPU-bound Python programs - Bad interactions of fork-based multiprocessing and OpenMP runtimes - BLAS-based parallelism (e.g. MKL, OpenBLAS) - Memory bandwidth bound operations, arithmetic intensity and the roofline model.
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what a play play cell could f. tidying i hope he have in j.t. align ch you our all we are going to canteen you eat the if taw gers space mine is with one all he we're gri soul he an e.v. be talking about three kes for mardi if he shunt moll tucker are competing cleese but you high raum. a so might him he lola j. air umma i'm moa owes so through engineer out to know the o and i wore sheekey a mome ger the thing so on on psych you'd lumb but today i'm going to talk about a ho haute to you use single machine a mill t. pl sue pews under sea of machine to do computing turn sieve upper ation computed a n't incense iv walk low. but in the vall human good good enough in a no back yeah are ft mm and this war sheekey his door in hte walk was to mum a ho of from as he i'm ill a and the you anus so the slide saum nine if if the year a beef this is a bit to small i'm the ext pts gone the screen you can to k. to have. and i'm lying so today i'm going to talk about a the come pure and future irsay p i from this tend on library and then this ibi i is quite trick sub erna any the lows you to do thread bay's opper says bell is richie khaw computing and will discussed the uproar in khan ce of the two up sz. to an pts and a sum lee mean titian and some a extension pts that's a a weave we weep provide the in a a thought like you live or he and fine area of wood lycos o two these guess a beats of a thread bay's power ism for are arrayed upper a shunts using a of blast myan i'm pif on stunts and how. ought to vetter understand the per from on sp row file awe for those supper a shuns sought let's stop me the i'm verse ing a pod it compute ish and so in this town on live or he there are two of shunts the the oldest waun is the midge t. praagh sussing pools clasts which is the first implement titian of of who have for. fool of for hair were and you can dispatch function goals to be exe ick she did in fraught own the on different call ce and morrison klee inpe i thun three there is a new it p.-i i which school concur and future asst which is also poc the of the rst on alive or he a mm pite than to there is an extension by kits fuel and its yes' reusing the and the other who'd the billing glocks of me to pursue. sussing but it's for its providing and you front tend that is also more most able and the the i the a p eyes more flexible owe a nicer and finally will talk a bit to about how to make it even better hr are we the ill you a so pot to project which we call ll a looky it so can qur'an she chaa s. so in. concurrent she ch asst we have these notion of future a few chair is an object that is a ref rents to a a results fall some i synchronous compute ation that as been this patched on and i wark are running on a suh prot car outside of the main thread of the maim program at the future itself. of can be in four states not started running cancelled all don and you can it's a pite on object that you can introspect with awed lucking using the attributes running cancel an doll and you cannell socolow blocking mit the the nat the beeb jeh qt to fetch the result and to wait fogh the result and if a des function ghoul astra gether nw exception and. you cull results you will get the exception directly but you can also inspect with on of there is an ink and exception anna an and fitch a dis were. so let's an example so us ume that's you want to do hit hiv he compute a shunt like fronts to nz a fitting him a shun awning model we some hyper prum its are some on some they'd a set so we have these function fit molo that he's just rid awning a mole ole that assume that it's rue it's taking yeah i cleese the role minutes all maybe said were ha stew to to complete. fw what the craw current you jupp of eid you we the is the un exe ix you da class so fron some the thread pull exe or could da class but you could or was so him poured the praagh says pull exe itch urdd oh class and when yea you use it as a context manager hr with the wheeze block as soon as you rent other bla. ute will create the worker arse so id could beef threads are could be process and when your anderer that context using the eggs exe ick shut our object you canned submit function culls so the function feet malo as been define the meant pro rahm but you can ce should meet the exe it you shun so it ships the des finish a nw of the function and the argument into some. curragh and what you get back at the rees ault in the men program is a few char object that you can use to i send kieron is tree i a control what's up the on the walker and you can though on in to meet additional task far instance another function ghoul on and though another orc air was different pon it s. and in the meantime you can do all the us stuff in the main program neck money tshering what's i've ning. thing a a ting the use on to faysal something i via ce and they exe it you shun is up ing and other who'd on those baca nz and they could be dawn a on att and and you can fetch the result uf to walt so it's a fiddes or results you just cool results on the few child decked and it will transfer aback the the result of the compute isha n't. a dis points to the main pro rab and we can do that for the other won i swell which is all already dumb so we don't we dome one have to wait and as soon as we exits from these suh a can tex manager with bla qc it destroys all the walker so he is it it re rizo alders is tem resources that were in a surrey to do the a a prada compute ish an and your or your left with the. results of the ca mm pew titian that you fetched previously so we can sell ect at two kinds uf a a a fork a process one is thes thread bazan the other one is fos his base soa a thread walker hr is a real cease come stride so under unix is cerp pay thes p thread aung windows that winda. fide and but all the thr eights. are our sharing this same pite on a into operate are there is on knee the main pite than interpret terror running the main program that is being new re used fall the war yo that wark oafs so the these says many advantages such as it's very fasts to start and stup a thread the dairies lead ol memory of a head with his very low. so just fada straight stated self pp a but there is no cop ia of the object that your that you pass to do to dia he des function ce and amman posen t. that makes a pussy well to have no commune inc isha nw of a had between the the meant for cess and the walk us and but then we are using pite ton object to use a it at a shep pite an. object and because we are shane ing the part pite an object we need to make sure that the a e inter for to us states and and the objects tate's on not corrupted bag can tra n't exe ick fusion and to do that the sea pite an implement isha nw a's using a global in top ert a luck. which as some a and which introduce is some some ten n g's and pot tick your ob these globe or a interpret a lock.
is looking every time is a choir out every time you access an attribute to our liu cull into a function of a bite on object a method of a pite an object how you mieux tayde this tate a fa a pite an object and so a its eat was net initially designed far efficient min to khaw computing were a more fos simply see. see to make show that the interpreter is say fun your run on separates fred how ever it ten be really eased these le ck when your doing long running i ope aeration zz the these you why it's very efficient to use third pool to talk to a did i bazell to connect to millie tipple website because you can do other stuff in pite a nd why waiting father at a results. so i offer don't note funds tins annie can also be real eased isp lists he pte lee by some compile ick sen sz a nz in thought party libre rees fun stir nz numb ply panned as psyche pte leah pretty much an e. uae libre re that these ridden using site turn and that makes it to explicit to rees the gale then it's forcible chaa uf. quite an could that runts in pa that of numb ply in a difference for aid funds tums on on different costs so here is a a time the ag ram that is inspired from they've e d's laced talks on the gill so you can see different pite on thr ites that. earning in paul l. and you you see the he are owes this she's bp pure pite on card running and you gent see that at any pointing time on ll he the geely xer choir ud by one specifics ride and so on knee that's fred can run the pite in could and the other us i have to weights which mean ce that if you do that to run peul pite i'm code it's not cui koror the nhtsa quinn shoal oh. the exe ick you sz a nd using one thread to run everything eve than if you're on them it she com a sheen however if you do i owe intense eve stuff like a a talking to it it or base when ever or your talking to did id of ace it you a you really is the gale so you gem cuil ole in another fried some pite and function are if your calling into. you some native lever ied that it is rhyl easing the gale far instance few do a lodge much ix metrix muck to pluck ation numb pie the geely is really zz during that time as so you can do other stuff in an them in time the other way to do a pall oat pp pos eh saying is to use a process war her and stead of a thread. now in that case you create and you pite an interpret their fall the fall the specific walker and so that the lit it walker asst a on the longer an depend on to a completely in dippin on to fun on of a so these has an ck summing convenience because starting n you pite i'm process but and canned take some off time yvan just the process itself a the sista. process but those so the into operator and their ariz high on memory have a head because the interpret their or itself in memory take some a some space and their ease also a higher commune he gisha nw of or i had because you have to pee kallen n p cull the arguments of the function culls and from sound them using a system pipes are suck ets or. sums local soak at eunick sook ats and stone but then you don't have the gill contention ie shoe any maher because the worker are sa completion in the pun ont of one on of or and so you can the room if you're are cody's amoebae or he sing lee pall et a then you can really been if been a fit from the all the costs on yum usha nw.
however you have to know that their op to wace to stopped a new int operator a for walker you get on on pp was ix at least us is the pows ix is unix on moko us nd and its it could be www just fork are as pon a spawning its of falk plus an exec and you she just use fork.
it's and i'd vent their zhen the its these the dea ful be of your off i'm in to per sussing because a it's a low spending of or had it's quite quick to do that and the interpreters allwood the we warm imported because it a little way the of a copia of oil dimple cit mole jewels that were have previously impala g. it in in the meant koran but then there is something convenience. because it's it's the not very core i qt way to to do that to do these so a from a a eunick spined of you and so that tan a trigger crash in thaw pots human tisch for illy programs fine ce pte a nz if shove eggs he booze twitch is bay's on open am p r spacey are open see if you use it in the main pro ram and you cull a function in paulo a a using mutter. per sussing in a n a sub pro rum then de a the threat the into most furred pull of a ger boost or up an imp he we be in consistent in the in-a an a walker and wit we were busy cleave we creche lee twee freeze and so the says re hop to the bug an river he can she zing full the user sss a so the see why i would not trick i'm an twos the fork way to have to stop. well the a a the the walk us so the aisle tanah tif is to you spawn that then the in chem being aunt it's it's safe but the incoming ince that these slow art to stock to pee p.a awe a couple on rudd me sick a nz if she will a launch to a many worker us and you need to to rimbaud the live or ease in the walk us because those out compete heene you int up or to us.
i as so as a summary. if you use fred's a you you a if you re want to do pure pite on could in paul or let the teddy it do these that is we threads let's if you could ing to numb pie ol panned us are something that really is the gale at that not suss not nis is sully an issue and then you been if it from the fact that you don't have any commenee kishan of a. that it's pose ick safed and there is a a low spending of a had how over a few re want to do a pure pite and could empower oz ll than your fos to use of process and then at we the fork you have these sss puss ick sif t e shoe uke year you country got the crash and you have the commenee titian of a had of for the. those as his of ing to process talking to one on of or and the ata and the safest i ll tanah to www would be to use a us palm the then you have the shoe a furloughs pining of a head so the starting the new process ticks more time so this he wears why a wee a a a a in for just looky as a live or he which makes a pussy will to hide these he shoe bike keeping. in a walker off a pull a fork or are running in the bag rahm so that you can reuse is nd and hide the these suh starting for no have a had so base it de whee whee whee non to reuse the presses pull exe it you to and to keep it as a global singleton eye off your pite them pera mm. the pro him is that you need to make sure that it's we never that le qc and some a dirt the fal tim plym an titian is pish alee in all this version of pite an of of process pool exe it you tar is such or he a reason to cry oh it when you summit something that is not pick liebel.
then you did luck your program you have to contras see you cannot cats this six epp shun is just prieta n n as to d.r. but to eeyore program is a is broken basically you have to control see end to re stopped aware they've or ft and a in a you the in stance of fa a purses put exe it you to ariz and usable at this point to can be call beaky cover ck kark tidd and so in the ll.
look he project we we due rye from those of a base class buttu we make we i did some ol tess for of veh hr wheel pts situations who are walk of chea one on of earl you send n p club ol stuff or a n the result of the of the of the exe it you shun to try intra erg are all these pussy bl a he will sin i as and to detect them and to figs them. and we've plan to contra bei you'd the fix is to ups trim pite an butty form be of able be forts we seven austrie eight so in the meantime you can use a a lier oaky so and for them always look e.u. can reuse the exe ih cute off you can reuse a singlet on a bill boson of to and so we have these a get real bill or eggs ih cute our eye when you creates eats you can see you can trick introspect. there is a and i done incrementally a increment ol i'd a nts aef eye on that you can sub meet code and get some result as with a regular are exe acute are if you later an your could you you'll try to fetch the executor are again he twee thes re term exactly the same in stance soay it's very cheap very quick and then he fj. you sub meet and safe stir ff likes are instance an argument that is not pick able then you get a un exe ick you daw that you gan tache it's not a de that look in him or and if you try later to riff etch the exe it ute are its will build a new exe ick you daud or tizzy numb walking state so-o. is very easy to a two working a ste the. if manner and a quick man i with this ce or so finally mm and the leh stiction uf mites oct would beat to talk a bit more about pts thread burrs pyre is am for an umpire related stuff like a our rate for sussing vector our match reese's and song ved so.
so what is blass a bless is basically the year at that yi n gene the hine numb pie and many as a a rare prairie shun implemented in numb pie are i chile he just rapper around early null ger rhe routines that are him plummeted using is timed out it p ichael re less and their arp to very fission pte implementations that are very pulpit up i won his open. and so swe annie school opened last and its use by de fuld by of bag aim numb pie when you don't low the its gran you don't lid the binary will ce fama a pipe e.i. at least underlain x. are if you use the qx on that by neri ia packages from come the thought on any platform it's using. up and less and if you use the and i condor distribution it's using i'm never or plym a titian of last which is even more ft a efficient that on interred of sip you used but his per for his ari which is ghoul intel and calle so a foreign sense if you do a dot of to xp as cora mattress ease all dude. oh wrecked unger are ace a nb you we see by de full to fuse are top ought edged up or something lease that old ers sim pew costs of hugh machine willer bow green hundred percent use edge and mina cases and this is because under other who'd those lie rir e.a. the do the thread they a's parties i'm by than self it's not even. in numb pie that does it it's the really the the bless him come an titian and so you can control our how many threads are going to be used it's a beats mull sorry by sitting a pp an veyron an viable based on your on the implement titian of for the blast that your are using so you have to know about which one is a is it is being use the nother hood and if you set opened last numb thread you course to and. that you rand your by ton could you can ris tricked the a a the num paya pp aeration to a specific number of threads and leave some sue pews for or this tough and four am care ll you just have an the different viable which is gul m. kier i'll numb threads it's exactly the same ba of your so it's interesting to know about these and it's even maher interesting she. each ooh to know about how wet are them the per ff amens be a www your have ff of for a a you bing threads are even process on on a on the meaty com machines and one a way to a and i lies these ba of your or ste tude per was to do what we call a a roof lane allott and ellie says so what ten make your process ce. from a which can nim it dipper from a nts of sure process is the hardware in could be either of the the compute kep a billy tease of wh your soupy you soay you have a maximum sibiu speed of a va greeley pence on the soup you themselves on far instance or i hundred a gig af leh https purse sickened on a meaty come a sheen of. more them the midge cool machine could be a even high of and that's so a fl up is a footing point operation lech ewa i ding two elements in an array arman to playing to a meant in a our he on song that also acts issing did af from the her the ram to do do compute ish an on its is limited and you typically have a a bend wheat slim it off. off a a let say of fifty hr gigabyte per sick an on of big machine mm and do know with their disses the ram that lee mitts awe the c.p.u. can be trickier and one way to to know a is to compute so the are it mitic and tense ity of wh your walk odes which is the ray showed between fla. ting point operation that you want to do compute deve id dh by the number of bites that you need to dh france foa of other ram to do a yaks or compute isha nw so aef we tech the example of ff metrix metrix me to pee cation wheeze to majerus ease of for a dye mention and k. and k. am the in the num baugh flow pp of flitting point to peroration that you need to do is a is a q.b. ck. are quoted or ch you'd be conti conti g. soa oh i'm mitty plea titian of ful that i mentions the of three dimensions and thought fobbed the the did at trance fair is actually the size of the two iin put mattresses plus the size of the imp output metrics and so this is a a cr eder a-t. qc twenty t. riz peck to the dye mention so depending on the des mentions you gallon falih a a. inao i read mitty can intensity and the in there is a particular of k.'s were and easy quot one foreign stance then a you have or the ray show of to uh oh a quarter to quen to tea which is a can stunt in that case it's so a one caught on something the so it's always fixed and very low so let's have a look at. this a plots a benchmark of a addi i writ mitic he into nz city verse seuss on the x. axes verse seuss the good a per fum a nz the sed des spe of compute a shun on in des guff ups pes eh ghent on the way axis and this is the bench of metrics matric smutty pew geisha nz fog des from dimentia nz use he mean numb pie an m. calle.
and you seed the blue dots there are using end m. care numbs freddie kwai won so i lee meets than amoebae afraid of able and the r.n. ch ducts i are we tooth rights the she's on on this leapt up so are their ours only to physical khaw lso and the the axes are in no gar it me qc. it scale and so you can see that the the mek sue mum or wrench pair fama nts ear around fought t. giga pp lugt giga fl ups whereas the mek see mum group or from a nts is around twenty woo twenty won des guff ll up so it's a froch simic leah a as carer pp but effect of to switch is what is expected we are oh really been a fitting fon from the cost aef we i've a lodge har are written it to. can ten city but if we have a low are it mick it these gyn thin city fon stunts if we do have ect auo metrics me to puke ation then we on the left and side of that plot you can see that then we are limited by dull slopes do it the sed the seas the the memory ben which sss the communication to the memory that isn't emitting the compute ish an and we can agree been if it from home the high hand a. he pew that we have because just talking to the marrow mmmm memory is limiting the computer ish an and so i don't know exactly the the it the fear i tickle limits from that machine but you can see that it's around on my mac ch it's around or twenty five you go by tce per sickens. so if he orc compute these very sim pearl you can compute the everett mitty can ten city of your program and then he can a bay's on this kind of been ch margie can see where they're on att year ya'll emitted by the memory or by obi this you pew and i did the same a using opened less and you gen see that the. week per from a nts is actually a if approximately the same as him calle hmm ivar ope undress compare to him can fall lua are admitting if to intensive waugh clothe he is less efficient soeur this is of gal this is upper under us so when people say that to a emptier lee's ten time fast our eye and than of undress its can really wrong if you are ah on a are right and side but t. could be she mish. sheekey open lust can bees see if you country slaw hr if you if you're walking rhys mn nguema tris isn't yawning majed metrix metrix a prussians that it injure ol it's quite competitive. and i are saran the a this same on a lodger machine wheeze a so blue is one car arrange his five costs fife physical costs and green is ten physical fide a to ten starred on tin physicals gone you can see the des scale up on the a righton side these perfect we good to from tend to fifty two hundred you. the a for per second but on the right anse eye on the left anse i'd you the memory been which and is limited and if i can pp you'd this peed up of five over won and tent of an won so this is a speed a fun on the mean why ek sees this time you can see that thaw lou o.r. it meting give intensive walk loads this p the. that numb maximum speed of that we of serre vries for instead of ten are iin stead a five are as if you gone the right in sided ten grew close to ten are close to five but ths so it mean ce that the this tell ability of wh your could ease or a follow rue are wreath mitty can turn see stuff wv is really mitty by the bet at the memory ben weitz first. and you re cannot been a feud from a a mitty kaun that k.'s so in deep earning on what you do some time she jenna pts even news your yeosu pew you even with the vera very a up hume ised a him plum eh nw titian so a you have to be very hr were of that so mitty costs kell a bill e t can be limited by i owe with the ram. fall o r wreath met you can to cif stuff so a bit of conclusion now and so the this thread bazan i'm ick an ism to do me to caulk a mm pew titian candy very fission to if you're ether the critical sec chance a of furore the per ff amens critical sections of your code are in compiled extensions and that rhyl ease the gale.
oh and u z that that's these may said as the lowest over had in you should diff in in hte liya as star tweeze these sen bench mocked with kind of speed up you get a if you don't get a good speed up then you can the his side to try yek can try praagh says bay's macon isms a better would stop we stride first and if your using a rell pp aeration mick sure that you just. just the the bill teen make an ism from numb by using blass is not to rodia the best which you do it must a fun it's in going to bit of us way to to do eaten there is no pointing train to doing par ism on top of that's for them are if you want to do process based pas a he's m. then should diff in it lee qc chick oat looky. to make sure that you have a a safeway to do its and you want crash exe he boozed to our space your op an m.p. could i pte lease be aware of that these problem ick cyst and finally a as a low key he is going to be a inter rated in job nabe which is another i p i a simpler i p i to do amoebae are. a singye pall a compute isha nw an it's at sump an being going to be part of a psych it he on to be snr ooh far as a o. training a model sin pall l in a safeway so thank you vera much far yat an sz an.
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